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This was my first attempt at gif-making (so please don’t crucify me). I really liked the au idea of Mrs. S being all protective over Cosima. I couldn’t find the original post, so if anyone can send me the link to it, I’ll link it here!

I’m Yours

Bucky x Reader

Summary: You have strong feelings for Bucky, but you’re afraid they could ruin your friendship with him, Bucky on the other hand, feels differently.

Word Count: 2,079

Warnings: Implied smut, fluff, sexual content

A/N: This isn’t 100% smut, but it’s enough for you to know what happens. This is my first fic like this, so please be gentle and bear with me. I’m slowly making my way towards it actually going all the way. (I hope that made sense) Anywho, enjoy and please let me know what you think! I love getting feedback! :)

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(GIFs not mine, credit to owner)

“So (Y/N), when are you going to tell him?”

You groaned, you’ve been asked that multiple times over the past few weeks. They were always a variation of that question, didn’t matter how many times they were said, you literally heard them all.

“That’s the thing Nat, I can’t!” You huffed, “It’s too soon anyways.”

You were helping Nat put away everything after training with her all morning. You had to train earlier than usual that morning because Sam and Steve were going to be training the new recruits later on in the day. So they needed the space.

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Just a little bit more to get me through this.

3 Gif(s) of fictional characters that make me think of my muse (and why).

Was somewhat tagged by @archmagesarto ! This was kind of tricky to do but here we go!

First we have Elias, from Ancient Magus Bride or Mahou Tsukai no Yome, a literal favorite of mine if you ever ask me who’s my favorite anime character. Elias is not only skilled in different types of magic just like A’b, but his gentle personality, his passion for learning and well, his way of speaking makes me think of A’b every time I pick up the manga. 

This might be a no brain-er if you know my love for books. Magnus Bane is literally my favorite sorcerer character, not only in The Mortal Instruments series, but in just about every book containing such elements! I was first introduced to Magnus in The Bane Chronicles by my cousin and I’ve been in Magnus hell since then. Not only does his eyes morph to a slit pupil, discoloration just like cats, but he literally takes no shit from anyone. Although A’b is more on the tender side of Magnus personality, his protective personality, strong connection to the arts, and… being romantically involved with Alek, it’s clear A’bhin and Magnus may just be brothers, if they lived in the same universe.

Last, but certainly not least, Damon Salvatore from the Vampire Diaries, more specifically the actor behind the character Ian Somerhalder. Good looks, charming, those light blue eyes, whenever I see A’bhin or think of him, especially now with the Aymeric Hair, it’s clear to see the resemblance not only physically, but Ian is such a sweet, kind-hearted person, just like the short Miqo’te. The only thing A’bhin makes me think of Damon however is his protective instincts, his love for his small family, and his willing to change his mindset no matter how stubborn he is. Also–


Need I say more?

I tag who ever wants to try this out! Since I’m not really up to date with tv shows and stuff, it was hard finding some characters that well in this case have Gifs! So not only did this take time, I actually had to dig through my thoughts just to see if there where any characters that make me think of A’b! XD Knock yourselves out!

anonymous asked:

How can you justify the way Ravi treats Hakyeon? Thats not soft or gentle at all.

I’ve considered varies ways to reply to this ludicrous message, including not replying at all. The truth is that I could show you photos, gifs, and videos demonstrating how much Ravi loves Hakyeon, what a soft, gentle, caring soul he is, but I realize it would be pointless, as you have already made up your mind about him. I could probably bring Hakyeon before you, ask Hakyeon to tell you all the wonderfully lovely things that Ravi has done for him, as well as the rest of VIXX, and you would still hate Ravi.

Do I condone remarks/jokes Ravi has made about Haykeon’s skin tone in the past? No. But neither do I condone when Haykeon has made fun of Ken’s nose. If you are going to hate Ravi, then you need to hate all of VIXX including Hakyeon. If you really wanted to see why I agree that Ravi is soft and gentle, that he loves and cares for Hakyeon, then you would have spent time watching VIXX TV, their interviews and shows. The fact that you’ve never recognized this even in the slightest about him tells me you haven’t really been watching at all.

VIXX is like any family or group of friends. They are loving and caring to each other, but they are also complete assholes at times to each other. Their lives, unlike ours, are filmed 24/7 and put out there for the world to view and judge. Image what we would all discover about ourselves if that were the case.

There are lines that should not be crossed and just like everyday people VIXX have all made that mistake. It’s taken some time but it appears they are learning from these mistakes and trying to correct them. You can try to throw Weekly Idol at me but I will clearly tell you I’m mad at the show not VIXX. Weekly Idol producers put Hakyeon’s name in there knowing exactly what would happen.

The truth is I don’t understand how people, such as yourself, can justify hating people for mistakes that they make and never allowing them to try to redeem themselves. Ravi, VIXX, all people are human beings who make mistakes, who have more than once in life made a joke or comment that they regretted later. The majority of people learn from these mistakes, make efforts to learn from them and become better people. In my view those who don’t allow people to make amends are the ones who are not soft and gentle and whose judgements cannot be justified.

You have a few options. You can continue to hate Ravi or learn about him. You also have the right to remark back to me but understand I will not reply again. If you are going around harassing Ravistans this way then please go find something better to do with your time. If you are one of my followers then please unfollow me right now. I’m a Ravistan to the bone and will protect him as well as the rest of VIXX. I will never make excuses for a single one of them, and will be the first to call them out on their shit, but I will protect them from unwarranted hate.

