my first psd what do you think

ᶰᵒʷ ᵐʸ ʷᵃᵗᶜʰ ᵇᵉᵍᶤᶰˢˑ  after some stress, and with the help of @agirlingrey i have finally found a PSD for this FUCKING TURD BIRD THAT I LIKE.  I AM SCREAMING. I AM SO HAPPY. but tbh let me know what you guys think!??!

also, jaqen will be a work in progress. icons first. then i’ll have to save money to commission a blog. but i’m so excited. i’ve wanted to write him for a long ass time. now i think i will do it. :3

okay so since a couple of people asked me already, here is my tutorial on how i color manga caps! this way is pretty simple as im still learning and trying new things. it’s a bit time consuming and you’ll need a basic understanding of photoshop, but overall it’s not very difficult!

the first thing is find a manga scan you want to use. this is the one im using its shishio from hnr of course

External image

before we do anything make sure you’re on RGB mode (image>mode>RGB color) otherwise colors wont show up. 

duplicate the background layer and make sure only the background copy visible

okay now for some cleaning and rendering stuff! luckily this particular mangacap is already pretty well cleaned, but if not i usually adjust levels, or duplicate, filter>blur, and multiply a layer on top which should take away any pixelated icky things. also remember the stamp tool is your friend. sorry i wont really go into detail with all this ahh

theres a bunch of different ways to render, but what i personally think is the easiest for manga caps is using color range! just click on the rectangular marquee tool and then right click on the image and choose color range. now click on a white part of the cap and press ok.

External image

when it’s all selected, hit ctrl + x to delete the background. crop out everything else you don’t need and it should look something like this: 

External image

erase (or select and cut with lasso/pen tool) anything you don’t want. here i erased everything in the background and i usually erase the little grey shading spots around the neck, eyes, nose, and mouth as well as a personal preference.

tip: if you want to make sure you got everything, put a dark/black layer underneath! (new layer>edit>fill>black)

External image

HECK YEAH NOW ITS COLORING TIME !! pat yourself on the back you’ve done well im proud of you bby 

(here is a color palette i made especially for shishio a little while after i made this tutorial. you can grab skin tones and stuff from there idk)

first, you have to duplicate your background copy again. you should have two background copies now. layers are important !!! each thing you color will have a new layer between the two background copies 

External image

i usually start with the skin. i use a normal hard brush and erase any mistakes as i go. i just noticed i picked a horrible color but its okay because you can always fix colors later again, using a black layer behind is pretty convenient to see if you’ve missed anything or if you’re coloring outside of the lines

External image

you would normally repeat this step for hair, clothes, etc. (also another remind to make sure you make a new layer underneath the previous for each thing you color !!!!!) but since shishio’s hair is already colored in, you’ll find that photoshop won’t let you color over it. now you’re going to need to hold on to your anime plushies and body pillows, because things are going to get a bit complicated 

if you want to color the actual hair, make a layer above the background copies and set it to screen. however, im only coloring in the highlights so you would do the same thing except set it to multiply.

External image

the eyes will also be above the background copy. set it to multiply.

External image

once you have a base color for everything, it’s time to shade!

make a new layer above the layer you’re going to shade and create a clipping mask. this basically makes it so it will only show up on things you colored on this previous layer (try coloring a spot outside of the skin, you’ll see what im talking about)

External image

i cant really explain how to shade, since im not very good at it myself but after you figure out where the light source is, just try to picture where the shadows will be.

External image

im sorry i dont have a tablet but i tried my best with my mouse to show you how/where i shaded

 i used a soft brush (0% hardness) with 55% opacity to shade around the forehead, neck, nose, ears, jaw, and clothes

External image


resize to 500px and add backgrounds, textures, adjustments and stuff or throw a psd or two on there to make things nice as such:

External image

extras: (don’t ask me why i do this, it just looks cool okay) flatten all the layers excluding the psd and make two copies —

filter>blur the first copy and set to multiply
set the second copy to screen

change the opacity according to what you think looks best 

External image

this was my final product: 

External image

i hope this helped at least a little! im sorry im not very good at explaining, ive never done a tutorial before, but if you have any questions or need some clarification please ask. good luck!~

