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"Felicity" was a freaking ad-lib. How dead are you Matty?

Combined with the fact that the 1x03 script was basically flipped on its head by Stephen and Emily, improvised to give us that perfect first meeting we adore so much… and then this

Suffice it to say I’m very, very dead. (So dead that I’m urging you to join me in my graveyard.)

Because it just reinforces what we’ve always known :

No one ships Olicity like Amell ships Olicity 

And the two of them have improvised on the script to give us some of our most squeal-worthy Olicity moments.

Stephen and Emily - Destroying the Olicity Fandom, One Ad-Lib at a Time : A Saga

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And here is a perfect example of my usual way of creating something: step 1. have an idea, step 2. draw the first half, step 3. have something comparable to a writers block but for artists, step 4. let it rest for half a year and start the process all over again.

Anyway, have this - the ultimate shipper meme

Gradence/Gravebone/Gredence/Graves x Credence Fic Rec list

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WARNING: most if not all of these stories have some to a lot of smut, possibly dub-con and/or non-con and/or questionable situations and consent. please be aware, and proceed with caution. also lots of spoilers. these are rec’s and reviews beyond the flailing sorts of comments i leave on the actual fics so yes that too.

First off I must mention the fact that when I left the theater after seeing the movie for the first time, the one thing I knew I wanted was some kind of consensual BDSM stuffs, and THIS series is bringing that to the extreme. I’ve dabbled and I’m still learning, the shit I include in my writing is pretty damn tame but this series is not, and I LOVE it. it’s a Modern AU where Credence and Graves are eventually living the scene 24/7 and it’s intense but so so so good.

Three parts currently:

Notes on a Lifestyle

Anima Mea


author is @clutchhedonist on tumblr too!

Next we have Show Me

The fic you knew was going to ensue after the healing scene and its frankly dreamy and perfect and I love it so much but its Credence and Grindelwald!Graves, so if that’s problematic, you know to avoid.

and next we have more sin aka smut that’s just short of a plot but you know what? that’s ok. Some of us just needed smut after all that goddamned sexual tension, so here, enjoy some

Freedom (Bound and Restricted) –great name btw.

also technically part of a series, and it is Credence and Grindelwald!Graves

and at long last we have an AU where Credence ends up finding the Real!Graves and he’s a bit of an asshole and you know what? it works damn well.

Its also a glorious 7k words and there is smut too so…. Yeah.

Such as is common to Man

a story I have been long awaiting and am breaking my ‘I never read WIP’s’ USUALLY rule, the Sugar Daddy AU and its of course modern and just, well, what it says.

What Shines Through

also go follow this creature on tumblr because just…do it.


next up is the newest of the A/B/O stories, only 2 of which I have ever read, bc frankly its not usually my cup o’tea, but HOT DAMN for this ship I’ll take anything with smut that’s not too non-con or dub-con so yeah.

this is a lil confusing bc it is Real!Graves and Credence, but Grindelwald is sort of behind the scenes pulling the strings.

The Mating Habits of American Wizards

HERE is the first A/B/O story I read and goddamn it it’s a WIP but its so damn filthy and good im along for the sinful ass ride.

Pin me and mount me like a butterfly –YET ANOTHER PERFECT TITLE Hella

literally i was getting blushy reading this, and I aint no innocent little virgin, this story is just so….uh, well, when I saw the update posted lets just say I didn’t walk I ran to it.

also follow here @grindlywindlywald

now for something a bit darker, this story is a story with daddy!kink but its Grindy!graves and Credence and slightly dub-con so be ware.

I was just so thirsty for daddy!kink after usually seeing the only stories tagged that way are in RUSSIAN WHICH I CANNOT SPEAK OF COURSE so then I saw this and holy shit.


THIS story I just read today, after having seen the prompt sort of floating around the tag, and it is just great, short but good. I always want more of course because like how could I not?

So Graves is summoned to Credence before he’s found the Obscurus, mostly by accident. And yeah its fun.

Caught so neatly, as a bird in a net


this next story is one of my legit favorites I think ive read it about ten times and its just ugh, for those who wanted a non!innocent/virginal Credence and Graves first time, and HELLA he is a bit of a hoe but he’s fucking sweet and adorable so its FIIINE.

Til Tomorrow Comes

this needs a sequel like soon pls but if not its ok ill survive

(I wont)

THIS story I found myself reading at my car place awaiting the checkup, and let me tell you, reading smut for these two in public is still a challenge to keep a poker face, esp this little bit of fluff which sounds strange considering the plot-ish, its Prostitute!Credence and its great.

