my first thought was 'totally giffing this'


I want to share the cutest person in the world 🙈 Aiba Masaki is loved for being a baka, his clumsiness and his smile. I don’t know any person but Aiba that smiles everytime. He’s my reference to be happy 💕

1. It was from the first or second tour that I watch of Arashi. I didn’t know who was who but when he did that I just thought “OMG he’s so cute falling” YEAH I SWEAR IT XDD

2. This is totally obvious what he think when he is with Sho. I found it and by then I didn’t know anything about Sakuraiba but I laughed a lot XD

3. There is a little of Juntoshi XD It’s a bonus, I want to emphasize Aiba behind like a stalker looking fixedly at the camera XDD He’s so funny and cute at the same time XD

4. Yes, it’s a post to Aiba but I can’t do anything if I search “Aiba Masaki” and it appears Sakuraiba XD
Well, talking of the gif, Aiba is shy but it’s when he’s alone, when he’s with Arashi is fucking crazy. Then, I can’t explain with he was so ashamed, maybe it was because Sho (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

-Ok, stop now-

5. His ability to be cute goes beyond what anyone can. I usually don’t shout or be fangirl but I can’t with Aiba. I usually frighten my mum because I’m relaxing in the sofa and then I shout and fall onto the floor. -I’m not normal-.

It looks like I wasn’t serious but talking about Aiba being cute, who can be serious?
He’s not my ichiban, nobody of Arashi is my ichiban but I have weakness for Aiba.
Disco Star-sama~ ♡


Lanalphabet: Drugs.

“ I was a big drinker at the time. I would drink every day. I would drink alone. I thought the whole concept was so fucking cool. A great deal of what I wrote on ‘Born To Die’ is about these wilderness years (…)  My parents were worried, I was worried. I knew it was a problem when I liked it more than I liked doing anything else. I was like, 'I’m fucked. I am totally fucked’. (…)  Like, at first it’s fine and you think you have a dark side – it’s exciting – and then you realise the dark side wins every time if you decide to indulge in it. It’s also a completely different way of living when you know that… a different species of person. It was the worst thing that ever happened to me.”

EXO Reactions: when you go on a bowling date and they try and help you because this is your first time bowling.

Baekhyun: “You ready to be beaten by me?”

y/n: “But I thought you were gonna help me?”

BK: You thought wrong…”

Chanyeol: *likes how close you two are getting*

Chen: “I am going to win you know right?”

y/n: “It’s my first time!”

C: “I was totally right! I am going to win!” *he helps though but he still makes sure he wins*

DO: *he gets to frustrated with you. You are completely not listening to him and he is about to go insane.*

Kai: “Come on really? I just taught you how! Why are you messing up so much?”

Kris: *he starts to realize that you were getting better and slowly are beginning to beat him*

Lay: *doesn’t really care for the game but he loves to cheer you on even if it becomes a gutter ball*

Luhan: *Doesn’t really help but just laughs at you for making mistakes and almost falling on your ass*

Sehun: *tries to keep his giggles to himself when you start to through a fit when you were messing up*

Suho: “See let me show you how it is done.” *gets a gutter ball*

Y/n: “I think you need more practice. Maybe I should teach you?”

Suho: “No no no it’s fine. I just slipped a bit.” *completely embarrassed*

Tao: *can’t get over how cute you look when you are trying*

Xiumin: *He just shows you once and you begin to throw strikes* “Wha?! Are you hustling me babe?”

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I forgot to say before but I totally think Caleb and Spencer are like totally doing it, but if they’re not they definitely want to - let’s be honest they have since like they first worked together on the A case

Breakdown of the first night’s sleeping arrangements/body language analysis:

So Michonne was totally on top.  

She kind of keels over onto her belly next to him once they hit that climax.  [And it was totally one of those fabled “We made it to the promised land at the same time” kind of moment.  They really are just that in sync, and I honestly couldn’t see it any other way.]  It’s why Rick is all laid out, flat on his back.  Can’t determine if it was merely cowgirl or reverse cowgirl, but I’m thinking the former, cause this is their first time together, and they’d want to see each other–just get lost in each other’s eyes as they unite, dying little deaths only to be born again into the next world…  

Which brings me to why Michonne is twisted all funny here:

She collapsed on her stomach, due to exhaustion.  Rick fell back against the pillows, due to exhaustion.  But Michonne wanted to see his face, so with the remaining strength she has left, she twists around to look at him, and puts her hand over his chest.  Rick’s mostly passed out by then, but still manages to place his hand on her butt, letting her know he’s there with her (I’m yours, and you’re mine), and also cause he loves her ass oh so much.