Vibrant “Natural” Coloring Tutorial

Someone asked if I could make a tutorial on how I color, specifically referring to the last gifset of Luke I posted. I’m going to share a bit of my general coloring technique and a few examples of color correcting. Keep in mind that I take extra time when I make gifsets and, although I color with my same technique every time, I start ALL of my coloring from scratch. There isn’t a PSD I’ve saved. Disclaimer: this is my personal preference for coloring and what I think looks good. You don’t have to agree, of course. Anyways, on to the tutorial:

*This tutorial is for those with a basic knowledge of photoshop/gif making*
**I use Photoshop CS6 and KMPlayer to get my screencaps**

I’ll be showing you how to get from the first gif to the second under the cut:

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anonymous asked:

how do you always get the hair so .. wet looking almost?? i love that look is there a specific psd u use for hair or technique?

i think i know what u mean so i can explain that!! it’s the way i make the whole picture really smooth in a way i like, and it has a nice effect on the hair !

first sharpen the picture (i do smart sharpen with radius 0.9 at about 120-150%), then duplicate that layer so you’re so you have 2 layers and you’re still working w the sharpened version not the orig (important!!). then go to filter -> stylize -> oil paint, and this is what my settings look like:

then if the picture includes open eyes, i erase that (which makes it look much more realistic and lets the eyes still be shiny). then lower the opacity of the oil paint layer to 30-60%!!! that gives the hair and everything else a really nice smooth effect, and doing it on an already sharpened image keeps it from just looking blurry :-)

Creations tag game!

I was tagged by @jynersos like forever ago but forgot to do this so I’m doing it now lol (thanks bb!)

1. First creation? This shitty drawing of a meme using the characters from the force awakens

2. Favorite creation? Either this rogue one gifset or this leia gifset

3. Creation with the most notes? This set of leia in rogue one. I was one of the first people to gif it after it had JUST leaked so even though the quality was shitty it spread around this site pretty fast!

4. Creation you spent the most time on? This one. you guys have no idea how hard it was to get the coloring right and cut out parts of the gif I did and didn’t want colored

5. What styles inspire your creations? I’m not really sure. I always make my own psd’s and make them to look like whatever I think looks good I guess

6. How do you make your creations? Photoshop CC

7. Creation that got more notes than expected? These leia gifs. the title of the last jedi had just come out so I made an edit where leia was the last jedi. I absolutely love this idea and gifset but I was super surprised and happy that it got almost 4k notes, especially since I don’t think it’ll ever be canon (because lucasfilm sucks)

8. Creation that got less notes than expected? I spent a lot of time on these gifs and I thought they looked pretty cool but apparently not since they barely got any notes (i’m not petty)

9. Any creations you wish you hadn’t made? Sort of? It’s not that I didn’t like them, it’s that something happened that had to do with them that I wish had never happened. If you’ve been following me for about 2 years you might remember when this happened, but for those who don’t know what I’m talking about, basically I had just started making gifs and edits and for some reason someone very rudely accused me of stealing every single gif I’d posted. They spread the rumor around to lots of people and completely embarrassed me in front of some of my favorite blogs before I ever got a chance to defend myself. I legit posted paragraphs explaining how I made the gifs, complete with screenshots of me making them, but they still wouldn’t back down so I panicked and deleted every single one of my creations. I never found out who the person was since they were on anon, and now I’ve lost all those gifsets and edits. Sorry for the rant but I will forever be bitter about this.

10. Finally, how long have you been making creations? 2 years

I’m tagging some of my fave people who make stuff: @ltsuitsyou, @sithobi, @kanjiklubs, @tfa, @bensolcs, @greyjoyvs, @anakinskywkler

basic gif tutorial by iheartnewt

I’ve been asked by lovely anon about how I make my gifs. Thank you so much ♥
If you get stuck or have any questions, feel free to message me!

disclaimer: English is not my first language, so sorry in advance.

finished product ( look at that angel face )

what you will need:

  • KMPlayer 
  • Photoshop ( any version, but I’m using cs5 extended )
  • 720/1080p video
  • PSD ( for coloring ) you can find them at: itsphotoshop, yeahps, completeresources and sistaroundpsds but for today I’m going to use PSD from dailygladers
  • This is a very long tutorial because i’m suck at explaining so i’m going to put it under the cut.
  • Please like/reblog if you think it useful <3

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