Fill My Head With Dreams

here’s a bit more filthy sin before we get to my ALL TIME FAVE FIC, and it gets DARK ish at the end so watchout. Grindle!graves x Credence.

Showersex. Because duhhh.

I want Colin Farrell naked in a shower with Ezra on his knees so this is a close second.

Wipe you clean with dirty hands


THE LORDS WORK. Let me tell you a bit about this story. I have lived a life full of oppressive religion and plenty of gaslighting bullshit, and this story contains lots of that, but with plenty of angstyfluffysmut and a happy ending (SPOILER) to make it worth it, to me, so theres that.

This is also my fave trope of young innocent Credence being (accidentally) corrupted by hot smexy older Graves and its just bomb as fuck.


Cause yeah.

Time for your come to jesus moment. More like come to graves and come for graves moments amiright?

The Lord’s Work

this concludes my horribly organized and off the cuff list, and it is not as complete as it should be, I’ll prolly end up updating it sometime soon.

Enjoy the sinbin my lovelies!

FE8 Week, Day 5: Ruled

“When Joshua returned to Jehanna, he took Natasha as his bride and claimed the throne as its rightful heir. Natasha was the perfect companion, and together, they carried the mighty desert nation to great glory.”

I used to watch this TV show House of Anubis on Nickelodeon when I was in middle school, and I only watched like halfway through season 2, before I stopped watching. Honestly, that show was probably the last show I watched on Nickelodeon before I moved on to bigger and better shows.

But House of Anubis will always hold a special place in my heart, because it was the first show I got obsessed over. The show that introduced me to shipping. The first show/thing I looked up on a wiki. The first show I read excessive fanfiction about.

So recently, I went and looked up House of Anubis on its wiki to see what I missed in the last season and a half. AND ALL OF MY SHIPS WENT WRONG. ALL OF THEM. I don’t think you understand how devastating this is. These were ships that I obsessed and squealed about, my first OTPs, that the show spent a whole two seasons working up to and making them perfect. And what did they do in their last season? They threw them away and had everyone get together with people that they had never even interacted with before. I WANT TO FUCKING PUNCH ALL THE WRITERS.


Now I’m curious. Did any of you guys watch House of Anubis? Anyone else feel my pain?


I can’t get enough of you… ‘cause I love you❤ please, stay by my side…

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                    You won,   and she   chose you,   and she loved you, and   she’s gone.
                           It's over, isn't it? Why can't I move on?

            Yamanaka Ino & Haruno Sakura: Shipping Aesthetic | Lyrics: It's Over, Isn't It? (Steven Universe)

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OMG YASSSS more Star Wars AU (royai) Pleaseeee!!! its perfect *-*

Look, I am so weak for this AU that it’s not even funny. I wrote this while also writing my last Rebelcaptain fic, so my head was in a Star Wars mindset anyways. This is technically a prequel to the first one I wrote, but it’s set before Hughes dies so Roy hasn’t quite learned the gravity of his being found out as a Force user and right after the most iconic scene in The Empire Strikes Back.

“You were reckless,” Riza told him on the ship, pinching the bridge of her nose. “You let yourself be known.”

“I did what needed to be done,” Roy replied calmly. He did not feel anywhere near like that though. Every nerve inside of him was lighting up until it felt as if his entire body was electric. His skin tingled and his fingers twitched around the metal in his right hand. It felt cool somehow, despite the fact that a laser hot beam burned inside of it due to the Kyber crystal it held. His mind raced at the mere memory of how it felt to truly wield the lightsaber and the power of the Force that coursed through his body.

Too long, he’d hid it from the world. Too long, he’d hid it from himself. This was who he was. It was a part of him, as it always would be, and there was no hiding it now. The Force burned brightly inside of him and he was all too eager to let it consume him when he’d tampered it down for so long. He didn’t know if he could go back to the way things were or let it go, even though he knew that he had to still try. He’d thought, mistakenly, that after all these years, using the Force wouldn’t be sotempting, but now that he had, it was all he could think about.

“You not only put yourself in harm’s way,” Riza continued, “but caught the attention of a sith lord-”

“What else could I do?” Roy demanded, rocketing out of his pilot’s chair. “Was I supposed to let Edward die? Just watch as Darth Van cut him down? Should I have walked away from him? Counted him as just another loss of the Rebellion?”

