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Do you have a fave xmen? I always loved nightcrawler and colossus, but boy are they never going to get focused on much

GAMBIT. ALWAYS GAMBIT. MY BOY, GAMBIT. i also love nightcrawler, but GAMBIT. and ORORO AND REMY ARE THE BEST BROTP. i would do. anything. for them to get a miniseries together. being bros. specifically remy is like ororo’s big brother on account of how they met and, look, i just can’t believe that they ever really managed to shake that dynamic, she’s like the smart younger sister and he’s the bad boy older brother who would do anything for her and and and ;w;

unfortunately Gambit has become Plot Hole Spackle as well as sometimes acting as a literal convenient shrubbery to hide other peoples’ nudity so he’s the most misused and accidentally powerful character in x-men, and i will probably never get the Gambit And Stormy’s Robin Hood Adventures series that i really want out of life

A Higher Education PT.2

Summary: Shawn and yourself are best friends at University.

Word Count:  6,293

A/U: So happy with all of the support from you all. I’m really enjoying writing this so I think instead of three parts I will be doing four. But nothing more than that. ENJOY!

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“Yeah well just text me when you want us to come over?” I said as I pulled out my notebook.

We were sitting in the second row out of my choosing and because I had shown up early to get a good seat. I liked the third row because you were close enough for the prof to know your face but not too close for him to ask you questions.

“Excuse me?” I heard a voice coming from next to Shawn. I glanced over and saw the girl in the row up from us leaning over the seats, her long hair falling near Shawn and she pushed it back behind one ear. “I wasn’t here last class, do you think I could get a picture of your notes?”

My eyes narrowed automatically. First, most of the power points were online, you could sufficiently catch up by just reading them alone and supplementing with the textbook, second why didn’t she ask the people next to her and third, why was her smile so fucking big?

“Oh yeah for sure, but my writing is terrible? Maybe you might want to ask someone else?”  Shawn answered

Yeah, maybe you should ask someone fucking else.

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Is Uta dead?

So as of late I have been seeing some people thinking that Uta is dead, yes I will admit after that Tatara fiasco I myself am a tiny bit worried. But after all the set up I can’t see Uta dying even though he does look like this.

I’m going to give you some reasons why I believe Uta can’t possibly be dead yet. My first point is going to be his ghoul powers that he has shown in is story so far. Firstly he is a very skilled fighter and he has demonstrated this many times.

He did so first against Hirako in the Renji flashback as he dodges all of Hirako’s strikes with ease and without using his hands at all.

He did so again when he fought with Hirako a second time once again dodging with relative ease.

Though in my opinion this is the time where he showed how skilled he really is, with how he like always effortlessly dodges his opponents attacks though this time his enemy isn’t Hirako, this time it’s Juuzou who is far more skilled than Hirako and yet Uta still doesn’t seem fazed about the attacks coming at him probably because he is far too strong for Juuzou, and he doesn’t want to fight seriously as it would end to quickly.

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If taken out of context what someone wants can be bad for them, but it definitely is true that people dont always want whats best for them. Fitz' regret was that his father left but his father wasnt a good guy so what he wanted wasnt what was best for him. Like if someone is in an unhealthy relationship they can still love the other person or miss them so they dont break up even though they should. So even though Fitz has gotten over his father a part of him still misses him and wishes he stayed

Hey there anon!

I don’t disagree with you completely. I think often what people want isn’t what they need. When I plow through more donuts than ten people should consume in a week, that’s a perfect example of that! And I think that sometimes having wants that we don’t need is something that’s not exactly bad in life either? I certainly don’t need a lot of the things I have, but they bring me joy and happiness (and I think that gets neglected in these sorts of narratives, but that’s neither here nor there.)

Anyway, to answer the meat of your query: I think that how AIDA addressed the regrets of the group is, in fact, out of context and not actually dealing with the meaning behind them. If Fitz’s regret was a poor relationship with his abusive father, the fix is most certainly not “grow up with abusive father.” The logical meaning behind his regret is that he wanted a non-abusive father. That would be actually fixing his regret.

Or take May. On the surface, May’s regret is that she had to kill the little girl in Bahrain. But the way to fix that regret isn’t to have her misread the situation and not kill the girl who’s actually evil.. it’s to make that little girl not evil/with awful powers in the first place!

My point is that AIDA kind of acted like a genie that gives you a million male deer when you say you want a million bucks. I get that it worked best for the plot they wanted to do, but it’s certainly not at all how any of this would play out if regrets were truly dealt with.

31.10.16// dealing with my first Referat.
I’m preparing a PP on the ancient tragedy according to Aristotle ’s “Poetic” and Seneca’s “Medea”.
I’m totally scared because I’m the first in the class who’s doing the “Präsentation” and im going to speak in front of 20 German in my poor and pathetic German. Drück mir die Daumen🍀

I can’t believe my reasons for not shipping Ichi//Hime could be summarised in a four word quote from Aizen:

“Admiration is not understanding.”

So me and my friends were doing Tactical Alert to try to get the Buzzkill Mod and SOMEHOW, despite that my friend chose the Tactical Alert mission, the squad came to a devoid Orokin Derelict Sabotage mission. Literally there were zero enemies here.

So after much confusion we went ahead and said “Fuck it” and proceeded to get all the Grineer Caches with super ease and nothing to stop us.

When we were going to get the portal open is when things REALLY got strange. Look at the screenshot below. This is not a hoax or photoshopped picture. This is a legit thing that happened. 

So after a few laughs here and there and being confused as hell we decided to proceed to the boss when the Portal Power was at 100%. My first thought(and my friend pointed it out just as I thought about it) that if the enemies were as high as 3212 and while not impossible, would take forever to kill, how would the boss be?

We had to abort because they literally downed us in one shot. I have NO clue what happened or how this occured. Have anyone else gotten this?

(I will forward this to Forums, but I’m still confused as hell.)