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This is really different but I really like it. I’m proud of this one. Hope you enjoy it.

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Would you believe me, if I said I went To the same church as Justin Bieber? I doubt it. People never did. But then again, who would?

But I do. And I have for a while now.

It’s not like we’ve talked or anything. In fact, I don’t think Justin even knows my name, but I still see him every week. So much that seeing him around isn’t even a shock anymore.

To me, he’s now just a normal person, attending church on a Sunday - who goes upon there normal day just like any one else would.

The church I attended was a private one. Very closed off and self kept. It was no wonder Justin came along.

At first, he would come along with his family. Sometimes alone. Basically just came to say grace, attend mass then leave. And it was like that for around a year, before I noticed someone else.

A girl who’s name I learnt to be Y/N. She was sweet from what I had seen. A religious girl who had good intentions. It surprised me to see her considering we usually don’t get a lot of new faces here.

She was friendly to everyone - including Justin. They looked like a couple of old friends who had grown up together and I actually think that’s what they were.

From what I had heard from my mother they have been best friends since as long as they could remember. And apparently Y/N’s normal Church closed down, so Justin invited her to join him at ours until she found a new parish.

But What was supposed to be a one time thing turned into a series of repetitive events, and after a month, she was considered a member of the church.

I honestly didn’t mind. It wasn’t like she was bothering me or anything and she was rather friendly. I liked her.

Months had passed and everyone in the church had begun to see a change in attitude around the two. It was as if they both a had a secret they were too afraid to tell each other but otherwise tried to act as if it wasn’t there.

But everyone else in the church had noticed. I remember my mother talking to Mrs smith one weekend after church about the two - they were saying how they ‘had seen this coming since the day Justin brought her to the church.’ Whatever that meant.

What did they see coming?

It wasn’t until weeks later I realised what they were talking about. One week at mass I watched them intensely, there was something about them that was just so interesting.

I may have been sitting a few seats behind them, but it was impossible to miss the way they were looking at each other when the other wasn’t. The love in there eyes.

That’s when I knew that they both had feelings for each other, they were just too afraid to admit it.

Time went by and nothing had changed. The problem about our church though is the church mothers love to gossip, and the kids love there media.

Apparently, some of the teen girls had seen on tmz some rumours that the two were dating, and they must have passed that message to there parents because it wasn’t long before the whole church was talking about it.

I didn’t believe it. I never believed anything the church mothers talked about. They’re always full of crap. But it came as a surprise the next Sunday when justin and Y/N walked in, smiling at each other with so much love, hand in hand.

Honestly, I was glad. It was about time. If I’m being honest, I think they looked cute together.

They were touchy throughout mass. Rubbing each other backs, winding their fingers through each other’s and even giving each other short, small pecks throughout.

It was honestly adorable.

And of course the church talked. No one in this place can keep there mouths shut but I didn’t mind talking about them. They were fascinating to me. And no one was saying anything bad.

A couple months had gone by and nothing had changed. They still had the same amount of love and passion in there eyes for each other. Sometimes they would show up looking a little pissed and avoided each other, but the next week they’d come back as if nothing had happened.

Just like a normal couple.

Justin continued making music and I even heard that Y/N got into modelling. Good for her, she had the body for it.

But that got the church talking once again. I think the girls were jealous honestly since from then on out people began throwing crap Y/N’s way. But after a while it passed.

Years had gone by and i think they were around 23 now. I know because Justin was exactly 6 years older then me. And I had just turned 17.

They still attended church, still sat in the same seats and shared the same love but one thing was different. Not only did they seem a lot more happy, but something in particular seemed to stand out.

Of course, this had the Parrish gossiping like crazy. Especially once they caught the size of the 27 carat diamond engagement ring wrapped around Y/N’s slender finger.

From that day on, the church began looking at her differently which was really uncalled for and rude. She had done nothing wrong and minded her own business - not disturbing anyone. But the Parrish saw her as spoiled and a gold digger.

Which didn’t make sense. It wasn’t like she askedfor the ring. It was Justin’s idea to propose. And they were a beautiful couple. Not just by looks but by personality as well.

Yet the couple went unphased. And a couple months later they both sported another ring each. Both just a simple wedding band.

Of course I didn’t attend the wedding personally but I heard they got married in the Parrish church. And the photos that flooded the internet only proved that theory.

Everything about the two was perfect. And they continued to attend mass together like a normal couple would.

All until a few weeks later. When Y/N walked in looking tired and saddened. Alone.

No Justin. And it was like that for a little while. She was alone.