Despite his sudden outburst, Riza didn’t back away from him nor did she flinch at his accusing questions. They both knew the answers. There had been no other choice. He hadn’t had a blaster on him and he couldn’t physically launch himself at a man known for murdering people with just a clench of his fist. Either Roy reacted in the way that he’d done or Edward would’ve die. He hadn’t known the kid for very long, but he knew without a doubt that Edward would’ve died before joining Darth Van and the Empire. He would’ve tossed himself off the bridge or attacked the sith lord with his remaining hand, knowing full well that it would be the death of him.

“Of course not,” Riza said gently. Her voice brought him back down, sending soothing waves over his mind, but there was still a jittery buzz running just underneath his skin that he couldn’t get rid of. “This will complicate things though.”

“I know.” Roy turned on his heels and ran his fingers through his hair. “I know.”

There hadn’t been anything else he could do. Despite years of suppressing it, years of ignoring it, years of locking it away in a locked box in the back of his mind, the Force had come roaring back to him like it had never gone away. Without even thinking, it had leaped up to meet him, as if it had been eagerly awaiting the day he called to it again. He hadn’t known how much he’d missed the Force until it had flooded his senses. That raw power, that overwhelming strength of knowing. He didn’t even know what he knew except that he did. It was everything. It was nothing. It was the spaces in between.

The Kyber crystal powering the lightsaber had sung so beautifully in his hand and mind, a song that he’d never heard and yet somehow knew, a half-finished song that needed him in order to complete it.

His fingers still dragging through his hair, he stilled and closed his eyes. He tried to ignore the Force like he’d learned as a teenager, but it was there, pulsing in the air. Had it ever truly gone away or had it simply been waiting for him to return? The Force wasn’t just power; it was a way of life. Had he even been living the entire time he’d refused to use it? He breathed steadily, trying to recall the meditations he’d been taught by Master Hawkeye, Riza’s own father, to control it, but he didn’t want them.

He wanted the Force. All these years, it had been a false peace, like the propaganda that the Empire perpetrated throughout the galaxies before the Death Star had destroyed the planet Xerxes and become a horrifying reality.

“Roy,” Riza whispered and her voice was so sad that his heart crumpled. When he opened his eyes and turned to face her, her eyes were downcast and a shadow hung over her face. His hand dropped to his side. “I’m afraid that I won’t be able to protect you.”

Something seized in his chest and he stepped closer to her. They were so good at keeping a distance from one another. It reminded him all too painfully of how he’d separated himself from the Force. She was always there, so close to touch, and yet he very rarely lifted a hand to do so, even when he wanted to, even when it was all he could think ago. In the middle of hyperspace on a ship, alone in the cockpit, far from everything they knew, and yet he still couldn’t pull her into his arms.

What he wanted didn’t matter. Only the Rebellion mattered. That was all that mattered at the end of the day, wasn’t it? Emotional ties got in the way of that. If any of the higher ups knew how much she meant to him, how much he depended on her, they would separate the two of them and he couldn’t handle that. He kept her close by keeping her away. It did not make things any easier.

“You’re exposed, out in the open,” Riza said. “It won’t be just Edward that they’ll be after.”

“No,” Roy replied grimly.

He had put a target on his own back when he’d used the Force to save Edward. He could still remember the stunned, almost affronted look on Darth Van’s face when the lightsaber had flown past him and into Roy’s outstretched hand. Roy hadn’t even thought about it. He’d seen the lightsaber fall along with Edward’s arm and he’d thrown out his hand like he could snatch it out of the air - and then it had come right to him, like it had known all along that he would be there to catch it.

“You!” the sith lord had seethed, the heat of the Death Star’s destruction glowing in his golden eyes. There had been no doubt in Roy’s mind that Darth Van could feel it, the strength of the Force rolling off of Roy in waves. Even Edward’s eyes had widened and not just from the pain he was suffering from. He hadn’t known either. All this time, everyone had just assumed that the Force they felt was coming from Edward, but it had been seeping out of Roy’s bones too. And once he was holding onto it, the lightsaber in his hands, it was there for everyone to know.

Including Emperor Dante, who controlled the Empire with an iron fist. Roy didn’t know whether she would be furious or pleased with the introduction of another Force user, especially one as powerful as Roy. Perhaps he wasn’t as strong as Darth Van and certainly not as trained, but he knew instantly what he could be capable of and it was both terrifying and electric.

“But I won’t be alone,” Roy said. “We’ll just have to be prepared when they do come.”

Riza frowned. “Do you think…? Do you think the Alliance could help?”

Roy couldn’t help it; he shook his head, all that Riza needed to know what he thought. The Rebellion was a part of him as much as the Force was these days. He would die for it most likely, as many rebels and intelligence agents did. Of course, being as known to the enemy as he was now, he was likely too compromised to do anymore intelligence missions. He would have to warn General Grumman of that and the man would not be pleased.

