my first snowman


This is why you don’t want to challenge Rick Sanchez to a snowball fight. He will go and within five minutes have modified the family’s leaf blower into a snowball mini gun.


Frozen Songs in Norwegian
Frozen Heart
Do You Want to Build a Snowman?
For The First Time in Forever
Love is an Open Door
Let It Go

Norwegian Soundtrack

For The First Snowman Heart Door Go Reindeer Summer Upper Vuelie
For The First Snowman Heart Door Go Reindeer  Summer Upper Vuelie

Every Frozen song at the same time.

Ninten from Mother

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I'd like to request something super super fluffy with non other than my bae lol sehuun lol ;)

Someday You’ll Be Mine ~Sehun~ ❄

My babe as well, right? ;) haha jk hope you like this one! So many bias feels lol and I’m sorry for it being overly long…blame it on Oh Yehet ~Admin C

oh and this gif is the hottest thing ever like I’m having trouble functioning properly right now

It was the start of winter break; the start of freedom, relaxation, and enjoyment. It meant friends, love, fun, dreams, possibilities, everything

You were currently on a road trip to Yongpyong Ski Resort with all of your friends because—bless your luck—Suho just happened to own a huge private ski cabin near the Yongpyong Ski Resort, and when Tao had found out and suggested that you guys all spend the upcoming winter break there, everyone had pounced on the idea and Suho had agreed happily, too, since the cabin was pretty much unoccupied every year. 

All of you were college students and were old enough to take care of yourselves that your parents had let you guys go without much complaint. 

At the moment, you and your female friends were riding in one car while the twelve boys rode in another van alongside you. 

The snowboards and skis rattled on the roof of your car as your friend zoomed it down the highway, as if she wished to somehow shorten the two-hour drive from Seoul. 

“Yongpyong, here we come!” She screeched as she raced down the road with Xiumin, who was driving the other vehicle. 

From the window, you could see the boys singing and fooling around inside the other car, and you laughed because your girl friends were belting out to the radio just as loud in your own car. The happiness and excitement were almost tangible in the hot, stuffy car as you guys screamed and bounced around like little kids.

This was going to be the best winter break ever.

And it was even more exciting for you, because…Sehun was going as well. You’ve always had a secret crush on him, even though you weren’t the closest with him in your group of friends. But you hoped that during this trip…this winter…things might change. 


“Suho, I will never get over how much money you have and all this luxury that you enjoy,” your friend exclaimed when you guys had finally arrived at the cabin. And goodness, was it enormous. And extremely fancy, too. 

“I’d like to live here forever,” Sehun declared, and everyone laughed at the maknae’s statement, even though they all agreed with him to some extent. 

“Alright,” Baekhyun said as his bossy side came out. “Tao and Kai, get the suitcases and bags. Xiumin and Luhan, grab all the snowboards and skis and put them in the garage because we’re taking the resort shuttle tomorrow. Suho and Kris, go on the computer and print out our tickets and passes and check for a ski trails map while you’re at it. Lay and D.O., cook us something delicious because we’re all starving. Chanyeol and Chen, go prepare the movies we’ll be watching tonight or bring out the cards or whatever we’ll be playing later. Sehun and I will go around the house and pull out all the blankets and set the beds. Ladies,” he turned to the girls and winked, “you may relax.” 

But it turned out that the only one who ended up relaxing after the boys went off to their tasks was none other than Baekhyun himself. Even the girls all crowded into the kitchen to help Lay and D.O. cook up a huge meal for the hungry group. 

“Hyung, what the hell?!” Sehun exclaimed unbelievingly and threw his hands up, not wanting to deal with twelve rooms all by himself. Baekhyun ignored him and lounged lazily on the couch, starting to doze off. 

Sehun was on his way over to kick Baekhyun awake when you hurriedly stood up from helping Chanyeol and Chen with the DVDs and strode across the living room and intercepted him. 

“Wait, Sehun! I don’t have anything to do, so I’ll help you,” you said, saving Baekhyun from the work. 

