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Archie Andrews Imagine

‘Extraordinary Measures’

Cheerleader/Football Archie Imagine #1

Summary:  Y/n is a cheerleader on the River Vixens and has a date with her quarterback boyfriend, Archie. The only problem is Cheryl won’t end practice.

Word Count: 1603

request:  Hi~ can you please do a cute archie x cheerleader reader? 🖤

a/n: I know actually nothing about cheer (even though I have so much respect for the sport) so I did a tiny bit of research for this. Sorry if I got any cheer lingo wrong or messed something up. Let me know and I’d be happy to adjust it! // Also I wasn’t sure if the request wanted a Friday night football game kind of story so I kind of just did what I thought would be cool, but now I definitely want to write more cheerleader/football!archie stuff so be on the lookout. (Requests are open!)


“Don’t mess, don’t mess,

don’t mess with the best ‘cause the best don’t mess!

Don’t fool, don’t fool,

don’t fool with the cool ‘cause the cool don’t fool!

From the east to the west

the Bulldogs are the best!

B-E-A-T beat ‘em! B-U-S-T bust ‘em!

Beat ‘em, bust ‘em, that’s our custom! Come on Bulldogs readjust ‘em!

Gooo Bulldogs!”

You along with the rest of the River Vixens were breathing heavily after running another cheer, it could practically be called panting. You were the flyer, with three equally exhausted bases under you including Betty and Veronica, finished in a liberty position with your hands in a high v. You’d been practicing for close to four hours – with no water break. Cheryl was always aggressive but this was a new high even for her.

“That was great ladies,” Cheryl yelled standing up from her spot on the bleachers. You looked down to Veronica and Betty and smiled in relief; it’d been a long day of getting yelled at by Cheryl and this seemed like progress. “Except that it wasn’t. It was actually terrible,” she walked down the bleachers toward the squad, putting an extra emphasis on ‘actually’. “My grandmother could cheer that better than you sacks-of-potatoes-with-skirts-and-ponytails that call yourselves ‘cheerleaders’. And she’s been dead since Obama’s first term.” Your face fell. You should have known. This was Cheryl Blossom we’re talking about.

The bases helped you down and you all gave each other long, knowing stares with heavy eyes. “I swear to god, I’m gonna go New York on her,” Veronica threatened. All the Vixens were thoroughly done with Cheryl for the day. Unfortunately, though, it didn’t seem that she was done with you.

She pulled out her megaphone for added drama. It’s not like she needed it. Even if her voice wasn’t extremely loud and high pitched enough to make dogs bark from a mile away, she was only standing like fifteen feet in front of you. “Why don’t we run ‘Be Aggressive’. Is that simple enough for you guys? Can your tiny little pigeon-brains handle that? And if it’s as bad as the rest of practice has been, it better be because all of you are puking your brains out or morbidly injured!”

Everyone was parched and needed a break. You decided it was worth a try. “Cheryl?” All eyes turned to you with shock and desperation. She cocked her head, egging you on and crossed her arms, waiting for you to continue.

Normally you would just deal with Cheryl and imagine something really embarrassing happening to her to make yourself feel better, but today she had put you in an especially bad mood. You we’re supposed to be going out with your boyfriend, Archie, soon but it didn’t look like she had any intention of ending practice in the near future. He was the school’s quarterback so he would be finishing up football practice any minute and you guys were supposed to be finished with rehearsal half an hour ago.

“Uh, I was wondering if maybe we could get some water?” You asked with an especially pathetic expression and your best puppy dog eyes without being obvious. She gave you a blank expression and stared at you for an uncomfortably long amount of time. Like 15 Mississippi seconds.

“You know what?” she probed, still using the unnecessary megaphone, “Yes, you girls can get water. But only because if I have to listen to you imbeciles butcher another simple cheer, I’m going to Van Gogh both my ears off, and I mean that. Be back in two minutes.”

A couple of girls ran up to you graciously but most just ran to their water to make the most of the time that was given. Two minutes in Cheryl-time was pretty different from two minutes in real-time. Just then, the football team parted ways signaling the end of practice. Some guys went to their cars but a lot stayed behind to watch the cheerleaders practice. It was kind of creepy but football normally got out after cheer so it wasn’t usually a problem.

Archie, jogged over to you with his gear still on and his helmet in his hand. He smiled at you with crinkly eyes and ran his fingers through his disheveled copper hair. “How’s my favorite River Vixen?”

You forwent an actual greeting and instead just yelled “WATER,” at him, grabbing the green bottle in his bag with the Gatorade logo on it and gulped it. It came out a little more desperate and forceful than intended but you figured he got the general ‘welcome’ message. When you finally came up for air he looked at you in awe and gave a chuckle, “Well hello to you too.”

“Sorry, it’s just Cheryl’s been crazy all practice. This is literally the first water break we’ve gotten.”

“Cheryl? Crazy? How new and different for her.” He leaned in to kiss you but you dipped out of the way.

“I promise you don’t want to kiss me Arch, I’m really sweaty.” You handed him the bottle back.

“Yeah, but I’m really sweaty too so it cancels out,” he leaned in and kissed you softly.

You smiled up at him, “Ah yes, simple algebra. How could I forget?”

The nice moment you were sharing was interrupted by the sound of nails on a chalkboard, also known as Cheryl Blossom’s voice through a megaphone, “ONE MINUTE”.

Your head whipped around back to your boyfriend. You HAD to get out of this practice, and you had an idea of how. “Archie.”


“I need you to stomp on my foot right now.”

He shook his head in confusion, “What? Why? You’re kidding, right?”

“Archie please. I don’t have time for questions. Cheryl is gonna kill me, at least if I don’t get to her first. Now just please stomp on my foot. With the cleat, she’ll check for damage.”

“You’re not kidding. Y/n! no! I’m not just going to crush your foot. Are you crazy?”

“Come on!” you pleaded with him. You looked over at Cheryl. You could tell even from this far away that she was getting increasingly impatient which meant that you were running out of time. “You don’t even have to stomp that hard! Just like, leave a mark or something, I’ll act out the rest!”

“Y/n, I’m not going to stomp on your foot.”

“Archie,” you widened your eyes at him and talked slowly and deliberately. “I swear to the lord above if you do not stomp on my foot, with cleat, right now, then I will not talk to you for a solid week. I swear.”

He opened his mouth to say something, contemplating what to do. He really didn’t want to hurt your foot but he knew that, strangely, you would be really mad at him if he didn’t.

Cheryl’s voice rang from the megaphone, “LET’S TAKE IT FROM THE TOP VIXENS!”

Archie went against his better judgment, lifting his foot about two feet off the ground and slammed it down onto your soft sneaker.

“SHIT!” You buckled over and grabbed your foot in pain, balancing yourself by holding onto Archie with your other hand.

“I’m so sorry. Are you okay? I really didn’t want to –”

“It’s fine, Arch. That was perfect. But I will need you to carry me over to Cheryl. She’ll want to see this.”

He put the rest of his equipment in his bag and lifted you up bridal style and headed towards the cheer squad. “Cheryl’s going to kill me right?” “Probably.”

She had her back turned to you as she was yelling at a freshman about how her hair looked unprofessional. “Cheryl?” You called out to her. She whipped around and her jaw dropped.

“What did you do to my flyer Andrews?!”

He cautiously answered her, “I’m really sorry, I just accidentally stepped on her foot with my cleat…”

“Which foot?!” Her eyes were wide with rage. You lifted your leg to indicate. She walked swiftly over to you and roughly pulled off your sneaker, making you wince a bit in pain. Sure enough, Archie’s cleats had left their mark. Your foot was red and it was obvious you couldn’t do anymore flying today. She threw the shoe into your hand that wasn’t wrapped around Archie’s neck. “Next time keep your big clown feet to yourself Boo Boo the fool.” She turned and walked towards her place in the bleachers. “Get out of my sight Y/n and put some ice on the foot. It better be healed by next practice,” she warned over her shoulder.

You looked at Archie, “I think… we’re free to go.” You looked back at the squad and saw Betty and Veronica getting into formation to run something. Betty reached her arm out dramatically towards the two of you and you could see Veronica mouth the words ‘Take us with you’. You reached back mirroring Betty’s motion as Archie turned away and walked towards his car.

“At least now we can make our dinner reservation. I got us a table at this great place called Pop’s. You probably haven’t heard of it, it’s pretty underground.” Archie quipped.

“Oh yeah? Sounds cute. I really will need some ice when we get there though. You know you actually stepped on me pretty bad,” you said to him, knowing how it would make him react.

“Are you kidding me? You forced me to do it! You threatened me!”

“I’m kidding, I’m kidding relax. I will need some ice though.”

“What are you? Some kind of masochist?”

“Mr. Grey will see you now.”

anonymous asked:

I am now emotionally invested in the inheritance of Longbourne estate. I need to know whether it was Charlotte/ Jane / Elizabeth who had the boy to inherit the estate and how Mrs. Bennet reacted. I NEED TO KNOW BUT I CAN'T BECAUSE THIS IS FICTION AND THE AUTHOR HAS BEEN DEAD FOR 200 YEARS AND PROBABLY SHE NEVER EVEN THOUGHT THIS FAR AHEAD IN THE STORY WHILE SHE WAS ALIVE. SORRY ABOUT THE YELLING IT'S BECAUSE I NEED TO KNOW. ALSO YOUR BLOG IS GREAT AND VERY ENJOYABLE THANKS A LOT FOR YOUR POSTS!


My brain wants to keep it simple and just say Charlotte had a son first because now that Lizzy and Jane are married to rich dudes Mrs. Bennet and Kitty and Mary will be fine after Mr. Bennet dies and I want Charlotte to have something better than even her cosy parsonage and get away from Lady Catherine’s interference so to let her be mistress of Longbourn and near her own parents again in the years to come warms my heart.

Circumstance (Part 1)

My first SJM series! First part is kind of short but I just wanted to establish the basis of the plot. Please tell me what you think!!!

