my first gifset and still don't know what i'm doing


Things my heart used to know. Things it yearns to remember.

hey everyone!
today 27 October my blog is turning 3 years *throws confetti*
i can’t believe i still have this blog, is the most constant thing in my life lmao. and i’m happy that i decided to stick around bc the more time i spent in this website the more awesome people i got to know. some of these people i actually met in my first year here and i still follow, talk to them and care about them and this is amazing! a special shout out to these beautiful people that put up with my shit since the very beginning (you know who you are ♥) and to everyone i’m following, thank you for making my dash the beautiful place it is.

a lot changed from my crazy captain swan blogging to what my blog is now, but some other things never change so to keep the “tradition” of making a follow forever per year, here we go! italics are mutuals and bolded are faves:

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+blogroll bc all the people i follow is awesome.
a very important shout out to my followers idek why you guys follow me but ily, thank you and keep on being awesome!