my first ever colouring

Here are some roses I did with watercolour paints! I’ve never painted before and the only time I’ve seen anyone paint is a few stray clips on Instagram, so I’m pretty chuffed with these 🌺😊🖌


clexa + watching over the other while they sleep 


My first ever fully coloured comic? This has been an ongoing project for months and it’s finally done. Basically an AU where Oikawa and Iwaizumi run away when both families disapprove of their relationship, they had both grown up in extremely conserved households, only worsening the situation. Eventually, they start their life together, having two children of their own in their own little apartment.

Do not repost without permission.

Time To Come - Chapter 2 (On The Way Home) by hitorimaron

Fantasy RPG Colouring Book!

It’s finally here! Available for purchase as a high-quality pdf, my first ever fantasy role playing game-themed colouring book: RPG/RGB!

The book contains:
- monsters!
- adventuring heroes!
- magical items!

Contact me at to let me know you’d like to buy a copy. After payment through PayPal has gone through, I’ll email you a download link!