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Wayhaught Pride pt 1

Just gonna be 2 or 3 small parts, just some rambling thoughts in my head. @jaybear1701 would demand like 50k of this but really I’ll be surprised if it gets 5k total. 

Summary: Nicole takes Waverly home to Chicago for her very first pride. 

ps the following gif has nothing to do for the story but exists so… 

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“Is this okay?”

Nicole looked up from the bag she was in the middle of unpacking, unable to stop the grin that spread across her face. Her eyes raked over the short frame that was wearing rainbow leggings under a pair of cutoff shorts and a raglan shirt with a rainbow unicorn on the front, tied tight just at her rib-cage to reveal her midriff. Nicole felt her heart skip a beat for what had to be the most exquisite vision she’d ever seen in her entire life.

“Is it too much?” Waverly looked down at Nicole’s own attire, a simple black tee with a rainbow heart on the front and a pair of shorts, her hair tied up in a ponytail. “It’s too much isn’t it? Damn it!”

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DETAILS *in your face*

Funny story: I thought of painting some DaiSuga but more complicated than the gifs

me: Yeah, I feel like making some DaiSuga. With cute lightning.

my brain: Totally! But don’t forget to use some neat colour palette, add lots of details, use light+shadow+anatomy properly and make all of those in a wicked perspective. MUAHAHAHA!! (。・`ω´・。)

Enjoy my first autumn-ish DaiSuga



‘’come on bud, let’s go.’’



At the start of each year school year I get my new first year game design students to create a tumblr account, after a bief talk about self branding and ‘Netiquette’ (is that still a word?) I get them to write their first post to the big scary world. The aim is that over the next two years they will have a haven to show their work, give me insight into their brain thoughts, and build up a community around their new brand. 

gif by 

Being totally overwhelmed and only a few days into the course they all scramble to think of something original and witty to write. After I put the pressure on them almost all of them are going to write “First Post” or the comically overused “Hello World” 

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Thank You Olicity Fic Writers and Readers!

The feedback lately on the FicBridge has been phenomenal! And if it has lead to more stories being read, authors being praised, and in turn muses reawakening - EVEN BETTER (insert shameless self-promotion of my own fic recs HERE)!

I’ve had a couple of asks about where the FicBridge idea came from. If you’re interested, it’s after the cut.

(yeah - I hadn’t seen this gif in a while…so thought I’d just leave it here…)

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EXO Betrayed by Their GF on Running Man

Thanks for your request! I’m just going to use the nametag game that EXO actually played on Running Man.

BTS Version: (x)


Xiumin: After your betrayal his eyes never leave you, waiting for the perfect moment for revenge.

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Luhan: You sneak upbehind him and tear the name tag off of his back. He turns around, initially shocked, then gets angry when he sees it’s you.
“Ugh, you’re so frustrating Y/N! Now I’m eliminated and it’s your fault!”

Kris: He walks away with more sass than usual to cover up that he’s a little hurt.
“It’s ok, you weren’t my style anyway.”

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Suho: He’s more impressed than hurt at the betrayal.
“Wow Jagi, you totally had me fooled!”

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Lay: “What is this?!” he yells as you quickly run and tear off his nametag, a little angry because he thought he could trust you more than his geges on Go Fighting.

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Baekhyun: *Catches you before you succeed in your betrayal*
“I see you Jagi! Nice try, but I’m not going to let you trick me!”

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Chen: *gif*

Chanyeol: At first he would try to be mad at you, but he would crack almost immediately.
“How could you do that to me Jagi… *giggles* You got me good, I’m so proud!”

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D.O: ‘Calm down, it’s ok Kyungsoo, you can kill her later when you get home’ *Trying really hard to stay calm*

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Tao: He would take the game way too seriously.
“If you take one more step, I will end you.”

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Kai: *Can’t accept reality*
“What… did you just… why… I don’t understand…”

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Sehun: When he hears the sound of ripping velcro, he turns around only to see you running away with his nametag in your hand. He looks after you in disappointment.
“Really… really…”

BTS fear they gave you a bad first impression

Hello everyone! I’m not quite satisfied with this reaction again and it might be the only one for this weekend because I’m still busy with university~ I’ll get back to posting as usual after next Wednesday :) 

All gifs belong to their rightful creators=owners (see urls right under the gifs as always :*). Please support each other and BTS well! <3

Al eonni loves all 1046 of you :***

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J-Hope: “Hyung, are you still fretting about having appeared rude in front of _______? You didn’t, believe me~”

Jin: *sigh*

J-Hope: “Hyung, I told you I talked to her afterwards and she’s not angry at all that you ate the last cupcake right in front of her. She said it’s nice to know you have a healthy appetite~ She always worries idols don’t get to eat a lot~”

Jin: *is still angry at himself*

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Yoongi: [accidentally swears in front of you]

Yoongi: [apologizes immediately]

Yoongi: [regrets his life choices]

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Hoseok: “[To himself] I can’t believe _______ accepted my friendship request! I thought I’d totally ruined it from the start, thinking she was the older sister when she wasn’t.”

