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Failed Tough Skin

My first post, and a huge rant.

11/11/17 Customer was a bitch and complained about my face to a manager. Never cried before and I broke that record today

I have worked in customer service for about two years now. A year in fast food and this last year at two retail stores (one for pets and another for crafts). I normally deal with bitchy or straight up mean customers with an iron smile, but I finally cried today. This lady came up, looking like the crabby “get your manager” bull I knew she’d turn out to be.

Anywho, she immediately complains about the fact that she’s been inconvenienced by having to go around the store multiple times to find something. It’s the holiday season. There’s about 7 new people starting here and they’re not going to know a lot. There’s not enough radios for each one to get help.

Not good enough. I guess my face was smug (I was pursing my lips trying not to frown). And she asked for a manager which of course I obliged. Told my manager her petty ass story and that I was giving her attitude and making fun of her problem. Manager said sorry to her, and after she left, I was told that “making faces was not acceptable” in front of a huge line of customers. I tried to swallow my pride but I ended up making some old woman worried about the fact that I was tearing up. Had to run to the back before I full on cried.
I already submitted by leave notice, but I’m staying until Black Friday.
Fuck. Customers.

1st house notes and random facts ✨📝✨:

• The cusp or beginning point of the first house is called the ascendant aka rising sign

•The sign of the ascendant,planets aspecting the ascendant,and any planet in the 1st house strongly color your physical appearance,characteristics,mannerisms,and how you normally act

•The ruling planet of the sign on the ascendant will be of much importance in your life(other than the positions of the Sun and Moon)so you need to check the house position and aspects made to said planet

•The ascendant generally rules physical appearance in terms of facial characteristics

• Other factors in the chart affect appearance such as planetary dominants,and the sign and house positions of the Sun and Moon

•Venus in the 1st house/Conjunct the ascendant and Libra/Taurus risings are more likely to have more physically pleasing/attractive faces but you do not need this placement to be physically attractive to someone-check out other placements/your synastry w/ppl 💗💗💗 P.S. Not all with said placements are guaranteed to be exceptionally attractive,they could just be gifted socially or with some other Venusian quality

•If they got Jupiter in the 1st they prolly thicc af😩💦💦

• Planetary/Sign influences in any house can be expressed in so many ways,it’s just likely that what you hear is most likely to be manifested due to them being common circumstances to occur in peoples’ lives

• I’ve read that the 1st house also affects early life and environment along with the 3rd house and 4th house,like Pluto in the 1st can manifest as one having to become self sufficient at an early age due to hardships making one somewhat of a loner while Venus in the 1st may have a more pleasant outlook on life due to peaceful early experiences

• Men with moon in the 1st(Venus can do this too) tend to have more feminine faces and/or mannerisms and vibes 🌙

• Watery placements here(Cancer/Pisces ascendants or Moon/Neptune in the 1st house) tend to soak up the emotional coloring of the atmosphere so it’s best for you bitches to imagine a white light around you as you are subject to the moods of others💦💦

• Mars in the 1st is coming to shit on all you bitches.

• Pisces ascendants/Neptune in the 1st house/ in Conjunction,Trine,Sextile to the ascendant are usually blessed with a dreamy,magnetic quality to the eyes✨☁️✨

• They say that Scorpio ascendants/ Pluto in the 1st house have penetrating stares/gazes but Ima be honest I ain’t notice none of u hoes. 😬🤗🤗

• Uranus in the 1st house is said to be hella tall but I know a lot of short bitches with Uranus in the 1st so always check how ur ascendant is aspected or if there are other planets in there

• @ayyries said it first, Capricorn risings got that resting bitch face.

•Beyoncé got a Venus-Pluto conjunction right on her Libra ascendant and Pluto tends to intensify characteristics of the sign it’s in or planets it aspects I guess u can say she’s intensely beautiful,yet dangerous woman with that Pluto up there🌷🐝🐝🐝

•Mars,Saturn, and Plutonian(also the signs ruling them) risings tend to be intimidating in certain ways like Mars is probably more intimidating in an outspoken,threatening way(@ Nicki I love u)🔥🔥🔥 while Saturn and Pluto are more intimidating in a quiet way giving them a more mysterious “fuck with me at ur own risk” vibe but sometimes these 2 are just very introverted

•Sun and Mars affecting this sector usually gives physical strength so don’t fucking trip🌚🌚

• Sun/Leo risings like @zodiacale tend to usually have really thick,beautiful hair but I’ve read that men can be prone to balding especially if the Sun is afflicted ☀️

•Taurus,Cancer,Leo,and Pisces risings are more prone towards having weight problems as well as Jupiter risings,but this is usually manifested later in life for some of them

• The asteroid Chiron is associated with ones’ most painful experiences especially in early life,as well as healing so with the 1st house, one could have some wound associated with self image,insecurities/pain related to appearance, or easily be a victim to bullying in childhood, like this all depends on circumstances in ones life

✨Quick little note: This is my first astrology post and I’d appreciate it if other astroblogs added to my notes with their own observations and/or knowledge or correct me if I’m wrong and they know more or something lol


All the same, murderess is a strong word to have attached to you. It has a smell to it, that word, musky and oppressive, like dead flowers in a vase. Sometimes at night I whisper it over to myself. Murderess, murderess. It rustles like a taffeta skirt across the floor. Murderer is merely brutal, it’s like a hammer, or a lump of metal.

                  I’d rather be a murderess than a murderer, if those were the only choices.

Alias Grace (2017)

Loki x Reader: Not A Lady

Note: My first go at this so let me know what you think!

