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"I'm... lacking in height and muscle strenght compared to most 
players... but I believe that there's more to batting than just 
physical power."
Happy birthday, Harucchi!!! (^・ω・^ ) --03.01--

As requested, here’s the gif from Twitter that was made for Matty’s story, The Predator. ^^ 

There are also other fanarts that I will post next week. Here are the previous edits.

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And to think such an amazing Itasasu AU started because of an "NO OFFENSE BUT" anon ask... I kinda want to thank that salty anon now. (No, but thank you and Eeliiii!! I'm liking this AU a lot!)

I kinda want to thank that anon too haha

Really this Itasasu AU is so interesting and filled with emotions, it’s really cool that it came out of a salty ask. So I really have to thank @eeliiii for this~


ive been feeling energetic today for some reason and its only 9am!!!!!! also the green shirt looks cute imo~~


“pretend for a moment,” lia told her, “that we’re all very, very slow.”
i’m not very good at pretending,” sloane told her seriously. “but i think i can do that.

@lieutenantker I bought this just for the box even tho I know they didn’t specially master it for vinyl because I can DisPlaY My Alien Space Boyfriend (and because the 180 gram vinyl is Pretty tbh) and have separate “around the house” and “special occasion” N7 jumpsuit pajamas so I am honestly gonna be the last person to judge you.

Omg my first voltron edit I posted here +_+ AND TWO OTPS IN ONE VIDEO CAUSE HECK YEA

This was my secret santa for @brandythetaco​ in the event hosted by @michymochi612​! >3> (very late i know) Hope you all like~

Song: Runaway by Against the Current
Media: Voltron: Legendary Defender (Shallura, Klance)

Color palette and art sources are in the YouTube description which can be found here!
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Morgan and Reid + Tonight I’m Loving You.

This song has always reminded me of them and since I couldn’t find the right insp. for a fanfic, I decided to make it an edit, instead. (OMG btw this is my first one of them, my babeeees).