As for me, I’m going to spend time admiring Navi gifs/photos/videos to lighten my mood.

External image

“Gee” your voice is hesitant as you set down your phone, stretching out your legs and staring at the material that covers your thighs. As of today you and Gerard have been dating for six months. He’s everything you dreamed of. Sweet, caring, non-judgemental. When you fall and can’t help yourself up he carries you. When you need him, even if he isn’t there he makes you feel as though he is.

“Sup?” he asked, lolling his head to the side and looking up at you from under a thick layer of black lashes, eyes wide and curious from where his head lay next to your right thigh. The sound from the TV is barely even mumbles now as you focus on his mouth, the way his lips move when he talks, how his eyes seem to get…prettier when he looks at you.

Lovingly, you smile and card a hand through his hair, twisting the long coloured strands and watching them slip through your fingers like silky water. He tips his head at that, pushing against your hand like an affectionate feline. It’s an accurate simile. “We’ve been together six months, and you know I love you already…”

You trail off for a moment, uncertain when you see the horror dawning on his face but then you realize how this must sound. You can practically see the gears in his head grinding and smoking and you laugh, shaking your head and ducking down, silencing his protest before he can even tense his vocal chords with a sweet, slow touch of your lips on his.

A soft, gentle slide with no intention and no force before you pull back and tug on his hair again. “I’m ready” you grin, but all Gerard does is slowly raise one eyebrow before he beams, and you think he’s finally got it. “Ah ha! I knew I’d corrupt you one day!” he cackled, and the blush is colouring your cheeks before you can stop it.

“World domination, illegal bucket-list and hash brownies here we come!” he howls, and you pause before smacking your hand over your face and dragging it down with a zombie-like groan. Good god. You’re dating the actual unintelligent little brother of Satan. 

“No, no, no!” you tut, leaning down and grabbing his cheeks, forcing him to look you in the eyes. “I’m ready. For you. I want to make love” you mumble, suddenly shy about it. Because well….it’s sex. Sex with Gerard, who despite obviously being a Demon, is actually the best person in the world to and for you. 

Gee’s perked up, eyes slowly sliding back to you with a dawning look of loving realization, and then he’s struggling not to smile. “You want to have sex?” he asks, but it’s not mocking. It’s tender, tentative. Like by saying it he’s cherishing something beautiful, and it makes your heart ache in the most wonderful way possible. 

“No” you shake your head, leaning down to rest your foreheads together, wanting as little space between you as possible. “No. I want to make love” you whisper, and Gerard slowly breaks into the biggest grin you’ve ever seen him give, dorkily mouthing a stunned, silent “Oh my god” to himself as he looks away almost shyly.

And this time when you kiss, still slow and gentle and tender, there’s every intention behind it.

((“GIF + Short story on you telling Gerard you want to make love for the first time” - Anon. Can I just say that I tried really hard to make this non-gender/sex specific, non-pronoun specific and non-detail specific so as not to dis-include or offend or block out anyone. The person on this story is you. Whether you have hair or not, are a boy or a girl or a robot, it’s you. However I apologise to mute/deaf/every other person whom is in any way not reflected by this representation.))

EXO: their girlfriends first time

in my opinion they’ll all pretty much act the same, they will be gentle and caring about it and make sure not to hurt you !! ~~ I DONT own any of the gifs used. they belong to their rightful owner’s ~~

Xiumin/Minseok: He would be truly honored that you chose him and he’d love you even more (if that’s even possible, because he already loves you to the moon and back)

Lu Han: The gif says it all for LuHan.

Kris/Wu Yifan: Wu would be very embarrassed about the situation but happy that you chose him.

Suho/Junmyeon: The beautiful Suho would be very happy yet surprised

Lay/Yixing: Knowing little Yi, he’d probably be very excited but would stay calm, cool, and collected about the whole situation.

Baekhyun: He would get very nervous and happy and grateful that you’re his beautiful girlfriend.

Chen/Jongdae: He would be super excited and you hug you tightly.

Chanyeol: This cutie would feel so honored that you chose him, he probably wouldn’t even believe it at first.

D.O./Kyungsoo: D.O. would be nervous, probably more nervous than you. He would want to make sure that you’re 100% comfortable and ready for everything.

Tao/Zitao: Tao would be 100% ready and you telling him that he’d be even more ready.

Kai/Jongin: Kai is definitely the type of guy who would say something along the lines of “well you choose the perfect guy for the job, jagi.”

Sehun: Sehun would be kinda shocked about it like “Wow you chose me as your first.”


“What do normal people do? I’m serious! …I’m serious. Tell me what you want, I’ll do everything I can to give it to you, ‘cause…”

anonymous asked:

can you please do a EXO reaction to when you (his girlfriend) offer to give him a bj?



“The gods have answered my plea!”


Extremely embarrassed that you asked him


 “Baby you don’t know how long I’ve been holding myself back.”


“Baby you make me suhorny.”


Starts zipping down his pants


“Hmmmm.. Let me think about it.”

Y/N “Please…….”

“Okay Jagiya”



Y/N “ Can I give you a present” ;)

“That got me so hard”


“You’re joking right?!”

“oh you weren’t joking.”


“Be careful not to choke on anything”


 *Get very giddy*

 “I have to call Xiumin after this!”


“ Please be gentle this is my first time.”


make me choose: lala-kate asked OUAT or Sherlock (sorry Sherlock)

Evil isn’t born, it’s made