my first hockey love


NHL Teams: New York Rangers (12/30)


Fic Recs: Free-Range Flirting by endingthemes​:

Erik encounters a douchebag at the grocery store. An extremely attractive douchebag.

Comments: AWFULLY SWEET, CUTE READ, perfect for short bus rides, or for when you really need to study but you’re also really craving a cherik fic and so you need to hunt down one that won’t take too long to read. And blushing Charles and awkward Erik! What more can I say

Nudey version below cut

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i did a thing, i guess :)

Chicago Blackhawks Tribute - “My House”

Things I dont see enough of in fics:
Jack having a massive crush on bitty
Jack being unable to deal with bitty being accidentally cute/hot
Jack pining
Jack having lil fantasies abt bitty. Like thinking about going to get coffee with him. Or endlessly reimagining when bitty got the oven
Jack making an effort to look hot so maybe bitty will notice him. Wearing his tightest jeans and just happening to be shirtless when he asks bitty whether hes seen his samwell shirt.
Jacks reaction to bittys tank tops and short shorts
/Jack pov being weak about bitty./


02.15.2016 - Jonathan Toews congratulates his boo Patrick Kane on his first star of the game effort against Toronto