my first impression of tumblr

This is just the most One Piece panel.

Sanji’s looking badass and majestic, while Judge is relieved that his sorry ass is saved, Ichiji is still attempting to compute how his useless brother is now also his savior, Yonji is aghast and Niji is wondering how long it’s going to take to pick all the candy from his underpants.

…But my favorite is Tony Tony “I am Groot” Chopper:

So tiny.  So fierce.

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One Piece chapter 865, first impressions

  • someone I don't really know: Do you have a Tumblr?
  • me: -glances over at all the very gay fanart of an angry teen and a small demon-
  • me: -pushes it slowly under the rug-
  • me: Nope. No. Sorry. I do not have a Tumblr account

There’s three things Nagi learnt in his home country and took with him to Japan:

1. How to avoid assassinations.
2. How to be self-confident.
3. How to KICK ASS at monopoly.

Tamlin being a bad person but it really doesn’t make me dislike him less as a character as in literature I find that it’s okay to have good hateable antagonists. Those characters that make you say “this guy is an asshole wow he makes so many people’s lives worse but the fact he can seem decievingly charming proves villains or even antiheroes can have emotions and feelings”. But, coming on Tumblr my first impression of the fandom is that everyone is so aggressively opinionated about the characters, not on an intellectual level either people are aggressive. And Rysand? God help if anyone says anything in this fandom that isn’t praising his character. I personally find the concept of the edgy “bad guy” somehow actually being nice and misunderstood is such an overused cliche and trope but that’s beside the matter. He has potential of being a good character I’m not even trying to knock him down, I like him so far but man the fandom is trying to shove their opinions down my throat about how Rysand is the perfect character and how every other make character is trash. This fandom so far honestly makes me… not really even want to finish. And that is so upsetting because I’ve fallen in love with this series.

Idk like this is sort of a rant but also me looking for friends who will enjoy the series with me that aren’t constantly trying to shove Rysand down my throat that can let me grow to love him the way I’m supposed to in the book. Because right now it’s really hard to like this character because of the fandom and that’s honestly not fair.


Sunday, May 21st

Hello! Welcome to my Tumblr :) I’m not great at first impressions soooooo… def stick around if ya wanna get to know me. My name is Micha Chaney but everyone calls me Chai or Micha Chai. I’m twenty years old, bisexual and I am currently attending NYU, majoring in biochemistry. I moved out here for college from Atlanta after my senior year, but I took a gap year to save up and help out my parents. 

Enough about me, Im real sociable so feel free to holla at me and start a chat. Peace out!

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;) hiya


1. First impression: o shT my fave tumblr bLOG o SHT she has A SERVER SCARY (yes i followed u for a long time ago)

2. Truth is: u are a sweet heart, a strong, a carING ONE NOANFOANFJAFNJOASNCAJC BLESS

3. How old do you look: 18 YO

4. Have you ever made me laugh: lMAO ALOT

5. Have you ever made me mad: noPE


7. Have I ever had a crush on you: no but i aDMIRE U VERY MUCH SENPAI


10. Should you post this too? : SURE

I met a new writer today

Today, I met a new writer and I would like to think I made a new friend. Her tumblr name is @aru-dight. My first impression wasn’t exactly very nice because she messaged me and asked me to read and review her fic. I decided to send her a message to let her know we have groups on Facebook she could leverage for advertising instead of messaging everyone. My impression changed thereafter. I thought she’d take it the wrong way, but I was surprised and humbled that she apologized.

So meet Paula, she’s a very young writer, and her first fic is in the works. If she messaged you in any platform, she told me she didn’t mean to. She just wanted to get her fic out there. And I said I understand because we’re all struggling writers here. 😊 suffice to say our conversation ended well, and I hope to see her in the different Facebook groups soon.

You might want to check her work out on AO3 or FFN.Net.

Lilly Pulitzer Give Away!! 

I am very happy and excited to announce my very first give away in honor of reaching 4,000 followers!!

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Good luck everyone and thank you so much!! 

