my first fan art so please be nice

Hugs are almost always the answer.❄💙

It’s here!! My first fanart!😧 It took long to finish since it’s the first time I worked so hard on something of my own 😞 But to be honest, I am VERY proud of this! I know it’s full of mistakes but please be nice!😂💕

i0taku-chan  asked:

How do you come up with such great character designs (and keep them consistent)? I can draw a blank human body or draw fan art of a character I already know, but am completely hopeless at coming up with any original designs. Even on the off chance I do make a character that looks cool, if i try to draw them again they end up looking different than before. Please help!

First off, thank you! I’m relatively new at creating my own characters, so the positive feedback I’ve received is very nice!

As for advice, I recommend making a file where you can save any costume/character designs that you like, that way, if you’re stuck or brainstorming, you’ll have that there to jumpstart yourself. If you see an outfit or facial feature irl that you think “wow!! I want to use that!!” write it or draw it down in a sketchbook for later use.

Once you create a design that you’re intrigued with, make a sketch page! make another sketch page! Keep the elements you enjoy and explore the elements you’re not sure about yet. Advice for keeping characters consistent is; draw them a lot! On the flip side though, it’s your design, so nothing’s set in stone. If you draw a character differently than the last time, that’s not always a bad thing! You may be evolving their design, making something that’s more personal to you, and that’s nothing to be bothered about!

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do you think you could draw vanessa and sonny?? please


shes always had a flair for the dramatic


So I’m keeping up with @nekojitachan​ ‘s All For The Game AU fic “Armies”
And I’m not gonna say much because what’s the fun in that when you can just read it; but it does involve:
-Andrew & Neil wearing ~*Very Nice Clothes*~
-Andrew driving a ~*Very Nice Car*~
-Andrew & Neil doing~*Not So Nice Things*~.

So I wanted to draw them in some formal wear. The one in pencil was first- it was a rough start so I improved it with MORE knives. Ink was done second. <3

(I need a pair of monk-strap shoes for myself or at the very least some wingtips UGH)
(Ignore my lumpy car please.)

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My aftg art
Post-Baltimore Scene


So I have my exams tomorrow (lucky huh) and I’ve decided to procrastinate by spotting nice (better than other crap) pictures of Dan Howell (aka danisnotonfire) in my sketchbook. Also I like the idea of Dan drinking lots of coffee I DON’T KNOW WHY.
First one is inspired by song 2022 by Katherine and Eden.
Please do not repost without my permission!

i’m seeing in the heights in london for the last time in couple of hours,, it’s ridiculous how much this show means to me and i’m going to miss it so much!

i’m still on a break for a couple more days, but i just wanted to show you some more of my progress with my obc rotoscope whilst i’ve got a little spare time 😊😊


Ehehehehhe…. Hehehheeh flowers….. Flowers'r nice…..

HEY LOOK ITS MY FIRST OFFICIAL PAINTING EVER, IM SO PROUD OF IT!!! Ib is one of my favorite horror RPGs ever it’s so great and so well written. I decided to paint one of my two favorite paintings (which is also my best friends fav painting) the flower eating painting/ blue door. I’m thinking about making all of Guertena’s Art (at least in my ability) lol.

(Please don’t remove caption/reupload or any of that shit)

I made these Osomatsu-san character illustrations and I’m planning on selling these as stickers real soon. I’m just having some issues with the colors and my printer (anybody here have some tips when it comes to printing art to turn them into goods??)… so hopefully it will be ok soon. It will be my first time ever selling my art so please be nice. ^^;

Would you guys be willing to buy this sticker set? :3

Some cool tidbits from Josh Radnor's visit to UCF...

Josh shared some really cool things tonight so I figured I’d try my best to remember some and share them with all of you too! I’m going to type these up as I remember them so please bear with me!

First, let me just say that he was rocking a nice beard and looked even more handsome in person. 

