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Dream a Little Dream of Me

Summary: The reader is head over heels in love with Bucky, but doesn’t want to ruin their friendship. The way Bucky feels about her is obvious to everyone BUT her. Thanks to some convincing from Tony and Steve, things are pushed into action. 

Word Count: 5803

Song Pairing:

Author’s note: SMUTTTT! This one is long, but it’s jam packed full of smut! I hope you guys enjoy my first marvel imagine:) also!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEB!

You were currently sitting in Tony’s office with Steve, the three of you sitting at one table. Pinching the bridge of your nose you said, “ Boys I don’t know how much longer I can talk about the next mission”.

Instantly Tony smirked, and you prepared yourself for a very sarcastic comment. Tony pouted, “ You’re just upset your favorite soldier isn’t here”. You felt a blush creep over your cheeks but you tried to play it cool.

Shrugging your shoulders you said, “ Maybe all this planning is getting to you too, Steve is right next to you”. Tony laughed, it was a valiant effort on your part but he knew you too well.

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Imagine Chris bringing your baby to your workplace.

A/N: Chapter 8, Part 3 of ‘Beginnings’ ❤️ You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series: ‘Perfect’ - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Fated’ - Masterlist; Chapter 8: ‘Beginnings’: Part 1/Part 2)

It was a tough job, turning a script into a movie. It wasn’t all fun and games, more a long, arduous, and mostly painfully tedious process. At least, it was in the beginning. You thought after your time at UCLA and three years with Chris, you’d be prepared and you’d understand; you were wrong.  You knew there’d be a lot of meetings before you could get to anything remotely interesting, but you’d underestimated how many.

Work began in January, immediately after you signed with Sony Pictures. Though you were preoccupied with Sebastian and Ava’s wedding planning, you managed four solid weeks of work that helped move the production process in the right direction. In that four weeks, you and Emilia completed the initial script breakdown so a schedule and a budget for the project could be estimated. But that was pretty much all that was done as you were quickly swept into a whirlpool of personal events like your best friends’ wedding and the birth of your son. You had to thank Chris for how understanding Emilia was being because if you weren’t his wife, you probably would’ve lost the opportunity a long time ago. You were a twenty-two year old graduate with no experience and zero credibility in their field of work, for them to invest in you the way they were- it was all in good faith and a great deal of kindness. Or so you thought. Truth was, Emilia saw the same capabilities Chris saw in you. Even with the setbacks your personal life had placed on the project, she knew the end was going to justify the means.

You were also doing everything you could to make up for the lost time, pulling long days and even longer nights. Whatever they wanted from you, whatever time they needed you to give to the project- you did without hesitation. You were hard working and dedicated which was why they didn’t feel the pinch when you had to ask for all that time off; they knew you’d come back with a hundred and ten percent. It would’ve been easy to take advantage of your work ethic, to push you to speed up the process that had been pushed back a couple of times. You wouldn’t have complained if they did, but they didn’t. Emilia was big on family and she wanted you to have time for yours, making sure she’d send you home in time for dinner every night. “The best part about our job is that we can work from home, Y/N,” she’d tell you when you’d argue with her.

15th of June was when you returned to work, and it was now 15th of September. Three months had passed and you were still yet to start filming. You’d sorted: how you were going to market your film; a money strategy consisting of equity funding, crowd funding, and tax incentives; prospective investors; favors and freebies which came easily due to the connections you’d gained since meeting Chris; and a lawyer to help with contracts and releases. You were now up to re-finalizing your script with the help of Lena Hill- a more experienced screen writer- while Emilia scouted for directors, so scenes could be numbered and the script broke down once again. You needed a final schedule and a final budget before you could work out the cast and crew, see who you could afford to act and how many crew members you’d have to cut. You had a fairly tight budget considering you were new to the business, so if the job wasn’t something crucial or something you and your current team could do yourselves- that money was put aside for something else. For example, a scout locator; you were going to do that yourself.

