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Just one chance 

(Zach Dempsey mini-series part I)

Part II Part III

A/N: One about Zach YAAAY! I hope you like it and if you’re wondering there will be more parts of this one.

Warnings: English is not my first language.


Words: 2.052


I had noticed. I noticed how he hoped to find that piece of paper in his compliment bag hanging on the wall next to the rest. Hoping to find that someone had written something that made him feel a little better, he didn’t lose hope that someday that bag would have something inside, he didn’t care how long it took.

I had stopped looking in my bag a long time ago; it wasn’t like I couldn’t use some nice words even though they came from an anonymous source that I would probably never know who it was. I had stopped looking inside because I never got any notes, so I decided to stop wasting my time and to stop feeling bad every time I looked inside.

Nevertheless I was surprised that someone like Zach Dempsey didn’t get a hundred of notes, after all he was the star player in the basketball team, he was friends with the popular people of the school, he was always in all the parties and I knew girls liked him, still he didn’t get any compliments in his bag.

I couldn’t help to feel bad for him, so I gather my things very slowly to be the last one in the class and I wrote a note for him, which I left in his compliment bag so the next day he would have something.

I didn’t write a love letter or something like that, it was something pretty simple, something that would make him feel better for the rest of the day; we all deserve to receive compliments from time to time.

A few days passed since the first note I wrote him and I had to admit that I loved how he reacted so I decided to write him a couple more for the next weeks, but I didn’t make it a daily thing.

One day while I was running to class, considering that I was late to first period. I was looking in my bag for my book and being the clumsy person that I am I ran into someone, luckily for me I didn’t fall backwards, that would had been even more embarrassing.

“Oh god, I’m so sorry, I wasn’t looking” I said as fast as I could while I bend down to get the book that I made that person drop.

I saw it was the biology book, the same one that I was looking for in my bag and when I looked to the owner I saw it was Zach and I thanked that it was him and not one of his stupid friends, because even though he hanged out with them Zach was so much nicer than all of them together.

“Don’t worry, are you ok?” he asked grabbing his book and smiling for some reason.

“Yeah, I’m fine, I’m just really bad at walking without running into people” I joked putting my bag on my shoulder “I was looking for my bio book but it seems that I forgot it at home” I sighed “but it doesn’t matter, see you in class” I added walking to the classroom, I didn’t want to get even more late.

“Wait!” he exclaimed making me turn in his direction with a surprised expression on my face “we can walk together and if you want you can sit with me and I’ll share my book with you” I couldn’t help the frown on my forehead. Zach was definitely kind, but not to this level, he was socializing voluntary with me, someone who wasn’t even close to his little world or the people in that world, it was odd.

“Okay… thank you” I answered trying to sound convinced. He reached me and we started walking to class together “how it is that you’re late to bio? You’re always the first one there” I added realizing he was late to his favourite class.

When I didn’t get any answer I looked in his direction and I saw him smiling again, this time even wider. We got to class so I wasn’t going to get any response to my question.

The class went by as usually, this was one of the few classes I liked, I liked to consider myself a person of letters, but I was good at everything in general, even though I hated all the subjects related to science or maths, that’s why it was something unusual that I liked this one in particular and that was the reason why I was always dazed in the teacher’s explanations, but not this time. I couldn0t stop looking to Zach and see how he took notes of everything and how he knew all the answers to the teacher’s questions, even though he just answered them in his notebook and not out loud. I guess that being good at something not related to sports wasn’t “cool”.

Unluckily for me Zach caught me staring and I tried to hide my smile, but it was impossible, I just looked in the teacher’s direction and started to take notes.

“You’re better at this than I thought” I whispered while I was writing the things that I saw in the blackboard.

“That means you knew I was already good at this” he answered looking at me all the time.

That answer was as odd as the rest of things that were happening with him this morning.

“Well, we have this class in common, why wouldn’t I know you’re good at it?” I asked looking at him again.

“Just an observation” there it was again, that smile, the third time I got that smile.

The bell was close to rang when Mr. Porter came into the classroom and I knew he was there for me, I just had to wait to hear my name and see how everyone looked at me.

