my first photoset thing that i made :)

how to make matching backgrounds for character aesthetics

I have had a lot of requests lately about how I make my character aesthetics. So here is a brief explanation of my process. To do this type of edit all you need is just basic editing skills and an original image that already has an light/white-ish background.This is my first tutorial so sorry if things aren’t super clear. Please message me if you have any questions! 

Here is my process to turn 

     THIS                                                into                                         THIS 

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This is possibly the dumbest thing I’ve ever made a photoset about, but there are THIRTEEN drawers in my kitchen.

I cannot express why that makes me stupidly happy, but it does. It’s magical.

And there’s a closet that seems implicitly to be a spot to put the vacuum.

And the seller left us a freezer in the basement.

(And soda in the fridge. Thing 1 was quite delighted by that one.)

Plus a sofa set he didn’t want to move out of the basement, but we knew about that one. I take back all my vague annoyances from the first half of this process, they’re pretty great to buy a house from.


Handwriting Ask- Thank you very much!! :>

20- Favorite lyric(s)?
- Because the song is in Japanese, I’ll write it in English and Japanese uwuwuwuwu (I have terrible handwriting regardless lmao)


 Darla Deering // Ms. Thing
 Who are you—puny, insignificant human—girl—to dare lay a hand upon me?
— My name is Darla Deering, and I got my first recording contract when I was fourteen. By the time I was eighteen I had seven number-one hits, two golds, and one platinum record. I won a Grammy at nineteen, and ever since I could drive, I took home every Video Music Award that MTV ever nominated me for. I have twenty-nine million Yamblr followers. 67 million likes on Facespace. More people watched me on NewToob last year than go to the movies. And Bentley-23 is my friend.


The Royal Siblings Instagrams

Just a little something fun I made in my free time. I don’t know if this has been done yet, but I wanted to give it a try on some of my favorite cartoon children. See if you can tell what episodes are referenced in each post!

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How would you describe Harry's personality

god forbid this is going to take me long

ok first of all, i’m not being bias just because he is my fave but i’m going to state the facts on what i’ve seen with this boy with the aid of the things i have read about him, fan encounters, videos, documentaries and etc.

Harry is extremely kind. Towards his family, to the boys, his friends and the fans. He shows concern to every single one of them. I have made a photoset on how he cares about the fans. (x). As we have noticed, he literally stops for photos like he tries his best to make sure everyone has got their photos even when he gets mobbed he would still make an effort to stop. I remember back in Australia when he met these group of fans who got a room to their hotel. The fans were somewhere at a pool and Harry actually made his way to them just to talk to them about stuff (they weren’t allowed to take pictures). He was just there sitting with them, having a chat and all but apparently he had to go but he insisted to not take pics with him since he was all sweaty and all that but he insisted that these fans could come backstage so he could take pictures with them and sign them stuffs……. When he opened the van door to talk to the fans while they were stuck in a traffic just to ask them how they’re doing :(((.. When this fan attacked him but he still hugged her no matter how the security were trying to stop them. When he asked this girl at a signing on how she was feeling and she told him how a little thirsty she was and he asked one of the guards for a water bottle just so he could give it to her. How he saved this little girl from being squished at a concert. How he came back for this fan who apparently fell and who was having a hard time breathing when he was mobbed in nyc. How he hugged this fan at their movie premiere when she said that he is the only positivity in his life and he literally asked her what is up? are you alright?.. He is just so nice and caring and attentive to every fan. He likes meeting new people (i can assure you that.. he really do.)

Ok next, I like the way he handles the fame and all that. He is so mature when it comes to rumors and all the bullshit that is being thrown at him. He is not the type of guy who would literally tweet about this certain rumor and have it confirmed but instead he would tweet something about a goddamn bread or a microwave which I find really cute. I like how he handles interviews all too well. Sometimes interviewers would ask him some tough or straight questions but i like it how he brush things off and make it come out as a joke and answer them with ease (i really adore him for that i like his sense of humour). He seems to not care about how people thought of him in general like he doesn’t care how people would talk shit about him going to a gay bar or do something cray with nick grimshaw and all that which I think is a sign of maturity and I love him for that.