Rowaelin daughter x Feysand son au

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“Prythian? The Night Court? Three months?!” Emberlei asks in dismay, her parents nodding silently at each question. “Why?”

“To learn from the High Lord and Lady there. Feyre and Rhysand are some of the greatest Fae leaders in all of the world, and they offered to take you in and teach you, along with the rest of their advisors.” Aelin explains calmly. “In exchange, their son, Cadewyn, will be staying here to learn useful things from us.” She smiles at Rowan in a wicked sort of way, as if what they’ll be teaching the boy will be anything but conventionally useful.

Ember rolls her eyes. “Please don’t send me away for three months, I’ve never even been to Prythian!” She practically begs.

“You have, actually,” Rowan reminds. “When you were little, we went there for a Leader Meeting. You and Cadewyn even played together I think.”

Emberlei racks her brain for any memory of the boy. “Is he the one who pushed my down the stairs?” Aelin and Rowan share a glance. “He was, wasn’t he? He was the one who gave me this scar!” She draws back a bit of her hair to show a small white scar at the base of her hairline.

Her father inspects it for a moment and then shakes his head. “No, I thought that was the one Aedion gave you when you didn’t duck fast enough during sparring.”

“Nope, definitely this Cadewyn guy.” She responds. “Are you sure you want to teach someone who assaulted your daughter?”

Aelin laughs again, looking towards Rowan with one of their ‘you know what I’m thinking and I know what your thinking’ gazes. Ember groans. “Ugh! Fine! I’ll go, just stop looking at each other like that.”

Her parents break their gaze and feign innocence. “Like what?” Aelin wonders, a sly smile playing on her lips, and Ember thinks that it might be okay to get away from her parents for a couple months.

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MariChat May Day10: Marshmallows (What if...)

For @baneismydragon ‘s MariChat May Collab. 


“What if we were a power couple?” Chat asks, breaking a few twigs he gathered on his solo patrol.

Marinette snorts. “We’d have to be dating for that to happen.”

“But think about it, M,” Chat grins, tossing a few pieces into a coffee tin between them as they sit on the floor of her terrace. Flames lick the edges of the can, casting out the barest bits of warmth to the both them. “We could have a celebrity nickname, like Ladrien.”

She scoffs, burrowing deeper into the blanket wrapped around her shoulders. She pokes absently with her metal skewer at a bag filled with marshmallows. “They’d have to be dating for that to be true.” Marinette sniffs, a cloud of white mist bursting from her lips with every word. She shivers and gives Chat a passing glare that says she blames him for being outside in the middle of winter.

“How do you know they’re not?” Chat waggles his brows, his mask reaching so high she loses the top part of his mask to his messy hair.

“How do you know they are?” She shoots back, throwing a marshmallow at him. He catches it easily and pops it into his mouth. She grabs another marshmallow and squishes it lightly between her fingers. Of course, Marinette knows whether or not Adrien, the love of her life, is dating her alter ego, Ladybug. She would be in a perpetual state of terrified giddiness that she’d probably be throwing up every five seconds. There would have been hours of her just ranting to Tikki about complicating her life, how could she do this to the both of them, what about her identity, what about Chat?

None of that happened. Marinette would have remembered the rants.

“Ow!” She sticks her finger into her mouth, sucking at her injured appendage. She glares at the metal skewer in her other hand, the marshmallow she was pushing onto it is a couple of inches in away from the point.

“You alright there, Princess?” Chat furrows his brows, concerned.

“Fine,” She sighs, dropping her free hand to her lap. She twists the marshmallow over the small flame, trying to get it perfectly brown without setting it on fire.

Chat is silent for a three count before another skewer joins hers with two marshmallows. He dips his small square of fluff a little closer to the flame, occasionally turning it in his hand, unlike Marinette-whose skewer turns like a rotisserie.

“What if we were a celebrity couple?” Chat tries again. Marinette has laser locked her focus to her marshmallow; she can’t concentrate on anything but perfection. Chat’s marshmallows catch fire, causing Marinette to pull hers a little farther away from the flame. “What do you think our name would be?”

“Chatinette,” Marinette answers automatically, removing her prize from the flame. She grabs two chocolate chip cookies from a plate and sandwiches the marshmallow between them and slides the skewer out. She smiles triumphantly as white fluff oozes at the edges. A perfect toasted marshmallow.

“Oh,” Chat grins, sliding one burnt marshmallow off his skewer before popping it into his mouth. “You’ve thought about this.”

Marinette stiffens and then glares. “No comment.” She says tersely.

“Personally, I like Marichat better. It has a better ring. Also, it lets people know I always put my ladies first.”

“Is that so?” Marinette leans back, feeling herself grin with a challenge. “What if you were a power couple with Ladybug? What would your couple name be?”

“That’s easy, Chatbug.” He adds another marshmallow to the fire, holding it a little higher than the flames. “Short, simple, and to the point.”

“What happened to putting ladies first? There’s even a ‘Lady’ in her name!” Marinette laughs through a bite of her cookie sandwich. “What’s wrong with Ladynoir?”

Chat’s ears flatten against his head, and he hunches a little, his sweet catching flame again. “What’s wrong with Ladynoir?” Marinette repeats, softer this time and more concerned.

“Don’t get my hopes up, Princess.” Chat murmurs over the crackling fire. “It sounds too nice.” He watches the marshmallow burn and doesn’t try to blow it out. “Ladynoir sounds too good to be true, you know?” He shrugs, lifting the flaming skewer to gesture with his hands. The fire blows out in a moment. “It’s like a Nigerian prince scam. I’ll be robbed blind if I listen to it.”

“That’s not true.” Marinette tries to comfort him, but she’s unsure what to say. How can she tell him her heart has been wavering? How can she say that with every visit she finds her heart and her stutters moving to a different blonde-haired green-eyed boy? How can she say she’s Ladybug and Ladynoir might really be a thing?

Ugh. Even that doesn’t sound right to Marinette’s mind. Why does Ladybug get to have Chat Noir? Why can’t Marinette?

Reason bites back at her: You are Ladybug.

It’s a true statement, but it’s not Ladybug who’s sharing this moment. It’s not Ladybug that listens to Chat talk about anything and everything. It’s not the heroine that toasts marshmallows with her favorite feline on a rooftop. It’s not the moments Chat spends with Ladybug that wavers her heart; it’s time with Marinette.

Right now, she wants a different power couple to be a thing.

“For the record,” She starts, prepping another marshmallow for toasting, determined to make Chat the perfect cookie s’more. “I think Marichat is way better.”  


Also, I used Alya’s nickname for Marinette from the Gamer episode. I like it better than Mari because Mari = Husband in French.

Shopping Disasters - Stiles Stilinski

Originally posted by mischiefstydia

Summary: Stiles takes (Y/N) shopping after ruining her favourite jeans and tells a douche to fuck off.

Warnings: Swearing (just a lil).

Scott and I were sitting at a table in the cafeteria discussing how we were going to go about the new threat in Beacon Hills. He was struggling to come up with something which meant as always he’d come to me for help. Although I wasn’t the smartest in the group, I was one of if not the most determined. That was something I loved about myself. No matter what, I’d never give up. There was always a way. 

“Well, what if I distract them by pretending that one of them is killing me but its secretly like Liam dressed up and then I can attack them when they aren’t factoring me into their plan and they’ve forgotten about me.” I suggest.

“No, too many things could go wrong. You’re scent might give it away somehow too. Theres a big difference between the smell of alive and dead people.”

“Yeah, but only after they’ve started decomposing.” 

“How can you talk about something like that without even looking disturbed.” Scott shifted uncomfortably.

“Scott, come on. You’re the one thats going out and smelling this and fighting these guys all the time. Surely a conversation like this doesn’t scare you that bad.” I say matter of factly as he screws his face up. I giggle which quickly stops as I hear Stiles calling out for us and running towards us and then feeling his lunch splatter all over my pants. I gasp loudly and freeze trying to wrap my head around what had happened. 

“Oh my god (Y/N), I’m so sorry.” I laugh slightly in disbelief. 

“That was my favourite pair of jeans.” 

“I’ll buy you some more! I promise.” I start wiping myself off and laughing.

“No, its fine Stiles. Don’t stress. Lydia always has a spare set of clothes on her anyways.”

“What? Where’s the rest of it?” I ask shocked. 

“It’s a skirt, (Y/N); not a thong.” She rolls her eyes with a playful smile. 

“And this?!”

“A crop top?” 

“Never mind, I’ll just wear the spaghetti stained clothes.”

“Uh, uh. Not on my watch. A good friend would never let you walk around wearing that. Go get changed.” She says as she throws me her clothes. I look at her skeptically before she makes a ‘shoo’ sign and I throw my head back playfully exaggerating. 

“(Y/N)!” I hear from behind me. I turn around to see Stiles running towards me. “I just wanted to let yo- oh shit” I furrowed my eyebrows together.


“You’re um… outfit.”

“Yeah, it’s Lydia’s spare. I didn’t realise it would be… well this.”

“No, no, no. You look good- It looks good. Uh-anyway, I double checked with Scott and he said that he’s working tonight so he doesn’t need any help with, y’know.” He says as he lifts his hands and does the worst impression I’d ever seen. I giggled and he quickly stopped. “So, uh if you want, like you don’t have to, but I was just thinking, I could take you out. Like to the shops. To go… shopping. Because I ruined your jeans. And-”

“If you stop talking then yes.” I laugh and he nods furiously. 

“Thanks by the way. And you know what, I think the jeans you got me are even better than the ones I already had.” I smiled as we sat down in the food court.

“You don’t have to thank me. It’s my fault you lost them in the first place. I just have to quickly go pee so I’ll be right back.” He says as he walks off taking his phone.

“Hey there, little lady. Did your boyfriend leave you?” A guy who was obviously in college came over wearing his frat jumper and a dumb snapback cap. 

“Oh, no. He’s not my boyfriend.” I say as I think of Stiles and smile a little. We definitely had something but nothing had happened as of yet.” 

