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Hey guys, I recently hit my goal of 500 followers (THANK YOU!! AHH!) and to celebrate I decided to do a follow forever.

First and foremost, a HUGE thanks to the following blogs because without them I wouldn’t have gained as many followers as I did:

And now on to the list! All of the following blogs (+ others) have kept my dashboard moving and my blog alive. Some of these are multi-fandom but their posts are great nonetheless.

↳ * means multi-fandom
mutuals are italicized
blogs I absolutely love are bolded :)

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21potter* / a-budding-fangirl / acciofreddie / aguamcnti* / andpadfoot / astcriagreengrass / astraera / awdraco / awloony / azkvban / baginsfrodo* / buhtterbeer / caitlinxbarry* / cedrric / dcatheater / deansthomass / dearestlupin / dracocos / drarryliciouskisses / drascomalfoy / ermykneeandwheezy / fallenpotter / fantastlcbeasts / fawxkes / finnick* / gallecns / ginnhyweasley* / goldentrio / grangerwheezy / grannger / grimmauldhollow / gryffrindor / gxnnyweasley* / hedakom / hellodraco / hermioneshour / hermionici / honeydukinq

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jamespotte / katniss-everdien* / knockturnallley / letsdropacidpops / leviccrpus / licorice-wands / lilypcttcr* / lnferius / lovegodluna / magicalmes / maqicsnaps / merlin-was-a-slytherin / mydraco* / narcissamahlfoy / naricssa / nevillles / nothorcruxes / octxvias* / ohclraco / ohgeorgie / ohmynargles / otterandterrier / ourwizardinglives / pansxy* / partywithslughorn* / percywheezely / pooterpotter / potterandweasel / professor-padfoot / proudneville

Q - Z

quaffl / quibbleresque / quiddithc / quillsandink / quldditch / remrus* / remusolupin / regulusblxcks / remusses / rixddle / romicne / romionearemyhorrocrux / ronthelion / ronuldweasly / slytherimn / slytheriny / snuhffles / stiilesbanshee* / theconfunduscharm* / timerturned / tomrddles / tranxfiguration / unpredictable-draco / voldemortrs* / wcrmtails / weasley-wheezy / weaslings / zbini / zonnkos

Apologies if I missed any blogs, or if the info here is incorrect (some of you changed urls and stuff so it was hard to keep track!) Check out my blogroll for the full list of who I’m following here. Thank you so much again everyone, and remember to reblog reblog reblog so everybody on the list can see this! ♥

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( * ✝✝. ⦙  LEKXNG’S THIRD THEME —— like i would.

it has been awhile since i’ve released a theme to the public, so this is definitely long overdue !! i hope that you all find great usage for this little theme, i tried my best to make it as user friendly as possible & give you as many choices as i could. all i ask in return is that you keep the theme credit intact & that you L I K E or R E B L O G if you do end up using it !!

if you have any questions, do not hesitate to come ask !!

CODE LINKAGE: theme previewpastebin.

TWO built in sidebar images ( 60px but will size down ).
THREE built in links ( each optional ).
400px sized posts.
customizable colors ( even for things like bold & italics ).
infinite description ( scrollbar will appear ).
do NOT, however, make your title longer than TWO lines.


WOWEE you guys, my first milestone on this blog !! I’m so honored and thankful for how well you guys have accepted my literal trash daughter. A few friends got me into this fandom, and I’ve felt welcomed ever since my first day. I’m so happy you guys put up with this little shit. I love every single one of you guys. You guys are a lot of fun, welcoming, helpful, and all around kind. You’re all talented, fantastic writers and I couldn’t ask for a better time to have. I’m putting all of the cuties under the cut so as to not make this post too long, but I want you guys know how much I love and appreciate ALL OF YOU.

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