When he did it I looked at Zach, who was looking at me with something like surprise and concern. I just grabbed my things and followed Mr. Porter to his office.

“I know why you have called me here” I said before he could even start “and I just have to say that everything is ok, I’m fine” I added with my usual tone.

“Your parents don’t think the same, they seem really concern”

“well, they are parents, when you have kids you’re life turns into an endless hole of worries, but I’m fine, I don’t know what they’ve told you, but I know exactly how I feel, can I go now?” the bell rang, great I was going to be late for second period too.

“How do you feel? I’d like to know it so that way I can help you”

“Why do you want to talk about it? To make me feel bad? I’ve said I know how I feel, it doesn’t mean I want to talk about it”

“If you don’t talk about it you won’t be able to solve it”

“This is a waste of time” I said standing and taking my bag. I was in a good mood this morning, but not anymore, thanks to this stupid “try to talk about your feelings”.

“(Y/N) wait” Mr. Porter stood like he was going to follow me, but he didn’t, I walked out of his office without looking behind and I let a big sigh leave my chest.

I started walking to communication class when I heard a certain voice calling me; I turned in his direction with surprise in face again.

“Is everything ok?” Zach asked coming to me.

“Yes, what are you doing here?” I needed to know the answer to that question, because we weren’t friends, we just had a few classes together and now all of the sudden he’s worried about me.

“I just wanted to make sure everything was fine” when I heard how sincere he sounded I felt something I had never felt before, it was like something inside me was completed and I just smiled widely.

“That’s really nice of you” I mumble “Thank you”

We remained silence, I didn’t know what else to say and he looked like he wanted to continue talking, like there was something he wanted to tell me and just when I was about to turn in the opposite direction he talked.

“Would you like to go to Monet’s some time?” he sounded almost nervous. Like if he was exposed to a terrible danger.

I looked at him, confusion all over my face, I was trying to make sense to the fact that he wanted to go out with me, I didn’t want to think he was playing with me, like it was some kind of bet with his friends, that would be really painful.

“Zach… I don’t want you to misunderstand this, but… why?” his expression didn’t change.

“I don’t know, you seem interesting and I’d like to get to know you better” now I was totally amazed.

“Is this some kind of bet you want to win? Because if it is-“

“No!” he said stopping me “no, no bets” I think he realized then why I have my doubts “I promise you it’s nothing like that”

“Then why are you interested suddenly? We’ve been in the same classes since freshman year and we have never had a real conversation, we’re from different worlds and I know you’re nothing like your friends, because if you were I wouldn’t even be talking to you, but when you’re with them… I don’t know, you’re not like this, I guess…”

“I get it, I have a reputation, but give me a chance to prove you that I’m not like that, and you won’t regret it”

“I’ll accept if you tell me the real reason behind this interest”

He stopped for a second, maybe thinking if he wanted to talk about it or not.

“I know you are the one who has left notes in my compliment bag” I opened my mouth to say something, but words didn’t come to me, I was speechless, I didn’t know if I should deny it or tell the truth “You’re not the only one who notice things, you know? I’ve notice how much you enjoy when we are in literature, how you are in your own world when you are bored, how much you like animals” I was blushing by the second “you like bio even though science is not your favourite area and how you laugh even when the jokes aren’t funny at all”

I couldn’t believe how much he noticed me, I always thought no one looked in my direction and that was why I felt so comfortable doing my things.

“How… how do you know the notes were mine?” I whispered, trying to recover myself form the things he had said to me.

“Because I know you’re the only one who knows how much I like bio” he answered giggling “and in your first note you wrote how cute I look when I’m paying attention in bio and that you think I looked happier there than playing basketball”

“That could be anyone…”

“That’s what I thought at first, but you have confirmed my doubts today” he said laughing at my recently shyness “Thank you for the notes by the way”

“Compliments are necessary” I said trying to change the subject.

