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It Doesn't Mean You Can Explain the Ocean is the first fic that made me aware of you as an author I should seek out more of. I've reread it at least a dozen times. I love the sideways way that you approach Sam's awful unrequited Feelings About Dean, I loved the descriptions of the Savannah heat, and I cannot eat Milky Way bars without the phrase "like he's working the neighborhood glory hole" running through my head at least once.

Explain the Ocean was actually inspired by a day of hot driving through said American South, listening to NPR with the windows down and the volume up in the highway wind, some expert talking about you can understand water but it doesn’t explain the ocean, and that story is forever dear to me for it. Also for how furious people get that I didn’t go full Wincest. (Don’t worry, perverts, Astolat has you guys covered with a sequel.)

Okay, so I didn’t want to post this yet, but I really really REALLY wanna show you guys what I’ve been working on for months. AND since it’s Aaliyah’s birthday… might as well post it lol. So SURPRISE!!! I’ve been working on an animation of Aaliyah! This was supposed to be for the 20th anniversary of her album ‘One In A Million’ in August, but let me tell you something… animating is hard, and it takes a lot of hard work. Even with my hand cramping right now, it’s all worth it. And that’s what Aaliyah taught me. My passion is art, and even though the work is painful, or it makes me bone-tired, it’s all worth it because just seeing something that I created come to life, it’s the best feeling in the world honestly. So, yeah it’s not fully finished yet, but I am planning to finish it by the end of this month or next month. Just wanted to show you guys what I was working on, and that none of this would be possible if it wasn’t for Babygirl and her music. I’ve been listening to her music for over 20 years, since I was little (and her music video, ‘One In A Million’ was the first video I’ve seen of hers on MTV lol), and she was the only artist I really admired, and her music helped me find what I truly love doing, and I thought an animation would be a perfect tribute for me to pay my respects and thank her for inspiring me and millions of other fans out there. 

Happy Birthday, Miss Aaliyah!! Love you and miss you always!!!! 😘💕



“The sky is already purple; the first few stars have appeared, suddenly, as if someone had thrown a handful of silver across the world.” 
- Alice Hoffman, Here on Earth

I must say that this is one of my favorite spreads so far! I wanted to experiment with watercolors and I’m just so in love with how it turned out~
It was so much fun working on this spread i even used a blowdryer to prevent the pages from getting too wet ahhh the struggle 


bazluhrmann: The inspiration for the scene between the fish-tank came when Craig and I were so desperately looking for a solution as to how to surprise the audience for the first connective moment between Romeo and Juliet. I was younger then and we might have gone out to clubs a bit more. That night after working all day we squirreled out to a place (if I recall correctly called “The Dome”) in Miami. When I came out of the bathroom to wash my hands I looked up and saw a woman combing her hair with a brush through a fish-tank. It was a brilliant device to get guys and girls to connect through the sitting rooms, while protecting each room’s privacy. Obviously you can see where this moment lead … #romeoandjuliet


I can’t tell you what it feels like in that room because this will be my first time at the Oscars, but I can tell you why the Oscars matter. It’s a night when the arts and artists are formally honored, and this recognition is seen by millions of people across the country and around the world. The show inspires people to keep pursuing their craft, or to seek out the nominated films or the overall body of work of the nominees, and through that exposure, people gain a greater appreciation of what the art of filmmaking brings to our culture. - Lin-Manuel Miranda for The Hollywood Reporter

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How would you go about making a bullet diary/journal??

So you wanna make a bullet journal?

The best part about bullet journals is that they’re completely customizable and thus unique to every individual! Here’s a general guide on how to go about doing just that. If you were looking for a short answer I’m sorry

1. The Bare Minimum

First and foremost, you’re gonna need a pen and a notebook. Some popular notebook choices here in the studyblr community include the Leuchtterm1917, the Moleskine, and the Muji notebook. I personally use the Leuchtterm for my bullet journal but one of my favourite places to get cheap and cute notebooks is the dollar store! When looking for a notebook you may also want to consider the ruling of the notebooks such as plain, dotted, and ruled. For pens, anything that works for you, works. You may want to consider something that flows well but doesn’t bleed through the paper. Honestly, that’s all you really need to start!

