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More Haikyuu + BNHA!

Asahi’s quirk is “Stone Goliath”: his skin turns rock hard to create nearly impermeable armor! It also improves the weight and damage of his punches, kicks, and headbutts! When transforming, Asahi increases in size and intimidation! However his heart is still as frail as ever, so please be kind to him and his appearance! 

(When I thought about this quirk I was like….god i can’t animate that…but i tried guys…i tried;;; Asahi is a very sturdy and powerful character that’s frequently regarded as a giant and scary by others, so I wanted to include both of those characteristics! His quirk gives him a lot of strength, but because it morphs his appearance in a “scary” way he had a hard time making friends as a child, and even when acting as a hero children can find it hard to approach him when he’s transformed which hurts his feelings… Coincidentally, Asahi’s quirk is related to the earth, while Nishinoya’s is related to the sky, which furthers their roles as opposites (as designed by Furudate)!) 

Other characters:
Yamaguchi  Tsukishima  Hinata  Kageyama  Suga  Daichi  Tanaka  Nishinoya  Ennoshita

To say it had been a long day didn’t even cut it. It was nearing 3 am and Harry was just getting back to his room. He threw himself down on the ottoman in the middle of the room and sighed. Harry loved his job, he really did. He got to travel from place to place, do what he was passionate about, and see his fans. And if he was being honest he would much rather be busy then bored.

But sometimes it was just too much. Too much flying from place to place. Too many days of continuous work from sun up till way past sun down. He especially hated that work took away time from other important things. Like sleep, and family and friends. Or more importantly it took time away from you.

God did he miss you. It was driving him insane. He missed your soft sweet silvery voice, your radiant eyes that he always got lost in, your soft lips as they pressed on his. He missed the way you clung onto him like a koala when he’d get back home and the way you two slept intertwined at night. God he just missed you. Everything about you and everything that came with you two being together.

Harry honestly couldn’t remember the last time he heard your voice. Between flights, work and timezones interfering, calls were rare. You were his girlfriend for fucks sake and he couldn’t even remember the last time you two had a conversation that was more than small talk. Or that wasn’t over text. With how busy he’d been lately your relationship consisted of lots of missed phone calls, longing for one another and I miss yous.

He knew you were getting tired of it. He could see, well hear, how much it was taking a toll on you. It was present in the last voicemail you left him before you went to bed tonight. He could hear your voice break mid word followed by your silent sobs that you were trying to hide. It broke his heart, completely shattered it, to hear you like that.

And if he was honest he was worried you would eventually decide the pain and missing him wasn’t worth it anymore. That would be it, you’d be gone, and he honestly wouldn’t be able to blame you. He didn’t want that, he couldn’t handle that, thinking of you leaving made it hard to breathe. He laid there trying to calm himself back down, exhaling shaky breaths and wiping at his eyes.

When he finally had calmed himself down, and was near drifting off to sleep an idea sparked in his mind. He jumped up, reached for his phone and dialed a number he knew by heart. “Hey Jeff, I know it’s late but uhm I’ve got nothing really on my schedule for the next few days right? … Perfect! Then can you book me a flight back to London? I’m going to see my girl”

hi, it’s me, kyra ♡ soooo, first of all happy new year to everyone and second of all a huge ass thank you! for being there through out most of 2017! you really made my year brighter and this means so damn much to me. i remade around 6 months ago (used to be jimintensify) and you really didn’t make me regret my decision from back then. also, unbelievable (to me and maybe some of you too, idk), but i hit 10k around christmas and wow really what a nice gift lmao fdsjkhdg. okay but anyways, we all know i’m, like, super bad with words so let’s just end it here. thank you again though, every single one of my mutuals & followers mean the world to me, if it wasn’t for y’all i would have deleted long ago ♡

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‘아주 NICE’ ft mini jellyfish animation

Hello there!

Recently i’ve hit 1k followeeeers!!! which is absolutely crazy cuz I really don’t think i’m good enough to have many followers like that so i’m kinda shookt. But nways, a lot of good things happened since I created this blog and i’ve got so many friends and y’all are so nice with me so thats it, my first FF. Mostly of these are REALLY great creators and they’re very very very nice, so if you’re new to this fandom, they’re a MUST FOLLOW. =)

☆ - favorites creators  ♡ - mutuals 

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On this 2nd day of the new year I have finally reached 2.5k followers which is crazy af and even though this past year was kinda rubbish for most of us, I’m so thankful for all the friends I made and all the people that crossed my way ❤

So, this is a very cheap way to thank you all for been part of my life and for support me and my blog even tho we’re both kind of messy and ugly.

I love you all and I hope this year is full of happiness and may all your goals and dreams come true! 

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𝓞𝓷 𝓵𝓸𝓿𝓮: 𝓔𝓻𝓸𝓼
Miyamoto Kenji & Katsuki Yuuri performing side by side