my first shitty gif

YOOOO!! hi everyone

It’s my first time doing a follow forever so please bear with me lol. Anyways, HELLO FRIENDS! This blog is fairly new compared to the OG VIXX blogs out here but I just want to THANK EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU for following and supporting this blog❤️️❤️️. This blog has changed so much since its conception™ (aha my first PUN) and I want to thank you all for staying With Me™. 

I made this blog as a joke but the more I watched VIXX, the more I fell in love with these 6 amazing dorks. I tried to learn how to make gifs (and I’m still learning) as a way to capture their artistry (wow such big words, AC) and to show that VIXX really does put 110% in whatever they do. I know I’ve been slacking with my usual “funny” content (sorry) but I’ll try my best to make up for it.

A group is nothing without its fans, and VIXX has some of the best fans I have ever met. These people run some of the best blogs filled with amazing art, quality memes™, and blessed gifs™. I hope its okay if I tagged you guys and once again, Thank you for being born™!!

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I. of Melophobia

I just met twenty_one_plants a few weeks ago, and god. Their works mean the life right now. Can not live without. I swear. And I felt I could not go away from the feeling-ocean. I need to try to stop. Yeah. I already know that is impossible.

At least I tried with this drawing…

This is my first fanart for their work but I hope not the last. (Fortunately this is a serie inspired by Cage the Elephant’s Album “Melophobia”, so I am pretty sure, I am going to draw more…)

Read the killer lifesaver: You May Take My Eyes: Spiderhead

Thank you. Never stop. Please.