2. Decoration

The most fun part imo! Here, you can incorporate all the optional supplies you might want for your bujo such as washi tape, stickers, sticky notes, photographs, printed pictures, magazine cut outs, and more! You can also use a variety of mediums in it as well such as ink, marker, paint, pencil crayon, etc. When I started my bullet journal, I only decorated it by drawing in it and adding watercolour accents. I didn’t start including washi tape and printed photos until recently. But of course, you don’t even have to decorate yours if you don’t want to!

3. Set Up

So you’ve got everything you need to start, what now? Well, it’s up to you! Ask yourself what it is you want to get out of your bullet journal. There are a lot of things you can do with yours but what’s important is find out what works for you. If you feel you might not use an index or reference a key a lot, you don’t need to to have one! Personally, when I got mine, I went right into it and started my first weekly spread. Some common things people include in their’s are:

  • an index
    • keep track of your pages!
  • a key or legend
    • explain what symbols you use!
  • a year overview or future log
    • an effective way to plan out things way in advance!
  • monthly spreads
    • outline the events occuring in that month! often seen in the form of a calendar.
  • weekly spreads
    • keep track of daily tasks and events!
  • habit trackers
    • record various habits such as water intake, hours of sleep, meals, work outs, etc.
  • lists
    • pretty self explanatory. list books to read, songs you like, movies to watch, etc. 
  • anything else that you might want!

What’s important is that your bullet journal works for you. Don’t feel as though you need something in yours just because you see someone else with it. As long as it’s something relevant and helpful to you, great!

Advice, Tips & Tricks

  1. Let go! Make mistakes! Learn! Grow! Don’t let blank pages in pretty notebooks restrict you, let it set your imagination free
  2. Try new things! Experimenting in your bujo can be so much fun and you might be surprised with what you create.
  3. You don’t have to make a spread every week or every day. Sometimes bullet journalling can be exhausting. That’s okay. Take care of yourself, friend.
  4. Plan things out in pencil first if formatting is something important to you.
  5. I know I’ve said this how many times already but because it really is important I’m saying it again! Do what works for you!! And what you actually want to do. 

Want to know more?

Here’s a few resources that might be helpful!

You may also want to check out some of my favourite bujos for inspiration:


Sketchy Behavior | Hellen Jo 

Never afraid to speak and/or draw her mind, Los Angeles based artist and illustrator, Hellen Jo and her characters can be described as rough, vulgar, tough, jaded, powerful, bratty and bad-ass - AKA her own brand of femininity. Known for her comic Jin & Jam, and her work as an illustrator and storyboard artist for shows such as Steven Universe and Regular Show, Hellen’s rebellious, and sometimes grotesque artwork and illustrations are redefining Asian American women and women of color in comics. In fact, that’s why Hellen Jo was a must-interviewee for our latest Sketchy Behavior where we talk to her about her love of comics and zines, her antiheroines, and redefining what Asian American women identity is or can be; and what her ultimate dream project realized would be.  

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Lin-Manuel Miranda on His Lifelong Oscars Obsession and Why the Show Still Matters (Guest Column)

The Hollywood Reporter
February 20, 2017

During college, Lin-Manuel Miranda and a friend used to improvise interpretative dance tributes to best picture nominees at their annual Oscar party. “It was a lot of breathing and rolling around,” recalls the creator of the Broadway smash Hamilton. “We had a great Seabiscuit dance one year.”

For the New York-born son of Puerto Rican parents — his father a political consultant, his mother a psychologist — it was just another phase of a lifelong fascination with the Oscars that began when he was growing up in the Inwood section of Manhattan, playing and replaying the telecasts that his family recorded on their VCR. At 37, Miranda is about to cross the threshold from superfan to participant: “How Far I’ll Go,” which he wrote for the Disney film Moana, is nominated for original song, and on Feb. 26, Miranda (with his mother) will attend his first Academy Awards.