“Yeah, Sehun, _______ will help you,” Baekhyun repeated unappreciatively, yawning. 

“Baekh—” Sehun started angrily before you cut him off. 

“It’s fine, Sehun, I’m not really tired anyway,” you assured before pulling him up the stairs. 

“Have fun, you two!” 

Sehun threw a dark glare behind his back before finally giving in and letting you lead him up.

After a few steps through the hallway on the upper floor, you realized that you were still clutching Sehun’s wrist and let go quickly; almost flinging his arm away. Your fingers felt like they were on fire, and the same heat was beginning to spread across your cheeks. Not wanting him to see you blush like an idiot, you turned and strutted off ahead of him a bit too unnaturally. 

“I’ll do the rooms on the right side of the hall,” you said without looking back, quickly veering off into the first room you got to so you wouldn’t have to feel his scorching gaze on your back anymore. 

Sehun looked after you inquisitively, but shrugged after a moment and started on his own side of the hall. 

What a weird girl, he thought, but not without affection.


After a few minutes, though, you poked your head into the room where Sehun was currently spreading bed sheets on the two beds.

“Hey, Sehun?” 

He looked up from the sheets at your voice and cocked his eyebrows at you, sending a swirl of butterflies through your stomach. “What’s up?” 

“Um, are there any extra blankets here? The thick ones. I searched all the other rooms but didn’t find any.” 

Sehun gestured at the big closet in front of him and replied, “Yeah, there’re a bunch of extra ones on the top shelf.” 

You walked in and went to the closet, only to sigh inwardly when you saw how high the shelf was. You weren’t exactly short, but you weren’t tall enough either to get the blanket down easily without effort. After contemplating, you decided to try to reach for it yourself first before asking Sehun for help. You told yourself that it was because he was currently busy spreading the bed sheets, but in reality you were just plain nervous to talk to him. 

My god, what did it feel like before, when I merely saw him as a friend? How did I act around him? How should I act now? What was acting “normal” like around Sehun? 

You were so distracted by your thoughts that you accidentally pulled loose all the stacks and the next second you found yourself stumbling and whirling backwards, buried beneath a thick mass of white blankets.

You didn’t even have time to yell out in alarm before a pair of strong arms circled around you from behind and you felt the your back hit something firm. You shook your head free of the blankets while you got your feet under yourself. Tilting your head back, you found yourself looking up at Sehun and realized that you were currently locked in his arms, with your back pressed against his chest and a mass of blankets trapping you against him. 

You sprung back and staggered almost immediately under the heavy weight of the blankets, dangerously wobbling around before you felt the weight lifted off of you. 

You blinked a bit dazedly and saw Sehun staring at you with an amused expression, the blankets now tucked messily under his arms. 

“Which room?” He asked, and you could hear the smile in his voice. 

Your came back to your senses and was unable to suppress the flush of embarrassment from rising to your cheeks. 

“The one at the end of the hall,” you muttered, looking away.

Sehun walked past you with the blankets in tow as you started to finish fixing the sheets Sehun had been working on. 

“______. Next time, ask me for help with stuff like this,” he said as he left the room. 


The next morning, you woke up earlier than you expected and when you tried to shake your roommate awake she only swatted your hands away and buried herself deeper under the blankets. 

“Hey, wake up! Today’s the day!” You whisper-shouted as you shook your friend again. 

“Nnn, _______, it’s—” your friend looked hazily at the clock in the dark bedroom before groaning, “—it’s freaking 6 a.m. God, let me sleep a little more. Go outside and play if you’re so excited. See you in an hour.” She fell back into sleep the second she finished her sentence. 

You, on the other hand, were anything but drowsy. In fact, you didn’t think you’ve ever been so thrilled in your entire life. Excitement tingled throughout your body as you quickly pulled on a pair of jeans and a ski jacket over a sweater. You braided your hair messily and stuffed your feet into your snow boots, wasting no more time in throwing open the front door and jumping into the snow. 