You didn’t realize how much of the production process consisted of numbers. Math wasn’t your strong suit which was why you were glad you had Chris. The production team Emilia and Sony Pictures provided you with did most of the work when it came to the more corporate stuff, but you occasionally had to chime in. It was reassuring to have Chris to come home to with your work, to sit and talk and ask for advice. He was like a fountain of knowledge, scraping up all the information from memory and notes he’d taken about film making from his past experiences.

You secretly wished the two of you didn’t decline his offer to be the director because you could’ve really used his presence on the project. But you were also glad he wasn’t the director because it felt good doing something on your own, away from his name. You may have been turning to him for advice, but it was advice as your husband. It would’ve been different if he was a co-worker, you weren’t sure if you were ready for that yet. You knew yourself and you knew with your lack of experience, you would’ve turned to him for everything and it would’ve become his film. Chris knew that too, hence why he would’ve declined the offer even if Jack wasn’t in the picture. You needed to experience it on your own, especially because it was your first film. You needed to feel the exhilaration of being the one everyone turned to, at least until the director stepped in. Word on the street was Emilia was trying to find you a director who had a fair amount of experience, but was new enough to allow you to comment without their ego getting in the way. Three weeks and she was still having trouble.

You sat in the conference room with Lena, going through your script scene by scene. You were trying to figure out possible locations and their costs. Majority were free, some were favors, but a minority were still needed to be paid for. It was mostly estimation until you could get a meeting with those in charge and negotiate, but until you had a director- it had to wait.

A knock on the door pulled Lena’s attention from her laptop, but yours remained glued to the pieces of paper in front of you. A wide smile stretched across her face when she saw Chris carrying Jack. Lena was a fan of Chris’ because who wasn’t, and she’d been dying to meet Jack in person after the photograph of him went viral. When she first found out she was working with you, she thought she’d get to meet your two boys because they’d visit often. She’d been very wrong as this was actually the first time in three months. It would’ve been longer, but they were in the neighborhood and it was lunch time and you’d texted “I haven’t had time for lunch” when he asked what you were having. Your boys couldn’t let their girl go hungry so they decided to drop in with an oven roasted chicken sub from Subway.

“Oh my God.” It wasn’t until Lena started squealing that you looked up. You smiled when you saw Chris wave at the two of you with Jack’s little hand. “He is so much cuter in person!” She wheeled her chair back and scrambled to her feet, rushing over to your boys. “Is it alright if I hold him?”

“Lena, right?” Chris quizzed and smiled when Lena nodded. “Sure you can. He’s not overly fussy today, so you should be fine.” Chris carefully passed Jack to Lena, making sure she had him before he stepped back. She bounced Jack while pacing the front of the room, allowing Chris to walk over to you. “Look at you, too busy for food,” he teased and you giggled. “You’re lucky Jack and I decided to start a father son food delivery service.”

“Very lucky.” You nodded in agreement as he placed the plastic bag from Subway in front of you. You smiled when you searched the bag, finding a sub, an apple Snapple, and a M&M cookie. “Thank you, baby.” You looked up at met his lips for a quick peck. “What have the two of you been doing all day?” You pulled your drink out, popping it open as Chris sat down on Lena’s chair.

“We went grocery shopping, then we stopped by the park to go see the ducks. We didn’t feed them bread, don’t worry.” He told you before you could ask. You’d read somewhere that bread was actually bad for ducks, so you stopped and made sure those around you did too. “We brought them grapes, that site you found said grapes were a good snack alternative.”

“Yeah, but you have to cut them in half. Did you cut them in half?”

“Nope, figured it was easier if Jack and I ate half then throw the other half in.”

“I know you’re being sarcastic, but I can also picture the two of you doing that so…”

“Yes we cut them in half,” Chris laughed and you bit into your sandwich, trying not to. “How’s things going here?” He quizzed, reaching for your yellow legal pad. He scanned your notes, morphing his lips into an upside down ‘U’ as he nodded. “How’s the search for the director going?”

“Slow,” you murmured with your mouth full. Chris chuckled and reached forward, brushing away the sauce on the corner of your mouth then wiping his thumb on the napkin. “Which director is going to want to work with an inexperienced screenwriter with plans to help commander the project? I told Emilia I’d be fine giving up the reins if I have to, but she said that wasn’t the deal so- she’s giving it a few more weeks before we resort to a complete handover.”