It’s an auspicious step in a career that will see him star with Emily Blunt and Colin Firth in Disney’s 2018 Mary Poppins Returns and collaborate with composer Alan Menken on the studio’s live-action The Little Mermaid, one of Miranda’s favorite films and, he reveals here, the gateway to his Oscars obsession.

My brain is a compendium of Oscar moments: Tom Hanks’ beautiful acceptance speech when he won best actor for Philadelphia in 1994. Roberto Benigni climbing over chairs and wanting to make love to everybody in the world when Life Is Beautiful won best foreign-language film in 1999. Kim Basinger presenting in 1990 and telling the audience that one of the best films of the year, Do the Right Thing, was not nominated. For her to take a stand, 25 years before #OscarsSoWhite, was incredible — and impressive because time has shown the prescience of that film.

I expect we’ll see more of that this year. It’s a political time, so I imagine the Oscars will look exactly like your Twitter or Facebook feed. Why should we ignore for three hours what we’re talking about 24 hours a day?

The Oscars were always a family affair when I was a kid. One sort of unintentional tradition we had every year was during the “In Memoriam” part of the show. My family called it the “She died?” section because my dad, who is pop culture-oblivious, would always go, “She died? He died? She died?!” the whole time. So, it was very sad and yet also very funny watching my dad catch up.

When I was a kid, the Oscars felt like this impossibly larger-than-life thing. The first time I felt like I had a horse in the race was in 1990. I was 10, and The Little Mermaid was up for best song and best score. They did that crazy “Under the Sea” number with the late, great Geoffrey Holder and dudes in scuba outfits tap-dancing with flippers. We had a tradition of recording the show on our VHS, and I must have watched it a million and a half times.

There was also an amazing Chuck Workman montage at the beginning of the show that depicted 100 years of filmmaking with classic scores. I was already in love with movies, but this was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen in my life.

That was the period when Billy Crystal was hosting, and I would memorize his musical spoofs of the year’s top films. He did them with Marc Shaiman, whom I’m working with right now on Mary Poppins Returns… I was a huge fan of those moments and musical numbers — they showed a genuine love of movies while still poking fun at them. I may also be the only person in America who laughed his ass off to “Uma, Oprah. Oprah, Uma.” David Letterman’s commitment to that bit was enough to put it over the top for me. He didn’t care if no one got it. In his head, it was funny.

Hosting the Oscars is not a thing I would ever want to do… You always have to do this dance as a host: You’re playing to a billion people at home, and you’re playing to anxious contestants in a room, and that’s an insanely hard thing to divide. It’s the most thankless task in the world. I have a pretty healthy ego, but it does not extend in that direction. I’d much rather be the guy writing the opening tune than having to deliver it.

Another Oscar moment that really stuck with me was when Whoopi won her best supporting actress for Ghost. I’ll never forget, at the top of her acceptance speech she said, “Ever since I was a little kid, I wanted this,” which is so rare. Then she said, “As a little kid, I lived in the projects, and you’re the people I watched. You’re the people who made me want to be an actor.” For me, it was like she was saying, “If you want this, you can get it, too. I’m proof that you can.”

I had been seeing myself in this world since I was old enough to do anything, and it was as if she reached through the screen to talk to me. I was that kid. Even my mother used to say, “Remember what Whoopi said.”