“Oh, really?” He smirks as he sits down in Stile’s seat.

“Oh, sorry but my friends coming back so you can’t really sit there.” He ignores what I say and picks a fry up off of my plate. I quickly send a text to Stiles saying ‘SOS’. “I suggest you put that fry back where it was.” He smirks and winks at me as he takes a bite out of it and puts the rest on my plate. I immediately stand up and lean over the table. 

“What are you gonna do, sweetheart?” I angrily glare at him and next thing I know I had punched him in the face. 

“(Y/N)? What are you doing?!” I heard Stiles say as he quickly strode towards the table. “What happened?” He asks confused to the guy sitting in his spot. 

“This psycho bitch hit me!” Stiles looked at him with the most disgusting look I had ever seen. I didn’t think it was possible for Stiles to even appear that angry but if looks could kill then this asshole would be six feet under.

“Fuck off.” He said lowly. My eyes widened as Stiles rarely ever said that word.

“Excuse me?” 

“Fuck. Off.” He said slightly louder but so intensely angry that the guy quickly stood up and walked off. 

“Sorry, I shouldn’t have left you alone.” He hugs me.

“It’s not you’re fault. And I think I took care of him pretty well.” I smirked as I rubbed my knuckles thinking about the punch. 

“Thats my girl.” He said without thinking and swung his arm around my shoulder. I froze for a second before easing into it. I picked up my bag and Stiles and I walked like that all the way back to his jeep. “Home?” He asks and I shake my head. 

“Let’s go on an adventure.” I smile. Stiles returns the gesture and we drive out to the forest where we then walk through it for the next hour or so just feeling complete with one another’s company. 

Time to go write my 4 Literature essays! wooo! :/

Chaos and the Calm

Characters: Dean Winchester, Y/N Y/L/N (Reader), Officer Jacobs (OMC), Officer Wheaton (OMC), Sam Winchester, Bobby Singer, Jo Harvelle, Ellen Harvelle, Garth Fitzgerald, John Winchester, Thomas Y/L/N (OMC), Dominique Sandgren (OFC).

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 1.5kish

Warnings: AU, Language, Angst, slow build up (more warnings would be included in future chapters)

Author’s Note: Hey guys! This is my entry for @nichelle-my-belle aka my beauty, Nichelle’s Angst Challenge! I got the prompt: “She was an angel craving chaos, he was a demon seeking peace.” I really hope you guys like it and stick around for the ride!

**Also, huge thank you to @neversatisfiedgirl for reading over this and giving me the confidence to post it like this.** -This will be a series-

Chapter One: The Calm and The Storm

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DBZ Abridged Broly The Legendary Super Saiyan Quotes Meme

-“Is this the worst, or what?”

-“Surprise, you worthless runt! It’s time for your hourly beating!”

-“I beg of you, *Muse name*, please stay! For roughly…three–maybe three and a half hours?”

-“See, he’s slow, and he gets it.”

-“I’m a foot and a half taller than you, but, whatever…”

-“I don’t know what’s going on anymore.”

-“What’s your power level?”

-“You’re not supposed to start all-out. You’re supposed to start off small and then work up to it.”

-“Someone fetch me a better dagger so I may properly stab this baby!”

-“What the f**k are you doing back here?!”

-“As my first decree, you shall only call her Princess/Queen *Inster muse name*”

-“How wise you are, my lord/lady/queen/king. How about we take a tour of your beautiful new palace?”

-“All Hail Princess/Queen *Insert muse name*”

-“A genuine demon?“

-”All Hail Lord *Inster muse name*”

-“While you’re here having this "crisis”, we’re out there getting beaten into a bloody paste!”

-“You’re new. What is your power level?“

-“No, please! If you are angry, use your whip on me. I can take it…“

-“That’s hot.”

-“Pretty sure when you rule over a planet, the planet is your kingdom.”

-“Explain, shitstain”

-“I’m confused. Am I being pranked? Cause I don’t do jokes.”

-“Our talks are nice.”


-“And now, my lord. Behold! Your magnificent new kingdom.”

-“You promised me a kingdom, but I have no subjects, no infrastructure, and a throne made of wood! What am I, the Space Pope?!”

-“Actually, we much enjoy the slavery.”

-“I woke up this morning for a gay wedding… I did not expect this.”

-“You said your power level was pretty big, right?”

-“You know me so well.”


-“ Are you drunk already? The reception just started.”

-“I want a divorce.”

-“ But now is *Insert Muse Name*! NOW *Insert Muse Name*!”

-“I am starting small.”

-“He has devolved into only saying a single word.”

-“There’s no way we’re going to miss sadism like this!”

-“What is sadism?”

-“But I like baths.”

-“Okay, first of all, calm down.”

-“Princess *Insert muse name*”

-“You dirty boy/girl”

-"Got it. Leaving.”

-“Are…you sure?”

-“I’ll end it in One Punch Man.”

-“Then what is a God to anon-believer?!”

-“Oh, that’s so cool.”

-“Your hair looks like lavender but smells like strawberries…”

-“What’s wrong, *Insert muse name*?! Don’t you care if I kill your son?!”

-“My power… My power is…MAXIMUMER!”

-“Man, this just isn’t my day.”

-“I suggest we all run.”

-“What is a king to a God?”

-“Do you believe now?”

-“That’s f**ked up, man.”

  • Just because you’re carrying a baby, it doesn’t mean you get to act like one. 
  • Call me old-fashioned, but I believe farewells are best in person.
  • Get out here and tell me what you’ve done with our ____, you narcissistic, backstabbing wanker!
  • I wasn’t being literal, darling.
  • I know you hate me but what is done is done.
  • If I had a dollar for every mess my family has gotten me into…
  • I want to have kids with someone who loves me enough to stand outside my window with a stupid boombox.
  • Admit it. It may do wonders for the stick that’s lodged up your enduringly stoic ass if you did.
  • You know how I love to set things on fire.
  • I’m surprised you came to my party.
  • I’m not hungry, I’m angry.
  • Tell me I didn’t miss Christmas.
  • Look me in the eye and do it. Do it, you coward. Do it!
  • Well, I hate being told what to do so I ignored you.
  • What happened to the ____ I used to know? The one who laughed death in the face.
  • Your stupid temper will be the end of you one day. Just know that.
  • You and I on the same team. It must be Christmas.
  • I know I have to give her back to ______ when the time is right, but she’s made me realize how much I want that child of my own and I know I can’t have one.
  • Oh, she looks like her mother. Maybe there is a god after all.
  • I plead you to shut up and listen.
  • I don’t want to be afraid of what my brother will do to me for loving you.
  • ____ isn’t dead yet? Well, good on him! I love a good survival story!
  • You would choose love over family and then condemn me for doing the same.
  • Fair only gets you so far, love. Clever gets you further.
  • Here`s the thing, my family, we have money, castles, jewelry, just name your price and let me out.
  • I`m leaving now. You can either walk out that door with me or you are on your own.
  • Who do we have to kill?
  • Absolutely not! I paid for that!
  • Sorry to crash the fun boys, but some of us actually came here to hear the music, not you.
  • I am not a brat!
  • You really do love her, don’t you? Consider me jealous.
  • You don’t shut your mouth, the next thing to come out of it is your teeth.
  • Do you think I want to spend what could be the last few hours of my life having idle chitchat with a girl who literally stabbed me in the back?
  • You should know better than to sneak up on a lady.
  • I thought I killed you.
  • I mourned you! My heart broke thinking I’d never see you again.
  • I loved you through everything and you don’t even care.
  • So, then leave. Out of everyone, your presence is the least necessary.
  • You have a nice behind.
  • Well, 7 of us and no one thought to bring s'mores.
  • If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were becoming a halfway decent person.
  • Impressive. You’re like Sherlock Holmes with brain damage.
  • The first rule of truly living– do the thing you’re most afraid of.

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can you do a drawing of sarada as hokage maybe?

i can’t really draw, so here’s some fluff that’ll hopefully suffice
title: one short day
pairings/characters: sssfam ft. kakashi
summary: sarada has a declaration to be heard

“kakashi-oji!” kakashi hears the little girl’s voice and her footprints as she runs into the room. the silver haired man pushes his paper work aside, swivels in his chair and welcomes his goddaughter with open arms. he smiles warmly as she wraps her small arms around his neck.

“hello, sarada-chan,” he greets her in return. 

she grips part of his face mask in a chubby fist and giggles when it hits back against his face. the hokage simply smiles as the four year old enjoys his reaction and thinks to himself that maybe she’s a little too much like sasuke for her own good.

“sarada, that wasn’t very nice,” her mother scolds, hands on red-clothed hips, “are you going to apologize to kakashi-oji?”

kakashi sits her on top of his rather dull paperwork, not able to find it in himself to care if she crinkles the genin mission reports. she looks at her mother with big black eyes and turns back to her godfather, beckoning him forward; she mutters a “sorry mr. kakashi,” and he smiles with his eyes in front of her. she takes the opportunity to steal the hokage hat on his head and places it on her own. the material reaches all the way to her sides and the hat shadows her completely, but somehow it seems like a perfect fit. 

“look, mama! i’m the hokage now!” she laughs, hat nearly tipping over. sasuke enters behind his wife, clad in his favorite black cloak—a sure-fire sign that he was ready to leave for his next mission.

“hokage already?” her mother feigns surprise, “they grow up so quickly, just yesterday you were my little girl. are you sure you’re ready to be hokage, sara-chan?”

she smiles big and nods quickly. “you’re a better ninja than me now, sar,” sasuke pipes with a small grin.

kakashi straightens out the hat on her head, “well, lady sarada, what’ll be your first declaration as hokage?”

“it’s um… um… mama what’s a declaration?” she questions, looking to her parents for an explanation. sakura smiles and explains, “it’s like a rule, sarada-sama.”

