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Yo the struggle was so very real in this picture.

 So this was originally was suppose to be a breakup picture because I was listening to Adel but after not being happy with the first few poses (and my playlist switched off from Adel) It morphed into a reunion scene shortly after Phoneix’s is discarded. (In all honestly, I hate the idea that would ever break up so I’m much happier with this outcome lol)  

                     “Pyaasa” (1957)   /   Waheeda Rehman   /   My Gif


I always kinda forget this scene and how good it is. Isak is so startled to see Even cos it’s the first time after the almoust kiss. It’s not like he hasn’t been thinking about it all weekend but when he sees Even it’s like it becomes real and the memory is even more vivid like *shit he actually was gonna kiss me holy shit*. So then he’s there, right in front of Isak again asking him to join him at the Halloween party, and hell yes he’s gonna join him.

Alexander Skarsgård on inspiration for a sense memory as told to Bill Skarsgård for Interview magazine

ALEXANDER: [At 9 years old while they were both working on White Water Fury] You called your agent-slash-kindergarten teacher. I don’t remember you being upset, but I do have a very vivid memory where you wrapped early one day, and they took you back to the hotel, and I had another scene. When I got back, you were just standing outside in the parking lot, waiting for me, and it broke my heart. It was just the two of us. We obviously come from a big family back in Stockholm. I never felt needed. It was always chaos with Mom, Dad, uncles, you know, we all lived in the same building. Dinner parties with 25 people every night. And for the first time, you and I went away together, and suddenly I wasn’t just a big brother. I felt paternal. You were just standing in the parking lot waiting for your big brother to come home, because you didn’t know anyone and you didn’t know what to do. If I ever need a little sense memory for a scene, that vision of coming around the corner and seeing you standing there, this little boy in this massive parking lot, is really beautiful and heartbreaking. It was the first time I ever felt needed.

BILL: That’s a lovely story.

Sources: Interview magazine quotes by Alexander Skarsgård and Bill Skarsgård; my gif of my caps from The East, Melancholia, Generation Kill, True Blood (4.12 and 4.10), Hundtricket, War on Everyone, The Legend of Tarzan, Disconnect and The Giver.

Okay, so, I am absolutely in love with the shot of Lexa. First off Alicia’s acting is absolutely incredible, bless this human being, and, there is so much to deconstruct from this scene.
As this is one of the most groundbreaking Clexa moments on the show, everything had to be meticulously played out, and it was beautiful.
At this very moment when Clarke sits Lexa down on he bed, the light perfectly shines across her face Illuminating her, and her vulnerability for Clarke. She’s emotional, Clarke was leaving soon. Here she was, stunned by Clarke’s beauty, a Goddess in her eyes. Her gaze screamed “I never want to take my eyes off you, ever”, this is where she was meant to be, it was perfect, this was her forever.

Lexa was in love with Clarke and nothings going to change that.

Reshop Heda.

I think we can all agree that this was one of the most emotional scenes that any us of have ever seen. I mean I bawled my eyes out the first time I saw it, yet somehow it breaks my heart more and more everytime I watch it. And I’ve just finally figured out one of the many reasons explaining why I do that. 

Look at his face. We can all see those tears. However I think when the majority of us watched this, we saw them, let it increase our pain, and accepted them as a part of the overall emotion of this scene. But have any of us really asked the question:

Why is he crying?

Sherlock knows he won’t die. Obviously. It’s obvious that his plan to fake his death was pre-meditated. We know this. And even though we cried and cried, we knew Sherlock would come back just as he himself knew. So why is he crying? One could say that he’s just trying to convince John that he really is about to kill himself. But come on, there is no way in hell John can see the tears from there. And a guy like Sherlock can undoubtedly make it sound like he’s crying without shedding actual tears. So why is he crying?

I think one has to look at what he’s saying and to whom he is saying it.. I invented Moriarty. I’m a fake. It’s just a trick, just a magic trick. He says these words to John. To protect him, Sherlock tries to make John believe that he is nothing but a fraud. And although he wants John to believe this lie to keep him safe, I think Sherlock is terribly terribly afraid that John really will believe it. This is why Sherlock is crying. Because he is absolutely terrified of the possibility that the person whom he cares about most in the world will believe he is a liar. Sherlock doesn’t want John to be let down, and he doesn’t want to be the one to let him down, but he forces himself to look like a horrible liar to keep John safe, and it wounds him deeply to do so.