That speech was the inspiration for the opening song I co-wrote for Neil Patrick Harris, “Bigger,” for the 2013 Tony Awards:

There’s a kid in the middle of nowhere sitting there, living for Tony performances singin’ and flippin’ along with the Pippins and Wickeds and Kinkys, Matildas and Mormonses / So we might reassure that kid and do something to spur that kid  / ‘Cause I promise you all of us up here tonight, We were that kid and now we’re bigger

Another of my favorite moments was in 2005, when they had Antonio Banderas sing “Al Otro Lado Del Rio” from The Motorcycle Diaries, which was nominated for best song. And then when Jorge Drexler, who composed it, won, he went onstage and sang it, like, “This is how it really goes.” It was so funny and ballsy and great. I’m happy whenever Latinos win anything, so I was thrilled by both performances.

I can’t tell you what it feels like in that room because this will be my first time at the Oscars, but I can tell you why the Oscars matter. It’s a night when the arts and artists are formally honored, and this recognition is seen by millions of people across the country and around the world. The show inspires people to keep pursuing their craft, or to seek out the nominated films or the overall body of work of the nominees, and through that exposure, people gain a greater appreciation of what the art of filmmaking brings to our culture.

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Hi Hiller- when I was younger I loved to draw. I'm an adult now and for some reason when I sit down in front of a piece of paper I don't know what to do. What advice do you have for a grown up who forgot how to draw?

Oooh that’s a tricky one. Sitting in front of a blank piece of paper is probably the most intimidating thing and has always been kind of scary for me. I’ve come up with a list of things for you to try to make drawing a bit easier.

A. Work on old paper/materials. End papers from discarded books, craft pads from second hand stores, a notepad from grandma’s junk drawer, a cool piece of wood you find in a dumpster, stuff like that. It takes away the pressure of having to create a perfect thing if the material you’re working on is already flawed or smells weird.

B. Draw a lot. It doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad. Only a small fraction of things I draw end up being shared, maybe every one out of twenty things will be decent. What people don’t see is the heap of not-so-great things I create in the process of making that one thing. If you’re drawing different ideas all the time, and thinking of how to make those ideas better when you’re not drawing, eventually you will get better and the good ideas will come more easily and more frequently.

C. It’s incredibly hard to draw when you are overly prepared to draw. Sitting down with the intent to create a perfect drawing adds a terrible amount of pressure and is the thing that trips so many people up and makes it hard to even start creating in the first place. Draw informally, when you’re watching television or listening to music. Watch a movie and draw a picture of something you hear that would be interesting when taken out of context. Try to not think too much about it. Approach drawing from an angle, not head on, if that makes sense.

D. Finding your subject matter can also be difficult and may be what you’re actually talking about here. A few things influence the content of my drawings:

  1. Inspiration from the world around me. Other artists’ work, books I read, music, conversations I have while waiting to buy groceries, things like this.
  2. My feelings and internal dialogue, what I’m thinking about or am moved by or want to express to others. Daydreams, real dreams, imagined conversations are all good sources for drawing material as they are things that no one else would ever know about unless you expressed them.
  3. My ability as an artist. I am less of an M. C. Escher and more of a David Shrigley. You have to find the right spot on the infinitely wide spectrum of art in which you can create work that you like and you think is good. I like drawing amorphous shapes and faces and fun things, so that is where I’m currently situated. Agnes Martin drew lines and dots and is well known because she was super good at it.

Hopefully, at some point, 1, 2, and 3 will come together and allow you to create something that you consider great or good or even okay will do sometimes.

I think those are four good things to think about. The very beginning is the hardest part when it comes to making art, I wish we could all just skip it. Hopefully this will help you, and maybe others, get started again.

It’s okay to put yourself first :))

21 Little Ways to Motivate Yourself

I’ve been lacking a little in the motivation department with the end of the school year drawing closer, so I made a little list of ways to help you stay focused until the end! 

