my first half

saisai-chan  asked:

imagine someone with a cloning quirk accidentally cloned an army of Baku Jr.s so now Bakugou is surrounded by a massive fluffpile of angry barking tiny doggies who only listen to him

(from this)

and then they nap together b/c Bakugou honestly doesn’t know what to do about this other than to wait it out. the kids walk by and don’t know what they’re looking at

the juniors thought that they were threats. RIP kirishima and kaminari


let girls be exactly what they are


*Insert cheesy mermaid pun here*

Iron Man is my favourite Avenger but Tony Stark is my hero.

the anniversary of Iron Man 1 was a few days ago and i was Feeling Things 


I never thought this AU could get better and yet

(they decided to keep him)

Ryan in Unsolved videos

  • Awake
  • Attentive
  • Big emotions
  • Laughs and grins or scared eyes
  • Generally In The Moment

Ryan in literally any other video

  • Half asleep
  • Dissociating probably
  • Dark circles
  • Staring off into space
  • Where is he. How did he get here. He wants to go home.

girl group gif battle: 1krystaljung ♥ 1yurikwon

↳ week one — favorite 2017 releases  (incl. non-title tracks)