This makes the scene so much more emotional for me, while simultaneously increasing my respect for Sherlock. This exact moment is proof that Sherlock will always always put his friends, especially John, before himself and his pride.

On the wonderful occasion of Christmas, I decided to color the edit from Chapter 447 that I had previously created and transform it into a Christmas GIF. This is my first GIF ever! c:

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!! ^^

Girls is typically a show of perpetual summer—until now. “The first day of shooting season 4 it was 35 degrees, so technically we were shooting in winter, but this is the first time we’ve ever wanted it to look like winter on screen,” says costume designer Jenn Rogien, admitting how difficult it was to dress a winter scene during the height of summer. “For Hannah’s coat, we went right to one of my favorite resources for her—Amaracord Vintage Fashion—because they’re vintage dealers, they actually have coats year-round. For Fran, thankfully, the internet stocks coats in July.”

Rogien was hard-pressed for the rest of their accessories, so she turned to her favorite personal resource: her closets at home. “Hannah’s wearing mittens from my closet, Fran’s wearing a scarf that I stole from my husband,” she says. “Logistically, it was a bit of a treasure hunt.”

The thread pulling it all together was the costume designer’s vision of early winter in the city. “There’s something romantic about the first snow in New York,” says Rogien. “I really wanted to try and evoke that in their clothes.”

The TPTB Quotes ~ Calzona

Shonda Rhimes, Writer, ‘Sanctuary’ & 'Death And All His Friends" | Grey’s Anatomy 06x23 & 06x24|

“When I pitched this finale at the beginning of Season 6 (those of you who know me know that I pitch the end of the season first and we work towards it), when I pitched a gunman shooting up the hospital, it seemed fine.
Really it did.
And then 20 or so episodes later, I started to write it and it did not seem fine. It did not seem fine at all. On an almost daily basis, I would come into work and throw myself down on the sofa in the middle of the office and burst into tears like a…well, like a bitch baby. And I would tell the other Grey’s writers, “I don’t think I can do this. It’s too horrible. People are getting hurt. That man is shooting them.” Buckets of bitch baby tears….

Callie and Arizona. Are together! Yay! I don’t like them apart. They are so great as a couple, so funny and sweet and emotional, that keeping them apart was not even an option right now.
This baby thing, it is hard. It is an impossible situation. But in the end, they were each willing to give a little. And that means they can make it work. No matter what they end up actually deciding on the baby front. When they kiss at the end, that’s the one bright spot we have to hold on to.
They love each other. Nothing else matters.“

“Callie and Arizona. I mean, I feel like we watched what I thought was a really lovely progression between the two of them.
Going from Callie being furious at Arizona and not talking to her at all, to Arizona saying the thing that I think she’s been thinking all season. If you notice every time Callie says, ‘We have to talk,’ Arizona would say, ‘Are you going back to men? Is that what’s going on? Are you going back to men?’
Her greatest fear is that Callie is a visiting lesbian, she’s a vacationing lesbian, she’s not actually in this relationship. Callie says, ‘When are you gonna stop blaming me for not being good enough lesbian for you?’ And Arizona says, ‘When, you know, you prove to me that you’re really in love with me and not with being in love.’
And that was such a wonderful true moment of two people who are basically saying their greatest fear. They’re arguing, but they’re saying their greatest fear.
Cause Callie’s afraid she’s not good enough lesbian, and Arizona’s afraid that Callie doesn’t really love her. And, when in fact you discover in that scene with Gary Clark, the exact opposite’s true.
They both really love each other. And Callie’s speech to that little girl about Arizona’s super magic smile is one of my favorite things ever. It’s the sweetest, sweetest moment. And I love that in that moment Arizona’s first instinct is to throw her body over a child. And Callie’s instinct is to protect them both.
It was very beautiful and kind of a metaphor for them and their future and the family unit, which I thought was really beautiful.
So I loved the end, and we talked about this- Jessica and Sara and I talked about this a lot in the writer’s room- In the end, Sara says, ‘I don’t wanna ha-‘ Callie says, ‘I don’t wanna have kids if it means I can’t be with you.’ And Arizona says, ‘We’ll have kids. We’ll have tons of kids. We’ll have ten kids. Cause I can’t live without you and our ten kids.’ It’s like my favorite moment, because it’s not really about kids at all.
The kids issue is not settled. What’s settled is they know they wanna be together no matter what. So that was kind of an amazing moment. I felt like it was a grown up moment for the two of them. It’s not about what you’ll give me or won’t give me. It’s about them.”