The world was soft and fluffy and white and you fell into it like a kid seeing snow for the first time. You smiled up at the dawning sky and you breath came out in swirls of white as you attempted a messy snow angel. The cold was soaking through your jeans but you couldn’t have cared less. All around you was icy and beautiful and serene; a fine flurry of snow was drifting gently from the sky and fell soundlessly around you. The happiness was warm and bubbly and simmered through your very bones, and you felt so elated that you started to laugh like an idiot. At nothing, and at everything. 

When the coldness became too unbearable against your back, you got up and dusted off the snow, spinning around in the snow-covered yard as you puffed out clouds after clouds of white steam. 

After you fooled around some more, you decided to give in to your ultimate childish side and started to build a snowman, pulling on your gloves. 

Your hummed lightly as you hugged the snow into a big ball, forming the base. The shape was starting to come together nicely when a snowball smacking into your shoulder out of nowhere and snapped you out of your own blissful world. You turned around in shock to see a smirking Sehun standing a little way off.

His eyes were smiling crescent moons as he tossed another snowball up in his hand, preparing to throw it at you again. Your eyes widened in a mix of surprise and dismay, though you were exhilarated inside. 

“Wait! Let me finish my snowman first!” You called as you scrambled away, knowing fully well that he would not comply with you wishes. 

Sehun grinned wider and shook his head. “Nope, _______. Better make a run for it…now.” He hurled the snowball at you with perfect aim and smacked you right in the side of your neck before you had a chance to run away. You shrieked from the sudden iciness when the snow disappeared down into your collar and melted.

“Ohhh, you are so on.” You hastily squeezed together a ball of snow and threw it at the boy, laughing triumphantly when it hit its mark. Sehun brushed the snow off his jacket and dashed toward you, already forming a huge white lump in his gloved hands. His eyes glimmered wickedly and you knew you were in for it.

You had no time to retaliate so you turned tail and ran for your life, kicking up swirls of snow behind you. But Sehun and his long legs were surprisingly quick and agile, and he was right on your heels. 

“Hey, hey, I thought we were having a snowball fight, ______,” Sehun said playfully, chasing after you. “Got scared, I see?” 

“Of you? Never, Sehun! I’m just—” your sentence ended in a screech when Sehun finally caught up with you. He flung an arm around your shoulders and started to shove snow down your neck, ignoring your futile struggles in his grasp. 

“Se-Sehun!” You gasped, squirming as the freezing snow tumbled down your back. “S-stop, please!” 

He smirked at your breathless pleas, refusing to let go of you. The snow melted against the heat of your skin and you shivered as the icy water trickled down your back. 

“You’re a little devil,” you said as you shivered again, but your heart was warm and fuzzy from the feeling of his arm around you, even if it was only a game. 

Sehun threw his head back and laughed, his eyes narrowing into that beautiful eye smile that was uniquely his. 

“Teasing you is so fun, _______.”

Before you could reply, a loud voice from the balcony drew in both of your attentions and you looked up to see Chen grinning down at you two.

“Sorry to interrupt your little moment, but breakfast is ready! Better come in quick before Tao chows it all down!” Chen called, then when he saw the two of you tangled together, added, “But of course, feel free to continue with…whatever you two were doing before.” He winked. Your eyes widened at his words and you felt your face reddening with embarrassment. But before you could say anything, Sehun replied instead.

And by replying, it meant that he threw a massive snowball at Chen, hitting the boy squarely in the chest. 


You shredded down the mountain at top speed, tilting your snowboard this way and that as you sent snow flying up around you. A neat, S-shaped trail was carved out behind you, but all you cared about was the white expanse of untouched snow before you.

The others were way behind, and you thought you heard someone—Baekhyun maybe—screaming for you to slow down. You buried your face behind the collar of your jacket and smiled smugly, ignoring his call. You were about to speed up when another figure suddenly zoomed past you, a flash of black and white in a flurry snow.

“Hey, loser,” Sehun turned his head back from further down the slope and gave you a complacent smirk.

Your heart fluttered at the sight of him in his snowboard gears. Whereas most people looked bulky in their ski jackets and pants, Sehun looked, if possible, even more attractive than usual. He looked almost like a mafia member in that getup.