“Then what do you say, do you want to go to Monet’s some day?” I wasn’t entirely sure about this, I really wanted to believe him, but I couldn’t stop thinking that maybe this was just a game and I think he knew how insecure I felt “I get you have doubts, I just ask for one chance”

“Ok, I’ll go out with you” I said almost cutting him, if I thought about it more I’ll change my mind and I wouldn’t give him a change to prove he had good intentions.

His expression change suddenly, he smiled brightly and I tried to hide mine but it was impossible, I looked in other direction so he couldn’t see it, but I think my attempt was useless.

“I promise you won’t regret it” he said thrilled “do you want to go to the library? We are already really late to class anyways”

“Sure, and you can help me with something I don’t understand in bio” I said walking by his side to the library.

“Of course”

It’s been a while! I’m so sorry that I’ve been gone for so long - I know that there are plenty of peoples waiting for requests. Unfortunately, I’ve been totally stressed out with university work at the moment. I can’t guarantee that this is me coming back for good but I did want to upload something. Thank you to those of you who have stuck around despite the hiatus. This fic is absolutely my worst work. It’s been so long since I’ve written anything that the quality has just deteriorated. Plus, this was whipped up in about an hour. Too quick. Nonetheless, it’s something to read between revision for those of you who have deadlines rn. Thanks to @mel-in-my-head​ for the request, I’m sorry it deviated. Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt[s]: can you do one where Peter Parker (CW) (if you don’t peter parker that is, if not Thor is fine) is really over protective of the reader like all the time, but the reader is 100% oblivious and one night the reader and him can’t sleep, so they go all movie marathon and they wake up to the avengers (and if you are doing peter,) aunt may finds them all cuddled up on the couch in the main room taking pics, and awing. sorry for this being long it’s my first request, I think, so yeah, thanks


“Is that…” You asked, holding up a hand. Peter looked up and around.
“Oh god, it is.”

You stared at him pointedly. “Run.”

Despite the hastiness with which you took off, you were still sopping wet by the time you reached the apartment building. Peter slammed the door shut behind you, panting. You doubled over breathlessly and laughed giddily. When you stood up straight again, you ran a hand through your hair and felt it completely drenched.
“Want to borrow a towel?” Peter laughed, holding out a hand in the direction of the stairwell.

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Hi everyone! This is part one of my first request, I hope you enjoy it 😘😘

You sat in your seat at Church, your stomach aching with nerves. Your hands were clenched into fists and your knuckles were white.
It wasn’t easy being the only female in the Sons Of Anarchy. You had to work harder than the rest to earn your patch, and you knew that not all of your Brothers took you seriously. You killed for them, fought for them, anything you could to prove your worth.
You watched as the rest of the club took their seats. You sat next to Bobby and couldn’t help but notice the empty seat next to you. Juices seat.
Everyone looked at Jax as he took his seat at the head of the table and began to speak.
“There is a rat at our table” he said.
Your heart sank, your worst fear coming true.
Juice had come to you last night and told you everything. He had made a deal with Roosevelt and Potter, stolen the coke and killed Miles to cover himself.
He had suspected that Jax knew, and now you knew that he was right.
You’d been seeing Juice secretly for months now, but you’d never realised what he was doing behind the clubs back. You didn’t like it, no you hated what he’d done. But you understood it. His whole life Juice had wanted to fit in, to have a family. He had found that with the Sons and when that was threatened he panicked.
Your hands shook as you waited for what was coming. You didn’t hear what everyone was saying because you knew what this meant. He had betrayed the club, there was only one way to handle it.
“Let’s vote. Juan Carlos Ortiz to meet Mr Mayhem.” Jax said, his face grim.
You watched as all your brothers voted yes, voted to kill Juice, voted to kill the man you loved.
All faces looked at you and you stood.
“I can’t do this” you said, your voice shaking.
They watched as you removed your kutte, confused looks on all their faces.
“I love Juice. We’ve been together for months. I can’t be a part of this” you said and dropped your kutte on the table before leaving the room.
You could hear the uproar as you walked out the doors.
Gemma looked at you as you passed her, her eyes watching you curiously.
“What’s going on sweetheart?” She asked as you pushed past her.
“I’m sorry, Gem. I have to go” you said and stormed out of the clubhouse.
You sat on your bike and fired her up, buckling your helmet before driving out of TM for the last time.