  1. Play your favorite song as you work through your PSET/essay/application/thing you don’t wanna do.
  2. Make yourself a hot cup of tea (or coffee!) in a fun mug. 
  3. Write your to-do list on a piece of pretty stationary with a pretty pen.
  4. Set a timer and race yourself to finish things faster.
  5. Use your imagination - your English paper doesn’t HAVE to be an English paper, it can be a Hogwart’s assignment. Sounds silly, but it works for me!
  6. Find a new place to study. Cute coffee shop? Balcony with a nice view? New section of the library? Heck, just doing your HW on the floor instead of your desk can be more engaging. 
  7. Dress up. You don’t even have to go anywhere, sometimes putting on proper clothing can switch your mindset. 
  8. Conversely, you can find your comfiest PJs and fluffy socks and wear those. 
  9. Put your hair up so it’s not in the way. When I’m focusing, my hair has to be in a ponytail so I’m not fiddling with it. 
  10. Get a snack, preferably something healthy(ish). Drink some H2O.
  11. Write motivational quotes on sticky notes and stick them around your study space. Or write them on your hand so you see it often. 
  12. At the very least, put your books where you can see them. Out of sight, out of mind! 
  13. Same goes for anything you need to get done (laundry, forms you’re supposed to fill out, anything goes!)
  14. Go for a walk around the block and spend some time in fresh air. Jog, if you’re feeling up for it. 
  15. Stretch out your muscles, roll out your shoulders, touch your toes. You’ll feel better if you’re not all tight and sore. 
  16. Put on some lipstick. For some reason, red lipstick always makes me feel like a boss (even if I’m chilling in a hoodie and sweatpants). 
  17. Write out the reasons you started in the first place. Put that list somewhere you can see it [see #12]. 
  18. Take a power nap. I just get a fluffy blanket and sleep right on my desk. 
  19. Talk to someone supportive. Parents? Best friend? Roommate? Your cat/dog/parakeet/goldfish? 
  20. Stand in front of the mirror and power pose. Yes, you’ll feel ridiculous. But it works. 
  21. Smile! 
My favorite Percival Graves tropes in no particular order:
  • Graves is a workaholic and a grump with no social life
  • him and Seraphina go waaaay back
  • he wears round reading glasses (yea we all saw that one interview)
  • always buying Credence food, esp. sandwiches (technically canon)
  • buys Credence’s his first wand + new clothes 
  • basically always a sugar daddy with different levels of explicitness 
  • loves The Law - until it stops him from having Credence and then The Law goes out the window
  • finds Credence unbearably appealing for reasons that could include: pale skin, jawline, cheekbones, vulnerability, innocence, lips, lashes 
  • Credence inspires a newfound protectiveness in him
  • Graves wants to murder Mary Lou (sometimes actually does?)
  • soft spot for rebellious underling Tina
  • outside of work, doesn’t know what he’s doing MOST of the time

“Don’t worry my son. It will be easier. Now that you know you can do it.”

Again another fanart about @faewritesthings​‘  Imperial! Noctis that was raised by Ardyn AU. This time depicting the scene where Noctis first killed a man,under the guidance of his “father”, when he was 15.

Please, please, please come and read this amazing fic that inspired the art here:

And sorry if it gives out a Ardyn/Noct vibe. Possibly intentional on my part but totally not what the fic is about lol.

Out of Gas

Rafael Casal x Reader

Note: This was inspired by the time that Rafa and Daveed ran out of gas on the freeway. This is my first Rafa fic so let’s hope it turns out well and I’m actually pretty proud of this one for a change. Shout out to @ourforgottenboleros for proofreading this for me, thank you Becca!! 

Warnings: nothing it’s just fluff

Word Count: 2,650

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Tonight is the night everything is supposed to change. After six years working hard at your job, going above and beyond your duties, your company has finally offered you a promotion. Tonight, the company is putting on an event, and you are the guest of honor. The whole event was to formally offer you the promotion and to celebrate the achievements you’ve made at the company.

Everything in your life feels like it’s falling into place as you sit in the passenger seat, with your supportive boyfriend Rafael driving you to the event. Until the car starts slowing down. Rafa pulls the car over to the side of the road and comes to a stop.

“What just happened?” You ask.

“I ah, think we just ran out of gas” he says with a laugh. “I can’t believe this happened again” he mumbles shaking his head.