"It was such an experience…. At the table read for the first part of the season finale, I was worried for my unborn child, my blood pressure was so through the roof. Every time the gunman would come around the corner, we’d just be terrified! It wasn’t until the second part that he came into peds, and literally, when they got to the stage direction where he appears in the door, I screamed. Screamed, screamed, screamed – a lot. It was very well mapped out, and it amply terrified everyone. There was so much more, Shonda probably could have made that a four-hour finale. But yeah, we kinda got off easy.” - Jessica Capshaw

“You know Jessica and I laughed a lot because we didn’t ..our characters didn’t get hurt, at all. We came 'this’ close to the shooter but unscathed, made it out alive and changed people because of it. I just think, the whole episode is such reminder that how short life can be and there are so many things that are out of our control. And, that well connected. There have been so many shootings in schools, colleges, high schools and it’s just really saddening. And I think it just brought the point home that our characters are really traumatized by all this in different ways and it was just a reminder how precious life is.” - Sara Ramirez

Other Quotes

“I was surprised because everyone was surprised. But I actually had the personal experience of having a friend who is married to a pediatric neurosurgeon, and I was able to glean from him the perspective that when your day, for years and years, is comprised of saving children’s lives, you know every single thing that can go wrong…. And even though though [Arizona] said it has nothing to do with her brother having died, I think there’s some of that in there.
Someone once said to me, “To have a child is to understand what it’s like to have your heart walk around outside your body.” Why would you want to love something more than anything else in the whole world if you knew all the things that can go wrong? So I understood it. Also, I was talking to one of the writers and she said – and I think it’s so true – that Arizona needed some dirtying up. She was so perfect.
She would be like, “I’m not having kids, I’m not relenting,” which doesn’t sound great, when the fact is that straight or gay, we expect women to have kids. So it was interesting to hear her reason for not wanting to have that. And Callie wasn’t that nice about her pushback – “Well, I do.” I’m sure [that debate] will continue to go on, especially with the bloggers” - Jessica Capshaw

“Well what she has been through has obviously been an amazing journey of self discovery, and, has now found someone who really wants to be with her and is happy to be with her and loves her and likes her and all that serious stuff and an equal.
Arizona Robbins, I think brings in a much deserved and much needed kind of love that she hasn’t had yet.
And so what we’re gonna see is the two of them exploring that kind of positive, healthy relationship that is grounded, and it doesn’t mean that they don’t argue or have moments like that but I think that’s gonna be nice. I think Callie kind of deserves that right now” - Sara Ramirez

“Jessica is amazing, She and Sara have really committed [to this story], and they have amazing chemistry together. It’s been great to watch that develop. For me, it is very ‘Mer-Der-like’ to watch them together.” - Shonda Rhimes

Bamon week, day two: “I’m like a fever you can’t shake.”

This scene right here will forever be my favorite Bamon moment ever (unless of course they really kiss or have sex) but until then this will be my favorite moment. When this scene first aired I got up off the couch, and ran through my house screaming until  my dad told me to sit my black ass down, I sat, but inwardly I was screaming and crying like a little bitch.

- Okay, since i’ve lately reached 900 followers ( still can’t believe it, to be honest), i’ve decided to share my favorite bellarke fics with you and i hope it’ll help you survive hiatus. Special thanks to badassblake, carkeblake, oktavia-blakes and many other amazing people that helped me and made me feel great in here. You guys are the best and I love every single one of you :D

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This thing started as a quite small post, but ended up being a total monster, i have no idea how that happened ( except that i have. This fandom is just unbelievably talented). These are all the fics that made me laugh and cry and laugh and cry at the same time.  All finished. Have a nice ride :D

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