“oh,” she realizes, a light blush coating her cheeks, “mama, you don’t have to call me sarada-sama just because i’m the hokage!”

the four year old laces her fingers together and rests her chin on top of her hands, an action all too familiar to the sensei, and looks around the room, pondering her fist all important declaration. “oh, i know! as hokage, i make it illegal for papa to go on any more missions!”

she leaves kakashi and sakura with mouths agape, and sasuke speechless with a broken heart; sarada was far too smart for her own good. he opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out—what was one supposed to say when their child was begging them to stay home, but you had to leave?

“n-no more missions for papa?” he stutters.

“mhm. that way he can spend all his time at home with mama and play with me and chase me around in the backyard and we can play ninja like boruto and his papa do!”

he softly walks towards kakashi’s desk and bends down to meet sarada at eye level. “i’m sorry for leaving so often, sarada,” he starts, “i’ve been a pretty bad papa, huh?”

the little girl’s face flushes and her hands flare, “no! no! you’re the best papa ever,” she bursts, “i just—it’s just… sometimes i miss papa,” she looks down, almost embarrassed at her confession.

sasuke tilts her head back up and gently taps her forehead, “how about this? how about i don’t go on this mission and stay home with you and mama instead and next time, i’ll be sure to ask you before i go on another one, lady hokage.”  

he makes her big black eyes fill with fire and light. they’re huge, and he can’t help but think that despite the color, she had sakura’s eyes.

“sounds like a plan, papa.”

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Messaging since I know you will understand the pain of autoimmune diagnosis. Currently doing the gluten challenge. Min 4 slices of bread/day for 6 weeks. So I can be diagnosed celiac. So I can qualify for a b12 test. So I can start testing for pernicious anaemia. But my doc is insisting on sending me to gynae first -_- Gotta b sure the lady bits are working. Since that's WAY more important than the fatigue, neuropathy, tachycardia and confusion. /rant

Oh ye gods, my sympathies :( I hope the gluten doesn’t take too much of a toll on your system. It’s so awful putting it back into your diet when you’ve been off it for a time and start to feel better. *hugs*

First You Fall

Maisie Dalton fixed things.  And Niall Horan was definitely broken.

Chapter 30

There was no kiss at the end of the night.  But Maisie didn’t care, because she was on cloud nine as she woke the next morning and showered.  The date had been a success.  More than a success, Maisie felt like she’d been given hope again.  Hope for a future that included Niall.  It was amazing how just that small light at the end of the tunnel affected her.  She couldn’t wait to get the day started.

Niall was supposed to be doing interviews all day for his CD.  But he’d already been texting Maisie to tell her good morning and that he missed her.  Maisie was very nearly singing as she exited the shower to find yet another text from him waiting on her phone.

Dinner tonight ?  Think I’ll be done by 6 or 7

Maisie nodded before she even typed out her response.

Yes, definitely.  Are you still bored?

It took him a bit to respond this time so she took the opportunity to dry her hair and lotion herself.  His response had just popped up when she got to her phone.

Always bored at these things .  Always answerin the same damn things

You should just put out a memo

Good idea .  I’ll tell Nolan

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since feeling is first
who pays any attention
to the syntax of things
will never wholly kiss you;

wholly to be a fool
while Spring is in the world

my blood approves,
and kisses are a better fate
than wisdom
lady i swear by all flowers.   Don’t cry
—the best gesture of my brain is less than
your eyelids’ flutter which says

we are for each other:then
laugh,leaning back in my arms
for life’s not a paragraph

And death i think is no parenthesis

—  E. E. Cummings, since feeling is first
ASTRO for haru*hana Vol.43: MEMBER QUIZ - When we ... for the first time!?

NOTE: Texts written in italics are the texts written in photo captions. Texts written inside a text block are those in the speech bubbles. Please refer to these magazine scans.

Q1. What did you eat when you ate together as six for the first time?
Members’ Answers: Rocky said “bean sprout soup”; the remaining members said “chicken breasts”.

Jinjin: We ate a lot before debut, didn’t we?
Eunwoo: We think about chicken breasts a lot
Sanha: I don’t remember us eating bean sprout soup~

Everyone: Ready, set, go!
Rocky: Eh~ chicken breasts? You know we didn’t eat that together.
Moonbin: No, we ate that together~
MJ: Eating chicken breasts was really hard.
Jinjin: We ate a lot because we have to prepare our bodies, didn’t we?
Interviewer: Who’s the member who eats the most?
Everyone: Moonbin!
Moonbin: Back then, I eat three bowls of rice and four servings of meat but my appetite has diminished so now I eat around two bowls of rice. However, if we’re talking about who eats the most until now, it’s Eunwoo!
Eunwoo: When I was a kid, my father said to never leave food. So I think I’ve made it a habit to eat all the food so as to not leave food.

Rocky: It’s not bean sprout soup?

The bean sprout soup made by the helper lady at the dorm.

Q2. What was the reason for your first fight as a group?

Eunwoo: Who acts slow…? There’s not way I could tell you that. (ㅎㅎ)

MJ: You’ll know this right away.
Moonbin: When we were practicing the choreography!
JinJin: It’s more of a disagreement than a fight. Whenever we practice dance or make choreography, there’s always a conflict of opinions like, “Isn’t this better?” and “No, I like this.” It looks like it’s a fight so we can show you a better performance.

MJ: So we don’t fight outside practice~

Eunwoo: My answer is “Because someone is late”, I have an urgent personality so if something doesn’t finish quickly, I easily get impatient. If I were to mention who always acts late…
JinJin: (Silently looks at Eunwoo)
Everyone: (ㅎㅎ)
Sanha: Since I’m the maknae, I don’t do anything and just keep still whenever those things happen. (ㅎㅎ)

“Since I’m an artist (ㅎㅎ)”, Rocky who answered by drawing.
“The first one is Rocky, the one on the side is Bin.”

Rocky: I tried expressing my answer through drawing~
Eunwoo: I’m the only one who wrote a different reason.
MJ: There’s nothing other than this! It’s when we were practicing choreography.

Q3. What was Jinjin’s first performance?

JinJin: If it’s performance, then it’s the drums.

Three people who wrote the answer without hesitation after hearing the question.

JinJin: The correct answer is drums! When I was in fifth grade, I played the drums for recital for music class.
MJ, Moonbin & Sanha: I got it right~!
MJ: I have seen JinJin play the drums in a recording studio.
Eunwoo: Since you said ‘first’, I thought it was singing children’s songs at kindergarten. Is it not the right answer? (ㅎㅎ)
JinJin: I did not sing, but I danced.
Rocky: Jinjin hyung is born a performer so I thought [the answer was] the moment he was born. (ㅎㅎ)

Rocky: This smile sums up the performance, right?
Eunwoo: Eh~ this is the correct answer (ㅎㅎ)
Sanha/MJ/Moonbin: Yes yes that one!

Q4. What was MJ’s first individual talent?
Everyone: Kwanghee sunbaenim vocal imitation!
MJ: Before debut, the office director said they won’t let us go home until we come up with an individual talent. I wanted to go home quick so I copied what’s on YouTube. (ㅎㅎ)
Eunwoo: I did magic that time. I hid a ballpen in my ear but they told me not to do that in other places again. (ㅎㅎ)
Rocky: Mine was caveman tap dance.
Moonbin: Mine was Angry Birds vocal imitation.
JinJin: Mine was Run Hani’s Go Eun-ae. They told me to not do that again. (ㅎㅎ)

Q5. When was the first time Eunwoo thought of himself as handsome?
Sanha: This one… (ㅎㅎ)
Moonbin: The answer is decided. Ready, set, go!
Everyone: Since birth!
JinJin: That’s Eunwoo’s answer too, right?
Eunwoo: Yeah… (ㅎㅎ)
MJ: He finally admitted it!
Everyone: This one… (ㅎㅎ)
MJ: When Eunwoo was born, the doctor probably was like, “Woah! Is this real?” (ㅎㅎ)
Rocky: MJ hyung, how is it?
MJ: My features were distinct too. They just faded as I grew up. (ㅎㅎ)

Moonbin: Rocky, what’s that drawing~!? It looks like Cookie Run (ㅎㅎ)
JinJin: Well, everyone knows that you’re handsome.

Q6. What was Moonbin’s first modelling gig?
This one’s also easy~
Everyone: Children’s wear!
JinJin: Did you draw again, Rocky? (ㅎㅎ)
Rocky: Yeah. This is Bin hyung when he was modelling children’s wear. Wearing knit hat and together with a girl
Moonbin: Oh, amazing! I have worn a beanie before. (ㅎㅎ)
Interviewer: When did you do the gig?
Moonbin: I did it when I was in fifth grade. I modeled for children’s wear brands BLUEDOG and SOIE for different magazines.
Eunwoo: The pictures show up when you search for it.
MJ: The pose was not good but his face was cute. (ㅎㅎ)

Burst of laughter as the members’ comment.
The members who have seen the pictures.

Rocky: I remember everything, even the details!
Moonbin: You recreated the photo when I was a child through drawing!
Sanha: I can’t believe you remembered that much~

Q7. What was the first song where Rocky is in charge of the choreography?
Leader JinJin commends Rocky a lot, saying that the dance has a lot of cute points.
This one’s our song, right?
Everyone: Morning Call!
Rocky: This was the first time I had to think of how we want to show our own song while making the choreography so it was really difficult.
Moonbin: Yeah, MJ hyung made a lot! (ㅎㅎ)
MJ: Right right. Rocky makes the big picture then I change the style… Kidding! (ㅎㅎ)
Everyone: (ㅎㅎ)
Eunwoo: We are all satisfied so we tell him “you made it well” and compliment him.

“I remember Eunwoo hyung praising me. He said that he liked it,” said Rocky.
“Rocky likes being complimented so much that he cried (ㅎㅎ),” said Moonbin.