You ran into your house, you’d seen Juices bike outside so you knew he was there.
He stood when he heard you slam the door.
“Juliet, what are you doing here?” He asked you, worry all over his face. He wrapped his arms around you.
“Get your bags, Juan. We need to hurry” you whispered as you broke away from him and headed to your room. You grabbed all the clothes out of your drawers and wardrobe, tossing them into the duffle bags you’d had out just in case it had turned out like this.
Juice stood in the doorway watching you, unable to move. Your hair was a mess and your face was stressed as you moved around the room, grabbing things off shelves.
“You should stay, I can’t let you go down for my mistakes” he said solemnly.
You stopped moving and turned towards him.
“I will not let them kill you Juan, not until my body is cold. I’m with you”
You turned to the bags and zipped them shut before lifting them and marching towards him.
“We need to go. Now.”
“I love you Juliet”
“I love you too Juan”

Jax stormed into your house, Happy and Chibs right beside him.
They stormed through the house til they reached your room and saw the scattered clothes and empty drawers.
“Shit!” Jax shouted, realising you had ran away with the rat.
“It’s okay Jackie boy, we’ll find them” the blond president nodded, and walked out of the house.

It had been 10 months since you’d left Charming. It hadn’t been easy, you and Juice had spent the first months on the run, shifting from town to town, never believing the club would stop looking for you.
You’d ended up in a small town in Florida, staying at a cheap motel that became your home.
You got a job at a local supermarket and Juice found work at a video game store, which he loved.
That night, you were sat in front of the tv, absentmindedly rubbing your small bump. You were four months pregnant.
Juice was ecstatic when you told him, and went straight into fussing over you.
You both knew it wasn’t ideal, you both wanted kids and you knew he’d be a great father, but starting a family on the run wasn’t exactly the plan.
You watched as the lotto draw came on the screen. You never really cared for the gambling, but you’d bought a ticket today, deciding to Try your luck. The numbers began to appear on the screen for the jackpot and you grabbed the ticket next to you.
Your mouth dropped as you stared between the ticket and the screen, your heart beating out of control.
“Juan!” You screamed.
He came running out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around him loosely.
“What is it? Is it the baby?” He asked as he knelt beside you, still wet from his shower.
You couldn’t speak, just stared at the ticket in your hands.
“Juliet! What’s wrong?”
“Juan” you whispered before shoving the ticket in his face.
He looked at you confused before looking at the ticket. He raised an eyebrow and you pointed at the screen.
His mouth dropped and his eyes went wide.
“Does this mean..”
“We won Juan! We won!” You screamed and threw your arms around him.
He stared at the numbers on the screen again.
You’d just won $670,000

You woke up a year later, to the sound of your screaming daughter.
You rolled over and looked at the clock next to you: four in the morning.
You groaned and sat up.
“Stay babe, I got her” you smiled at Juice and watched as he got up, wearing only his boxers and walked into the nursery.
After you won the lotto, Juice had played the stock markets, tripling your money overnight.
He did this the whole time you were pregnant and now you had enough money to never work another day.
You’d bought a mansion in Florida, making sure to put everything in your daughters name, Isabella Jones, still nervous the club could find you.
You’d decided to use your mothers maiden name as her surname. You didn’t want to risk the club finding out and you’d left both yours and Juices names off her birth certificate.
You laid back in your king bed, stretching and looking up at the beautiful white ceilings and hanging chandeliers. Who woulda thought a girl like you would end up with chandeliers in her goddamn bedroom.
You heard Juice talking to Isabella in the next room, her nursery.
You knew you wouldn’t get back to sleep so you stood, your feet touching the soft white carpet, and walked in.
It was a real princess room, Juice had picked out everything, from the pink wall paper, to the four poster bed, with pink and white silk draped over it that she wouldn’t even use for a few more years.
You smiled as you watched them.
He held her to his chest, rocking her gently and telling her stories.
He spotted you watching him and smiled widely. God, you’d never get sick of that smile.
You walked over and wrapped your arms around them, kissing her forehead.
“I love you Juan. I love you Isabella” you cooed.
He smiled at you “we love you too mommy”

