my first pie


[makes ugly whale noises at the cute] 😩

I'd love Hot Pie to make another appearance

Why? Because I’m just imagining a scene where Hot Pie is going about his business when a hungry Gendry arrives at the inn. Hot Pie, excited to see his friend serves him pie and starts rambling on about how to make it when he casually mentions Arya making pies too. Gendry would choke on the bite he just took and looks at Hot Pie in disbelief. Hot Pie hasn’t noticed and is still rambling. Gendry grabs Hot Pie frantically asking where Arya is. Hot Pie slightly nervous says Arya told him that she’s going to King’s Landing but that he told her about Winterfell, etc. He doesn’t even finish his sentence because Gendry is running out the door.

The Signs As My Little Pony Characters

Aries: Princess Luna

Taurus: Applejack

Gemini: Princess Celestia

Cancer: Apple Bloom

Leo: Pinkie Pie

Virgo: Fluttershy

Libra: Sweetie Belle

Scorpio: Rarity

Sagittarius: Twilight Sparkle

Capricorn: Princess Cadance

Aquarius: Rainbow Dash

Pisces: Spike

Soldier 76 x Reader Commission!

A crush. You were too old for a crush. He was too old to be the object of a crush. It was all a ridiculous notion, one that you wouldn’t act on. You refused to act on it. It was unprofessional and had the opportunity to become incredibly awkward.

Ana thought it was a great idea. You loved to sit and have tea with her. That was when you had accidentally let it slip that you were harboring a silly little crush on Jack. Her face had lit up when it fell from your lips.

She spent the rest of the afternoon trying to convince you to go after Jack.

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Sagittarius / Hufflepuff / Autumn ( @bi-bb8 )

Coming This Monday

For years players have been asking for a mechanical color pie article where I spell out what colors mechanically do what.

I always avoided it because the color pie shifts and I was worried people would look back and it wouldn’t line up. I finally realized I could just update it every once in a while.

So coming Monday is my first mechanical color pie article. It’s probably got a few mistakes in it and I’m sure I left out a thing or two, but it is long and extensive (four times the word count of a normal article).

I hope you all like it.