Q8. What was the first color when Sanha dyed his hair?
The correct answer is yellow!
Everyone: It looked like orange to me, it’s close. (ㅎㅎ)
JinJin: It’s not orange from the 2nd mini album?
Rocky: Didn’t you dye it yellow then to orange during ‘To Be Continued’?
Moonbin: See, all five of you got it wrong. I’m correct. (ㅎㅎ)
Interviewer: What color do you like best, Sanha?
Moonbin: The color of my hair now!
Eunwoo: I think that this color suits Sanha well because his face is fair. He puts pink in the milky color so it’s very cute.
MJ: Yeah. He’s the cutest now.
Rocky: Sanha found the color that suits him best!

Eunwoo: Jinjin hyung, your green fringe back at the 1st mini album was cute, too.
Jinjin: (Shh!)

Jap-Kor Translation & Scan by MIZU🌟
Kor-Eng Translation by Nico of ArohaUniverse✨‏
Please take out with full credits!

AU // Darcy Lewis as a Demi-Goddess as suggested by @typhoidmeri

– I made a short ficlet to go with the fan art –

It was their first time in Asgard.

Well, not really. It was Jane’s second? Third? Seventh? In Asgard. It was her first. Darcy has been invited the previous times they had to cross the rainbow bridge, but she refused. Her mother would kill her.

“Those Asgardians with their stupid tree of life and their posh golden castles. They think they’re so much better than us Olympians. They’re obviously wrong, Darcy, so don’t listen to a word they say,” her uncle’s siblings used to say. (Zeus. It was mostly Zeus. And Hera. And Ares.)

Who was her uncle? No one other than Hades. Who was her mother? The goddess Nyx. Which was kind of ironic since Darcy herself didn’t really personify night skies and darkness. Although ending up working for (with!!!) Jane made sense when she thought about it. She didn’t tell her friend though, when she chose to help clear the skies when they went out star hunting.

“You’ll love it Darce! Everything’s so golden, and they have the perfect view of the sky. And there are so many things to learn! Their healers know advanced medical techniques!”

Darcy listened to Jane, all the time pretending she heard this for the first time. (She already heard it from uncle Zeus. “They think their technology is better than ours simply because it’s fancier! Heathens!!! Their healers can’t even-“)

“Darcy! Are you even listening?”

“Yes Jane. Rainbow bridge. Awesome doctors and nurses. Golden gates.”


“What? My expertise is negotiating between countries. Not which doctors can cure the flue faster.”

“Just don’t be a drag? Odin has went from hating me to tolerating me, and I can’t have you-“

“Jeopradize your relationship with Thor. Goddit boss lady.”

Thor called for Heimdall and in a flash they were transported. Darcy’s eyes hurt the moment they landed. Odin must be overcompensating for something.

“Welcome, Lady Jane and Lady Darcy. If you feel queasy, that is normal.”

“Nah, I’m fine golden eyes,” she stated to who she assumed was Heimdall, standing straight with his golden regalia. He raised an eyebrow, and she mentally slapped herself. This guy already knew her secret, didn’t he?

“Your rooms await you,” he replies, simply smiling rather mysteriously Darcy’s way.

One of the maids (slaves? Long line of servants families? She didn’t know how the service industry works in Asgard, okay?) led her to her room, which was so much bigger than her dingy apartment back on Earth

“A dress has been chosen for you, milady. Please wear it to the ball,” the maid said. Jane walked by and whispered rather loudly, “Please wear it Darcy. The dinner’s formal and it’s polite to wear it so don’t wear one of your strappy dresses for bar hopping.”

Darcy faked a gasp. “I would never!” she said before laughing and entering her room.

She looked at her dress. Wearing Asgardian clothes as a daughter of an Olympian (well…technically Chthonic) deity? Even Hades, as patient as he is, would get angry. Something about wearing the clothes of the enemy team. Thank goodness she brought one of the dresses her aunt made for her. Persephone did always have good taste. It was polite enough for a formal dinner party, without looking to Midgardian, but still not Grecian enough to make people notice that she was a half. “Aunt Seph, you’re the best!”

Darcy cleaned and prepped herself, wondering what kind of people were invited to the king’s feast. Asgardians probably ate a lot. At least, if most of them ate like Thor they would.  She donned on her dress. It was a pretty lilac-ish, lavender-ish (Persephone’s words, not hers!) colour that was soft enough to obscure her familial ties. She wasn’t bold enough to wear her mother’s colours to an Asgardian feast.

Darcy stepped out of her room and promptly crashed into another body. Another rather hard, leather-bound body.

“I didn’t know we invited the Olympian pantheon to an Asgardian feast,” the sarcastic voice drawled. Drawled. It made her skin crawl. And not in a bad way. She wished it was in a bad way.

“You didn’t. I’m Midgardian. Fling me off a roof and I die Midgardian???” she replied, trying to conceal her panic and her lie. He really was as smart as the stories told.

“We can test that theory of yours.”

“Be ready to be beaten to a pulp by Bruce again if you try to do that Loki,” she said right back, boldly looking up at him (quite up, he was a tall man).

His reply was an amused smirk.

“Well, milady?” he finally said after a long rather tense silence. She took his offered arm and they went together to the ballroom where the feast was held. Darcy was floored. Everything was gold. Chairs, pillars, the goddamn ceiling. Everything. It didn’t compare to Tartarus, obviously, because the dark glinting walls and silver lights that made up her second home grew on her. Asgard was just so 180 she kind of went into shock.

Her eyes scanned the entire room. Her hand went up to cover her open mouth. It was gorgeous. Jane totally didn’t exaggerate.

“Shocked? I assume there is nothing like this on Midgard,” Loki said, a smirk on his face from what she could see from the corner of her eye.

“Cathedrals, my man, cathedrals are totally like this. And castles. Palaces? Yeah those.”

“Midgardian palaces?” he inquired, his smirk growing, as if he know something he shouldn’t, and would use it against her.

Darcy starts to get cold sweat in fear of her secret getting spilled.

You’re a god damn demi-goddess, Darcy Lewis! Get over yourself! You can get through an Asgardian meet n greet!

But before she could tell Loki to shut his trap, fanfares started and they were ushered in.

Chapter 12


“Sanchez! You got a visitor!” The guard barked and my eyebrows came together. I already spoke to my mother and brothers, they told me they couldn’t make it today and Rob is officially done with a nigga so I was wondering who the fuck could be tryna get at me.

I stood up and let him cuff me all the way out into the visiting area and scanned the faces of the free. I had to do a double take once I saw Kayla and how fuckin’ beautiful she looked. Just glowing, my nigga. Her stomach grew from the last time I saw her and her thighs were fillin’ out. Shit was giving me flashbacks from when she was pregnant with my seed.

The tears in her eyes that she was tryna fight came down the slope of her cheeks when she saw me. I ain’t gon’ lie, my vision was goin’ blurry too, man. I made a mess of her, it’s probably too late to apologize but I'ma shoot my shot anyway. The guard uncuffed me and I stood there waiting for Kay to approach me. She walked slowly and cautiously and melted in my arms when she was within distance. I kissed her forehead and wrapped her in a bear hug.

“I miss you, man.” I mumbled into her hair and kissed her cheek, motioning for her to sit down across from me. “Wassup?” I asked, getting tired of her silence. Kayla ain’t never quiet around me. I’m used to her loud mouth ass rambling on about how much I ain’t worth shit.

“You got my letter?” she whispered, wiping her tears with her sleeves. A few nights ago, I got a letter from her telling me how much she needed a friend, and Lord knows that a nigga could relate, and how she couldn’t carry her baby alone so we bonded over a phone call, just like old times. She even slipped me an ultrasound picture of her pending shorty.

“Yeah,” I mumbled. Uncomfortable wasn’t the word. Why she sending me pictures of this nigga’s baby? Something ain’t right. “Kay, what’s poppin’ out there? The baby okay?” she nodded.

“You okay?” I asked and this time she shook her head.

“Why not? Talk to me, Ma.”

“I’m scared and I’m alone. No one is here to help me with him and I just-” she covered her face and sobbed quietly.

“Kayla, whatchu mean you alone? That nigga ain’t helping you with nothing concering ya’ll baby?”

“Kaiden, I fucked up.”

“How, Kay Kay?”

“I wanted it but I didn’t want it like this.”

“You confusing the shit outta me, mama. Spit it out, man, please.”

“The baby’s not Jaylen’s. He’s yours.”

Reality slapped fire outta me when I went gazing down memory lane; from Kaila’s birth to how crazy in love I was with Kayla, to the second I couldn’t feel my daughter’s heart beat anymore, ending with me hating my high school sweetheart. I ain’t want no rerun of this shit. It was scary and I vowed to never do it again.

“Kai, please comfort me with words right now.” she mumbled, looking down at her nails. “Do you want this?”

“I ain’t plan for it.”

“Neither did I. That night, it made me feel like I was yours again. I honestly didn’t wanna come between you and her, it felt right-”

“It take two, ma.”

I gotta say, cheating on Robyn was one of the dumbest things I’ve ever done. She was mad good to me and ain’t ever did nun wrong. I was constantly making her cry, cheating, being disrespectful, shit everything in the fuckin’ book. She still looked past all that shit and when I got locked up, she visited me whenever she could. The last time I seen her, she told me she planned on gettin serious with that other nigga and how she didn’t want me in her life anymore. I couldn’t accept that shit, so I was calling left and right, sending hella letters, but I never got a response. Eventually, I just gave up and accepted the fact that she moved on so I need to do the same shit.

“How you feel?” she asked, glancing up at me for the first time. Relief was written all over her face.

“I’m cool. Ain’t my first rodeo witchu. I got some money stashed, I could tell you where it’s at so you can sit pretty, far away from the fuckery. Start a new life with my lil’ nigga, Kay.” I ain’t want her around all this shit. Knowing that my past just keep catching up to a nigga, I wanted her to get the fuck away from here. Especially since she was carrying my seed. I know it’s gone be hella chaos when I get out. Somebody was gone die, and I felt like that person was gone be me.

“I got money too, that’s not what I’m here for. I just wanted to tell you that you were his father.”

“Why you play with my emotions like that?”