Carrying on…

  • He said Cristin Milioti was his favorite guest star (but had a very tough time choosing.)
  • Neil was a better kisser than Jason. 
  • His roommate in college was a huge Buffy fan and had a huge crush on Alyson Hannigan (who he called Aly…how cute!?)
  • He wrote some of his film Liberal Arts while visiting Jason Segel in Hawaii. Jason was writing Forgetting Sarah Marshall at the time. 
  • He and Cobie were the first two to be cast. 
  • One of my favorite moments was when he was drawing comparisons and contrasts between himself and Ted. He mentioned that they are both from Ohio to which he followed up with “…but I live in the moment.” It was classic. I almost cried.
  • One thing that made me sad…they have already taken down the MacLaren’s set.
  • Carter and Craig got Ted’s love for Spain from Josh himself (who has been several times).
  • He has claustrophobia and did not enjoy filming the scene where Ted gets stuck in the mailbox. He also had a broken foot at the time. 
  • He knows nothing about architecture but said the writers gave that profession to Ted because he’s such a “planner.”
  • He said he loved HIMYM so much because he felt it had “warmth.” (We agree, Josh. We agree.)
  • He loves to travel and talked a lot about the places he has been and how they’ve inspired him.
  • He said he’d love to do Sweeney Todd so he could “sing a little and slit some throats.” (LOL)
  • As he gets older he says he’d like to do more directing.

He was such an intelligent man and eloquent speaker. It’s obvious how much he cares about the work he does and he was also extremely down to Earth. One thing that really struck me was the way he spoke about acting. It’s rare to find an actor (especially someone who’s on TV, let alone a hit sitcom that ran for 9 years) that still speaks of acting as a craft that deserves attention and nurturing. He loves his job and it’s obvious. He takes care of his characters whether it’s in acting or directing or writing. I think that’s really important and it reminded me of why I fell in love with the craft when I was so young. 

He gave some really incredible advice and said a few things that, if I’m being totally honest, I don’t think I’ll ever forget. It genuinely was a pleasure to see him tonight and learn from him and laugh with him and to sorta get the chance to thank him for the past 9 years as well as to wish him luck with his future. Which is no doubt very bright :)

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Aww congrats on your first drawing contest! :)) and so thoughtful of you for the non-winners to have something from you :) so a little doodle, yeah? can you draw me a little cuddling muke??? please? >.< THANK YOU SO MUCH FRICE!!! lots of love!

Yeahhhh :D !!!! i’m glad you participated ^-^ i got this lil idea since there weren’t a lot of you, and i’m sorry your doodle turned out as a big doodle lmao. sketchy but here you have a cuddling muke :p

YOU’RE WELCOME !! xxxx (have a nice dayyyyy :D)

Utsu here, with a special report~!

I’ve just reached 200 followers here on my main, and I’m shocked, to say the least. So, I’ve decided to do something nice for all of you guys!!

I’m giving away 1 fullbody, one waist up, and one bust drawing from me~! All full colored! They can be a fan character, an OC or even an existing character! Just…No mecha. Please, no mecha. First place gets the fullbody, second gets the waist up, third gets the bust.

Here are the rules:

  • This is only for current followers, I’m sorry ;; It’s just not fair to follow me for free art.
  • Likes and Reblogs are each one entry, and you can only reblog twice, just to keep you from spamming your followers. uwu That makes 3 possible entries~

You have 48 hours to reply when I’ve let you know what place you’ve won. This ends one week from today, April 25th at 12:00am EST.

Good luck guys~!


I want more Seiji for my dashboard. People say the art is the reflection of the artist’s heart. So I wanna know how is Seiji in my heart look like.
I love the first one I draw for him, his smile is so nice, therefore this time i wanna see him when he lost in thought. I just like to see his deep eyes when he’s thinking… like i can’t read his mind but I’m still wanna see it and trying to find out his thinking.

It took me a lot time to draw this and I have to say…I love his smiling more.
Well…I don’t even know the caption for this one though.
I’m sorry Seiji, my fault , please smile.