my first one yesterday was so shitty


I received another Winston box yesterday. This one includes a shirt and a pair of shorts. I loved the shirt so much I wore it to my daughters dance recital today. I wasn’t really sure about the shorts at first because they are CORDUROY! Corduroy shorts on fat thighs seems like a seriously shitty idea. Well I tried them on and apparently someone at Winston realized this and cut the shorts to minimize your thigh friction. What a novel damn idea. 💡 I’m embracing this modeling stuff. What do you all think?

So, yesterday at work, some guys tried to burn the ink tag off of an expensive name brand t-shirt. Since these things have a tendency to be going around online before we start to see them in stores, let me tell you that this is actually a really shitty idea. First of all, it didn’t work. The ink tag wasn’t even damaged beyond some melting plastic because, wonder of wonders, ink tags aren’t really all that flammable. Plastic and metal. Imagine that. Second of all, it smelled really badly. Badly enough that one of my coworkers could smell it, causing her to go around the corner and catch them doing it. Third, if the ink tag had gotten damaged, it would have ruined that pretty name brand t-shirt they wanted so badly and possibly caused injury. There’s a reason we call it an ‘ink tag’. There’s even a bright red warning on them.
So here’s my advice: if you need a name-brand t-shirt that badly, get a job, save up, and buy one. Shoplifting is wrong. It’s illegal. It’s stupid. It’s a pain for retail associates to deal with. And every time your selfish behind just has to have name brand clothes so badly you steal them, it causes our employers to lose money and ultimately lay us off or close their doors. And we need to pay our bills more than you need an expensive t-shirt.


I have a new blog called @softnightsky!!!

I’ll mame au’s there and honestly, I don’t know if it was a good or a bad idea. I had this idea yesterday at midnight so idk but we will see!
I started my first shitty au (which is a johnten one) and idk where it’s going and I’m still figuring stuff out but yeah. Byeee

I rarely post anything personal but… In this post of mine, I received this sort of reply yesterday:

I see people breed hate like this in the fandoms all the time – over the years, across different fandoms (ie. Kuroshitsuji and Voltron, the worst of the drama out there I think). It’s ugly, shitty, and exhausting to see when fandoms are supposed to be your happy place. But yesterday I got a taste of it personally, then today I see one of the best Japanese artists in the Yuri!!! on Ice fandom get harassed for her JJ×Yurio art (which she responsibly set to private, mind you):

So I’m finally going to comment a bit. Just two things:

First, did I even sexualize Yurio in anyway my post? What was oh so triggering about comparing his hair to JJ’s girlfriend’s?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ The thought of a 15 year old in a relationship, or the thought of a 4 year age difference between lovers isn’t hardly the most mind-boggling thing to happen in real life or otherwise.

Who/why/how I ship shouldn’t be anyone’s business. But if you must know, I don’t have a stick so far up my ass that I have to put ships on some “waiting approval” list until I check its age appropriateness. Who even does that? Anyone who’s ever shipped anything must know that falling for a ship is completely unintentional – most just suddenly get drawn to the characters’ personalities, dynamics and visual appeal. In the case of JJ×Yurio, they’re both competitive and they piss each other off like no other, and that’s what makes them fun. So don’t make me sound like some sort of child fetishist that chose the ship just because Yurio is young. THERE’S A DIFFERENCE. Don’t make shippers of your “oh so questionable” pairings out to be sexual deviants or whatever because hellooo does shipping always equate to dirty fucking or abusive relationships to you?? Are ships not allowed to be cute? Because JJ×Yurio can be cute. And to be honest, so can Sheith, Shance and Shidge. And I don’t even ship them??

(image source)

Second, THIS IS ALL FICTION ANYWAY??? It is so very concerning that there are people who cannot comprehend the difference between fiction and reality. Are they just not mentally capable or not mentally mature enough? If you don’t like the ship, I completely respect that. But why harass me? Why harass an artist? I cannot understand why people have to spend sooo much time and effort on the internet defending the honor of INK ON PAPER (as a dear friend put it). Because that’s what Yurio is. That’s what Keith, Lance, Pidge, and all of the others you are trying to protect are. Think about it. What do you hope to gain or accomplish? Will the fictional characters and their fictional parents thank you for your efforts? Did you save a real life?