That night you and Juice were curled up on the couch, next to the cracking fire and watching your tv. Your tv that filled half the wall, that is.
You were waiting for the chinese you’d ordered to arrive. You had hired staff when you bought the mansion, mostly locals, but you’d let them have the day off, enjoying having the house to yourselves.
You heard a knock and Juice stood.
“Chinese is here” he grinned at you as he dropped your hands and walked into the foyer.
You heard the door open.
A minute passed and he hadn’t returned.
“Juice?” You called, standing and heading to the foyer to see what was taking him so long. “Is the Chinese here?”
He stood on the marble tiles, frozen in place.
You looked at him and walked over to the hall table that stood against the large oak walls. You quietly opened the drawer and grabbed the gun inside. Never taking your eyes off Juice.
“It’s not Chinese,” he whispered, still not moving.
You walked over quietly and stepped behind Juice, your gun pointed.
Your heart dropped as you looked into a face you never thought you’d see again.
The face of Jax Teller.

Anonymous asked: 

“There is a scene in S02E03 ‘Diamond in the Rough’ where Carter goes missing and Newkirk is all worried about him, and then he comes back up through the tunnel, and Newkirk is all ‘WE WERE WORRIED ABOUT YOU ANDREW.’ I love that scene. Could you gif it?”

Don’t leave- Joe Sugg Imagine -

Your boyfriend, Joe Sugg of 2 years is about to leave for LA for a month for more youtube related things. You usually go with Joe to some of these things, but this time you didn’t have enough money to buy your ticket but you didn’t want to tell Joe that.

Him and Caspar had their suitcases lined up at the door ready to leave tomorrow. You had told caspar because you had been friends with caspar for 10 years and you could trust him.

It was the night before they left and you had stayed in and ordered pizza. You had your own room, but you stayed with Joe because you didn’t want him to leave. 

You had woken up early to say good-bye to the boys. It was really early but it was worth it. This was a rare occasion that you don’t go with them. No one knew about you and Joe, but when you went on vacation you said you were caspars cousin or something.

“ I don’t want you to leave.” I sniffled.

“I don’t want to leave you here either.” He sighed holding back tears.” But if you ever need anythig, I’m only a phone call or skype away.”

“Okay. Yeah.” I nodded. I wouldn’t let go of Joe’s waist because I didn’t want to think he was going without me.

“But I don’t think you’ll need that.” He smiled letting go of me.

“What do you mean?” I asked, confused.

“You’re coming with us.” He smiled pulling out a boarding pass with my name on it.

I turned to Caspar and glared at him.

“Hey, I knew something like this was gonna happen, I had to buy your ticket.” Caspar smiled. “ I can’t stand seeing either of you sad.
“But, I’m not packed.” I said.

“Good thing I told Zoe to come pack your things for you a week ago.” Joe winked.

“I hate you.” I laughed grabbing his waist.

I let go and hugged Caspar thanking him.

“Are you ready love?” Joe asked grabbing my suitcase.

“Yes.” I smiled. 

“You guys didn’t have to do this.” I whispered to Joe.

“I wanted to.” He smiled.

“I love you.” I laughed hugging him.

“I love you too.” He smiled kissing my forehead.

“Let’s go! I wanna be in LA already! You guys can do that nasty stuff on the plane!” Caspar whined grabbing us, pulling us out the door.

“You’re such a baby.” I laughed.


I hope you guys like! It was my first, I take requests as well! theres more to come! 

Hey, thank you to hey-assbutt-im-a-hunter for giving me my first request! (And BTW your English is fine!) I hope you like it! Sorry if its a bit short and crappy, I had written it once and my computer crashed right when I hit ‘post’. Anyway, excuse all my spelling errors, and as always this is not my gif, I found it on google.