“What are we gonna do? We’re still an hour away from this party we need to get there!” You exclaim, panic already setting in.

“Babe relax we’ll get there” he says, placing a hand on your knee.

Relax? How am I supposed to relax? I need to get to that party we’ll never make it now. You think to yourself, crossing your arms over your chest.

“No we won’t! We are stuck in the middle of a quiet road, at night, with no gas and…” you pull your phone out, groaning when you read the no signal sign at the top. “And no cell phone reception!”

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Anyone who knows me like, even a little bit, knows that Tangled is my favorite movie of all time. I first saw it in theaters with my best friends after I had been accepted into Tulane University. When I was unhappy at Tulane and desperately trying to figure out how I could pursue my dreams of working in animation, I watched Tangled for comfort and inspiration. When I was struggling to finish at Woodbury, I had Tangled basically on loop to get me through. Honestly, this film helped me see the light (womp). So saying that getting the opportunity to work on Tangled the Series (as my FIRST job in animation no doubt) is an honor… is a big, fat understatement. I am so lucky to be a part of this beautiful show that means so much to me. A huge congratulations to every single person on this crew. We have made something truly special. So please tune into Tangled Before After tonight at 8pm Disney Channel… and go, LIVE YOUR DREAM. I sure am!

Non-Asian Trainee || Bangtan Reaction


It was like any other dance practice for the boys that day. Learn new choreography, practice, break, practice, go over old songs, break, one last run through and then go home.

They were on their second run through when they heard commotion in the hall. There were voices coming from the hall as the song finally ended. The boys watched as Namjoon stumbled slightly at the last pose because of the distraction.

Jimin and Yoongi reached out quickly to steady their friend as there was a knock on the practice room door.

Nobody bothered them when they were practicing, so they knew it must have been important. They could just make out the figure of Bang PDnim standing outside the studio.

“Come in.” The choreographer called out. The boys lined up quickly, Namjoon, being the leader, in front. They greeted PDnim as they always did and he quickly greeted them back.

He knew they were tired. He could see the sweat dripping down their foreheads and the way their chests heaved. But this had to be done because he knew this was the best group to help the new trainee into the company.

“So as you boys know, we’re been looking for someone new to bring in tot he company. Well, we’ve finally managed to find someone and I brought her here to ask you guys a huge favour. I was hoping you guys would be able to help her out and show her around today, instead of continuing dance practice.”

The boys quickly agreed and nodded, secretly happy to not have to continue with dance practice. They were also excited to meet the new trainee and see what she was like.

“Thank you so much!” PDnim quickly thanked the boys before calling the girl in from the hall. She slowly stepped into the room and shyly waved at the group, surprised that she was finally meeting the group who inspired her.

“Hi. My name is Y/N. I’m the new trainee and I’m very excited to be working with you today and getting to know you all.”

(each one is a different scenario, not all boys fall in love at once)

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Meant to Be (Part One)

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Based on Anonymous Prompt: The reader is a SHIELD agent and later Avenger. After a while of dancing around each other, she and Steve are couple but few months later they break up becasue it didn’t work (but they stay close friends please). After a while Steve falls for Sharon and reader falls for Bucky who loved her since he first met her (but he didn’t do enything because she was with Steve). And Steve and Sharon (who are couple now) try to matchmake reader and Bucky because Cap sees they are perfect for each other

A/N: Sorry guys it’s gotten busy again.  I’m trying, I promise.  I decided to split this prompt into two parts (also, I made the relationship with Steve more of back story, because I couldn’t figure out how to write it and then switch gears for Bucky).  Hope it’s not too terrible and I’ll publish the second part (hopefully) soon!  Also I was low-key inspired by that Seb work-out video

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“When are you going to ask Bucky out?” Steve asks, smirking at you from across the table.  You roll your eyes and wrinkle your nose.

“When are you going to ask Sharon out?” you toss back.

“I asked you first.”

“My question’s more relevant.”