“I didn’t know. It was between you and Jaylen. I thought it was his.”

“You still in contact with him?”

“Nope. I got a new spot, new phone number.”

“This shit is crazy. I don’t wanna bring no youngin’ in this world behind bars. He gon’ be five when I’m out.”

“I’ll hold it down until then. I got your back if anything, Kai. Just like back in the day. I know the Judge, you’re gonna be outta here in no time.”

“I’m sorry for treatin’ you like shit, Kay. I don’t wanna dive back in no relationship but, just know I got mad love for you. Ain’t nobody really understand me like you. I promise to do better when I get out, I promise to be a better father. A better fiancèe, if we ever get back to that. I promise to have a better ear, if I listened to you all them years ago, I wouldn’t be here.”

She was the main one tellin’ me to leave this dangerous shit behind, while all my “homies” was gettin me into shit left and right. I’ve almost got killed multiple times, and I was still being hard headed. Your girl really is the realist one on ya team.

“I believe you, Kai. I never stopped loving you, dude. I promise to make myself a better me and a better mother. I’ll help you fufill your promises.”

“Baby steps. We gon’ be aight. I’ll let moms know so you won’t be alone. She gon’ be the daddy until I’m free. I need videos, audio, pictures, updates. You still my assistant, nigga.”

“Fuck off.” she wiped her tears and grinned.

“How the business doing by the way? Kendall said y'all holding it down.”

“We are, its doing better than it was than when you ran it. Promo every where. We even got mad celebrities coming to different locations. It’s poppin’.” She flipped her hair as I waved her off. I believed her, cause Kayla was genius as hell with the ideas.

“Nah don’t start feelin’ ya self, don’t nobody run a business better than me. Thank you though, real shit.” I smiled, holding her hand.

“Gimme hug.” I stood up and hugged her. When we pulled away, her face was inches from mine. I leaned in to kiss her but I stopped myself. I wanted to but, it felt like it was too soon.

“Ladies first then.” she mumbled and kissed me softly. Wiping my lips afterwards. “Finally got your bitch back that can actually handle you.”


“Girl they asses stay asking if you want a design like if I wanted one, I would’ve said it.” Winter rolled her eyes as we walked into the living room. We had just came back from getting our nails done and shopping and I was honestly exhausted.

I haven’t really went out and just spoiled myself in a while, and winter was the perfect person to do it with. She kept me laughing the whole time.

I had a chill day with her, but I was honestly ready to lay my ass down. I had to measure hella clients tomorrow morning for a wedding. “I’ll see you later. We should do this again.” I smiled at her, embracing her in a side hug.

“Definitely, just hit me up whenever you’re free!” She yelled before disappearing down the hall to O’s room.

I kicked my vans off and started to jog up to my room. When I got in, the first thing I spotted was Jaylen lying on his back while he was staring at the ceiling.

I haven’t spoken to him since last week, because he seemed like he wanted to be alone after finishing out whatever Kayla had told him. As soon as I asked if the baby was his, he just stormed out and left. I was bummed at first, but I knew eventually he’d come around and talk to me about it.

I guess today was my lucky day.

After setting my purse down on the nightstand, I sat next to him and he knew just what to do. He stripped out of his shirt, lying on his stomach afterwards. I sat  on his lower back area, and started to let my hands work its magic. “Talk to me.” I spoke.

It ain’t mines..” he said loud and clear, making me furrow my eyebrows. Shouldn’t he be excited?

“Isn’t that what you wanted?” He was silent for a while before answering.

“At first, I wasn’t too happy about the pregnancy but after her living with me through the whole damn thing, it started to grow on me. Ya boy was anxious as hell to be a father. I spent all this time, putting my work aside just to help her out because no one else would. I spent hella racks on this baby, and I was even considering moving into a bigger house. I don’t see my lil’ sister that often, so having a kid would’ve been dope.” He explained, and I couldn’t help but to feel bad for him. He talked about his sister all the time and how he wishes he could see her everyday.

I didn’t know he felt that way about having a baby. Jaylen was the most truthful and loyal person I knew, he didn’t deserve what I nor Kayla did to him.

Not knowing what exactly to say at the moment, I wrapped my arms around him tightly, letting him know that everything was going to be okay.

“Everything happens for a reason, Jay. You may not have a kid now, but God’s gonna bless you whenever the time is right. Who knows, maybe he’ll bless you with twins one day. Besides, you didn’t want a kid with her anyways. You dodged a bullet, that’s the way I see it.” I assured him, kissing his cheek as my arms remained around his neck.

“You right.” He said as he flipped over on his back while I still hovered over him. His hands found its way to my butt, gripping it as a smile plastered across his face. I chucked and moved his hands away so we could be serious at the moment.

“Exactly, so enough of this sad stuff. I wanted to ask you something.”

“Spill.” He played with my fingers.

“Aight so, I love your work. I’ve been looking at places for a while now and I’m actually working on opening a store pretty soon. Would it be too much if I asked you to bless the store with your creativity?”

“Nah, I’d love to. That’ll be dope.”


“Hell yea.”

“As much as I’d love to talk about this all day, I’m pretty sleepy.” I got off of him and stripped out of my clothes to get under the blanket. He was laying dorm also but he was watching a movie. Let me take this nap.


Jaylen’s hands were wrapped around my waist as he stood behind me and watched me attempt to paint a picture of particularly nothing. He was more into it than I was. It was actually pretty cool but I sucked at this. It looked like I was just slapping colors every where.

I mean of course some artists make that look okay, but mines just looked like it was forced. It wasn’t blending.

“I don’t even know what I’m doing.” I chuckled looking back at him.

“Don’t think, just paint.” He coached me, kissing me on the forehead. I nodded and took a deep breath before continuing. After 20 minutes passed, I felt like I was done so I stepped aside to let jaylen see. He turned his head over to the side to look at it from a different angle.

“Girl, this look like my dick hairs. What is this?” He busted out into a fit of laughter. He legit had tears coming out of his eyes, making me feel like a failure.

“Jaylen!” I sucked my teeth so he could stop laughing. By now, he was tuning me out and having the time of his life.

I rolled my eyes and started to grab my things. “Aight! I quit, I quit.” He said before laughing one last time.

“It’s not funny.”

“Nah it’s funny cause you was really focused over there for damn near an hour, ugly ass.”  

I was bound to take my ass to Odell’s room and chill in there since Jaylen wanted to be a dick. “I know you ain’t in yo feelings.” He stopped laughing, sucking his teeth. I looked away so that I wouldn’t smile because he always gave me my way.

“You a cry baby Robyn, I swear. Come here.” He mugged me, patting the spot on his lap. I smiled and sat on his lap willingly, wrapping my arms around his neck.

“I love you.”

“But just a minute ago I was a dick?” He rose an eyebrow. I thumped him for not saying it back.

“You know you are.”

“Girl please, ever since we been kickin’ it I been nice as hell to you compared to the first day I met you. Got me going all soft and shit.”

“And it’s cute, you should stay this way.” I kissed his neck. He continued to draw on whatever sketch app he had on his iPad.

“Can we go to Starbucks?”

“Hell nah, unless you driving. I’m high as hell.”

“Ain’t nobody told you to get that high in the first place.”

“Too bad.” He smacked my thigh, making me hiss.


“Man starting tomorrow Ima start telling ya ass no.” He got up to put on his shoes.

He always said that.


“Yo why this nigga hugging him and shit?” I asked as I stared at the fight that was playing on my big screen in the living room. Rob and I were here watching it. O wanted me to go there with him but I wasn’t bout to pay thousands just to see two niggas fight when I can see that shit down the block for free. Fuck outta here.

“I’m gonna go make me something to eat.” Robyn got up, digging a big ass wedgie out in the process. Them damn shorts.

“So yo dirty booty ass just gone block the TV?” I smacked the back of her thigh as she hissed.

“You just dug one not too long ago so shut up.” She shot as she made her way to the kitchen.

“Make me some!” I yelled out as I picked my cup of Dirty up, gulping the shit down like it was water. If she saw me do that, she’d beat my ass. She hated when I drank and smoked so much, but she was just gone have to deal with it. Shit made me feel at peace. It’s like all my problems went away whenever I was high or drunk and I like to keep it that way.

Since she didn’t reply, I put my bottle down and got up to walk into the kitchen. I could eat a cow right now.

“Why you always wearing these shorts around a nigga? You tryna get pregnant?” I asked, pulling her by the strings on her shorts.

“It’s hot.” She shrugged, trying to get out of my grip. She knew what she was doing.

“Nah, my AC in this bitch blasting.” I smirked, shaking my head at her lying ass. It was literally Antarctica in here.

“Whatever, what you want me to make?”

“Some nachos, I ain’t had any in a long ass time.” I smiled, standing behind her.

“Jaylen, why does your breath smell like that?” She folded her arms over her chest. I forgot how strong that shit smelled, I should’ve gotten some gum.

“Like what?” I played dumb. She rolled her eyes and stormed into the living room, picking up the cup of lean I had on the table. Once she realized what it was, she shook her head in disappointment. I really ain’t feel like hearing no speech.

“What did I tell you about this stuff, Jaylen? It’s slowly killing you!” She yelled, slightly making my high go away. She lucky I love her ass or she would’ve gotten a piece of my mind.

I shrugged. “If I die, it was just my time to go.” She scrunched up her face and sucked her teeth.

I ain’t wanna say shit, but that same feeling I had before I met Robyn was starting to come back. That feeling I felt when God took my mama. Like I had nothing to live for.

I hate thinking about shit like that, which I why I take so much drugs the way I do. When I’m gone off this shit, none of that depressing shit even pops up into my head but it’s like as soon as I’m sober, it be the first thing on my mind.

It be so bad that I even have nightmares that’s why I can never sleep unless I’m with Robyn. I ain’t telling her that shit though.

I think this whole thing is because I haven’t been talking to her about my problems like I was when we first met. After she got with her ex nigga, she just stopped helping me.