Pairing: Pietro (AoU) X Reader ((A little Steve X Reader…again XD))

Prompt: Hi! I really like your mutant!reader/pietro fic! :) I was wondering if you could write a fic where the reader is an avenger (with random powers, you choose) and is bffs with Cap. Pietro get jealous and everyone and everyone knows that they are just friends and messing with Pietro? The ending could be either smut or fluff. sorry for my bad English, its not my first language :) and thank you! :)


Steve was an amazing man, he was always by your side and never, ever let you down. Whether protecting you during a mission, or something small like getting you ice cream at the store when you felt down. The rest of the Avengers had always said that you two would make a cute couple, but they all knew that you guys didn’t see eachother in that way.

You had lost your family a while ago, and cut off all communications with any friends that you had once you found out that you had powers. Steve, relating closely to not having any friends, offered some support and you both hit off a good friendship from there.

“Do you want any popcorn, Y/N?” Steve asked, his arm was thrown lazily over your shoulders and you leaned you head against him. It had been a long day; you had just received word that you have to go on  a mission alone to investigate a group of backwoods HYDRA followers, it would be your first mission by yourself.

“No, let me get it.” You closed your eyes and focused your energy, and suddenly, a clone of you shimmered in front of you. Your power was to multiply, to create clones of yourself. It was super weird at first, but it defiantly came in handy when you felt lazy.

Your clone mindlessly walked to the kitchen and came back a few minutes later with a bowl of kettle corn and two bottles of soda. Steve awkwardly thanked the fake you, and she faded into the air like she had never even really been there.

You hit the 'play’ button on the remote, and an action movie burst to life on the screen. You saw Steve cringe every time a character swore, but you also saw him get really invested in the fighting scenes, analyzing every move a character made.

Soon, the loud noises coming from the speakers attracted Natasha, Clint, Bruce, Tony, and Thor to come into the room and watch, they sat all over the floor and around the couch.

“They should make a movie about the Avengers,” You said. “It would be great!”

Tony snorted, “Right, like anyone would ever want to see that.”

Thor was siting like a little kid up against the screen, you had to fight the urge to scold him and tell him to movie back.


“Which film?” Clint asked.


You giggled and ate some more popcorn.

The two Maximoff twins walked through the doorway next to the TV, and you almost choked. You had always had this lingering fuzzy feeling for the quick one, Pietro. The way he talked and just got to you in a way that no one else had. Though, you didn’t talk to him all that much, only a few words here and there.

Wanda smiled at everyone and looked at the screen, it as clear to you that she had been the one who wanted to see what was going on, and Pietro had just tagged along to be with his sister.

“There is plenty of room on the floor!” Natasha shouted over the blasts coming from the TV, slapping her hand to the floor next to her. “Come sit!”

Tony laughed, “Yeah, there is rom on the floor, just don’t try to get the couch. Lord knows that you will never be able to pry the Captain and Y/N apart.”

Pietro’s ice blue eyes darted over to the couch, and they narrowed.

Wanda plopped down next to Nat and Bruce, then gestured to Pietro. “Brother, come sit with us. There is room.”

“No,” His gaze remained on you. “I think that I will see much better from the back.”

You shifted uncomfortably and stopped resting your head on Steve’s shoulder, not really wanting Pietro to see you like that for some reason. A blue and silver flash came, and Pietro wasn’t near the screen anymore. In an instant, his frame was pressed up against the back of the couch and your head.

The climax of the movie was building up, and everyone quieted down. You tried to focus on the movie, but you were completely distracted when you felt Pietro’s lips against your ear.

“You want to tell me what is going on in the movie?” He whispered.

You swallowed, and looked over your shoulder to see him. Your faces were so close. So, so close.

Pietro hadn’t been as quiet and intimate as he had thought he had been, because Steve turned his body to face him and began to quietly explain every little detail about the movie.

Natasha looked over to Pietro (who was clearly annoyed) and Steve (who had no clue). It was obvious to her that Pietro and Y/N had feelings for each other, they just needed a little…push.

“Hey, Y/N, why don’t you go make some popcorn for everyone? And no clones please, there are too many people around.”

