my first fan art so please be nice

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You are an amazing and incredible human being!!! I cant believe I just find out about you now. Your arts are beyond excellent and I admire you very very much indeed. You have earned a new crazy fan today, please keep up the good work. I will be off to your store now, will need A LOT of self control to not buy everything!!!!

Oh my goodness all these compliments first thing in the morning I have so many feels THANK YOU FOR ALL THE NICE WORDS AND THE SUPPORT ANON! I’ll do my best to draw much more~ ( ・`ω・´)

Ehehehehhe…. Hehehheeh flowers….. Flowers'r nice…..

HEY LOOK ITS MY FIRST OFFICIAL PAINTING EVER, IM SO PROUD OF IT!!! Ib is one of my favorite horror RPGs ever it’s so great and so well written. I decided to paint one of my two favorite paintings (which is also my best friends fav painting) the flower eating painting/ blue door. I’m thinking about making all of Guertena’s Art (at least in my ability) lol.

(Please don’t remove caption/reupload or any of that shit)

I made these Osomatsu-san character illustrations and I’m planning on selling these as stickers real soon. I’m just having some issues with the colors and my printer (anybody here have some tips when it comes to printing art to turn them into goods??)… so hopefully it will be ok soon. It will be my first time ever selling my art so please be nice. ^^;

Would you guys be willing to buy this sticker set? :3

Today is another Throwback Thursday and that means it’s time for showing old and sometimes uncomfortable things. 😄
So here it is, my VERY FIRST drawing of Michael Fassbender! The first one of 30 (!!!) Fassy-drawings who have become a very important part of my life. Please people, don’t mock me because of this. 😄😄😄 I know it’s full of flaws and his hair OMG! 😂 But since you are so nice and wonderful people, I decided to share this with you! 😘

PS: I’m already working on Nr. 31. Stay tuned friends and have a lovely day. ❤️

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