I couldn’t believe it and apparently neither could the Parrish. They talked like crazy, some saying that they saw it coming and knew they wouldn’t last but others in as much shock as I was.

I couldn’t believe that they had broke up. They were so happy. I just couldnt figure out what went wrong.

But if you think that was a surprise, then you had to see how much more surprised we were to realise a couple months later, that Y/N’s stomach had grown.

No not fat. But Baby weight.

She was pregnant.

I couldn’t believe it. I felt so sympathetic for Justin. And the church couldn’t either. The news and rumours spread so fast after that and I even remember the day I heard it.

It was from Mrs Banks, the young housewife with the twin girls. Her daughters where bitches.but I remember my mother talking to her, and the way the news slipped Mrs banks lips, as if she was talking about a convict in prison. So much disgust.

‘She cheated on him.’

She said.

'she got pregnant with the other mans baby and poor Justin couldn’t take the heartbreak - left the sorry women just like she deserved.’

I was dumbfounded. I couldn’t believe such a sweet women could do such a terrible thing. Or maybe she wasn’t as sweet as i thought.

I avoided her for a long while after that. She tried being friendly, tried to say hello or throw a smile at me but I kept my distance. I was surprised father Gabriel hadn’t kicked her out.

A few more weeks went by, her stomach grew and so did the gossip and rumours. But suddenly, a month or two later, something happened. Something so small, yet it caused the whole church to shut there mouths.

Justin showed up one day. Not alone. Not with family. But with Y/N. Smiling.

He was walking behind her, with one hand on her swelling stomach and the other clutching her hand which also rest on her stomach. He guided her down the isle and into there usual seats, cuddling next to her.

Like nothing had happened.

Every pair of eyes where on them. Even father Gabriel’s.

Everyone was confused. Why had Justin gotten back with her? After what she did. I would never have forgiven her.

But it wasn’t long for word to get around. The truth. A girl who was a fan of Justin had actually asked him.

I don’t know how. I would have been so embarrassed. Thats such an invasion of privacy, yet she did it and I’m honestly glad she did.

Y/N never cheated. And the baby was Justin’s! The reason she showed up alone was because Justin had been on tour and everyone had overreacted.

I told you the woman were full of crap.

Anyways, months passed and Y/N’s stomach continued to grow. Swelling with life and beauty. Justin and herself looked so happy. And every time they walked in, I couldn’t help but notice how Justin clutched her stomach. It was so beautiful.

Everything was normal until one day, they both just stopped showing up.

It disappointed me. I really enjoyed watching the two from a distance, examining there lives. I wondered where they went. And hoped they would come back to the Parrish.

But they didn’t. Not the next week, or the week after that. Not even the week after that. They were both MIA.

I was convinced they had found a new Parrish. One with less crap and gossip. I wouldn’t blame them.

But that wasn’t the case, and we all found that out when they finally one Sunday, showed up again. This time, Y/N was not pregnant.

And Justin seemed a lot happier. So did Y/N but she also seemed tired. Not sad though. It was like a happy tired.

It was pretty obvious what had happened but I was still shocked when Justin’s body came into full view.

In his hands, he held a beautiful baby girl, dressed in a pink dress with a white flower band on her hair.

The girl was stunning. She had a full head of hair which was obviously inherited from her mothers thick dark brown hair, but was a dirty blonde like her father. Long thick eyelashes supported her eyes and a cute button nose sat on her face.

She was really small. But I think she was actually premature by a couple of weeks. So it made sense that the two weren’t at church for the last few weeks. They were busy looking after there new born baby girl.

And although Y/N brought a pram along with her, Justin didn’t put his little girl down. It was obvious he was proud of his little beauty. I would be too. She was really cute.

And well behaved. I hadn’t heard her cry all mass. There was a few times when the baby girl would stir, become a little restless but all Justin would need to do was say “shh it’s alright” and she would settle.

It truly was adorable.

And it wasn’t until Justin wrapped his arm around his wife, as Y/N placed a hand on her daughters leg and another around Justin’s torso that I truly realised.

This family was unbreakable.

@agents-reassemble of course I want to, this is my attempt.