His eyes were hidden behind his dark goggles, and his cheeky smile was soon covered as well when he pulled the black and white bandanna up over the bottom half of his face.

“Race?” He slowed down his pace, balancing on his board a few meters below you.

You answered with a smile and pushed off immediately, passing him without giving a backward glance.

“What a cheater, _______,” Sehun teased, catching up with you easily.

You didn’t take your eyes off the trail, because no matter how skilled you were at snowboarding, you still had to somewhat concentrate on your turns and the numerous snow humps on the way down.

Sehun, on the other hand, seemed like he was literally not trying at all. He was going down the trail like he owned the place, when you knew for a fact that this was his first time here.

But of course, your pride would not allow you to verbally praise his snowboarding skills. You kept the admiring thoughts to yourself and increased your speed, not wanting to lose this race.

Hmm…if I win, I’ll confess to him.

Powdery snow changed to icy snow for a short section of the trail, but you kept your balance perfectly on the slippery surface, your board scraping roughly on the hard ice as you twisted and turned.

Sehun surprised you by going straight down without giving a care in the world. He was now way ahead of you, graceful and tall and fast as the wind.

There was no way you could surpass him now. Sehun slid to a perfect stop at the end of the line for the ski lift and looked back at you, who slid to a stop beside him a few seconds later.

He laughed and rubbed his victory in your face as you knelt to wipe the pile of snow off your snowboard. You weren’t sure if you were disappointed or happy about your loss.

Guess he won’t know my feelings anytime soon…

“Another round?”

You looked up to see his outstretched hand, offering to pull you up. You took it, thanking him.

The two of you snowboarded together for the rest of the day, having no remorse whatsoever about ditching the others. You hadn’t had this much fun in ages, and little did you know that Sehun felt the same way.


You dumped your heavy board in the garage and stomped off the snow, making your way upstairs.

“We’re home!”

Your voice echoed in the big house, but only silence answered you.

Sehun trudged up the stairs behind you, unzipping his ski jacket. He looked around inquiringly.

“They’re not back yet?” He asked, incredulous. “Well, who would’ve thought that they’d enjoy it so much, stumbling around on the easiest ski trails.”

You punched his arm lightly. “Hey, don’t get cocky on your hyungs now. Not everyone is as good as you, Sehun.”

“But you are,” he said immediately, and you almost blushed, if it weren’t for the additional, “almost as good.”

You rolled your eyes, wondering why you’d ever take anything he said seriously.

Good lord, he’d be the most annoying boyfriend ever.

You glanced back at Sehun on your way to your bedroom, and quickly looked away when you saw him already pulling off his shirt. You hurried up the stairs, afraid you’d do something embarrassing if you lingered any longer.

Yup, very annoying, you thought to yourself as you undressed to take a shower.

But I wouldn’t mind having him as boyfriend.


After half an hour, you went back downstairs in your pajamas, wondering how you and your friends would pass the time tonight.

You almost fainted on the spot when you saw Sehun in the kitchen, half-naked with only a pair of jeans hanging loosely on his hips, and a white towel around his neck. He was currently messing around with the stove switches, and his back was facing you.

You thought about tiptoeing away quietly so that he’d never know you were there, but the image of him burning down the kitchen was horrific enough to make you walk in resolutely.

You weren’t even sure what he was trying to do at this point. He was prodding the nobs and buttons like he wanted to cook something, but there was no pot or pan on any of the stoves.

“Sehun, what are y—” Before you even reached him, the acrid smell of something burning hit your nose and you cringed, almost stumbling back. “Jesus Christ.”

“How flattering, but I’m just Oh Sehun, sorry.” He turned around smoothly, flashing you a sly grin.

Your attention was no longer on him; instead your eyes landed on the pan in the sink. A thin tendril of smoke was still rising from the pile of unidentifiable black mess in the middle of the pan. You dared not to walk any closer.

“Sehun, what is that?” You asked carefully, scared to hear the answer.