“Have you discussed directing the film yourself?”

You snorted, choking on your sandwich. “You’re kidding, right?” You asked after taking a sip of your Snapple; he shook his head, resting his elbow on the table and his chin in his hand. “I don’t know if you realize this, Chris, but I am a recent graduate with no experience. This job I got because of you. I’m barely keeping my head above water as the screen writer, so you’re insane if you think I’m going to take on directing as well.” Chris didn’t make an effort to interrupt, he just listened with a smile as you doubted your capabilities. “You think way too highly of me, Evans. Way too highly.” You took a took another bite of your sandwich as Chris continued to smile at you. “I’m not doing it, Chris, so stop looking at me like that.

“I’m not looking at you in any particular way,” he shook his head with the same smile and you watched him with narrowed eyes. “And I’m not going to waste my time countering what you just said either. You’ve already played the option out, I can see it in your eyes.” You rolled said eyes, lowering your gaze. He was right, you’d thought it before; every story, every script you’d ever written- you’d thought about directing yourself. “If Emilia asked you, you’d say yes without even blinking. You’re just saying no now because you’re afraid and-” he chuckled. “Well, I’ll save that speech of encouragement for when you take the job.”

“I am not directing.”

“How much are you willing to bet?”

“I’m not betting with you,” you laughed.

“Because you know you’ll lose?” He smirked.

“No, because it’s a ridiculous bet,” you retorted.

“Then you have nothing to be afraid of,” he held out his hand. “If I win, I get to buy you a beret that you have to wear for the entire project. If you win, you get to say ‘I told you so’ and well- that is a prize in itself for you, isn’t it?” You scoffed then laughed when he did. “But you have to be fair about it, you can’t just decline the job to win ‘cause there’ll be a penalty for that.” You rolled your eyes, not because he’d believe you’d do that but because he knew you too well. “Well?” He raised a brow, beckoning for your hand with his outstretched one.

“You’re on.”

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Part 4


1x01: Was Spencer lying when she heard somebody scream? Did she hear Bethany? And also if she went back to the barn to sleep it off like Ali said in 4x24, why was she not in the barn? That does not make any sense.

So outside of the barn, Melissa and Spencer are having a conversation WREN WAS NOWHERE IN THAT AREA where they were talking, and after Spencer went into the house angry Wren comes out of the barn and says “It sounds like she was planning on moving into the barn.” Okay creeper were you eavesdropping? Another shady scene from Wren that was never explained.

Who was that blond girl in Maya’s room? Like seriously who the hell was that? That was never explained.

When they found Alison’s body, the three girls are their having a conversation Hanna, Spencer and Aria. Aria says “I heard Hanna was at the police station.” How the hell did she know that? It’s not like they were talking to each other during that time.

Their all at Alison’s funeral and Mrs. D questions as to why Jenna was their and says “I didn’t know they were friends.” Okay let’s be real here, 90% of the people there wasn’t friends with Alison so why the hell would she say that? She was the only one that was questioned. Ezra was their so why wasn’t he questioned? I understand we found out later the connection but still they didn’t know him. So why was she questioned?

1x02: Wren says something in Latin and then says that’s the only Latin he knew… Well when your a doctor YOU HAVE TO learn Latin when your going to school to become a nurse or a doctor. So how is that the only thing he remembered?

1x03: Why did Toby take the blame if he was the victim? I understand that he wouldn’t want anyone knowing about him and Jenna but HE WAS THE VICTIM. And their is proof showing that he was the victim.

Emily was almost raped by Ben but yet Toby comes and saves the day. Why was Toby in the girls locker room? Was he spying on Emily to begin with?

1x04: Spencer and the others blocked all unknown numbers. Why would she have Wren’s number blocked? Doesn’t she have his contact information? That does not make any sense.

1x05: What was Mona’s motive? Why is fucking with the parents relationships? I understand that it effects the girls but it has nothing to do with you and Hanna or the girls “taking” Hanna away from you since she claims that in 2x25 that the reason that she was going after the girls was because they took Hanna away from her. Like???