“Why’s that?”

“Cuz Sharon’s coming over her––Hi, Sharon!”  

You laugh at the look of panic on Steve’s face before he’s able to compose his face.  He turns and smiles at Sharon whose lips curve up into a smile.

“Hey Steve,” she says.

“Good to see you, Sharon,” he replies.

“It’s almost like I’m not even here,” you joke and Steve rolls his eyes at you.  Sharon laughs and pulls you into a hug.

“It’s been a while, (Y/N),” she laughs.  “When are you gonna come train with me again?”

“When I feel like getting my ass handed to me,” you reply.  “Maybe you and Steve should train together.  I feel like you’d be more evenly matched.”

“I doubt it,” she grins.  “Can’t expect to keep up with Captain America.  See you later, Steve.”  With that, she walks away, leaving Steve staring hopelessly after her.  You shake your head and punch him in the arm.


“Perfect opportunity,” you say.  “I practically asked her out on a date for you.  You could’ve jumped in.”  He shakes his head and you press on.  “What’s that thing you said, that one time?  You’re the world’s expert on waiting, or something?  So don’t?”

“That was different,” Steve insists.  “I was giving Bruce advice about Nat.”

“Terrible advice really,” you say.  “They make no sense together.  But the advice still applies to you.  You guys like each other, so ask her out already!”

“When most people say they’re still friends with their exes, I don’t think this is what they mean,” Steve sighs.

“We’re like, barely exes,” you reply.  “We dated for a few months and then I realized I was not attracted to you.”


“I know, that’s what I thought!” you joke.  “How is it possible for me not be attracted to this beautiful dork of a man?  But alas, it was never meant to be.”

“You’re the dork here,” Steve says.  “We both knew we were better of as friends.”

“Yeah and you’re one of the lucky ones,” you tease.  “At least I’m not still hopelessly in love with you or trying to set your possessions on fire.”

“Honestly, I’d prefer that,” Steve mutters and you shove him playfully.

“I’m just looking out for you,” you say, shaking your head.  “You know I’m right.”

“I do,” he says.  “And that’s why I asked her out two weeks ago.  Back to you and Bucky.”

“I’m sorry, wait what was that?” you smirk.  “Did you just admit I’m right?  And you already asked Sharon out?!?”

“Which one are you more excited about?” Steve asks.

“You and Sharon!?!?” you grin.  “Finally!  How did it happen?  What are you doing?  Where are you going?  When is it?”

“We already went out,” Steve says and you internally scream.  “(Y/N), are you okay?”

“So you’ve just let me spend the past two weeks trying to get the two of you together?” you groan.  “Do you know how many times I’ve traded crazy shifts and missions to get the two of you together?”

“That was you?” Steve laughs.  “I was wondering why we always seemed to be paired up.”

“And you didn’t notice that I always seemed to be on graveyard shifts and shitty missions?” you shake your head.  “Way to be a good friend, Steve.”

“Let me return the favor,” he says.  “You and Bucky.”

“Yes, we are both people that have stupidly decided to be friends with you,” you reply and Steve rolls his eyes.

“(Y/N), you know what I mean,” he says.

“Honestly, no I don’t,” you say.  

“So you’re trying to tell me there’s nothing between the two of you?” Steve asks.  “No spark of romance?  No unspoken tension?  You guys are meant to be.”

“What are you, a romance writer?” you ask.

“Classic evasion,” Steve says.  “Answering my question with another question.”

“Don’t profile me,” you retort.

“Then answer the question,” Steve smirks.  He cocks an eyebrow as you stare him down, willing him to give up.  He doesn’t.

“He’s cute,” you sigh begrudgingly.

“That’s what I thought,” Steve says.

“You thought that Bucky was cute?” you tease.

“Are you free for dinner tomorrow?” he asks.

“No, I have another one of the dumb shifts I traded trying to get the two of you together,” you frown.

“Day after that?” Steve asks.  