If this is something you really, truly feel strongly about, why not pour all that time and energy into helping actual victims? Get off the internet, get off your ass, and get out there and DO SOMETHING for the REAL, HUMAN victims (child or not) of sexual harassment, assault, rape etc. Ranting, picking fights and harassing artists and fellow fans in the fandoms is not a solution to the real life issues that truly matterYou make it sound like you care, but in truth, maybe you just don’t care enough?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

I just tried to render the model I already did, first one. I don’t even care I didn’t do her clothes, I’m not in the mood for it (and Happy goes naked all the time ;) )

This has been a LONG week, full of projects and college stuff, I’ve been so stressed and I also lost my little gerbil (thank you so much to all of you who supported me with that, it means a lot to me ).

Yesterday I finished everything so I’m going to rest this weekend and next week sure I’ll be back with new shitty doodles. See you :)

i’m probably going to end up rewriting this like fifteen times but hey  !  yo  !  how’s it going it’s ya gal val here to lay down some way overdue thanks  !  this isn’t a milestone thing,  or whatever the heck,  but i’ve never done one of these,  and i passed 500 a little bit ago so i thought,  hey,  why not now,  right  ?  this isn’t going to be something super duper long,  i’ll save that for 1k,  if i ever get there ahah,  and i promise i’ll be better at making graphics at that point.  i’m just gonna write a little message to all my mutuals and followers,  so please bare with me  !

it’s been a pretty long road so far,  eight months n going strong baby.  this is my very first blog,  and also my very first time role playing on tumblr,  and even if i’ve got a few more up my sleeve now,  i’m so happy my first one ended up being kaneki.  i can’t even begin to explain to you guys how absolutely fun it’s been for me,  how much i’ve seen my writing grow,  how many straight up spectacular writers i’ve met along the way.  i’m so proud to be a part of this community,  and i don’t think any amount of thank you messages will ever be able to convey just how much  ??  everyone’s always been so welcoming,  especially at the beginning when my lost ass stumbled onto this platform head first.  i didn’t know what the hell i was doing,  what i wanted to do,  where i wanted to go with this blog etc.  but ya’ll have been super duper supportive regardless and i’m just really fuckin floored  ??  like,  i honestly love each and every one of you,  whether we’ve been mutuals since the beginning or yesterday,  it means just as much either way.  people being interested in my shitty blog  ??  that’s fuckin amazing like  ? i’m gonna try to keep this as short as possible,  since i tend to get really gushy,  and end it here.

i’m going to go thru my followers and mention some neato people that i’ve a ) interacted with b ) seen around and thirst over c ) have made friendos with  d ) just generally enjoyed their presence on my dash because they’re a doll and e ) all of the above  !  i’ll save the mushy personal messages for a different time,  lmao.

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if i missed anyone i’m sorry this literally took thirty minutes of me going through my follows and sweating over my keyboard.  i love u all the same  !

I began on tumblr as a small fry posting shitty hipster photos (you know what i’m talking about) *tears up* I then became music oriented and one day while scrolling through netflix I decided to embark on the Supernatural Journey. I cried, I yelled, I cursed… But the biggest thing I did was fall in love.

Thank you for over 2,000 followers

It seems like just yesterday I uploaded my very first fic and I never would have though people would actually read them let alone want more. I really love you guys and you changed my life. It’s terribly cheesy, but I’m in the mood for nachos so… I love you all and that’s why I made this shitty quality video to hopefully show my appreciation (it took over 4 hours *dead)

I’m so happy I met you all and I hope to be with you all for many more years!!

[ special thanks to mwinchesterlove & laliedoll for allowing me to use them for this video ]

Wanna talk? Wanna celebrate?