my first video wow

NCT Dream (My first and last) - Encore stage
170214 - 1st win


☆.。.:*・happy 23rd birthday oh sehun

little one you shine brighter than any star out there ever could. you make my heart melt with your endless charm and love you never seem to run out of. you’re one of a kind and no one could ever take you place. no matter what anyone says your talent and determination beats it all. nothing can get in your way. you always remind me that it’s okay to be yourself and that you shouldn’t give up. thank you for everything you do. my world is a little brighter because of you. °☆.。.:*


WOW! This is my first time seeing this video. It’s low quality, but Bai Chunyue doing a beam routine with basically no bobbles, a bhs-bhs-layout full, fully rotated wolf jump 1/1, and stuck double tuck dismount!!!

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Guild Wars 2 is fun!! And the base game is free!

I’ve heard very good things about GW2 over the years, I really do need to give it a shot myself. I dig those horned cat dudes but also it looks like there’s a race that can shapeshift into werebears which, you know, I’m all for that.


Made my first Saphael video!!! Wow, this is exciting. Also sad because of the song, but whatever. 

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hiii dear! So I basically joined the phandom this year (still too shy to blog about them but I'm admiring them from afar lol) and your art was one of the first things I saw online besides their videos and I just wanted to say thank you for all the beautiful art! Keep up the amazing work! lots of love from Berlin ❤ xx

Omggg thank you so much ! wait my art was the first thing you saw besides their videos ??? Wow.. wait- I mean I had the same thing i didn’t know dnp I only saw fan art of them before falling into hell haha so I can relate but I’m still honored ! :’)) ♥

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To add to that Erwin headcanon. Mike would send Erwin the cutest things while they're Skyping together and records the blonde idiot squealing and using that as blackmail.

I have dreams about Erwin and Mike first videochat.

Erwin asking on yahoo answers: Too shy to video chat with my best friend. any tips?  They had a few calls before Mike asked for a video call and Erwin was reluctant to accept at first. In their first videocall Erwin had  his camera pointing down to his shirt, and tremble at the sound of Mike’s voice.
Mike showed him his room, his guitar (played some songs Nirvana songs to him). Erwin showed him his movie collection and introduce him to his mother. 

Excuse me, i need to sit down for a second /deep breaths
(Plus, long ago someone said that Erwin gets turned on by Mike swearing in swedish.)


Who could this mysterious dancer be?

#116: Friends With Benefits

Harry: “Have you ever thought that maybe we could…” Harry trails off, leaving his sentence hanging in the air. “We could what?” you question, turning on your side to fully look at him. “You into bondage or some kinky stuff like that, Styles?” “No no, nothing like that,” he chuckles, trying to mask his uncertainty. “It’s just… Have you ever considered making this a permanent thing? You and me, I mean. Like, together.” You just stare at him as if he wasn’t even there, thinking back to your past relationships; although you hadn’t been in many, all of them had failed and had ended in you getting hurt. “I-I can’t say I have thought about that,” you stutter, sliding the covers off of you. “Wait no, I’m sorry,” Harry apologizes, reaching for your hand. “It’s getting late, Haz,” you explain, picking up your clothes from the floor. “I should get going.” “Just stay the night, please?” he begs, praying that he hadn’t just ruined everything. “I’m sorry, Harry,” you mumble, leaving his room and exiting the flat.

Liam: "Do you think of me?“ you ask innocently, almost making Liam choke on his drink. "Do I what?” he repeats, looking at you incredulously. “Do you think of me when you’re in bed with her?” you explain, sipping on the drink in the red cup. “I-I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Liam dismisses your question, looking around for some sort of escape. “Oh come on, Li,” you sigh in exasperation. “We both know that I was the best fuck you had had in a while.” “That’s not true-” “Isn’t it? Face it, Liam; I’m better than all of the girls you’ll ever be with,” you shrug, smiling smugly at him. “I can tell that you think of me when you’re with some other girl; but you threw me away like I was nothing. And now you don’t have me anymore,” you taunt, dragging your fingertips up his arm tantalizingly slow. “(Y/N)-” Liam whispers huskily, his hands clutching his cup tighter. “Admit it,” you whisper, your lips brushing against his ear. “It’ll always be you,” Liam mutters, gripping your hips desperately. “Just you.”

Louis: "What the hell is wrong with you?“ Louis explodes, his face going red as he waves his hands around. "You think you can just swagger into that restaurant and ruin my date? I don’t need you anymore, (Y/N)!” “You keep saying that and yet you keep calling me up and asking me for more…” you trail off, a smirk on your lips as you slowly reapply your lipstick. “You’re ruining my life!” he exclaims, tugging at his hair. “You’re not my girlfriend, we’re not anything!” “Fine,” you shrug, flipping your hair over your shoulder. “Guess you don’t need me, so it looks like I’ll get going then.” You begin to walk away, your hips slightly swaying when you feel him grab your wrist. “I fucking hate you, you know that?” Louis growls before pulling you towards him and crashing his lips to yours. “One more night, (Y/N),” Louis mumbles, leading you towards his car, already having made up some excuse to his date as to why he had to leave early. “One more night, and then that’s it.” “Mmm, that’s what you said last night, babe.”

Niall: "Niall, I think we should stop this- this whatever we have going on between us,“ you confess, wringing your hands in your lap nervously as you look down at the floor. "What?” Niall asks incredulously, looking at you as if you had grown an extra head. “You just want to act as if none of this happened? You want us to stop being friends?” “No,” you deny, shaking your head which causes your hair to fall in front of your space. “No, that’s not what I mean.” “Use your words, (Y/N),” Niall jokes, tilting your head up and tucking a piece of hair behind your hair. “This ‘no strings attached’ thing. I don’t- I can’t keep doing this anymore,” you blurt out, blushing immediately after. “Is something wrong?” he sputters worriedly. “Am I hurting you?” You shake your head once more, your hands shaking as you take a deep breath. “I’m in love with you, Ni. And I know that you’re just not about that, so I just- I can’t help how I feel, but I can try and do something to make myself stop, so-” “Oh, shut up, (Y/N),” Niall whispers, pressing his lips to yours.

Zayn: “Didn’t expect to see you here, (Y/N),” you hear a voice say from behind, and you turn around to see Zayn standing there with a smirk on his face. “I could say the same to you,” you reply, glancing at his leather jacket and black jeans. “What’s say we get out of here?” he suggests, offering out a hand to you and you knew exactly what he wanted. “I’m actually here with someone-” you point out, looking up when you feel an arm wrap around your waist. “You feel like dancing, (Y/N)?” your date asks, smiling down at you gently. “Who’s this?” “This is Zayn,” you introduce, giving him a pointed look. “He’s a friend of mine.” Zayn politely nods his head, not even bothering to take his eyes off of you. “I’ll just leave you two to talk then,” he nods, gesturing towards the bar. “Want me to get you a drink?” “Yeah, that would be great,” you agree, watching as he walks away. “Zayn-” “Are you serious?” Zayn hisses, glaring at you. “Why are you getting so mad, we weren’t even anything, Zayn,” you argue. “We both know that I could fuck you better; any time, any day.”

A/N: Hiiiiiii. How are all of you? I hope you’re doing well, I guess I am. Woke up at 6:45am (my first alarm wow) to watch the 'Don’t Stop’ lyric video; their superhero names are so lame omg. But yeah. I thought I was going for smutty when I first wrote this but I guess my brain was like 'Nah bro, make it emotional and shit’, so that’s how it turned out??? And yeah, hope you guys enjoyed this preference and please like it if you did, we really appreciate it. Requests are always open! -Isabelle xx