my first doctor who related post

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Here in my part of Canada, the first episode of Doctor Who Series 10 airs at 7 p.m. MST, which is about six hours after it airs in the UK. I will be going “radio silent” on Tumblr for most of the rest of today (Apr. 15) as a result and not checking private messages or other posts (basically I’m avoiding the Internet, period), as I want to avoid as many spoilers from across the pond as possible (I tried to land an Amy-related pun as I wrote that but gave up). I’m sure I will have comments afterwards, privately or otherwise!

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when did u watch dw for the 1st time? who's your favourite companion? and why?

I watched Doctor who for the first time in the fall of 2013 and my favourite companion is Rose Tyler because


But short answer:

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honestly i think i hsave to unfollow. notthing actually hurts more than trusting a blog only to find they think self dxing things like depression is bad despite the fact i'd get beaten by my family for so much as asking to see a doctor in case i "actually do" have it. i'm not faking it. i'm not pretending for attention. who tf attempts suicide after 4 years of pining unless there's an actual illness? i dont "display" my illnesses. i even have a disclaimer bc ppl say theyre "not really real"

hey bud, nothing against you, but if youd actualy read the entire post, youd understand my position on self diagnosis a little better.
on the case of depression specifically,  its pretty easy to tell if you have it, that post was mainly calling out 14 year old kids who have a fucking collection of illnesses that dont even appear naturally together in the first place.

the entire point of getting a diagnosis from a doctor is that you can then get help or medication related to the illness. no diagnosis, no help, so whats even the point of self diagnosing in the first place?
yes, sometimes self diagnosis can be useful if the illness is not one that alters your perception of yourself too much (im talking schizophrenia and all. cant selfdx that) and if youre actually working towards helping yourself.

heres an example that comes at the top of my head of good self diagnosis: my man cr1tikal, who noticed a rise of his need to do some thing repetitively to the point where it became rituals, intensively researched about ocd and found that even if he couldnt afford going to a doctor, he could try and find a way to break these rituals and let go of ocd, and he did!

bad self diagnosis? “hi were a system of 5 genderflux people im kate but theres also sans from undertale and a few anime people hahaha xd lol. i also have schizophrenia, bpd and depression i guess. lol im so random!”