Breathing in, you silently thanked Nat for the excuse to leave the room.

“Pietro, why don’t go and help her? There are a lot of people here, so she’ll need to make a lot.” Wanda said, a smile graced her red lips, like she knew something that you didn’t.

“I can go with her.” The Captain said as he began to move off of the couch.

Suddenly, Pietro zoomed out of the room and down the hallway leading to the kitchen, all the while shouting, “I’ll help her!”

You felt a blush crawl up your neck as you patted out to the kitchen.

More than twenty minutes had passed and you two weren’t back yet. Thor, who had wanted food the most, grew frustrated and decided to go to the kitchen to see what the hold up was.

He did not expect what he found. You and Pietro were heavily making out, his hands sliding all over your body and your fingers curled in his white hair. You were pushed up against the island counter with unopened bags of popcorn thrown all over the counter. His soft hands slipped over your curves and along you back, your mouth parted in his and you moaned in pleasure.



Character(s): The8 (Minghao) x Reader

Words: 652

Rated: F (Fluff)

Request: Can you do a scenario with Minghao (the8) where he’s trying to confess but keeps getting interrupted. <3 –ANON

Author’s Note: This is my first scenario request! I’m so excited! I REALLY HOPE THIS IS WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR! Thanks for requesting!

Today is just an ordinary day, well for you. You would sit in Korean/ Chinese boy band, Seventeen’s, dance rehearsal. You became friends with them through their choreographer, also your sister. Ever since then you always had your eye on one particular person, Minghao, or The8 as most people know him. He’s so nice and caring towards everyone, including you. He’s also very handsome but you never really care about the looks.

Just the way he dances in rehearsal and onstage just amazes you. He looks so into it, especially since he’s member of the performance team. Also, to add onto that, he has an amazing voice. He can sing, dance and he’s an amazing person overall. How could you not like him? The only thing is that you don’t think he likes you back. He probably has a girlfriend anyways.

You were listening to their album (17 Carat), loudly, and then someone tapped your shoulder. You quickly look up to see The8 looking down at you, smiling. You smiled back and pulled out your earplugs.

“Do you need something?” I asked politely.

“I just wanted to tell you that everyone went to go buy some food and they promised to bring us some back.”

You looked around to see an oddly, empty dance studio. You looked up to him and said thank you for telling me. He smiled and nodded him head to say you’re welcome. You put your headphones in and watched Minghao dance around the room. You fell into a trance just watching him. You quickly noticed that he was getting frustrated fairly quickly. You took out you earplugs and slowly walked over to the music player to turn it off. He looked at you with a quizzical look on his face.

“Why’d you turn the music of Y/N?”  

“You were starting to get frustrated Minghao. That isn’t like you. What’s up? Are you okay?”

He was scratching the back of his neck in frustration and walked over to you, very fluidly.

“I’ve wanted to tell you something for a while now and it’s been killing me to not let you know this. Y/N I-“

Just as he was about to say it, Vernon walks in.

“Food’s he-… ohhhhhh, my bad. Carry on.”

He leaves out and closes the door behind him. You and Minghao are alone again. He’s staring at you deeply.

“As I was saying, I-“

He rolled his eyes and bit his lip to not scream at the person that just interrupted him. You both look to see Dino run in along with Vernon.

“I told you not to come in Dino! Sorry The8.”

“I just want to eat man!”

Vernon finally walks out with a whining Dino. You quietly giggled at the two and The8 couldn’t help but smile at your adorableness.

“I like you, Y/N. Like a lot.”

You looked at him to study his eyes. Did you hear him right? He likes ME?

“You don’t have to say anything yet Y/N. Just please don’t say it yet. It’s fine if you don’t like me back. I-“

Before you could say anything back you wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him. He almost immediately kissed you back, wrapping his arms around your waist. You pulled away and looked him in his eyes.

“I like you too, Minghao. Like a lot.”

You both laughed and share another kiss. You then hear S. Coups behind the door, yelling “That’s my boy” along with cheers and yelling from the other member’s and your sister.

All you and Minghao could do was laugh.