When you’re self-absorbed, you’re too blinded by the illusion you call a reflection to realize that sometimes it’s not about you. Be mindful that being so caught up in yourself that you’ll be left with no one but yourself.
—  Treka L. House

Gosh, I love this camera. 

After using it on a couple of trips, shooting in bright sunlight, during golden and blue hour and in a rainy bush setting I couldn't care less about all those extra megapixels. It is everything else I care about. Those colors, the dynamic range, the crispness (okay I guess that’s the megapixels coming through), that beautiful grain, having to do so little post. Did I mention colors?  

I shoot the same crappy stuff but it just looks all so different. And I like it. 

I like it big time.

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I just wanted to take a moment to tell you that you were the first blog I ever saw when I joined Tumblr about maybe three months ago, and you were an amazing first impression on tumblr as your are still my favorite blog. You got me started on terrible things such as reading the terrifying fanfictions! It was that one post "Welcome to the phandom, and remember not to read the skin fic!" that got me started, haha.

thank you very much! 

and sorry for traumatizing experiences..I guess ;) 

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Also w/r/t trying to find a word for the LGBT community that's not "queer" or an acronym - good luck! It strongly reminds me of when us ace tumblr peeps tried to find a new word for non-aces around 2011, and we went through about six variations that were all rejected by non-aces before we threw up our hands and settled on allo. (We kept asking non-aces for input but rarely got anything outside of "no not that word.") (1/2)

(2/2) At one point some of us were jokingly using orange twizzled jumpers because the joke was someone would be able to find issue with anything, including that. (Note: the previous term for non-aces, *sexuals, was Really Bad and needed to be changed. Didn’t want anyone to accuse me of favoring that term.) So seeing people go “MOGAI sounds immature!” reminds me a lot of “pokkisexual is unintuitive! consexual sounds dirty! zedsexual is too hard to explain!“ 

And you totally should be able to have a word for non-aces. Otherwise it’s the same situation trans people were in before “cis” was coined. The majority group was the unnamed default and the implied descriptor for it was “normal”.

Cis people are still pushing back against cis because they don’t like being called anything neutral, including the argument that it lumps them together with their oppressors (I have personally heard “no woman is cis” from a TERF). And the latest developments in spicy cisgaycourse include gems such as “transphobia is appropriated from homophobia”, which of course is in direct reference to “biphobia is stealing from homophobia”. Last I saw this illogic was literally yesterday.

So yeah, as you say, people will complain about any term that isn’t designed to put their demographic first. My impression of ace tumblr is that you have asked people repeatedly if they found certain terms offensive, and not many responded until you actually decided on a term they could attack. And no one is offering you any “safe” alternatives for what you can use now. Which, again, is analogical to how bi/pan people talk about erasure and nobody gives a shit until someone speaks sliiiightly out of line (such as using “queer” in a snarky post without a million qualifiers attached), and that’s the cue for gay and lesbian tumblr to start caring. And by caring I mean trying to harass the OP into submission.  

I learned a new term recently: perisex. It means non-intersex and is intended to replace “dyadic”, which some intersex people pointed out could be taken to confirm the sex binary instead of criticizing it. Did I throw a fit that it’s “unintuitive”? No. I took note of it and moved on.

Every group needs the terminology to talk about their own experiences. This should not be a controversial statement.

On the new messaging system

I normally don’t complain about what are the real or imagined shortcomings of this platform, but using this new chat type messaging for a couple of hours I feel I have to share some of my views:

It is very unfortunate I think that the traditional fan mail function disappears once you are connected to the network of the new system. This messaging function allows for only a small space to write on without losing the thread on what you want to say (not that I write novels on here), neither is it good for the eyes.

I still miss the bubbles under the posts, because occasionally it would be nice to share my opinion publicly on the photo I see (always positive). I can do that I know if someone puts a question mark to the end of the capture…but that just looks silly, unless you specifically ask for an opinion. Moreover, noone can really be expected to keep this in mind.  

So these are my first impressions, hope they’ll improve?