my first photoset :3


Family Reunion ~


twenty one pilots phone wallpapers

(source, no photos mine, I only cropped and edited them)


Hey guys! I just got my copy of the Danny Phantom: Complete Series DVD in the mail today, which means I’ll be able to get some better quality screenshots to use for this blog~

To celebrate, here’s some lovely shots of my girl Sam in her signature prom look~ 💜

Accidents Happen || 1:45 AM || Curse

His screams tore through me like a great shard of glass. I felt my eyes widen, my pulse quicken, my heart thudding like a rock rattling in a box. His scream came again, desperate, terrified…human. The blood drained from my face, and my legs began to move away–far, far away. 


Sometimes I load up old saves not realising I now have mods that will now affect that character but I am so okay with it right now.

Is it normal to want your OC to punch you in the face? Because Anacrea could punch me in the face.