The Twin POV from this Post

  • Andrew noticed first when Sunday morning came and his phone did not ring
  • He always hated the constant wake up call from Nicky, but when he woke up from his nightmare he needed that call to ground him
  • With Neil gone out of state for his game for the next few days and the lack of communication from his twin, Andrew was alone
  • The sense of emptiness was strongly growing
  • He did what he knows best and held on to that emptiness and kept going through his day
  • But that didn’t stop the constant glances at his phone
  • Andrew would never admit it but Nicky was always that constant anchor that proved he wasn’t alone even if he didn’t believed it
  • Sunday was not a good day
  • Monday was when Aaron noticed
  • With Katelyn gone early in the morning and him free for the day, He noticed the quietness drowning him
  • It’s not like he wasn’t used to it but he knew he was missing something
  • Throughout the rest of the morning Aaron was trying to figure out what exactly was he missing
  • When Katelyn arrived home she asked how Aaron’s day was and if he ever found out if Nicky had talked to him about his next visit
  • Upon hearing Nicky’s name Aaron’s smile vanished
  • His heart dropped with the thought that Nicky forgot to call him
  • but didn’t he forget as well? 
  • Aaron waved it off and thought of how late it was so he would call tomorrow at a reasonable hour

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You guys all love Garmin splits, right?

Haven’t posted for a couple days, but I’ve been keeping up with my plan. 13 easy miles on Sunday, crossfit yesterday, and 3x2mi track workout @ 6:05 pace today.

I thought I’d be alone at the track as the pre-dawn sunlight barely peeked over the horizon, but the same 6-8 people I always see were still there. Had to keep my headlamp on for the first interval so I could see my watch every lap!

On the way back home, some guy stopped me and asked if it was okay to park in a mini-mall lot? I know I was wearing a fluorescent safety vest, but do I look like the parking police? Why do people feel compelled to stop runners to ask them questions like we’re traveling help desks?


1) The car and the shower are the only places most adults can actually be fully alone with their thoughts. This is why those are the places where you have your best ideas.

2) It’s also why I never follow through on my good ideas – and why I never have particularly insightful Tuesday Truth or Friday Five posts – because those are places where you can’t write down those great ideas.

3) Adelaide’s new school has an open house next Sunday (a week from now) the day before her first day. She’ll get to walk around her new classroom, meet her teachers and some of her new classmates, and so on. We’re both really looking forward to it …

4) … except that everyone must attend mass together afterwards. SIGH. And so it begins.

5) We had the most wonderful thunderstorm this evening. The dog didn’t care for it much – even in her thunder jacket – but it’s one of my favorite weather options.

Happy Easter!

Hi friends! Yes I know Easter isn’t until Sunday, but I will most likely not be on this weekend so I thought to get it out of the way now! This is such a big holiday for my family and sadly it would have been the first one in my life we didn’t get to spend together, because of work. Thankfully, I manage to get a long weekend off and made my way to London as fast as I could! Sadly Ronnie and Connor had to stay in Paris for work and school, and Sunday they’ll be having dinner with his side of the family. We promised to Skype sometime that day if we could get a moment alone. Here’s hoping next year we can have our own little Easter celebration together as a family. But for now I’m super excited to be spending some time with my ma and papa, and Oscar even managed to drop by last night and will be staying till Sunday evening too! It’s a full house again, just the way it should be! Family is so important to me, so it’s saddening that I can’t see this group as often as I like, and you know it’ll be even less when I have a newborn to travel with, so I do cherish these little moments when I’m blessed to have them. It’s like nothing has changed when we’re altogether, reminding me of the way things used to be when I was growing up. We laugh and carry on just like old times. I’ll be sad when Monday comes and I have to get back to work, but for now I’m glad I’m home. 

It was such a beautiful day today so we spent the entire day outside catching up and just having a good time. Papa made his famous grilled burgers (yum) and of course it wasn’t long before Oscar and I were bickering back and forth (all in good fun I promise). 

But really, I was just so happy to spend some one on one time with ma. I’m close to everyone in my family, but Ma is my best friend, and I miss her terribly when I’m gone. I made sure to take a ton of pictures of our time together (worry not I wont spam you with them, here’s just a few) so I can always cherish these memories. 

I plan to get all the photos I’ve taken over the course of this pregnancy developed and placed into a scrapbook to share with Embrie when she’s born. I just want her to know that no matter what happens in life she has people who love her and care about her deeply, even in times that are hard. She’s the most loved little girl I know, and she’s not even here yet, and I just want her to know how deeply blessed she is to have such an amazing family behind her, just like I know I am. 

This weekend will be amazing. After such a terrible month and a half, it’s nice to have no worries in the world, and be surrounded by such positive and loving vibes. The only way these past few days could get any better is if Ronnie and Connor could be here. Oh well, until next time. Ciao! 

Heartbreak Hotel; Dowoon

Take an aspiring song writer, a rebellious high schooler, a sassy English teacher, a passionate painter and an adventurous tour guide. What’s the same in all of them? They’ve all just had their heart broken.

