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the dragon emojis of emojipedia, ranked

samsung: this dragon is my best friend. will protect her with my life. just trying to share the magic orb. cute whiskers, cute horns, cute tail. i love her

emoji one: simple design, excellent execution. complete with adorable tongue and beard. a magnificent beast.

facebook: fierce, majestic flying serpent. a poufy tail, a lovely orange mane, long, flowing whiskers. this girl could fly away with my heart, and also a chinese river. 

microsoft: lovely orange fans. he’s still growing and learning, but he’ll get there. steps on his own tail sometimes. doing his best.

emojidex: old dragon but good dragon. fur instead of scales gives points for uniqueness, as do the interesting horns, but our old guy seems to be in an uncomfortable position.

messenger: this dragon enjoys reading about history. seems to be missing her back feet. also could do with some core excersizes, as her head seems to be a tad big for her body. she has many passions, and gets easily distracted.

apple: while the design is there, the actual execution seems to have gone a bit off. tail is too twisted to be comfy, and the modeling is pretty badly done. greedy for the orb; loses points for unwillingness to share.

mozilla: this dragon is very confused, but she’s at least trying to share the orb. two arms on one side?

HTC: only dragon on the list with wings, however, this dragon is not only blind but seems to have a dysfunctional single foot and a stub tail. and a leaf for an ear.

twitter: designer seems to have a vague understanding of how hands work. the poor dragon’s head is far too big for his body.

LG: seems in theory a good design, but in reality, this dragon is fucking ugly.

google: basic misunderstanding of limbs and linework. an revolting mess.


happily dancing with his lightstick and then…


i just watched a 7 minute video on people making a hot air balloon for their dog and i am a changed person

“Rose,” Kanaya said in her most cautionary tone, stepping into the living room lit only by convenient and ritually placed candelabras. Rose looked up from the chalk circle on the floor with an innocent expression.

Or an expression as innocent as one who had a cup of goat’s blood in her hands could wear.

“Yes, dearest?”

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  • Akutagawa: Oh, fiddlesticks!
  • Atsushi: Look I understand that this is a tense situation but let’s watch the fucking language.
Moodboard GP: What If

So I got a little tired of seeing some of the same gifs in moodboard gif hunts, and decided to just make some of my own. Below the cut you will find +228 moodboard gifs from the movie What If / The F Word. The movie’s about a pair of new friends and their growing feelings for each other. All of these gifs were made by me. These gifs were made for roleplay usage. The pack includes mostly gifs with text, with some textless gifs. This gif pack does include a few gifs with smoking/alcohol use/mention. The sizes of the gifs are all 160px x 160px. Here is a link to the other packs in the moodboard gif pack series. While not necessary, a quick like or reblog if you found these gifs helpful would be appreciated! 

Main Themes: Friendship, Love, Falling in love with your friend, Infidelity
Important Note: Do not repost my gifs in gif hunts. Link to this gif pack instead. Do not redistribute my gifs. Do not claim my gifs as your own. 

