my first edit using cs6!!!!!

「  døes it bøther anyøne else
      that sømeøne else has yøur name  ?¿  」

      •|¡|•   Ø   !+¡   ].[

「  videø credit  」

anonymous asked:

Omg i love your icons!! How do you get the effects like that or what do you use, if thats okay to ask? Ive honestly been trying for days now but im no good with making icon borders T^T

          HEY THERE, I would be glad to help! First things first: I use Photoshop CS6 for my editing. I’ve been using this type of software ( starting with CS2 ) since around the time Myspace roleplay was a thing so I can say that if you have an older version ( aka cheaper/easier to find for free/etc. ) then you can pretty much do what I do. If you don’t have Photoshop then I’m sure you can find a safe, free download on Tumblr by searching the tags.

          I’m assuming that you specifically want to know how I do the double border and gif effect? I’ll briefly explain both. I do recommend having basic photoshop knowledge because I suck at explaining things. LOL

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he’s f a s t

   she’s w e i r d 

he’s d e a d

   she’s b r o k e n