Words: 2,611

You can find the other chapters here: Loki Masterlist

There was nothing you hated more than being summoned but this was a meeting that you knew you’d be foolish to miss. When you’d woken up, you’d checked your phone and seen ten miscalls all from the same - blocked - number. Grudgingly, barely awake or aware of the world, you’d rung back and then spent an hour on hold. When you finally got through, you were told in the shortest tone to meet the others at the Tower for an emergency meeting.

Unfortunately, whilst the you could see the obnoxiously large tower for miles around, actually getting anywhere near it always presented a challenge. Clearly this meeting had not been kept a secret for hoards of people surrounded the building, blocking the streets all around. You pushed and shoved your way through, feeling immensely grateful that you were just another everyday human rather than one of the famous Avengers. You suspected that they’d have had even more trouble making their way in than you.

Finally reaching your destination, you nodded at the receptionist who immediately recognised you. She had your ID badge ready by the time you’d reached the desk and told you, “They’re all up there, even Thor. Whatever is going on, it must be big for him to come back.”

               "Thanks for the warning, Jan,“ you said, rubbing your eyes. You had a feeling that this wasn’t going to be your day. You clipped the badge on to your blazer pocket and looked around the entrance hallway for a clock. "How long have they been waiting?”

She gave you a look that told you that you really didn’t want to know. With a sigh, you thanked her and headed for the lift. As you ascended, you found your palms were getting sweaty. It had been years since you’d been here last and that hadn’t ended well. You could barely believe you were scared to see them again; you’d faced down far worse than the Avengers and lived. Surely this would be no worse…

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HaW: Child sports

Lets just think about our “normal” childhood, full contact sports and how absolutely insane this is.

Zular stood in front of the ComCenter, aghast over the film the humans were screening. 

“Human Charles?” Zulars voice quivered slightly.

“Zulan, I’ve told you like, a million times, just call me Charles.” The human called Charles responded without removing his ocular orbs from the screen.

“Uh, um, Charles?”


“This ‘film’ you are playing, these are human young? Yes?”

“Uh, yea man, this is little league football”, Charles turned to Zular with an expression Zular understood to be “excitement”.

“Football? They are not using their feet in this act…”

Charles chuckled, “Well no this is American Football! Its a full contact sport!”

“Full contact?”, Zular had never heard these human terms before. He understood they used the term “full” when they had enough nourishment, but the context did not translate.

“Um, yea it means that the players run into each other at full speeds and tackle, or knock the opponent over to stop the ball from any further movements forward. There are versions of this sport where the players where a belt with fabric hanging on it. That is “flag football” and the player just have to get an opponent’s fabric flags to stop the movement or gain points. But, Zular, where I come from, flag football is for pansies.” Charles seemed pleased to explain this to Zular. Zular did not understand the context again…Zular understood “pansies” are a type of non-toxic earth flower.

Charles continued, “The best, toughest players play full contact football. You run towards your opponent and push into them as hard as you can, so the game stops for a bit.”

Zular felt his chest tighten in an alarming way, yet he pressed forward. He had an undeniable urge to understand the ways of the humans on the ship. He began again, “You stated these where your human offspring?”

“Yep! Where I come from we teach our children sports like this at a young age. It helps them learn to work as a team, and if they are particularly talented, colleges will pay for them to go to schools and play the sports at the same time.”

“And these offspring, they are how many Earth years of age?”

“Oh these tykes are 6 or 7 years old.”


“Um….yes, Zul”


“Well Zular. Yes. But injuries are very rare, at least serious ones are. And we are required to have a Emergency Medical Team on scene at all the games to see to any injuries as soon as possible.”

“ have fully trained medical staff ON SCENE at these events??!?”

“Yes…..But really, injuries are rare. Worst I ever saw was a kid with a broken shin bone! That was gnarly. His bone was sticking out of his skin, but that was a high school aged kid, they hit a lot harder then, they are closer to adult sizing.”

“So…Human Charles”

“Just Charles, Zular.”

“Yes, Charles. You allow your young to run at each other, push or “tackle” the other younglings down, at this very tender age, for the sake of?? What exactly?”

“Well. It’s tradition. And it’s fun. The kids love it. They usually end up making friends that last them for years. Heck my buddy Joe and I met in little league! We still send each other Coms from time to time and meet up when we get leave for a game when we can”, Charles said with a grin. A gesture that Zular had been thought, shows human amusement. 

“But Charles….You encourage your young to hurt one another. And this film shows the sires and dams of the children…cheering? Are they cheering the young on to hit them harder???” Zulars face drained color at the thought of sires and dams encouraging their young to hurt one another like gladiators in a pit.

Charles doubled over, the sound Zular knew to be human “laughter” bellowing from the strange creature. Thought his chuckles, Charles stated “Zular…Ahahaha….Man…HAHAHA….I saw two of the kids SIRES fighting over the referee throwing a flag on one child’s unsportsmanlike behavior. Their dads met out in the middle of the field and just proceeded to beat the pure dog shit out of each other. Coach had to call the deputy sheriffs out their to keep them apart. It took 4 other parents, including the church pastor to break them up.”

Zular stood back, unsure if he wanted to find out what “flag”, “unsportsmanlike”, or a “pastor” was. For that matter, Zular was unaware that humans where made of “dog shit”, his human manual advised humans are carbon based lifeforms with most of their body being made of “water”. Humans are terrifying…they encourage childhood violence in the name for tradition and “friends”, then the adults fight when they are unhappy with the results. Zular felt the need to advise the Captain of the new intel on their human shipmates, they should update the manuals…

Humans are weird man, let’s pit our underdeveloped children against one another in a physically demanding sport and hope they can go to college on that alone in 12 years.