my first ever 1k

I am so full of feels right now! oh my god! my watercast fanart

gained notes so fast I CRIED! and I got my first ever 1K notes! IN TWO DAYS! thank you guys! I needed to do a fast sketchy thing of how I felt and ofc I used our precious space babies <3 honestly! thank you precious people I love you all <3

do not repost anywhere
do not remove artists comments

In honour of me reaching 1k, I’ve decided to do my first ever favorites! I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now, and as promised, here it is!


  • Don’t delete the text! It won’t show up on your blog!
  • Please be following me. I can’t force you but there’s a 99.99% i won’t choose you lol
  • Reblogs only! Likes will only count as a bookmark xx


  • you get to have all my loVEEE
  • a spot on my favorites page! 
  • promos whenever you want! (max. 3 a week)
  • did i say u get all my loVEEE?

Higher Chances:

  • have a similar blogtype/posts as me! 
  • be an active follower! if i see you in my notifications / top followers thingy  alot i’m more likely to choose you!
  • reblog more than once, but don’t spam it otherwise I can’t see everyone else

Other info:

  • i made the ugly ass banner soz but look at the cute doggy awww<3 image is not mine, its from here
  • don’t be afraid to ask me here if you have any questions!
  • choosing when i’m happy with the notes (if this gets anY :’) ) 

IF THIS FLOPS it never happened lol shhhh ;)  ALSO PLS DONT SELF PROMOTE THANKS :D

update: probably choosing in a month, so around feb 22 :)

*please don’t delete the text otherwise it won’t show up on your blog!*

hello everyone!! recently, i’ve reached 1k and i’ve decided to make my first ever favorites page so here are the rules and everything else!


- must be following me 

- reblog this post (likes are only for bookmarking)


- a new friend (meeee (◕‿◕✿))

- you will be featured in my favorites page (coming soon!!)

- i will be queuing lots from you 

- promos whenever you want! (max. is 3 a week)

- a follow from me, if not already


- reblog this more than once (this will seriously get me to notice you more)

- have a similar blog style

- be active 

- (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ have a clean blog that you are proud of and love


- picking around 20 blogs (i might pick more, it really depends on how much notes this gets)

- choosing when i’m happy with the notes

- the banner is made by me, but the picture is from tumblr

good luck! x

 - vivian

please don’t let this flop like the first one i mean what

So, because I recently passed 12k followers and bc it’s that time of the year again, I’m here to give you the most sloppy Follow Forever… ever. :D

About a year ago I made my first 1k follow forever, and I honestly cannot comprehend how so many more people joined in on the fun, and how I reached such an insane number in the span of a year! >:O

Thankyou all so much!! You’re the most amazing followers I could wish for :>

Without further ado here we go with all the blogs I like and love!

bold for my amazing friends  ♥
italics for talented people i admire >///<

@absent-angel @aloosh-s @akinakami @berryjewel @blamedorange @blanania @bottled-genius @canyoudigitmotherlicker @curiousstrawberry @eagerladybug @easyminds @epeolatryx @fairytailwitch @giupear @hirata-s @honeyteacake @iluvfairytail @jirochan@joliemariella @just-absolutely-super @kagi–horuda @kagom @karokitten-chan @kkumri @leons-7 @lolohime @lonestorm @madartiste @melllllly @mslead @mungoe @n-a-d-h-i-e @nalutbh @natsu-dorkneel @noirlilium @okerii @phantombones @ponchizs @rboz @rivendell101 @seiikas @semi-ordinary @shandisworld @soprana-snap @superterabite @taricoamenel @tartatail @thathilomgirl @thecoolandspicyotaku @thefatedmeeting @thefife01 @toxineena @wordsofawitheringwriter @yaushie @yoriru @yuuba @yanderechild @zelkam @zippi44

lauren foliageadeux’s 900 follower follow forever!

so in honor of me reaching 900 followers and it almost being christmas i’ve decided to do my first ever follow forever ! lmao also bc i wanna get to 1k and this is like the last final lil push

// mutuals are italicized ; faves are bolded

#: @20dollar-novocaine, @90stroye

ABCD: @ahomeboyslife ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ,@alienspsd, @alwaysfob, @americanstumpy, @badladns, @christmaskarth, @cornerstcne, @dallondarko,@dreamiestgirl, @dunshot, @dun-182, @deargravity, @diamond-ed, @dsiasterboy

EFGH: @entionette, @eversteps, @fallouchboy, @falloutbarbie, @forcenturies, @freshonlybakery, @fruitsoftheape100, @g-yro, @grungedallon,@halseays, @howtobeamagicalgirl, @hurleyxvx

IJKL: @jeeshwaa, @la-devote

MNO: @mistlebros, @mrtrohman,​ @nebullae, @neckeep,@nervousbreakdance@opnletter

PQRS:  @pastelstumph, @punktrick,@rednosestump, @regionally, @rimfob, @santasans, @saportuh, @spacekid-ty, @stavlow​, @stillstreet, @stumpypumpkin

TUVWXYZ: @tearinmyhearts,@treefanyart, @twentydunpilxts, @veganpsychic, @winterdun, @wentzclvb, @winterurie

tysm so much and i love u all (including fob and josh dun lmao) if i missed anybody check blogroll here: blogroll! happy holidays everybody :^)