But on top of it all, I think he’s also really sensitive. Remember that time when he actually cried at a documentary because of the red and black (it’s red and black and not black and red right ok omg) performance and how he thinks his solo was shit and he had to go through twitter and the infamous quote “I want to be one of those people who doesn’t really care about how people thought of them but I guess i’m not.” I adore him for that because that’s when I realized that Harry’s the type of guy who’s not really afraid to hide his emotions. He literally wears his emotions on his sleeve. He is easy to read and that may or may not be the reason why alot of people are so easily attached to him. I worry at times also when the media pushes him too hard. Like we all know how matured he is when it comes to handling those situations but we don’t really know how he actually feel towards it. It might be affecting him at times but either way, I still like how he can handle it all too well. 

Moving on… HIS MUSIC TASTE GAHHH.. Guys with great taste in music turns me on. I don’t know man he has it. I kind of think that his music choice says alot about him. It is also significant in his tattoos. for ex. “Won’t stop til we surrender” (sweet disposition - the temper trap). You could literally read his personality with his music choice and his tattoos and I have to say, I think tattoos is one way of expressing your life story. You don’t just get them because you wanted to, you get them because there’s a significant story behind it and I think that’s why Harry tends to get tattoos because he might of think that tattoos is a one smart way to show everyone who you are. I quote Johnny Depp “My body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story.” (except for some of harry’s tattoo that he had confirmed about the meaning behind it ok lol) and oh yeah, on top of it all. Harry’s a really smart guy too.


“I just remember not feeling confident enough to be on my own… and then I experienced some real things that happened to me, that made me feel, and I understood what it was and what I needed to say. I still haven’t done that yet, but the right step for me was to be on my own and to take it on myself and not have to accept an award or do things with people around and be a woman and do it. You’re always going to be more happy and satisfied doing something that is you and doing something that you made all the decisions, to say i want this, i would love that, you’re obviously gonna be more satisfied.”

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I read that as "It's 4 AM and my eyes crave ravioli" and that somehow made sense to me? Like, I guess because the first thing I thought of was looking at photosets or something.

Fisiudiwhdish my eyes crave ravioli…. blessed


I was trying to figure out what I’m doing, and that was the first time I was constantly being kicked down for doing that. When I didn’t know, I just wanted to say, ‘This is what I want, this is where I am in my professional life, things changed in my personal life, things changed in my heart — everything.’ And people just thought, ‘Alright, this is what we think.’ And yeah, I made some decisions that weren’t great as well, and so did he and that’s why we went through all that to only make us better.

"You always stop at the part where it's very beautiful...and interesting."

Here are some more pictures of me and my costume details this year going as Alexandria from Tarsem’s ’The Fall’ movie <3

If you click on the pics there are some explanations :)

first photoset I made before heading to my parties found here

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[[ i consider you a true sakura fan because you aren't willing to cover up her flaws or pretend they doesn't exist, and when she shows truly terrifying/bad behavior you dont' sugar coat it, you criticize her for it. admitting a character has flaws or makes bad choices doesn't make you "bitter" or "salty", it means you see past the idealized version of them for who they are, good and bad. ]]

Okay, people, I got to a computer and I can type better so BEHOLD!

I am going to write something I was due for a long long time now so your question comes just in the right time. 

First of all, thank you for your kind words! Now, what I want to get at…

First things first, one thing people need to remind themselves is that I was, am and still gonna be a Sakura Haruno fan FIRST, shipping SECOND!

Another thing people need to remember when telling me shit like “you’re not a true fan” or whatever, is the following: when I analyze a character, I do it from at least 3 angles: as a stand-alone character, in connections with others, and also from a development from point A to point B angle.

Now, bearing this in mind, let’s start.

People have this thing with saying that the reasons I do this aka criticize her is because I am a NaruSaku fan first. Nothing more wrong since: I am a Sakura fan first and second, don’t forget I come from a NH/SS background so I KNOW MY SHIT and there’s a reason I stopped shipping those two ships.

Some of these people absolutely loooove to pin the shipping thing because they know that if we take those aside, they’re fucked.

You want to tell me that I say these things because SS got canon and NS didn’t?