Heartbreak Hotel is a DAY6 angst one-shot collection with 5 members & 5 songs & 5 stories.

Sungjin | Dowoon | Young K | Wonpil | Jae

II. Dowoon + I Smile

A bittersweet love story in 1487 words for our birthday boy, the one and only Yoon Dowoon. He has feelings for his best friend (OC) but does she feel the same? No triggers, no warnings, just the usual angst. ^^

Originally posted by httpsung

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anonymous asked:

We're learning about gender, sexuality and society in my summer English class and I had to write about what it means to be a male in 2016. As someone who is encouraging and supportive to your LBGTQ fans, but also a very "manly man" what does it mean to be a "real man" to you in this day and age, all while being an author/poet?

I’m a man.

I like fast motorcycles, strong women, and cold beer. 

I don’t pay someone to change my oil, and I don’t go to magazines before I dress myself. I drink my coffee black, and my whiskey neat. I read poetry at night–on the page, and in the stars. I never look for a fight, but if one shows up, I don’t look for a bathroom window, either.

In my house dogs are not property–they are family.

I take chances and gamble every day of my life, but never with dice nor with money. I always respect people’s privacy. I like to go to Church on Sunday mornings, and the bar on Monday nights, but I leave my friends alone who don’t do either.

I never start a fire i don’t aim to put out. 

I always hold the door open for a lady, just like I hold my liquor when I drink. I’ve never killed anyone who didn’t try and kill me first, and I’ve never laid a finger on a woman who didn’t welcome it.

I like the Blues, Country Western, and Rock N Roll, but my favorite music is the sound of the ocean beating against the rocks in Big Sur, or the songs the birds write for each other out in Yellowstone.

I have no problem tying a bow tie, or rolling up my sleeves, depending on the job at hand. I don’t take advantage of people: I don’t kiss drunk women, or fight drunk men.

But most importantly, I know that none of these choices, or hobbies, or preferences make me a man.

A real man–like a real woman–has nothing to do with anatomy, sexuality, gender, profession, or age, and everything to do with respect, character, and love.

Real men always choose love.

“Let’s play a game. With no rules!”~Tate Langdon (REQUESTED)

(Your POV)

   They had lived here two weeks. Two weeks and I had nearly appeared as a friendly neighbor, especially to their boy Tate.

At first , my friendliness was to gain his feelings so that when I woke him up on Sunday (technically Monday) and I slit my wrist he would feel panic and he would move but the moment my eyes that is, I felt an over whelming amount of voices in my head, telling me to run and hide. The darkness flooded and brought chills to my bones and cursed me to just stare for a moment before box was put into my arms and then begin setting up the boys room.

Now he we are. Day 14. Friday, September 20 7:30 PM, all alone on his floor, blaring Nirvana out as a fake to giggle. He screamed (sang) The words out loud. But then he stopped and turned to me. “Shouldn’t you had home? I don’t want you to get into trouble… I could walk ya home.”

“Nah. We’re fine. My mom doesn’t care.” I sighed slightly panicking and looking to the floor,“besides, you’ve been having a hard time with those preppies at school.”

“They’ll stop, eventually” he sighted getting up to sit next to me and grabbing my arm. Rolling up my sleeves he laughed darkly, “we agreed we both stop together.” I pulled my arm away and avoided my gaze from his dark brown eyes.

“Yeah? Well things change.” I spat under my breath as I looked away. “Look Tate it doesn’t matter.”

“How on earth can you say that Y/N? You are literally killing yourself. How does that not matter. “ He objected, pulling my face to meet his as he stroked my cheek with one hand.

“Tate. I’m better. I am seeing a therapist.”

He laughed darkly, causing me to feel the chill in my bones. “Well you should get your money back.”

Silence fell as I pulled away and hugged my knees, attempting to pull my mind from the darkness that was surrounding me. I felt sick to my stomach, the world around me spinning.  I have to find out where it’s coming from before I pass out.

Time to break the silence.

“Hey Tate?” I smirked, looking at him in the eye.


Let’s play a game.” I smiled slightly, “A game with no rules.”

He laughed, shaking his head, “A game? Isn’t that a little childish?”

“Not this game love.” I smirked, running a hand through his fluffy hair. “This game is dark. Scary. Will work well. Especially since you live in the Murder-House. Be a doll and turn off the lights?”

Again, he laughed, grabbing my hand from his head and standing up obeying my wishes, “What exactly is this game?”