“Do you hear how stupid you sound?” She asked, braking me out of my thoughts.

“I ain’t tryna’ hear allat’ right now, Rob. Talk to me bout that shit another day, you workin’ my nerves.”

She thought that just because she had stopped smoking, she could get everyone else to do that shit. Fuck no.

“I don’t care! Throw it out, or get out!

Instantly, Future’s lyrics started to play in my head. Bitch Ima choose this dirty over you, you know I ain’t scared to lose you. Now I was confused.

"Man you trippin’.”

“Do it look like one of my shoes untied?” I laughed at her sarcasm before taking the cup of out her hand.

I looked at it, wondering if I should pour it down the sink or not. This shit was expensive. But shit, Robyn probably gone cut my ass off if I don’t pour this shit out.

I sighed and walked into the kitchen, pouring it out in the sink so that she could get off my fucking case. If she was gone tell me to throw my weed out, she could kick rocks to be honest. I wasn’t throwing that shit out for nobody.

When I came back into the living room, she had a big smile on her face. “You really did it? I didn’t think you were going to!” She yelled, pulling me into a hug. I waved her off and started to walk over to couch still thinking about my lean.

While we sat down, she started to stare into my eyes as if she was looking into my soul. “What’s really wrong with you, Jay?”

“It’s cool, Ion wanna talk about it.”

“Jaylen if you don’t start talkin’ boy…” she playfully punched my arm. I chucked at her thinking she could run me. Shit, I sure was about to tell her though. She already blew my high so why not?

“You know how we used to have deep conversations about everything all the time? That shit helped a lot. It took away all those negative thoughts I had, all the nightmares, I actually could sleep at night, just everything. And once you got with that nigga it’s like, all that shit stopped. You stopped checking up on a nigga like you used to and all that shit just started coming back. I ain’t ever told nobody this but,” I paused to sigh because I know she’d make a scene from what I was about to tell her.

“When my mama died, I tried to kill my damn self. And believe it or not, those suicidal thoughts starting to come back cause my life is just all over the place right now. I ain’t tryna’ sound like a bitch, but when you went ghost and shit, I felt empty.  When I said you special to me, I meant that shit. Only family I got is my dad and sister, and I barely see them so a nigga be feeling lonely. And the fact that I couldn’t talk to you about this shit was making it worse.” By the look on her face, I knew she wanted to cry.

“Why didn’t you tell me this sooner, Jaylen?”

“Because I had been feeling like this ever since you cut me off the first time for dude.”

“Jaylen, I’m so sorry! I was being such a dumb ass to even put him before you. You know you can talk to me about anything, even if we on bad terms. Especially if you’re thinking about suicide, don’t hesitate to call me at all! You’re everything Jaylen, and I’ll literally lose my mind if you ever did anything like that. I love you Jaylen.”

“I love you too, girl.” I grabbed her head and gave instantly my tongue was down her throat. I could never get enough of her kisses. Fine ass.

“Don’t hurt me Rob.” I said once I pulled away.

“I won’t.” She smiled, holding her pinky out so I could lock mines with hers. I was starting to gain my trust back with her.

I was a lil scared that she’d hurt me again. That hurt I was feeling wasn’t a pleasant feeling at all. I wasn’t tryna get hurt again, so I hope this shit was legit.


“It’s X to pass and square to shoot, baby. If I win, we stay in this bitch all night and fuck in every room until I get tide and nigga, I don’t get tide!” I flexed and she gazed at me with lust in her eyes.

“And if I win, we go out on a date.” I shrugged and latched my pinky with hers.

“Bet. Pick ya team.” I already knew I was about to tear that ass up because she ain’t know shit about sports. She might as well just strip now and get the Plan B ready.

She sat on my lap, slightly blocking the view of the tv with her big ass head. I put my hands on hers, coaching and teaching her what controls to use again. I nibbled on her ear while the game loaded and she smiled, craning her neck so she could kiss me.

“I love you for real, Robyn. Like on some shit, a few months ago, I thought we wasn’t never gon’ be in a good place again. You my nigga, baby.”

“Facts. I love you, too.” Her love was on some official shit. We been on for a few weeks and I saw the contrast between me and the other nigga already. She was constantly in tears or always had a frown on her face with the jailbird. Since WE got together, ya’ll already know we some big ass kids and we was always comfortable around each other so it was just a hella healthy relationship. Rob was my fuckin’ cinnamon apple, no doubt.

“You got the Cavs? You sure?” I asked with my chin on her shoulder.

“Yes! LeBron is cute!”

“Don’t get fucked up. Bron don’t want no smoke over my baby.”

“Relax, he’s married with kids.” she rolled her eyes and got situated on my lap once tip-off approached.

“Ready to get yo ass beat?” I mumbled with my lips on her neck. It’s hard to keep all of me off her. She’s addictive as fuck when she not on fuck shit.

“Please, I'ma win for my date.”

“You gon’ get ya date. I getchu whatever, don’t I?” she nodded while blushing. “Stop with the cute shit! It’s game time.”

“Fine. Let’s get this work.”


Believe it or not, I was actually putting in effort so we could go all night in the boom boom room but, she was always closing in on me with bitch ass Kyrie. She wanted this damn date, all she kept shooting was three-pointers. I chuckled once I fouled her with a few seconds left in the game.

“What’s so funny?” she asked, looking back at me.

“You won. You beat me fair and square.” I half-lied. I kinda let the game slip through my fingers in the second quarter. I was hungry as fuck and a date at a romantic spot alone with Rob ain’t sound too bad.

“YAAAASSS BITCH YAAAASSS.” she whined on my dick and I watched her move like the joystick on our controllers. “GAS ME UP! GAS ME UP!”

“You the shit, man.” I mumbled as she shot her little foul shots which caused her take the W by ten points.

“What? Can’t hear you!” she shot up and started shaking her ass.

“You everything. Come here.” I laid down and she hovered over me. I really hope this shit is for real, I hope someone could love me as hard as I was out here lovin’ other bitches. I hope that someone is Rob.

“Where we going?” she asked pecking my lips.

“Somewhere wit’ poppin’ food. I’m starving.”

“Same, I'ma hop in the shower.”

“I’m coming witchu. Don’t have the water pipin’ hot either, shit be burning me the fuck up. I’m light skin, that shit gon’ show.” I mumbled as she took my hand and led me into the bathroom.


I made sure all my jewelry was on before looking in the mirror. I didn’t really dress up because we were going to eat and I couldn’t keep my clothes clean for shit. Don’t get me wrong, I still looked like a bag of money even when I wasn’t trying.

I decided that I was gone take her to this soul food spot that I used to take O and Winter to back in they college days. The spot was dope and I swear the food was hella bomb. It made me feel like I was back in VA, at a family reunion or some shit.

“Damn ma, you made a handsome ass son.” I mumbled, looking up at the ceiling. If ma was here, she’d stay boosting me like she always did when I was younger. That’s the reason a nigga so cocky right now.

I was actually looking forward to this “date” or whatever because for one, I was starving. Second, Robyn and I stay in the crib 24/7. I’m either at hers or she’s always at mines. There was nothing wrong with that, it’s just nice to get out for a change.

I came out of my room only to see Robyn patiently sitting on my couch, looking as beautiful as she always looked. She was gone fuck around and give a nigga diabetes with all that chocolate. Damn she was fine.

“Why you staring?” She smiled, breaking me out of my thoughts.

“Girl getcho’ pretty ass up so we can go.” I laughed, holding my hand out for her to grab.

“You just got a haircut?”

“Yea, why? Shit nice huh?” I smirked, as I locked the door behind us, walking towards the elevator. She always noticed the little differences every time she saw me. Even if I had a new grill, new watch, anything. She’d always compliment me on it.

“Looks real nice on you. I should’ve wore panties.” I heard her mumble, not knowing if that was meant for me to hear or not.

Once we were outside, I held the passenger’s door open for Robyn noticing that Winter and Odell were already in the backseat. I don’t know how the hell they got in there.

“Who told y'all to tag along?” I said as I started up the car. They gone ruin our shit with they arguing. They argue every two minutes.

“No invite, nigga?” Odell muffed my head. This nigga.

“Right, you know this our spot.” Winter pitched in, shaking her big watermelon ass head.

“What you mean no invite? You niggas already done invited y'all selfs into my car.”  I shook my head before pulling out off the parking lot. I guess we would have to plan something alone next time.


We were now at the restaurant, and it felt good to be back. I was honestly looking forward to the pie more than anything else. As I sipped some of my water, I looked over at Robyn and seen her playing with the material on her dress. She had her legs wide open like she had on panties.

“You know you fucked up by not wearing no drawls around me, right?” I whispered in her ear, gripping her ass in my hands.

She shook her head no and tried to ignore my hand as it started to make its way up her dress. She was wetter than an ocean, real talk. Fuck this food, her pussy was my dinner.

“Jaylen what ar-” Her sentence was cut short due to the loud gasp she let out. I smirked and looked at the menu as if my fingers weren’t deep in her pussy right now.

“Rob, you okay?” Winter asked as she noticed the look on Robyn’s face. I wanted to laugh so bad, because I knew she couldn’t control it. She tried to play it off so hard but failed miserably. She couldn’t even talk. I started to curl my fingers and I knew that sent her over the edge.

“Yea I’m fine..” a moan slipped out of her mouth, causing O to look up from his phone.

“You sure you aight?” O asked, as she slowly nodded before rolling her eyes to the back of her head. They were looking at her like she had two heads.

“Ion’ know what’s her deal.” I shrugged, sipping some of my water. They both just brushed it off and left about a minute later because O had dropped his keys outside. More privacy for us.

“Jaylen please.” She moaned out in my ear as the waiter made his way over to our table. I made sure to order everything for everyone since Robyn was lost for words and Winter and O were doing whatever. We all got the same thing every time.

Once the waiter was gone, Rob’s juices were dripping down my fingers instantly. Just as I started to lick my fingers clean, they were back at the table.

