my first manip!


make me choose:
↳anon asked jihan or jicheol [cr. 1]

q: jisoo do you have something you want to say to jeonghan?
joshua: i love you ♡ (trans)


And there he stood, Harry the Heir himself; tall, handsome, scowling. “Lady Alayne. May I partner you in this dance?” She considered for a moment. “No. I don’t think so.” Color rose to his cheeks. “I was unforgiveably rude to you in the yard. You must forgive me.” “Must?” She tossed her hair, took a sip of wine, made him wait. “How can you forgive someone who is unforgiveably rude? Will you explain that to me, ser?” Ser Harrold looked confused. “Please. One dance.”.

“It’s all different but it’s sad not to have her around.”– Peter Capaldi, on missing Jenna Coleman on Doctor Who

Happy Winter Solstice, everyone! Today is the first day of winter in the Northern Hemisphere. After reading that article about Peter missing Jenna, I decided to toss up this favorite manip of Twelve and Clara from last December. ♥ Have a good day, all!

Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.

Martin Luther King Jr.

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ziam duo vibes✨✨

…this fierce machine which you have built

Winter is horrible, but we’ll be fine, 

‘cuz we’ll face it together ‘til the end of the line. 

                                 - Bucky, Frozen in the Winters of our Past (x)

My Captain America Edits

The Strain FX moodboard // Quintus Sertorius AKA Mr. Quinlan

So named because you are the fifth Invictus the unconquerable, the invincible. Begotten of the Master, the seventh original strix. It is too hard for you to understand now. You bear the Master’s mark, yes. But not all who have horns are demons. // Archaria, 3x03 “First Born”


Mericcup Week 2015 Day 2 >> “Duty means doing the thing your heart may well regret.” (Princess and the Pauper)

An alternate gifset of this, in which Hiccup interrupts Merida’s wedding with that so called ‘dramatic flair’ of his, steals her away and flies off into the sunset.


My first take on “aesthetic” “collage” if I can call it so.. Uwaaaahhh > w
Heartbreak a theme I love too much.. (Elvis Presley’s song)
I always was thinking of combining taekook with it.. so Here my chance appeared.. My heart was racing through the whole process what to do …T^T


The Dark Swan & the Evil Queen

I know now. I know what it means to be myself. You’ve been forced into a cage by the people around you– been forced to put on a mask every day like you’re tamed and declawed– and I’m unlocking the door. Come out and play.

Inspired by this ficlet by @coalitiongirl