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Paladins s/o yells in their sleep

A/N: I got this idea because the first time I spent the night at my now bf’s house, I yell “BLOODY MURDER” in my sleep. And I wanted to make a few headcannons for it. Also, I may not be updating for a day or two, I have a Klance one shot, a Hunk one shot, another headcannon

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the gifs sets or characters

Prompt: The paladins’ S/O yells “BLOODY MURDER” in their sleep


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-I thought of this and knew Shiro would straight up have a panic attack.

-Poor Shiro had been having a hard time lately, and he finally went to sleep without a nghtmare.

-And in the middle of the night his s/o yells that there is a murder and it triggers an it instantly,

-You wake up and notice it, a part of you feels guilty. Shiro’s had a hard time sleeping and now he’s having a panic attack (Which sucks, trust me).

-You try to calm him down, but it takes a while.

-When he calms down, he tries to laugh about you yelling in your sleep.

-”Y/n, I love you. But what were you dreaming about?”

-”Not gonna lie, Shiro. I wasn’t dreaming.”

-You talk so often, he has to to wear ear buds to sleep so he doesn’t wake up and have ANOTHER panic attack.


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- We all know damn well Pidge is still up when this happens.

-She’s sitting in front of your bed as you sleep and all of a sudden “BLOODY MURDER!!!!!!!”

-And she freaks, Pidge feels around for her Bayard as she looks for a murderer until she realizes there is no killer.

-She’s not okay.

-She also screams a little bit, just enough for her s/o to wake up.

-When you wake up you’re so confused.

-”Y/n why did you yell!?”

- “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Go to sleep, Pidge”

-Pidge decides to go to sleep, almost completely on edge thanks to you.


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-Like loud. Loud enough to wake the others.

-Everyone goes to the bedroom you two are in to check on Hunk,

-All they find is a terrified Hunk and you sound asleep even though he screamed in your ear.

-He doesn’t go back to sleep that night.

-The next morning he questions you and is confused when you can’t explain what happened. When you tell him you don’t know he’s even more confused.

-Poor Hunk.


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-He automatically grabs his bayard and/ or his galra knife

.-He’s ready for blood, who’s hurt his s/o.

-When he realizes no one is around he doesn’t really calm down.

-He’s still on edge a little bit.

-He sneaks out of his room to go practice because he’s like that-And when he comes back he notices you’re still asleep, and he leaves you alone.

-But at the same time he’s worried. Like, he knows you talk in your sleep at times

-But jesus, out of all the things you yell, this is the thing that takes ten years off his lfie


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-This boy is not ok.

-We all know he wears a face mask to bed, and and when you wake him he wants to fight someone.

-His first thought may or may not be about how he looks.

-When he notes that his s/o is alright and there is no killer he calms down.

-He’s tempted to wake you up to see if you’re okay, but he decides against it.

-but he’s slightly on edge until he falls back asleep.

A/N: I know this isn’t the best Headcannons, I was doing great, but it went down hill and I’m sad about it. But, I really wanted to get this out ASAP. At the moment I’m working on other things that may take a while, so here is this to suffice.


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