“You feel a darkness too don’t you?” I asked, raising my eyebrows and he nodded about to open his mouth, “Not just from the actual dark you sarcastic ass. Like around this house?” Again, he nodded. “Well I am a little psychic and I think I am going to figure out the cause of that darkness and try to repel it but I am going to need your help.”

“And what exactly can I do? I have no magical abilities like you, the magical Y/N Y/L/N.”

“Your energy.”

“My energy?”

“Your light. It easier for me to view the atmosphere when life is around and you’ve got a bright future ahead of you Tate Langdon.” I smiled, grabbing both of his hands, “Trust me.”

He raised his eyebrows, “Your magical powers tell you that?” I laughed and released my hand from his grip momentarily so I could slap him.

“Tate. For once shut up and close your eyes.”

“Why?” He smirked.

Groaning I stood up, “Take a chance. Let me show you how your days unfold. Don’t be scared of the unknown. Embrace it. Only then can you truly live.” Grabbing a candle, I pulled a matchbox out and lit it, knowing how much of my powers were about to be used up and reconnected the circle, glaring at Tate until he closed his eyes and I repeated his action, attempting to focus on the unnerving feeling around me. Finally reaching it, I felt myself slipping from reality zoning out, I heard Tate say, “I swear Y/N if this is some joke I-”

And then it all went black.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I stumbled to stand up as soon as I felt myself in a new location.

My old high school… Why has the darkness brought me here?

The sound of gun-fire caused me to jump and run, though knowing I wont die and hid in the library with a bunch of kids. Still they, acted as though they could see me and some cheerleader dragged me under a table. Shoots got closer and closer and she began to grab the table leg and cry, and I closed my eyes, panicked and began trying to get myself out of there.

Not only did the shooter break down the door but he also paced slowly, tormenting each person one by one only to shoot them down momentarily after-


People are dropping dead like flies-


Why did the darkness bring me here? Oh please tell me Tate doesn’t di-


No… Oh no… I need to save him.. What’s the date he can’t go to school on this day. He can’t die here…

I looked to the cheerleader, fear in my bones and asked, “What’s the date?”

“SHH!” She whispered sternly, “Shut. Up.”

I shook my head, scoffing at her as once again silence filled the room. Until it was broken by footsteps slowly going towards the table we were hiding under. Though knowing I wouldn’t be hurt I closed my eyes as the cheerleader whimpered a sob, no longer caring. The footstep stopped. It was only a matter of time until.



The ringing from the bullet echoed in my ear and I felt myself being lifted up, causing me to close my eyes tighter.

“Open your eyes Y/N” A voice cooed gently, “Lemme see you.” I shook my head no and I heard the man stifle, “Open. Your. Eyes.”

Oh.. Please no… Don’t be…

I felt my body being thrown to the ground and I whined, the man hollering, “I NEED YOU TO SEE WHAT YOU CREATED OPEN YOUR EYES!”

and I did

BANG! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sitting up I gasped and Tate let out a sigh of relief  and threw his arm around me. “Damnit Y/N! I thought you died!” Coughing for breathe, though I didn’t need it I looked around, feeling my arms shake in Tate’s grasp. “Y/N what on Earth were you thinking?!”

 In that moment I couldn’t do anything but fight the tears in my eyes. Tate was clearly trying to find a pulse. He looked at me, eyes raised and concern hitting him, “Y/N… What’s going on?”

A single tear fell from my eyes as I blinked attempting to stop more from falling, “I am dead Tate. You need to leave before you are too.”


13-19/100 days of productivity

05-11 September 2017

been struggling to keep up with updates! sinus infections are fun enough alone but they’re even more fun when hurricane irma’s approach triggers a 3-day migraine 😓

spent Friday and Saturday working through it and completing all assignments. managed to ace my first ASL 3 exam online and got a week ahead of schoolwork! sunday and today we hunkered down and rode out the hurricane. we are safe! 💙

Concertjunkies Presents: Monday’s Mixes

Playlist by: Candy Valenzuela (nerv0uskids)

Title: A night we’ll never forget (it’s more than just memories)

Track List:

  1. Good Charlotte- Dance Floor Anthem
  2. Yellowcard- Ocean Avenue
  3. Simple Plan- Welcome to My Life
  4. Sum 41- Still Waiting 
  5. Green Day- American Idiot
  6. Cobra Starship- Kiss my sass
  7. Bowling for Soup- 1985
  8. The All-American Rejects- Move Along
  9. Plain White T’s- 1,2,3,4
  10. Boys Like Girls- Thunder
  11. Gym Class Heroes- Cupid’s Chokehold
  12. AFI- Miss Murder
  13. Motion City Soundtrack- It Had to Be You
  14. Taking Back Sunday- Make Damn Sure
  15. The Academy Is…- The Phrase That Pays
  16. Panic! At The Disco- Nine In the Afternoon 
  17. Hawthorne Heights- Saying Sorry 
  18. Cute Is What We Aim For- The Curse of Curves 
  19. Saosin- You’re Not Alone
  20. Hellogoodbye- Here In Your Arms
  21. Blink-182- First Date
  22. Fall Out Boy- America’s Suitheart
  23. My Chemical Romance- Famous Last Words

You can listen to this playlist HERE.

