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Thank you all for watching DanAndPhilCRAFTS the channel all about friendship and art. Our final craft is all about nature and paint as we teach you about ‘Potato Prints’. We have gone to be with him forever, but hopefully the crafts we made will give you memories for life! Goodbye.


I love how these two have inadvertently adopted eachother. 

yESS Anon!!
But i am lowkey waiting for peter to go all Matilda on tony and pull out the adoption papers that hes been keeping on standby

“What if i adopt you and marry your aunt?”
“Dont be gross mr stark”

10 things I learned in my first seven months of college

1. just because you walk to all your classes doesn’t mean you’re immune to the freshman fifteen, turns out, you actually have to exercise 

2. the freshman fifteen can be the freshman zero, to the freshman fifty, not gonna lie, it all depends on you 

3. just don’t even think about leaving your dorm or your apartment without all relevant chargers and headphones, you’ll regret it, and even though you think you’re gonna come back to your dorm soon your probably won’t 

4. you’ll probably oversleep if you take a nap between your classes, or you’ll have to sprint to make it in time 

5. if attendance is required, just go, even if attendance isn’t requirED JUST GO 

6. even if you have readings assigned per class, don’t wait until the test to read them all, if you wanna wait, read a week’s readings at a time, do not wait until the test if you don’t have to!

7. if you have a FULL meal plan, and haven’t eaten 2-3 meals a day there, don’t waste your money on fast food unless absolutely necessary, i know dining hall food gets annoying but just eat it, your wallet will thank you eventually 

8. you probably won’t dress up more than 4-5 times a month to go to class, make sure your sweatpants/leggings/gym shorts are clean 

9. just set a time to wash your laundry, also don’t be afraid to take people’s clothes out, also don’t wait until your hamper is full to wash, try to wash every 1-2 weeks (including your linens!!!!!!)

10. going out the weekend before a test is noT beneficial at all 


11: success is self-defined! <3


When colors mix, they become muddy and messy. But when they all blend together…

Do you ever just read your own writing and

Finally adding another to the dark armor collection \o/

[Lance] [Pidge]

300 words prompt: { weecest!first kiss | little gift to @jaredpadacock who also deal with my random shit and doesn’t run away lol }

Dean has already kissed a lot of girls– at least that’s what he says every time Sam asks him, and Sammy believes him because his big brother is almost 15, so it means Dean knows a lot of things. But for some reason, he doesn’t tell Sam how it feels to kiss someone. Dean says it’s something Sammy has to find out for himself, but Sam just thinks it’s kinda gross to put his lips against some random girl’s.

“It’s fine Sammy.” Dean says. “You’ll find a cute, special girl when you’re older and you’ll just want to kiss her.”

“But Deaaan–” Sam drags his brother’s name a little longer than necessary, knowing how perfectly well that trick would work on Dean at any time. It’s a low blow, but Sam doesn’t care too much in that moment. He’s curious and he wants to know what’s like to kiss someone. “I want to know now.”

Dean just laughs and pushes the swing a little higher, trying to distract him. It’s a good trick, okay. Sam giggles at the sudden movement, but even so it’s not enough to make him forget about the current subject. Sam is just too stubborn for his own good.

“De, show me!”

“This isn’t something… brothers do.” Dean replies a bit too quickly. “You know? Just friends kiss like that.”

“But we’re friends too!” Now Sam is shocked. He forces the swing to stop and looks over his shoulder to stare at Dean, eyes wide and at verge of tears. “We’re not friends anymore, Dean?”

“O-of course we are, Sammy.” Dean gulps loudly. “We’re best friends, right.” But Sam keeps staring at him, waiting and finally, finally Dean gives in. “Okay! Okay, just one kiss– and if you ever tell Dad we did it, I’ll never talk to you again!”

“I won’t! Promise!”

Sam smiles and readies himself, closing his eyes as Dean moves around the swing. He’s almost jumping out of his skin in anticipation, but then Dean’s hands are resting on his cheeks and warm lips are touching his–and it feels nice. He kinda likes how Dean’s lips feel soft. It’s nothing like Dad’s kisses on his forehead. Dad’s stubble make his skin feels weird and itchy. Dean makes him feel… loved, in some way.

Dean keeps kissing him for a minute before moving away and Sam’s smile is brighter than before.

“Happy now?”

“I don’t think you did it right, De.”

His big brother rolls his eyes, trying to look annoyed–but his smile is just as big as Sam’s, so Sammy knows it’s okay to ask for another kiss.

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