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I’m sorry for the terrible gif quality. I know that someone else– someone who knows what they’re doing– will make a lovely gif set in the morning, but right now, it’s the middle of the night, so you’re stuck with me. I needed to make these because I needed to hear it so badly, and I thought maybe some of you did, too. 

I didn’t realize how badly I needed to hear it, I think. It’s 3:30 am, I’m supposed to teach a bunch of 14-year-olds in five hours, and I haven’t even fully looked over the lesson plan. My house is a mess. My finances are a mess. I’m a mess.

But I’m doing fine. And so are you. 

Usually this is the part where I’d write an emotional novel that uses an excessive amount of italics and semicolons, but you guys are probably sick to death of that. So, instead, I’m going to provide links to a few of the posts where I talk about how Mark changed my life. That’s just in case he happens to stumble upon this, or one of you lovely people has some time to kill and wants to read about some mundane miracles in the life of a girl with a silly, teeny ponytail.

Here’s one of the many posts where I talk about how Mark single-handedly saved my career with some words of encouragement after I nearly quit.

Here’s the one where I talk about how his community helped me raise the funds to cremate my dog Max, who was my best friend.

And, on a lighter note, here’s the video/post that is definitive proof that Mark helped me get my confidence back– me being an idiot onstage at one of his shows.

Thanks, @markiplier. I’m proud of you, and I hope one day I can do something so spectacular that you’ll be proud of me as well.

I love you all, owlets. Remember, we’re all gonna be okay.

You’re doing fine.


(every single one of us, the devil inside)

i. hope you got your things together, hope you are quite prepared to die ii. wrap your roots all around my bones iii. i was angry with my foe: i told it not, my wrath did grow iv. 'cause wherever you go, wherever you go, with the devil you know you’re never alone v. a witch queen never dies vi. we’re in the city of wonder, ain’t gonna play nice vii. you can dunk me in the river, gonna clean my sin, but you might as well dunk me in a bucket of gin, ‘cause there ain’t nobody gonna love me like the devil do viii. makes you wonder how the other half died ix. me, i’m blind with death and anger, and that’s no place for you x. there is a house in new orleans

for the vampires, the wolves, the witches, the humans; for the new blood and the old; for new orleans, and for all those who fight for it 



HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! <333 I hope you’re all having a wonderful holiday and I wish everyone an awesome 2018 ^///^

Not My Home - a mix about leaving the earth and going home


cover your tracks - young galaxy // the rocket - wintergatan // starscapes (ambient) - the american dollar //  isabella of castille - starfucker // far - c418 // leaves falling - lullatone // nattoppet - detektivbyran // starmachine2000 - wintergatan


perhaps one day  ● “… To Caroline”  “Yeah, happy deathday to me”

Breaking Free

Summary: Phil’s somehow stuck with the task of auditioning new freshmen for drama in his art school. When he meets Dan Howell, the boy with the beautiful voice and even more beautiful face, his opinion of freshmen may change.
Word Count: 1115
Warnings: i think i said fuck 
A/N: this is not high school musical omg the title is just idk. i started school ok don’t judge me.

Phil Lester sat utterly bored at auditions for the drama department. Somehow, he had been recruited as one of the seniors to help audition freshman. Ms. Pyke had told them to only chose the best of the best, and it seemed that that task would be challenging. For an art school. everyone sucked at musical theater. Phil wasn’t exactly sure how that was possible.

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anonymous asked:

What digital draw tablet/installation do you use for your artwork? And what would you recommend for a more beginner digital artist? Your art is amazing! Thanks!

First, thank you so much!! You don’t know how happy I am to receive a message like this!!

For the first question, my art is kind of a mix between traditional and digital art. I usually sketch first using pencils and pen, then take a picture and put it in photoshop to color. Sometimes I sketch and do the lines on computer too, but I prefer using pen because it feels easier and more natural to me. I use Intuos Pro Wacom tablet.

I’ve been meaning to share my drawing process when I have time (like details on how I sketch and color), but I’m not sure if anyone would be interested in that?

For your second question, hmm… probably what most artists say to beginners: use references, tutorials, and practice practice practice. I think those are pretty good advices, though those things don’t apply to me (except the pratice part). Everybody is different and has their own ways of learning so I’m not saying those advices are wrong, I’m just saying I myself didn’t follow that (actually I really wanted to, but something-I-don’t-know-what always happened and eventually I just gave up). There was something else I followed though (I still do now) and it was something a teacher told me: don’t worry too much about ‘keeping your style consistent’. I mean, style is important of course, but when you’re a beginner you have so much to discover. Trying to keep your style consistent may limit your creativity and sometimes take away the joy of making art. Feel free to try different things, if your artworks look like they are made from ten different personalities it’s okay, because you’re figuring out what you like and what you don’t, what you can do and what you cannot. After sometime you’ll slowly realize what you’d like to keep doing, and keep doing that. I myself have followed that advice quite some time, I draw what I like and just hope that a mixture of all the stuffs that I like become a style.

What I’ve just said is not an advice you must follow, it’s just something I want to share because it worked for me and I didn’t see many people talking about it. If it sounds nonsense to you, just forget about it! There are many other advices from amazing professional artists which are very detailed and therefore would help you a lot! Just don’t freak out if any advice doesn’t seem to apply to you, it’s pretty normal. I hope you find joy and passion in whichever path you choose to take, and if our paths ever cross, I’ll see you there :)