“I’m free,” you admit and Steve immediately pulls out his phone, tapping out a quick message.  Your eyes narrow.  “Why?”

“Don’t you trust me?” Steve smiles and you shake your head.

“Not even a little bit.”


Sharon walks down the hallway, pausing as her phone vibrates.  She reads the message with a quick smile and heads down the corridor towards the gym.

She pushes the door open, walking up to the only occupant.

“Bucky,” she says and the super soldier lets go of his pull-up bar, dropping to the ground.  “You busy two nights from now?”

ice and sugar dust [Archie Andrews x Reader]

Author’s Note: Yooo I started watching Riverdale and I’m liking it. Started it at the beginning of a new quarter too. Who has perfect timing? I have perfect timing. /s I would highly recommend ya listen to this while reading, pretty please! I used it as inspo for this fic, it just seemed to fit Archie idk.

Word Count: 1,734

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Dr. Moses “Musa” Powell (1941-2005)- A martial arts master teacher and practitioner from New York. Moses Powell was a master student to , he was so skilled at Juijitsu that he developed his own style and system called Sanuces Ryu and he still ha students such as Anthony Muhammad teaching today. Moses was a teacher to the Nation of Islam, law enforcement, and even the FBI.

Ava DuVernay (Born 1972). I know most of you know Ava so I don’t need to do the whole bio. But I’ll say that I became aware of her work when she released a little documentary called “This is the Life” about a L.A. hip hop scene that produced some of my favorite MC’s. And imagine how stunned I was when I realized I’d been listening to Ava rhyme on Project Blowed and didnt even know it was her. This is the 3rd time I’ve drawn or painted Ava. Yes. Go watch her latest film “The 13th” about prison industrial complex and its relation to slavery.

Octavia Butler (1947-2006)- Octavia was in incredible mind. An incredible writer, and a predictor of future. My mom read her work and introduced me to her 15-20 years ago. It wasn’t until I was in my late 20’s that I actually read and understood her work. In fact, she is the reason why I now love to read and share books with others. Her work in fantasy and science fiction has inspired so many with her talent for describing, telling, and bringing you in. I beg you, read her work and check out Octavia’s Brood-an anthology of writers inspired by her work.

Dawud Anyabwile (born 1965)- Illustrator and co-creator of the Brotherman Comics stories, I first became aware of his work as a teen, and later became rejuvenated by it as a young adult. I have written about this brother in magazines, and social forums because his outlook and approach to life, his views on Black family, and his stunning artistic abilities are a guiding light daily. Go support this living legend now by getting “Brotherman-Revelations” for your kids.

Sister Rosetta Tharpe (1915-1973)- A Rock and Roll pioneer, she was one of the architects of what today is now known as Rock in its many forms. She was a pioneer in her life, music, beliefs, and her relationships being a bi-sexual woman in her day. Her style was fierce, loud, and extremely soulful.

Oddisee (born 1985). Amir Mohamed is a Sudanese American musicians who both rhymes and produces instrumental music. The basis for his work is hip hop, but it expands to other genre’s such as Jazz, Soul, and house. I first became aware of the brother on a visit to DC back in 2008 and have been a fan of him and Diamond District since. His work is extremely skillful, well crafted and thought-out, and balanced with thought and care-free. I think many my age would agree that he is one of most talented to do it. On constant rotation. Support him now by seeing him perform or buying his new LP.

These are a few illustrations from last year that were commissioned by a Bay Area Tech company last year for Black History/Future month. There are more, but these were my favorite. If you would like to purchase a print of any one of these email me at 8"x11" mixed media on paper.


This is probably sometime after 2002 after HP and the Chamber of Secrets video game was out. God I loved those first games so much when I was a kid! tbh I’d still play them if they worked on my laptop (and I actually did, the PoA game worked and I finished the whole thing in two days and it was the time of my life pls don’t judge me).

Inspired by my lovely @wisepizzaphantom suggestion which I interpreted in my own special way :D