1x06: The girls are sitting in Aria’s bedroom with Chinese food so they open the fortune cookies and they have a A message from A saying “Lions and tigers and bitches oh my. Theirs no place like homecoming see you their.” How the hell did Mona put the message in the cookies? Was she working at the Chinese restaurant? And furthermore how did she know which order goes to who? Lmao that’s doesn’t make any sense.

What is the truth about Toby that Jenna is referring to? “Oh when she finds out the truth about YOU she’s going to hate you.” What’s the truth about him?

Okay so we see the fortune teller. She says about Spencer’s friends relationship that “Theirs darkness in him maybe even violence or vengeance.” Automatically the camera goes to Toby and Emily and think it’s them then it goes to Toby walking out of the gymnasium and Aria going after him. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s either of them. She could’ve been talking about ANYONE and I mean ANYONE. She could’ve probably have been talking about the future or presence. Now it didn’t have to be a couple relationship it could’ve been a friend relationship or anything sort of relationship. It could’ve been Hanna and Wren. Who knows. But who exactly was she talking about?

Toby says “I’ve also done things that I’m not proud of. We all have secrets Emily.” What was he referring to? The relationship between him and Jenna? Lmao no. Cause this can’t be all about the relationship between him and Jenna because HE DID NOTHING WRONG.

At the end of the episode theirs an A scene first one, the black hoodie goes over to the rosewood song that says “population of rosewood.” And then changes the population. For what purpose? No one died. No one left. So that doesn’t make any sense.

1x07: What happened to Toby’s file and why was it important? What else was in that file? And further more the text message from A that was sent saying “Thanks for getting Toby out of my way.” If that was in fact Mona, what the fuck was Toby in her way for? That makes no fucking sense. Was he infiltrating the relationship with Mona and Hanna? Since Mona claimed that as her motive. Like honestly it doesn’t make any sense.

Okay close to end of the episode where they showed Alison’s memorial service or whatever, Jenna says that “My whole life I thought I knew who Alison was.” But yet they met at a Halloween store introducing themselves A YEAR BEFORE SHE WENT MISSING like not even a year less then a year, Jenna saying “I’m Jenna” “I’m Alison” “I know.” So how the fuck did Jenna know her WHOLE life?

At the end of the episode, Jason says “Just got off the phone with my folks they said thanks.” Why weren’t her folks at the memorial service?

And lastly but not least, Jason gives them the bracelet and says that “The cops would think you guys would like to have Alison’s bracelet.” So Alison’s bracelet was buried on Bethany? That makes no sense. And why would they give away evidence?

1x09: Why the fuck did Emily wear those shoes to school? After visiting Ali’s memorial. What you don’t have another pair of shoes?

If A knows everything then how come Mona didn’t know that was Hanna’s bag? This was when Mona bought Hanna’s bag when she sold it with the help of Lucas. How did Mona not know that?

1x10: Was the video between Ali and Ian edited? Because that made no sense. And that video didn’t even happen in 4x24. Ali and Ian were arguing then she left. That NEVER happened. And if it did then Alison fucking lied about that night.

So did Mona really left her own birthday party to blast Hanna with a car? For just seeing Noel? And furthermore what the hell did Hanna actually know since “she knew to much.” when all she saw was Noel writing on the back of Ezra’s car? Okay what the fuck did Hanna know? She didn’t know shit.

Who really hit Hanna with the car? Cause I honestly I don’t think it was Mona. You can say it was her all you want but I don’t think she did. And Marlene said that Mona did all but TWO THINGS so she didn’t push Ian what was the other thing? Maybe she wasn’t the one that hit Hanna with the car. We’re getting off topic of the question but their is no way Mona was able to go see Emily’s house when it was for sell in season 2. I would’ve ask for her fucking ID. I swear she didn’t do a lot shit.

1x11: Alison visits Hanna at the hospital and she says “The four of you know more about that night then you think you do.” What the fuck did they know cause the last time I checked they had nothing do with what happened to Alison or anything.