“What you licking your fingers for?” Winter looked at us suspiciously.

“Bread and butter was bangin.” I lied, tapping Robyn so she could get up so that I could wash my hands. I would be a hoe ass nigga to touch all of the food when my hands been all in Rob.

Once I was in the restroom, I felt my phone vibrate. I looked down at it, noticing that it was a text from Robyn.

Robyn🌸: I really can’t stand you at all 😩 you had me looking stupid

Me: you taste better than that pie 😏

Laughing, I put my phone away and started to wash my hands. When I was finished, I dried them with paper towels before leaving and making my way back out to the table.

I noticed that the food was here and everybody was already digging in. “Damn I leave for two seconds and y'all already grubbing without me.” I sat down, saying my grace before digging into my own food.

There was silence and the only thing that could be heard was the soft jazz playing in the restaurant. “You remember when Jaylen used to bring us here after class?” Winter asked O as he nodded with a smirk on his face.

“We used to order the whole damn menu.”

“On God, we used to come every Wednesday when this bitch wasn’t packed and order a damn feast. Especially after a smoking session.” I laughed, dapping O. Them were the days, man.

“You and Winter would go back and forth every fucking time on who got the last piece of pie.”

I laughed as I looked over at Robyn and noticed that she was just scrolling through her phone looking as if she felt left out. Shit, this why I wanted it to just be us two.

“What you scrolling through over here?” I asked, moving some of her hair out her face.

“Nothing, I was playing Impossible Bottle Flip.”

“Yo simple ass.” I laughed, shaking my head. She grown as hell and got more games on her phone than anyone I know.

“Just because I don’t watch porn on my spare time don’t mean I’m simple.”

“Who watch porn?”

“YOU!” All three of them said, making me chuckle. Fuck them.

“So what? I be tryna learn new shit.” I shrugged, leaning back. Robyn need to shut that shit up, cause once I try this new shit on her she gone be damn near decreased. She couldn’t even handle my finger earlier. She was over here bout to have a heart attack.

“Nasty ass.” Winter mumbled, sipping some of her wine.

“Shut up Jawunna Mann.” Rob and O started to snicker but stopped when Winter glared at them.

“I’m playing, you know you my big sis.” I smiled blowing kisses at her as she scrunched up her face.

After clowning on each other for forever, we were all full so there wasn’t that much energy to continue. “About that collab.. when you wanna start?” I asked Rob, sitting up in my seat.


“Bet.” I smiled, finishing up the little portion of pie that I had left. I was really looking forward to this shit. I wanted nothing but the best for my girl.


I swear on the whole way home, we couldn’t keep our hands off of each other. I had just got an uber for O and Winter cause I ain’t feel like hearing they two cents. Robyn was lookin’ hella good tonight and now that we were at my place, I was bout to fuck the shit outta her.

As we were still kissing, I used my free hand to try and unlock the door but failed miserably. “Hold up real quick.” I chuckled, pulling away to catch my breath. Not even a second after I got the door to open, our tongues were back down each other’s throat all the way to the bedroom. I ain’t even get to lock the door.

Just as I went to reach for her panties, she had threw up all over my expensive white, silk shirt. I literally just bought this a day ago.

“I gotta be dreaming, yo.” I laughed, pinching my arm as hard as I could but each time, nothing happened.

“Jaylen, I’m so sorry! I-I-” she started to stutter as I just put my hands up.

“You good, I’ll be back.” I sighed, getting up so that I could clean this shit off. Looking at it made me wanna throw up myself.

By now, my dick wasn’t even hard anymore and my horniness had went away. Once I was done cleaning my hoodie, I took it off and threw it in the washer. I guess I didn’t need a shirt.

When I got back in the room, she was sitting at the edge of the bed holding her head. She couldn’t be pregnant. She was literally just over here 2 days ago crying to me about her cramps.

“You ain’t pregnant are you?” I asked, stripping out of my jeans. She looked up and shook her head no.

“No, I just had my period. I think it was just because of that chicken I ate.”

“Oh yea, I forgot that you was vegan. Why you ain’t say nothing?”

“You’re the one that kept fantasizing about how good the chicken was so I wanted to try some!”

“Well was it good?” She rolled her eyes before shaking her head. I knew she wanted to slap me.

“Yes, but now I feel horrible.”

“Just lay down baby, I got you. You should feel better by the morning.” I sucked my teeth once I saw her eyes close.

“You gone fall asleep on me?” I asked, standing in the doorway of my bathroom. I know we been chillin’ all day but if she falls asleep I’m gone be bored as shit.

She shook her head yes, before making herself comfortable. I was only letting her go to sleep because she was sick. Any other time, I’d be bothering her ass.

“Aight baby, get some rest.” I told her and seconds later she started making kissing noises so I made some back. This girl had me going soft. I’m a savage to these niggas but to her I’m gentle.

Stepping into the bathroom, I turned the shower on and stripped out of my clothes before stepping in. I bathed myself for at least 30 minutes, before I decided to get out. After doing my hygiene routine, I went back in the bedroom and put on some polo boxers and socks. My feet be freezing at night.

As I walked to the bed, I noticed that Robyn was sleeping hella good and I didn’t wanna wake her up but I was tryna make sure she was good before I went to sleep. When I’m sleep, I don’t hear shit.

“Baby..” I shook her softly. Her eyes fluttered open before she started to look at me. I hovered over her and began to kiss all over her beautiful face as she started to smile. I noticed that her forehead was hot as shit. “Huh?”

“You don’t wanna go to the hospital?” She shook her head no.

“Drink this then.” I handed her my water bottle from off the nightstand. I had gave her some pills earlier and I didn’t wanna give her anymore, because it would be too many.

Once she drank half of the bottle, she gave it back to me before getting comfortable again.

“Goodnight.” I mumbled in her ear, wrapping my arms around her waist. I hope she feels better in the morning.

since feeling is first
who pays any attention
to the syntax of things
will never wholly kiss you;

wholly to be a fool
while Spring is in the world

my blood approves,
and kisses are a far better fate
than wisdom
lady i swear by all flowers. Don’t cry
—the best gesture of my brain is less than
your eyelids’ flutter which says

we are for eachother: then
laugh, leaning back in my arms
for life’s not a paragraph

And death i think is no parenthesis
—  e. e. cummings, since feeling is first

anonymous asked:

I know this has been done to death, but what would be your meta on the Stark children and their direwolves? On Lady's death, people associate it on how Sansa will die, that she will be killed by a family member. But what if grrm merely killed-off Lady in order to give way for Sansa to bond later-on with the other direwolves? Bonding with the other direwolves while one of her siblings are warging in said wolf, giving them a chance to see another side of their sister.

Hi nonny, um I’ll try to add my two cents in since a lot of people will have explained it better than me and done a better job at this. 

First is first though, let me answer some of your questions. No I don’t think this foreshadows Sansa’s death. With both Robb and Ned it was foreshadowed throughout that they would die. References to their death were structured into the story. This was more overt in Robb’s case (the vision of the House of the Undying) than in Ned’s but Ned’s death plays into a huge trope. The loss of a mentor. It’s something we see in a lot of other works, Dumbledore,  Harry Hart and so on. These deaths had to happen but there is nothing to indicate that Sansa will die, so no I think she’s safe and all. 

Regarding your other question, I don’t think Sansa would warg into her siblings’ wolves and tbf, even if she could, I don’t think she would want to. Lady was hers and that loss is something that still hurts Sansa. She doesn’t want Nymeria or Shaggydog or Summer and Ghost or some random direwolf. She wants Lady.

I’m putting it in cut cause length and cause this is an embarrassing mess. Sorry for the lateness of this. I popped it into drafts but never got back to it. 

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Imagine: Always standing up for others and getting in trouble with Umbridge so halfway through the school year you’re covered in lines and Fred takes care of you and cheers you up.

It was becoming a regular thing for you to be in Umbridge’s office in the evening doing lines. Because of that the lines on your own body had spread from your hand. This particular one was currently burning into your chest right above your heart. You had no idea it could spread like this. 

“Does the message seem clear to you now, dear?” she asked you. On your chest in bright red now stood “I must not disobey”.

“Clear as a crystal,” you mumbled through gritted teeth. You looked down at your hands that were also covered in lines. You really should’ve learned by now to keep quiet, but you couldn’t let her treat the students like this. Especially not the first years. They were way too young but you could take it. Most days you managed to take enough attention to keep a lot of kids out of detention with Umbridge. 

“Then you can go,” she said and made that annoying sound that sounded half like a laugh and half like she was choking on something. You got up without a word and headed for the common room. It was nearing midnight so you were praying no one was up. Everyone acted like you were some kind of hero for standing up to Umbridge and you didn’t want that. You didn’t do it to be a hero; you did it because it was right. 

“Y/N?” someone said as soon as you came through the painting and as the dark silhouette came into the light of the fireplace you recognised him immediately. 

“Hey,” you whispered and didn’t even notice that you were rubbing your new scar on your chest. 

“This has to stop,” he whispered looking you straight in the eye. Tears were welling up in your eyes but you knew yourself well enough to know that you’d be doing the exact same thing tomorrow. Some part of Fred knew that as well. 

“I can take it,” you said trying to act tough but you wanted nothing more to be left alone to cry all through the night. 

“Come here,” he said leading you to the couch. He put a damp cloth on your newest addition and you felt an instant relief. There must’ve been some herb on it. 

“I hate knowing that she’s hurting you,” he whispered placing a gentle kiss on your forehead. 

“I know. But rather me than some first year. I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t do something to stop that,” you replied and Fred nodded. 

“You’re a crazy lady,” he said making you laugh. 

“Well, I’m your crazy lady so you better get used to it,” you teased. Fred never failed to cheer you up. He was the light in the darkness for you. Before him you never knew that life could be this good. 

“I love that you’re my crazy lady,” he said making your heart almost burst from happiness. You didn’t care what Umbridge did to you as long as you had Fred. 

“And I love you.”