May I remind you about the very photoset I made a while ago and reblogged these days while thinking about wasted potential in Naruto and ways of how things could’ve been done better, which is SS btw, which could’ve been AT LEAST A STARTING POINT for SS into getting it ‘real’, at least speaking from a bare minimum point, aka this one:

12 years old Sakura was selfish, yes, I give you that, but she did have something to say in regards to this - I will talk more about it when I start continuing the Haruno Sakura: the character, the meaning, the hate series - however, it wasn’t her journey! She had something else to learn - but didn’t!

However, point is not this. Point is, that when people try and tell me that I say all these things because I’m bitter because of what happened to the ships, they couldn’t be more wrong as I can easily make abstraction of the ships, take out SS interaction threads in the manga that Kishi could’ve built on but DIDN’T or whatnot! Example? Look above you. That would’ve been a GREAT ONE!

But the point is that Kishi didn’t want.

Anyway, moving on.

I may have different opinions regarding different aspects of the story when it comes to Sakura, however, what’s there in our faces cannot be put aside and there’s a reason why a MAJORITY can agree over it. Because it’s THAT FUCKING IN YOUR GODDAMN FACE!

Does a wife that begs for a kiss from her husband look like a feminist icon to you? 

To me it doesn’t, and if people can’t take this well, move the fuck on. But don’t try to excuse it.

Trust me, I did it for such a long time unknowingly, in the hope that Kishi is actually writing something smart and going somewhere with it, that I know how it feels. 

I know how that urge to make something good out of something trashy feels. I FUCKING KNOW IT!

However, there’s a point, a limit to ALL of it. With me, it was The Last, as I always said. 

Kishi doesn’t write something smart, Kishi writes TRASH! And that includes Sakura. At this point they ARE ALL TRASH! If people think that I’m gonna exclude Sakura just because she’s my fave, they’re oh so wrong. On the contrary! I have HIGHER expectations from my faves. Just like a teacher has higher expectations from their faves. Why? BECAUSE THEY KNOW THEY CAN DO BETTER!

This feels like the Sakura vs. Karin argument I had in the past when I called on someone’s BS, can’t remember exactly whom atm, that put Karin down for being sexual but oh so praised Sakura, when at her 12 years old she had the desire to see Sasuke’s…ahem, you get it, and people started telling me I am not a Sakura fan. Lol bitch, really?

I am not a Sakura fan because I know her that well and point out that she, as well as Karin, had sexual desires but for some reason you taking Sakura out of the equation but trashing Karin, are?

Some of these people make me laugh, I swear. 

When I hold someone up or down, I hold them on the same principles. Same scale. 

Some tried to use Sakura’s age against me back then, that she was just 12, what did she know? Well, she knew enough for a 12 years old to know there’s a dick inside there (that she wanted to see), don’t you think, pardon my language? How’s that different then Karin expressing the same internal thoughts?

Just because I love Sakura, doesn’t mean I’ll just stand by and love her and keep promoting her that she’s perfect, has no flaws, etc etc.

NO! I won’t. And some people will have to deal with it. 

It’s because I love/d her dearly that I am this critical of her! It’s because I know or knew (since who tf knows nowadays with Kishimoto’s trash writing) her THAT WELL INSIDE OUT that I’m calling her trash. 

Current Sakura is trash compared to past Sakura or what she should’ve become if not for a misogynist  writer and popularity polls.

And if people are going to close their eyes to this reality, well, good for them.

But don’t they DARE tell me I am not a true Sakura fan or that I’m bitter just because I realistically point out some things that for some reason, bothers them.

I don’t care it bothers you. I will throwit at your face 2x times more if necessary, until you get it. That’s it if you insist on ‘dueling’ with me. If you can get past my opinions, I can very well do the same.

But for God’s sake, let’s accept that Sakura has flaws, shall we?

That was the very basic character trait of Sakura’s until it turned into something obsessive and stupid and apparently, addictive, as if Sasuke’s some kind of meth - in a world filled with perfect shinobi, an imperfect girl wanted to make more of herself and make the world a better place.

Instead all she ended being is a trash doormat and a baby machine.

Wow, such development, much not positive!

Like how long are people going to excuse Kishi’s trash writing just because the ships are canon?