☆ Judgement From The High School Hierarchy ☆

Returning to the system after nearly a year away,

With a clean bill of health and a positive attitude I start the journey of my Sophomore days,

Teachers are easygoing and friends swarm,

The whole environment seems bright and warm,

Though by the first Friday my head begins to ache and my throat has a scratch,

And by Sunday my body is set a flame and my voice has been snatched,

Sick once more I stay home to rest,

So I can go back with only my absolute best,

Three days pass and my throat is still sore,

And my head feels like it has been drilled to its core,

But my lips form into an inviting smile,

As I walk into school and hope to forget about the pain for a while,

Now I sit near my friends who eat in the halls,

They chatter among themselves and after I’m brushed aside countless times I wandered to the bathroom stalls,

I soon stalk out with ear buds in and my face glued to my screen,

Looking for some place I could at least lean,

With luck I manage to find a corner that l could temporarily call my own,

My eyes scan the passing groups who gaze down upon me with their opinions far from unknown,

Teachers who pass offer glances of pity or expressions of distaste,

Who’re they to judge since it’s my time to waste,

I’m not antisocial or unable to make friends,

I was just tired of being shown that I’m unmemorable to no end,

Besides it’s my sanity I’m trying to save,

So why is it their unvoiced opinions that cause me to cave..?

Really, you can message me. Or someone. Anyone. Please reach out–you are not alone.

It’s the first Sunday of this shit storm, and I’ve been especially concerned with the well-being of all of my brothers and sisters today. Church may be a nasty place today… Members maybe be more nasty today, too… I hope those of you who are struggling most are able to find a safe place.

I may not believe in the Mormon church, or even in God, but I do believe in love. And I love you.



I’m going to MCM in London this weekend! I’ll be there Saturday and Sunday and this is what i’m going to look like :D

If any one is going to be there as well, please let me know! Or if you see me please come and say hi! My friends all bailed on me so this is the first time i’ll be going alone and i’m so nervous and shy.

The Get Down 1x01 Starter Sentences

contains profanity. 

‘Cause I needed some kind of hope.
Could you be my gir/boy and I could be your queen/king?
Keep your head out the clouds please?
Come on. This ain’t little house on the prairie.
Smoke this joint with me?
And tell _____ not to waste his/her breath 'cause my girl/boy got big plans.
When you sing, it’s like… How red velvet feel. That’s how you sing.
Yeah, you talk good.
Ain’t talk when it’s true.
Ay, bendito, don’t be difficult.
I want you to be my girl/boy.
No. I got plans.
Straighten out or get out of my house.
Yo, _____! Still ain’t getting none?
Mind your own.
Hey, I’m getting some dick tonight and the feeling’s alright 'cause my pussy is tight.
A life lived in fear is a life half-lived.
I like him/her. He/she’s weird, though.
She/he gonna fuck around and get turned out.
Your _____’s a fucking weirdo.
You gotta let your hero know you exist.
I feel like we’re being watched, y'all.
All we find, all we keep.
Mock him/her again and I’m goin’ lady macbeth on ya ass!
That’s a hell of a dream, _____.
No, it’s not a dream, _____.
I’ll make it happen. Okay? You happy?
I’m always happy, _____. Sadness is for suckers.
Come on, we’ll get an egg cream.
She/he would have made your head spin.
Yeah, I got anger but I don’t let it take me down.
My mama taught me better and she holds me up when I fall down.
Someday I’ll make you/him/her proud.
Shake your little culo.
You have to show up looking fly.
You have to get her/him something. A gift. Not expensive because you ain’t got no money.
The gun’s a personal choice.
You’re well-liked but always alone.
I’ll never forget… The first day we met.
I almost got killed. Could’ve got killed. Might still get killed.
I hate science fiction.
It’s called star wars, fools. Star wars.
Got you something sweet, _____.
Did you slip her/him some birthday tongue?
You have to see yourself as a star.
Wow, so… You must think you’re a real big man, huh?
You ain’t the first big man I met…
I’m gonna knock you to sunday, wait for you on tuesday.
You know I’ll fucking kill you without blinking?
If I fuck up my pants, I’m gonna kill you twice.
Fuck you! Ain’t no girl/boy worth it!
Ain’t no biting, motherfucker.
I’m in love, man. Do me a favor. Put me out of my misery.
'Cause I ain’t no hard rock like you, but when it comes to my girl, I’m all heart.
You might kill me, but you’ll never beat me.
'Cause I got love, and you’ll probably never know what that is.
You insulted my family name. I don’t think you wanna do that.
This ain’t no threat, bro. This is something real.
I don’t really care how you fucking feel.
You truly are as fine as wine and so divine.
You know I had to make you mine no matter the time.
Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.
And I like you so much, I can’t hardly breathe.
I like you so much, I feel like I got thunder and lightning inside of me.
You make me nervous. But you also make me calm.
You say you want me, but you don’t know what it is that you want.
I don’t love you, _____! I don’t love you.
I will beat the evil out of you.
I ain’t shit. I ain’t ever gonna be shit. She/he has no business being with me.
My heart got shot out.
All for a bitch who thinks she’s better than you.
Don’t call her a bitch.
I don’t understand all the crying over a female/male.
Just show me the magic.
You dare to turn against my brother?
Turn nothing into something.
We want our own kingdom.
Stick with me and we’ll run shit.
We’ll be musical kings.
Fantastic four plus one.
I don’t know who can fuck with us.
You a natural everything.
We gonna be bigger than the world.
We broke night.
I will not forget the love you gave.

