my first mix be kind


A mostly instrumental mix of songs and chants, inspired by The Hunchback of Notre Dame. [LISTEN]

I. KYRIE II / Yoshihisa Hirano II. APHELION / Jesper Kyd III. DIES IRAE / Abbey of Notre Dame IV. DREAMS OF VENICE / Jesper Kyd V. ABBE AND MADELEINE / Nick Ingman VI. IMMOLATION / Hans Zimmer VII. ANNE ASKEW EXAMINED MORE CLOSELY / Trevor Morris VIII. CHAOS IS A LADDER / Ramin Djawadi IX. PARIS BURNING / Alan Menken X. THE DAWN WILL COME (CHOIR VERSION) / Trevor Morris XI. AIR / Hans Zimmer XII. CALLING THE INQUISITION / Trevor Morris XIII. RAIN AT LAST / Joseph LoDuca

Not My Home - a mix about leaving the earth and going home


cover your tracks - young galaxy // the rocket - wintergatan // starscapes (ambient) - the american dollar //  isabella of castille - starfucker // far - c418 // leaves falling - lullatone // nattoppet - detektivbyran // starmachine2000 - wintergatan

Breaking Free

Summary: Phil’s somehow stuck with the task of auditioning new freshmen for drama in his art school. When he meets Dan Howell, the boy with the beautiful voice and even more beautiful face, his opinion of freshmen may change.
Word Count: 1115
Warnings: i think i said fuck 
A/N: this is not high school musical omg the title is just idk. i started school ok don’t judge me.

Phil Lester sat utterly bored at auditions for the drama department. Somehow, he had been recruited as one of the seniors to help audition freshman. Ms. Pyke had told them to only chose the best of the best, and it seemed that that task would be challenging. For an art school. everyone sucked at musical theater. Phil wasn’t exactly sure how that was possible.

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