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  • AU in which Poe wasn’t a rebel, he was a first order cadet wanting to be a pilot. He pass all his exams, is top of his class, gets a ship and squadron quick. He works with stormtroopers and other officials of the order, included general Hux and captain Phasma. Then he is promoted to commander and starts being part of the biggest plans and he can show now how good he is at strategy. After a well done mission, an extra official in all black clothes and a weird looking mask approaches him and congratulates him with a small conversation. “That’s Kylo Ren, general Hux’s new team mate”, Phasma tells him with her dark humor and he smiles. “Who is pining who against the wall?”, says Poe in response and both laugh before leaving the room.
  • Kylo Ren has too much interest in Poe, it seems. He acknowledges him constantly and ask for him to personally fly him to places. They start having longer conversations until Ren ends sitting besides Poe on his ship while flying to conquer more regions and planets. They like each other, they search for the days they can chat a little and see the other. Finally, Ren talks to him in private to fly him to Coruscant on a personal mission. Turns out is also a secret mission because no one knows about their departure and Poe is sure he is going to be punishment for listening to a not official rank in the Order but it doesn’t matter when this travel allows him to see Ren’s face for the first time and to hear his real voice for the first time.
  • “Why are we here in civil clothes and no masks?”, asks Poe after walking for a while between the bunches and bunches of people. “I want to buy something”, is Ren’s answer and then they are in a old looking store with wookiees employees. “CANDIES?”, Poe says in a incredulous tone, he can’t believe he is going to lose his job for a box of candies. “Chocolate”, corrects Ren and then: “Here, eat it and you will understand”. To be honest, it isn’t that good. There are better candies at Yavin IV but Poe likes Ren’s expression and notices how fond the wookiees are of him. In a furter explanation while having lunch in a Corellia style restaurant, he learns Ren has come to this store before for years and the box with the chocolates was especially made for him, exported from Kashyyyk and from very specific chocolate makers. Poe doesn’t know why this man with the scariest presence ever is telling him all this but something inside him jumps when he hears: “this was my favorite growing up” with a little hint of a smile, and then: “I have never told that to anyone before”.
  • It’s a strange feeling to be eating with Kylo Ren when he realizes the privacy of the big crowned place: no one knows who this man is without his mask, the wookiees back at the store doesn’t know this man works for their enemies, they don’t know that he does too. They are a couple eating and shopping, that’s it. And he would thought it would terrifies him but it doesn’t, he smiles and listens to Ren talking about whatever and he talks too, and it’s… nice.
  • Nothing bad happens when they come back, no one cares. Poe realizes Ren’s title may not be official but it is powerful. They keep with their routine, talking to the other as per usual, and so when Poe notices Ren seems more relaxed around him and then starts taking off his helmet in front of him more and more. The personal missions starts being a constant too, Hux seems to not like their little relationship and Phasma just humors Poe with: “so who’s pining who to the wall?” and he just gives her the bird when no one is watching.
  • And then Poe is looking at Ren searching for some fabric material because “you have no idea how much I hate the Order’s fabric for their uniforms, I prefer buying the fabric myself and sending it to the tailors”, when he realizes he may be kind of in love with Kylo Ren; it’s just a simple thing, seeing him buying stuff and making faces at certain things he doesn’t like, like right now when he is asking for a fabric in a specific tone of grey, that makes Poe smiles and feel incredible happy to be there. He blinks a couple of times, then walks towards him, Ren looks at him with fear? fear and curiosity, and then Poe feels him tense under his hands, surprised at Poe kissing him in the middle of the store and Ren responds the kiss relaxing and moving his lips too. “Maker, boys. Get a room!”, says the droid that was serving Ren.
  • When they are back in the ship, Poe doesn’t take off right away and they are sitting in silence for a long two minutes. “You think we can stay?”, says Poe and Ren looks at him surprised, “what?” “I say if you think we can stay today here, I’ll fly us back to the Finalizer tomorrow”, “I heard you clear. I mean… why?” and they are in silence again before Poe turns to look at him with a smirk, “I want to make love to you” is his answer and it’s true. Ren doesn’t say anything, so Poe continues: “And I’m not doing it on a ship, and either back home. Maybe later, but not for a first time. So…” and now Ren has the shadow of a smile on him, relaxed and looking at him with shining eyes, “can we stay the night?”
  • Of course they stay, and things happens and it changes everything. None of them knows how they are going to make it with both working in the same place and not having the chance to see the other that much. Until Poe moved to Ren’s quarters, since nobody truly cares who they sleep with, even Hux doesn’t mind as long as none of them put in some kind of danger their plans and works. Poe starts understanding the thick walls of Ren’s, he starts opening himself more every passing day and one day, Poe wakes up to find Ren looking at him, and there is something weird about it, he can’t put a name of it for the life of him… “My real name is Ben”, murmurs Ren but Poe hears it clearly.
  • Next week he says “I was born on board my father’s ship, we didn’t have a home planet and we spend our days traveling”, “what was him then?”, “a smuggler” and Poe smiles. Of course mr. Ren was a smuggler. “My mom was a princess” and Poe is now looking at him with big, wide open eyes. It doesn’t take him much to understand, to be honest: force sensitive man, was Skywalker’s apprentice, his favorite apprentice if Hux’s drunken conversation was true, his father was a smuggler and his mother a princess, he understood wookie language perfect. And yet, he can’t think of other thing but “you are a prince”, and Ren looks at him no longer surprised but amused, “really, that’s what you are taking of all this?” and Poe walks towards him in their quarters, Ren sitting reading before he had started the conversation and Poe leans on his face, kissing his forehead, “Thank you for telling me, your worship”.
  • It becomes a regular thing, every once in a while Ren would tell him something about his past until he starts talking none stop about his childhood with a hint of happiness. Then, Poe starts noticing how things are actually with Ren when he has heard of Snoke or has a mission that has to do with fighting the Resistance. He doesn’t mention that he has noticed he doesn’t actually like talking with or about Snoke, that he hesitates when they have to shoot down a ship until his mind seems to find something and then he gives the order, he doesn’t mention the fact that his suspicion about where his scars comes from are starting to get sense more and more, and of course doesn’t say anything when, after a terrible tantrum, he hold a crying Ren in his arms for hours and then heard him say one hundred million i’m so sorry until he fell asleep. Of course happiness wouldn’t last so much.