August 2015 Printables // freebies from The Arialligraphy Project

Hello, everyone! Many thanks for all the kind words about my first printable! I hope you’ll enjoy using this month’s freebie: a monthly calendar!

I’ve made several options for you to choose from:

  • a standard calendar layout (with the week starting on a Sunday)
  • a standard calendar layout (with the week starting on a Monday)
  • a list layout, where you can write down your goals for the month, some notes, and have a longer space to write for each day. Oh, it also has a motivational quote to keep you going throughout the month!

The design is also highly customizable but it can stand alone with its clean black and white scheme!

Download this month’s freebies
standard calendar layout / list layout + goals for the month

A tagged snapshot of your computer, phone, or study space using these freebies will be very much appreciated. (Use #thearialligraphyproject or #arialligraphy!) 😊


Holy crap you guys HOLY CRAP
For the very first time, come find me and my best friend’s table at Anime Expo!!  We’ll be hanging out at our table # J26.  I will personally be flying down to California on Saturday night cause I’ve a Wedding Makeover scheduled that day, but my friend will be helping me out by selling my merch for the first two days of the con!  (Go check out her cool prints and what she has to offer!!)  
So if you want to meet me personally, I will be there on Sunday and Monday!
I’ve never been to LA, yet alone worked at an Artist Alley table out of state, yet alone worked at the largest anime convention in the US of A before??????  So this is quite a dramatic leap for me, and I’m a little terrified as I only had a month to scramble to make prints and I truly don’t know what the turnout is going to be - so I apologize if my setup for this year is a little smaller and more modest than usual to keep my luggage light!  Commissions will be available for that reason and will be mailed back to you after the convention.  d(owo)

If you can’t make it to the con this weekend, follow my snapchat @ solar.citrus if you’d like to stay updated and see what’s happening!

Thank you so much for looking!  I look forward to meeting everybody!!!  \o/

we are a nuclear reaction

It happens like a nuclear reaction: one little collisioncascading into a mass casualty of the very best variety, unstoppable from the moment it starts until the moment it spends itself out. There are, of course, a multitude of moments that lead to it: two years of build up that create the impetus for that first spark into pure energy, but it’s nothing more than a touch, a brief graze of skin, that sends all the potential careening into existence while they are all but helpless to stop it. (Not that they want to, they throw themselves into the fallout fully aware that life in its aftermath will be nothing they’ve known before).

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Worst Day of My Life (Inexorable AU)

Rating: T/M
Word Count: 4,403 words
Author’s Note: A while ago, I wrote a little story called Inexorable. It started off as five chapters and an epilogue that took place about three years after the story. The story ended up being a lot longer than expected and I put the epilogue on hold to work on some other projects and deal with IRL stuff. I’ve had a bit of time thanks to the holidays, so I decided to finally wrap up this story. The title is a play on “First Day of My Life” by Bright Eyes. Enjoy!
Summary: Three years after the events of Inexorable, Levi still finds himself adjusting to family life, though at times he feels like he’s way over his head.