Hoseok: “[To himself] Now, Hoseok, concentrate~ You got a second chance, don’t waste it~ Think before you speak to her next time~”

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Rap Monster: 

Namjoon: [Trips when you first meet and pushes you over so you fall down]

Namjoon: [Apologizes a hundred times; asks whether you are really not hurt] 

You: “No no, I’m fine, it’s okay~~~ You are really clumsy, aren’t you? Jimin already told me about it~ It’s…cute~”

Namjoon: “[insert gif]”

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Jimin: [Becomes the embodiment of ‘Blanket Kick’. Can’t sleep well that night because he’s still embarrassed that he accidentally elbowed you in the chest while fooling around with Jungkook]

Jimin: “[To himself] Ahhh Park Jimin, seriously! It’s even too embarrassing to contact ______ about it now and ask her if it really didn’t hurt her :/ You really really have to make it up the next time you meet her [insert gif~]”

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Taehyung: [Accidentally calls you a wrong name after you introduced yourselves to each other; apologizes~] 

Later, when talking to his hyungs:

Taehyung: “I was so tired, I didn’t even realize what I had done…I apologized to her but I should have told ______ that I’m sorry more…[insert gif]…I hope she doesn’t think I wasn’t interested in her…”

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Jungkook: [The hyungs constantly call him “our little baby~” affectionately the first time you are around]

Jungkook: “[accompanies you to the bus stop to make sure you get home safely] Please don’t take them too seriously! It’s just their habit. I’m not a baby, I’m a man~ See you later!”

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sebastianshoe  asked:

Itachi and Sasuke reaction to reader having a sharingan nightmask?

A/N: Thank you for your request lovely, and I hope that you enjoy what I’ve come up with!

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Not my gif! Gif credit goes to it’s rightful and amazing creator

Sasuke’s reaction to you having a Sharingan night mask, would include:

  Sasuke would seem thoroughly unimpressed at first, probably telling his s/o to take it off, because it’s totally “uncool” and “lame”. However, instead if feeling any vex or as though his deceased clan and himself are being mocked, he’d definitely be smirking, his tone growing rather humorous: “Actually, keep it on, thought I thoroughly doubt that they’ll work. You won’t be able to anticipate what I’ll do to you, anyway.

Originally posted by genjutsumaster

Not my gif! Gif credit goes to it’s rightful and amazing creator

Itachi’s reaction to his s/o having a Sharingan night mask, would include:

   Itachi would remain stoic, acting as though the night mask is childish, or as though he has not noticed it. He would not utter a single word for a long while, his onyx orbs analyzing his s/o intently. A small smile would suddenly cross his features before he tells you to put it on.

  He’d crawl up your body, lips reaching your ear as his deep rich voice says: “Now let’s see whether these work…

Please keep requesting imagines! If you like it, please follow more.


Dydia AU “Gotham” - in which Derek is Batman and Lydia is Poison Ivy

“Poison Ivy tastes like an itch when you have it on your tongue, and I’d say that love tastes the same, only itchier.”

anonymous asked:

8-10yr Anon back. Thank you for answering. If it's fine with you, can I just submit it to you? It's more of a really long fic idea than anything and I doubt I'll ever wrote it. I was just going to send it but at the very end it got deleted. So I figured that was life telling me to ask first. Plus after being almost done and that happening I must rest my soul from that crushing defeat. More so since I thought I should copy it but didn't.

AWWW DEAR! I feel your pain- I was working on match-up requests earlier today and I was looking for a gif and I accidentally refreshed the page (I don’t know HOW i did it omg) and the whole 500 word thing I wrote was gone and I felt so sad. I decided to write fics instead for the day and get back to match-ups tomorrow :O

So I get ya- totally! Feel free to submit ANYTHING you want to me- honestly I’m all for it <3 Can’t wait to receive it! But also, don’t stress and take your time lovely :D *hugs*


[fmab challenge] four deaths (4/4): greed

“I thought you never told lies! You can’t let it end like this!” “You totally fell for it though, shitty brat! That was my first and final lie.

Damn… I guess this is it… Man, both Ling and the midget totally made a fool out of me. That was plenty… Yeah, that was enough for me, I don’t need anything else. Peace out, soul… brothers…


Fan: I heard that you almost didn’t cast Benedict Cumberbatch because he wasn’t good-looking enough. I wanna know why you cast him as Sherlock.

anonymous asked:

Ladies, it was a VERY BAD idea to start that Rewatch thing ... after seeing your gifs of S1Ep1 I just wanted to watch that one episode ... and there goes my day! I blame you all personally if I fail my exams ;-) Well now am I forcing myself to study and maybe maybe maybe listen to your podcast later tonight. I thought my relationship to HL was abusive but to your blog and podcast ... don't even get me started! Sending you all the best wishes over the Atlantic - thank you for all your work

I totally feel this… when I first started the blog I was nearing the end of my third year in college so there was a good year there where I was still in school and also nursing this obsession (over blog + show). 

I have memories of making gifs in the middle of a film screening for one of my classes. 

fermencja replied to your photoset“James Wilby as Alistair immaculate conception (1992)”

I think that there must be, theoretically speaking, a definite amount of gifs possible to make from that film. But it is always a good idea to try to make this number infinite ;)))))

I totally agree. We can never have enough “James” on our dash. 

Plus. I had the first gif, of that set, in my drafts for a long time. And thought, “Why not try and make a whole set with it.” 


“They were like, ‘Chryssie, you know, we’re totally in town for A Chorus Line. We want to see you for it.’ And I was like, "Oh right, that’s right!’ I mean, I had totally forgotten that they were casting it. I was like, 'What do you see me as?’ And I usually get Ju-” *bumps camera man* “Oo, oo, ooo. Sorry! So I thought, 'What are you thinking of me as? Judy?’ 'No, we’re actually thinking of you as Kristine,’ and my first reaction was, 'Oh, that’s the girl that can’t sing…’” - Chryssie Whitehead in Every Little Step