He shrugged nonchalantly, abandoning the still-heating stoves and walking over to you.

“I don’t know, but Kyungsoo hyung will clean it up, so it’s fine.”

You shook your head in disbelief, rolling up your sleeves and digging out a pair of rubber gloves from the drawers. He was now standing next to you, staring lazily at the mess in the sink. You tried to keep your breathing and heartbeat controlled, and nudged him over with your shoulder so you could get to the sink.

You shivered in surprise when a drop of water fell from Sehun’s hair onto the back of your neck.

“Please dry your hair while I clean up this mess,” you said, starting to wash the burnt pan after dumping the black blob into the trash. You almost dropped the pan when you felt his fingers on the nape of your neck, wiping the droplet away with his thumb. His hand lingered on your skin for a moment longer, then withdrew slowly. 

He stepped away and you let out a breath you didn’t know you had been holding in. He hopped onto one of the tall stools, spinning to and fro like a child. He ignored your order and the water continued to drip down his chest, but he seemed not to notice. You rolled your eyes. 

Luckily, the pan itself wasn’t damaged and you managed to return it to its original condition in a few minutes. You dried it off and put it back into the cupboards below, then swept your hair back, ready to leave the kitchen. 

A phone rang suddenly, making you jump. Sehun took his cellphone out of his pocket expressionlessly, glancing at the caller ID before picking up. 

“Chanyeol hyung?”

You could hear loud voices and music coming from the other end, but you couldn’t decipher what they were saying. Sehun’s typical poker face also didn’t give away anything that Chanyeol was telling him. You lingered in the doorway of the kitchen, wondering what your friends were doing. After a while, Sehun hung up, shoving the phone back into his pocket and yawning.

“Well, looks like it’s just going to be us two tonight.” 

“What?” You exclaimed, thinking you must have heard wrong. “Why? Where are they?” 

“They’re still at the ski resort. Apparently there’s some sort of amazing show there that’s going on until one in the morning, and they’re planning to stay through the whole thing.”

“Are you serious?” How in the world were you going to handle a whole night with your biggest crush? Alone? You might as well just bury yourself in the snow outside and lay there until morning. 

Sehun lifted his eyebrows at the distressed expression on your face. “Wow, how rude. Is being alone with me such an unpleasant thought?” 

“T-that’s not what I meant,” you stammered, trying to recover from your shock. 

“Good, now cook something for me. I’m hungry.” He shifted in his seat, leaning his left elbow on the granite counter. 

You looked away, suddenly aware of the fact that Sehun was still shirtless. “If you go put on a shirt, maybe I’ll consider it.” 

He smirked, cocking his head at you. “Oh, what’s this? You’re so demanding tonight, _______.”

You fought down the heat that was rising up your face.

“I’m not. It’s cold, and you’re shirtless, barefooted, and have wet hair. You’re going to catch a cold and spend the whole winter break groaning in your bed. Have fun with that.” You crossed your arms over your chest, trying to hide your nervousness with sarcasm.

“Then dry my hair for me,” Sehun again ordered shamelessly, spinning around to face you.

You were rooted to the spot for a few seconds, having an internal battle with yourself. To go, or not to go?

You willed yourself to leave the kitchen lest you embarrass yourself any further than you already have, but found that you were already taking a tentative step forward; then another, and yet another, until you were right in front of Sehun.

You felt like your heart was going to explode. He was merely a few inches away, and even slouching on the stool, he was still the same height as you.

Slowly, you reached out with both hands and lifted the towel from his neck and pulled it over his blond hair, placing your hands lightly on the top of his head. His brown eyes peeked out at you from under the white towel, and you resisted the urge to sweep back the wet fringes dangling in front of his eyes.

“S-Sehun,” you blurted out, feeling strangely impelled to break the silence. You felt that if you didn’t, you were going to explode from the countless emotions churning inside of you at the moment.

“Yes?” He said, grinning cheekily.

You looked down at your feet as you began to dry his hair, unable to meet his gaze. “Nothing. I forgot.”