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  1. Welcome
  2. Breathless
  3. To the Stage
  4. I Won’t Give In
  5. Run Free
  6. Not the American Average
  7. A Prophecy
  8. The Final Episode (Let’s Change the Channel)


  1. Middle Fingers Up
  2. Rage
  3. Shots for the Boys
  4. Party With the Devil
  5. About That Life
  6. Payback
  7. Proving Grounds


  1. The Lines
  2. Relapsing
  3. In Between
  4. I Have a Problem
  5. Dead (with Joel Birch of The Amity Affliction)
  6. Beaten in Lips
  7. Body Bag


  1. Cement
  2. Numb Yourself
  3. Roam the Room
  4. Sleep
  5. The Night I Drove Alone
  6. Stain


  1. Break Free
  2. Inside Out
  3. Free Mind / Open Spirit
  4. Unravel
  5. Remain & Sustain
  6. Weathered Town
  7. Soul


  1. But Why Would You Care?
  2. Fences
  3. Disdain
  4. Your Back Porch
  5. Oak Street
  6. Gold Rush
  7. Bedford Falls
  8. No Good


  1. Some Kids Just Can’t Hang
  2. Pillow Talk
  3. Subject to Change
  4. Kaleidoscopes
  5. Head Up, Kid!
  6. Bruiser
  7. Homewrecker


  1. Losing Teeth
  2. Tables Turned
  3. Zoltar Speaks
  4. What Did You Expect?
  5. Can’t Kick Up the Roots
  6. Crushing Grief (No Remedy)
  7. A Part of Me
  8. Over and Over


  1. Player Hater’s Ball
  2. Whatever You Want It To Be
  3. No Chaser
  4. Bad Girls
  5. Mind Games
  6. High and Low


  1. The Divine Zero
  2. May These Noises Startle You in Your Sleep Tonight
  3. Hell Above
  4. Bulls in the Bronx
  5. Yeah Boy and Doll Face
  6. Caraphernelia
  7. King for a Day


  1. Fire
  2. St. Patrick
  3. Mirrors
  4. Smoke
  5. White Noise
  6. My House


  1. Ancient History
  2. Forever Stuck in Our Youth
  3. Bleak December
  4. Bad Guy
  5. The Haunting
  6. N.M.E
  7. Why Worry


  1. Vices
  2. Smile in Your Sleep
  3. Milestone
  4. Massachusetts
  5. Smashed into Pieces
  6. Sacrifice
  7. A Midwestern State of Emergency
  8. My Heroine


  1. Pittsburgh
  2. Lost & Fading
  3. Never Alone
  4. Death’s Hand
  5. Open Letter
  6. Don’t Lean on Me


  1. History
  2. Over It
  3. Stay Up Late
  4. Ripped Away
  5. First Date (blink‐182 cover)
  6. Roots and Branches (Meant to be Alone)
  7. Puppy Love
  8. Concrete


  1. Long Lost Friends
  2. Follow Me
  3. The Only One
  4. Too Little, Too Late
  5. Saturday, Sunday
  6. Young New England
  7. Skipping Stone


  1. May 24th
  2. White Curtains
  3. Choke
  4. Convalescence
  5. Bandaid
  6. Hourglass
  7. In Return


  1. Tracing Back Roots
  2. Ghosts
  3. Fade Away
  4. The World I Used To Know
  5. Regenerate
  6. Broken Statues
  7. To Plant a Seed
  8. Hope

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What made me smile this week:

Sunday: My house was filled with a peaceful quiet this morning, as I spent a few hours alone doing nothing but sipping coffee and reading. It made me smile.

Monday: We have a busy week ahead of us in preparation for our end-of-year campaign, which launches December 1st. Erinn and Sarah arrived full of energy this morning, and we had a very productive day. It makes me smile to know we are working so hard to make a difference.

Tuesday: My brother came home from college for Thanksgiving break today. The first thing he did was empty the fridge of most of its food. The kid eats like a water buffalo. It made me smile.

Wednesday: Andrew and I went out skateboarding today. Well, he skateboarded, I sat there and critiqued him. We haven’t done this activity together since early high school, but it was so much fun to relax together in the sunshine, goofing around and watching him skate. It made me smile.

Thursday: Mashed potatoes.

Friday: Leftover mashed potatoes.

Saturday: We decorated the family Christmas tree this morning. Andrew and I played a little game where we purposefully put all the ornaments directly next to each other to see how long it took for mom to get mad. It made me smile.

What made you smile this week?