But to tell the Alliance of his secret felt just as dangerous as the Empire knowing it. They would use him, surely as much as the Empire would if they could get their hands on him. The difference was that they would try to explain it away as the greater good. A lot of awful things could be done in the name of the greater good though. He’d seen it firsthand. He’d done it firsthand. He would not allow them to use the Force in such a way. The Alliance would twist it, make a mockery of it, and perhaps turn him into a monster just as much as Darth Van. Even good men could be greedy, especially in desperate times such as these.

“Can we trust no one?” Riza asked.

“We can trust each other,” Roy answered. It had been like that for years, ever since he showed up on their doorstep asking her father for help. She had been and was the only person he fully trusted and vice versa. They’d only had each other for so long.

Riza let out a sigh. “I don’t know if that will be enough.”

“We’ll be ready when they come,” Roy told her firmly. He grasped one of her hands, the touch of her skin sending fire up his fingertips. She snapped her eyes up to his, but didn’t let go and instead gripped him tighter. She must’ve seen the fierceness in his dark eyes because she didn’t argue. She only nodded her head. Yes, they would be ready.

What he didn’t say was this: I will be ready.

Roy would not let them take Edward, the boy who was passed out in the deck below, strong enough to keep on going after everything that happened but too weak to lift a blanket over himself right now. He knew that despite his promises to Riza, despite the very pressing need to stay out of sight and keep his nose down - to ignore the very essence that made up his being - he would need the Force. It kept calling to him, wanting to be answered, and truth be told, he wanted to do so. He needed it for himself, but also for Edward, who was only just starting his journey with the Force. The galaxy, quite frankly, depended on it.

After all, what did one man’s life compare to the galaxy? Riza didn’t need to know that though, at least not right now. She would figure it out eventually, as she did all things with him. He could hide things from everyone, including himself, but not from her. He didn’t have the heart.


This is my OTP. Its actually the first official ‘Cannon’ Pairing on this blog! Soooo yep!

Mango and Mari for life~

Mari and Mangle both have trouble talking for one reason or another, ones mute and ones a spaz. So they kind of make the perfect couple. They dont need to talk u v u.



“It’s not p'Ohm’s fault. I didn’t get enough sleep last night.”
“Take some rest if you need, Mick. I don’t want anything to happen to you, got that?”

A Subtle Change

SPN Rare Ship CC: Round 10 | @ashthimble vs. @jhoomwrites

Prompt: Sandstorm

Ship: Dean Winchester/Crowley, minor Dean/Alistair

Warnings: MoC!Dean, Angst, dream MCD 

Summary: The question isn’t a matter of finding small comforts in everyday life. It’s a matter of whether those comforts exist in the first place. Dean’s tired of living like this, but there isn’t much he can do to change it. The mark keeps tearing at him, and at this point, he knows his snapping isn’t a matter of “if” but “when…”                

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Heyyyy! First of all I LOVE YOUR BLOG SO MUCH ITS PERFECT!! Second of all, could you ship me please? I'm 5' 7", female, Pansexual and a sassy lil fucker. I have shoulder length brown hair and big thighs and if you diss me about my body I'll suffocate you. I'm weak but I'll fight you anyway. I'm extremely chatty and extroverted, but I have severe depression and social anxiety that I try hiding with sexual humor and bad puns. I'm vegetarian, I love cats and I'm kinda the mom friend. Just a bit.

I ship you with 2p Germany! Okay hear me out on this, so at first I instantly thought to ship you with 2p America, BUT I feel like Lutz would need a mom type of girl around him you know, but also a little sass would be attractive to him. He is a dork for bad puns and has your type of humor. The first time thing that will come out of his mouth if you met him would be a sexual joke. He will not hesitate to make a sex joke or compliment you on your bod. Thick thighs, pretty eyes!!!! Even though he doesn’t mind shy type of girls it will make it easier for him to connect with you that you’re an introvert. Also when it comes to anxiety and depression he is pretty good at knowing how to handle situations like that considering I imagine Gilen being like that, so he would treat you like the most precious thing in the world. Lastly, even though he prefers dogs he has a soft spot for animals in general so he would still like the idea of having a cat.

Other options: 2p America or 2p Romano

Mun: You. Sound. Like. A. Beautiful. Human. Being. Holy crap. How do I attract nice and cute people like this on my garbage of a blog lol? <3

Okay, hear me out.