He frowned and reached up to grab your wrists, stopping your restless motion with the towel.

“What is it? Now I’m curious.”

“No, no, it’s really nothing,” you said hastily, “I don’t know why I said your name.”

He looked at you in silence for a few seconds, and you made the mistake of looking up at him. The blush you had been trying to suppress flared across your cheeks when you found his face right in front of yours. You saw his eyes widen in surprise.

You dropped the towel and stepped back, feeling like you just had a heart attack. You turned your back to him and started to walk away.

I can’t do this after all. He makes me so nervous that I can’t even think straight.

“Um, I’m sorry,” you apologized as you walked out of the kitchen. “I suddenly remembered that I have something to do—”

An arm shot out and blocked your way out of the room. Sehun was suddenly in front of you, leaning casually on the doorframe and tilting his head down at you.

“_______, look at me.”

Your tried to duck under his arm, but he was quicker than you and grasped you by the arm in the blink of an eye, not letting you escape. You struggled to no avail, all the while avoiding his eyes.


Your heart fluttered erratically every time he said your name, but you kept your eyes trained on your feet. You were surprised when you felt Sehun’s fingers slide under your chin and tilt your face up toward him. You flushed again when you met his gaze. Why were you so powerless against the boy you liked?

“_______, your face is all red,” Sehun said teasingly, a smile tugging at his lips.

“Wh-what of it?” You asked in indignation, wondering why he looked so pleased.

“Oh, nothing, really,” he answered lightly, then leaned down until he was almost nose-to-nose with you. “Just that…it kind of makes me want to kiss you.”

You eyes widened at those words, and for a few seconds you swear your heart stopped beating.

What did he just say?

He had never looked at you like how he was looking at you now. Or maybe he had always been looking at you that way, but you just didn’t notice. No, that was impossible. Did he like you as well? No way. No. He had to be joking about kissing you. Of course, of course. When was Oh Sehun ever serious?

Sehun didn’t wait for you to recollect your thoughts. He leaned in and closed the tiny gap between you two, capturing your lips. All rational thoughts flew out of your head and your mind went completely blank. 

When he pulled away, you were more breathless from the shock than the actual kiss.

Sehun pinched your cheeks affectionately, teasing about how flushed your face was, but your thoughts were so tangled up at the moment that you couldn’t even find words to retaliate. In the end, you just focused on trying to get your lungs to work again; breathing in and out deeply. 

“Ahhh, ______, how do you just stand there and look so cute without even doing anything?” Sehun pulled you in again and hugged you to him, resting his chin on the top of your head. 

“I-I’m not cute…” You said hesitantly, your voice muffled against his chest. You senses were starting to come back to you; the reality of the kiss set in and you heartbeat fluctuated again. 

“No, actually, you’re the cutest girl I’ve ever met. And the funniest. I always have so much fun when I’m with you.” 

You pulled back and looked at him in disbelief, and he laughed at the expression on your face. 

“Mmhm,” he nodded, continuing, “and I tease you so much because I like you.” 

How marvelous it was, that such simple words could make a person smile and blush and laugh and make them want to dance and jump around like a child, overwhelmed by sheer, lovely happiness. 

You circled your arms around his waist and looked up at him, resting your chin on his chest. 

“I like you, too,” you said quietly, gazing straight into his eyes. He smiled. 

“Well, that’s good, I suppose,” he said jokingly, angling his face towards you as he closed the gap between you two again. “Hey, ______, can I kiss you again?” 

“As many times as you want, Sehun.” You smiled and tilted your head towards him as well, your lips millimeters away from his. 

He chuckled. “Are you sure about that? Because if I get my way, we’ll probably be doing this for the rest of our lives.” 

“I wouldn’t mind that at all.”

so this is my 18-second moment with Sandeul. He chuckled while saying ‘snowman’ (either he remembers frozen or he finds it ridiculous, still cute) and he gave this shooting thingy when he read my message about him being handsome.

also, jinyoung’s confused face when he read my name is so adorable.

can we take a moment to appreciate the frozen fandom’s great choice here