my first fav ever


Patrick and Lupe Fiasco performing at 2007 MTV U Award + Pete (x)

highlights of the author meetup w/ megan whalen turner

•"Gen, who has impulse control issues,“
•how she was determined to not write a book about a Quest and then ended up sort of writing book(s) about a Quest
•how she got into a fight with a friend one time about how to say “Avonlea” and wouldn’t say she was wrong for a long time, so we’re allowed to pronounce the names in her books however we want.
•”(it’s about) a Thief, who has bad impulse control,“
•Conspiracy of Kings is about Sophos learning to “put his big boy pants on”


Jeff Buckley at the Electric Lounge, Austin.

“I just didn’t want him to think that the person that he was was not important, the person was more important. If he never sang another day in his life it would be everybody’s loss, but he was so… important. For some reason i think he wasn’t sure about that, he knew that he had the gift, but i’m not sure that he knew that if he didn’t have the gift, that he was still okay, that he was of a great value anyway. ”
-Ellen Cavolina

plus side of of carpal tunnel: tons of free time, spent on the nth Discworld rereading 

minus side: want to draw everything, can’t