An action film where Chris Pine and Sebastian Stan play partners, and Sebastian is in love with Chris but thinks Chris is into their handler, Zoe Saldana.

Chris gets kidnapped/captured and when Sebastian finds out he does that teary-eyed, barely-holding-it-together thing. He goes against orders and - with Zoe’s help covering for him at the agency - tears the world apart to get Chris back, while Chris fights his way out from the inside.

They meet in the middle and everything’s great for like ninety seconds until - PLOT TWIST - it was all a trap to capture Sebastian because he has information they need and the bad guys know he’s in love with Chris. Chris had no idea! Sebastian cries some more.

Of course they escape and destroy the bad guys and save the world and get medals or something, and then Sebastian is like, ‘Look, about the whole in love with you thing, I don’t expect -’ and then Chris just

Kisses Sebastian.

Right there. In the parking lot of their agency headquarters.

Sebastian cries because he’s so happy, and they make out a little more and then walk to their car holding hands, the first openly gay action heroes in a major summer blockbuster THE END

Omg the originalshipping/namelessshipping fandom is back from the dead and im so happy I thought I was alone in this ship and omg the fanart and headcanon that our babes are on their honeymoon is so canon like even Nintendo ships it like did you see pomemon origins like sign me up for that gay shit like it’s even called origins like originalshipping and this was after and like green/blue and red are rivals but omg they are TOGETHER IN ALOLA AND OMG SAVE ME FROM SHIPPING HELL MY TWO BABES ARE GAY TOGETHER IT’S SO CANON HELP ME I’M DYING THIS IS MY OTP AND ITS CANON AND THEY ARE DEFINITELY ON THEIR HONEYMOON AND THEY ARE TOGETGER IT’S SO PERFECT AND MY BABES ARE SO GAY FOR EACH OTHER. IT’S BEEN DEAD FOR SO LONG AND NOW ITS ALIVE AND ON FIRE AND I’M NOT ALONE AGAIN. THIS SHIP IS MY LIFE IT MADE ME GAY AND WE STARTED FROM THE BOTTOM BUT NOW THEYRE SO GAY AND SAVE ME FROM THE DARK CAUSE THEYRE GONNA TAKE OVER MY LIFE THIS ENTIRE FANDOM IS CRYING TEARS OF JOY AND I’M SO HAPPY I FANGIRLED FOR THE FIRST TIME BECAUSE IF THEM AND OMG IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL MY GAY BOYS

“It was pretty late when I first meet them. The sky was full of stars and the train was moving slower, making the trip a little exhausting. They were next to me, standing there and having anything to hold onto when the train stopped abruptly. They tripped over me, and then apologized before standing again.

-If you want you cand hold onto my arm to keep balance - he said, giving them a sideways glance.

They looked up to me for moment, raising a brow, and nodded. Their hand held my shoulder for the rest of the trip. After some minutes the train stopped again and some passengers started to leave. They let go of me and I looked at them with curiosity. They smiled and took my free hand, kissing it. I was pretty sure my face was red when they looked at me again.

And then, they left. ”

First meeting: Under the stars.

Next meeting: At dusk.

((Its almost 3 am. I love this ship. And I thought it would be pretty if I draw how their relationship started…))

(((((This was a sketch and I just painted under it bcs Im lazy af. Also Im a writer but I only write in spanish so, if there’s any mistakes Im sorry, Im not perfect, this is the first time writing a “story” in english. BYE))

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y do u fetishize gay people

Umm first of all I don’t? Just because my otp is a m/m couple doesn’t mean I “fetishize gay people”. And so what if I did? Its my opinions and if you don’t like them then… Don’t pay attention to it?? Gay people are still people, they deserve love as much as you and me. Stony is my l i f e bc Steve and Tony are perfect for each other. I would ship it if they weren’t both men. In fact in other dimensions there are m/f interpretations of stony. Sooooo idk if you’re like attacking me or if you’re genuinely curious, but yeah. That’s it.

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Sleepy Hollow might not be cancelled yet, but after killing off Abbie Mills, one half of Team Witness (!!!), you know that the axe will fall soon enough.  Such a shame, because its first season was completely bonkers and b-movie perfection.  And the chemistry between the leads?  Man, I boarded that ship on Day 1, and all it did was sit in the harbour and never went anywhere.  What a disappointment!

Anyways, here’s an unfinished sketch from a few years back featuring my other OTP, Jenny and Frank Irving (quite frankly, I never got over HIM leaving the show either).  Sleepyheads, we - and Nicole Beharie - deserved better.