my first ever broadway show

  • You, A fool: The Great Comet's producers switched Oak with Mandy because they are racist assholes, who can't see real talent, and because of that I will not support the show.
  • Me, not a fool: The Great Comet's producers did not think about race in this situation at all, they thought about money and keeping the show alive, ya know what they need to think about. I do agree that they could've explained it better but they announced it to the public like they did when Brittain was switched with Ingrid Michaelson. It was the public eye that made this whole thing into a big deal AND Oak I love the guy I really do but he could've and should've handled the whole situation like a professional. Great Comet is a great show and no matter how bad this whole thing looks you should support the show. please. Just think of how many amazing actors will be out of a job. Lucas Steele, Denée Benton, Gelesy Bell, and so many other magnificent actors. Please support the show. please please please please. this show deserves way more that want it has been given. I love the other shows but this one holds a special place in my heart. It was my first broadway show I ever saw and I felt such a connection to every person in the audience and every actor and,,, sorry im rambling and I don't really have much to say other than support this show please please please, spread the word to every inch of the broadway community, buy tickets! it's actually pretty cheap compared to everything else. BUY MERCH!!! A very easy way to help them just do whatever you can.


Sad to say this short-lived, love-filled solo trip to New York has ended. But wow. What a blessing it has been to walk through this dream land. I’m forever in awe & I can’t wait to visit again! Thank you to my good friend, Casey, for housing me & showing me around. And thank you to my grandbig, Gino, for having me tag along to see my first ever Broadway show, Miss Saigon. It’s been an unbelievable experience. I’ll be back, New York. I promise.

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what musical that has opened or is opening this season are you most excited for?

I have wanted CATS back on Broadway for a decade now and this Christmas I am going to NYC for the first time ever to see my first Broadway show which is the show that started my love for theatre in the first place!!!

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I was like, new to twitter and new to the whole celebrity thing and I was like, “Superstoked to go to my first Broadway show ever with Lea Michele, yay!" But it was on a night when there was only one or two shows playing on Broadway and they were both across the street from each other… but I didn’t think about that! So when we came out of the show, we were happily greeted, and everybody was… it was a lot of people, it was kind of a mob scene! And we were like, woah! what’s going on?! This is crazy… 

So. Last night happened. And I have literally no words for how life changing it was for me. It’s the only way I can describe seeing Darren own that stage playing Hedwig.

Let me start by telling you that no one can be fully prepared to see what goes on in that theatre, no one. My mouth hung open for at least the first 10 minutes of the show until I realized I was just gaping like an idiot. Darren was born to be on stage, on Broadway. He owned the stage from the second he entered it and the very last second he walked out of it. Hedwig is funny, sassy, witty, sad, feisty and another number of adjectives I can’t remember the name of right now. She made me laugh to tears, she made me cry, she left me breathless at times. 

And before the show I was wondering if I would see Darren behind the make-up and the wigs and the costumes, and part of me thought I would, because come on, how can one person completely disappear like that inside a character? But Darren does. You don’t see Darren at all, you don’t see Blaine, you only see Hedwig. Darren really gives 200% of himself into the character of Hedwig and you end up wondering if she didn’t magically materialize on that stage straight from the movie. Of course she’s different than JCM’s Hedwig in the movie (don’t have a point of comparison for the show) but the very essence of her is there.

I am so fucking happy that Hedwig was my first Broadway show ever, so fucking happy that I flew all the way from Europe to experience what I did last night, and what I’m going to experience again this week (5 more shows!) The joy Darren brings me whenever I see him can’t be described. I cried at different points during the show last night because I was just so proud of him. My eyes kept welling up because DARREN IS PLAYING ONE OF HIS DREAM ROLE and my god is he fucking outstanding doing it.

I have pics and videos from the stage door that I’ll post later because right now I need to get ready to meet some friends at the theater and see my second show at 3pm, front row, baby! :)