Why did Ian and Melissa get married after like 5 seconds? Did they use that as a alibi? Cause that didn’t make sense.

And Emily says while their at the hospital with Hanna that she thinks that the person who killed Alison and A are two different people. The camera focuses on Aria. And then she said like A has a split personality again the camera focuses on Aria. So what was the significance behind that?

1x12: How come Ashley Marin never got in trouble for stealing that money?

Where did Ian and Melissa go on their supposed “honeymoon”? Spencer’s mom gets a text message and she’s like “Oh look at this picture. It’s cute their on their honeymoon.” Then Spencer’s like “Isn’t that outside of dads office?” Then Veronica says “it doesn’t matter where they are when their in love.” Where did they go on their fucking honeymoon?

Okay their at Hanna’s party, Hanna and Lucas are outside their talking about how he trashed Ali’s memorial and he says “Considering what the bitch did to me I should’ve done way worse to her.” Is he talking about the fact that Alison tortured him and called him hermie (I guess that’s how you spell it) or did she actually do something to him?

1x13: What were Ian and Melissa whispering about in the kitchen? Spencer comes down and here’s what their talking about but not really then the steps creek then Spencer goes back to her room then Melissa goes running to see who it was and Ian’s like “Don’t worry. Nobody could’ve possible heard us.” Then Spencer’s back upstairs she gets a email from A saying “married for lover and alibi.” So what were they talking about? Were they really fucking married? Was that really his kid? Like what the fuck.

1x14: Who the hell took that picture of Alison outside of the barn? And why did they take it? Jason said that it was taken from Alison’s bedroom… Well who the fuck was in the bedroom?

1x15: Jason says that his family hired a PI but if Mrs. D knew who hit Ali and was in fact the one who buried her then why the flying fuck did she hire a PI? Their was no reason to it and she wouldn’t want anyone to know that CeCe hit Ali and was the one protecting her. That’s a fucking plot hole right their. Unless somebody fucking lied about that night….

1x18: What was in that bag that Ian gave Jenna? And why did he give it to her?

Who pushed the girl down the stairs at the frat party? Was it Alison? It was never confirmed.

1x19 Melissa says her and Ian went to Hilton head to get an abortion but yet she wasn’t pregnant. So what baby? And why the the fuck did they travel seven states away to get a abortion? Tf

1x21: Who took all those videos of the girls? Why did they record them?

1x22: Why did Ian want those videos so bad? He wasn’t on them. The only video he was on was the one with Ali and him at the kissing rock but the police already had that. What the hell was incriminating him in these videos for him to pay $10,000?

So Ian and Spencer have this confrontation and she says “If you love my sister you wont do this.” And then Ian says “I’m doing this because I love her.” okay that makes no fucking sense. But yet we find out that Melissa was protecting Spencer all this time.

When Ian is about to be thrown from the bell tower a black hoodie comes behind him which we learned it was Alison then he says “What are you doing here?” So did Ian know Alison was alive if that was in fact Alison? He wasn’t like “HOLY FUCK YOUR ALIVE.” Like nothing. Just what are you doing here. Who else knew Alison was alive? And Mona knew everything except who pushed Ian off the bell tower? That’s fucking weird.

THATS IT. For the unanswered questions of season 1. I bet theirs a lot of stuff that I missed and I’ve spent all afternoon writing these questions so yeah. And that’s not even half of the questions that we have from this show. We still got seasons 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. It’s honestly ridiculous. Well anyways I’ll be be back soon with the season 2 unanswered questions👍🏻

REQUEST: Seb on the shoot of a new movie, with a young actress (not that young maybe 27-28 years old who started her career when she was 8 in a very famous tv show), they both play dancer/singer/actors in a musical company. She’s newly single and they have to repeat a scene for the movie on the song ‘Touch A Touch A Touch A Touch Me’ (she had to sing it too) with a very hot choreography. And they’re not really confortable with that


You needed a drink.

Scratch that. You felt like you two drinks to prepare for the scene that you had that day.

You would’ve thought that after being in the industry for so long, you wouldn’t be so nervous. The movie that you were starring in was completely different than anything you had ever been in before.

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