my first contribution to fandom ever


I love Parks and Rec and I love Six of Crows so look at that I threw them together

i’m simultaneously sorry but also not sorry that this is my first contribution to this fandom (also this is the first time i’ve ever drawn any of them so i beg forgiveness)

From Season 3 Episode 13  of Parks and Recreation

(this was cut and pasted from a super long comic strip type deal so sorry for weird lines)


My arm is still broken and I only have feeling in one finger, but I was able to bare through the pain and produce these awful chicken scratches!

I’m on the road torecovery and hopefully I’ll be able to produce quality content soon so that I can contribute something worthwhile to my favorite fandom :)

Here it is, this is it! My first and probably last contribute into the Voltron Fandom. I Rarely ever draw fanart when I draw but really wanted to draw something for this series. I am so inlove with Voltron and the Klace ship and I havent even watched the series yet, not a single episode. But I dont have Netflix and I dont know where else I could watch it (safely) Anyway.

I’ve never really been into the Klance or even the Voltron tag on here but I have googled stuff and I found some fanart based on and I assume, around an AU with Galra!Keith and Altean!Lance. I dont know who came up with this AU so I cant credit them for that, if anyone knows PLEASE let me know and I will. Also I have no idea what happens in that AU or what it is like apart from just Altean Lance and Galra Keith, so see this fanart for how you will I guess!

Just The Way You Are

“Don’t understand why ya wanna take all that time rubbin’ that shit all over your face.”

Symmetra’s back stiffened as the lanky demolitionist sauntered in.

Junkrat and his hulking bodyguard, Roadhog, had joined up with Overwatch a little over two months ago. Roadhog was easy enough to avoid, if a bit… intimidating. He was quiet, and seemed content to ignore everyone else, as long as the smaller Junker was in no danger. But Junkrat… Oh, he loved to be a pest. And he seemed to have latched onto her in particular.

Symmetra grit her jaw and ignored him pointedly as she plucked one of the brushes from her bag and began to apply the beginnings of her eye makeup with a steady, practiced hand. A sudden grating screech of metal on tile echoed throughout the communal washroom. The showers and toilets were separated, but the sinks and elongated mirror were shared. A few folding metal chairs were propped against one wall. Satya, herself, was perched in one, and she could see Junkrat in the mirror, dragging another unceremoniously across the floor toward her.


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Hi! So this is my first contribution to the Hamilton fandom, hope you enjoy!

Pairing: Lin x Reader

Words: 2278

Sweat was dripping down your face in small rivulets. You were out of breath and chugging the bottle of water in your hands way too fast. It was always like this after a show. Being a dancer on Broadway was nothing short of physically demanding, especially the show you were currently working with. Hamilton had some of the most difficult choreography you had ever dealt with, but it was worth it.

               “Great show (Y/N)!” Thayne said, throwing an arm around your shoulders, a giant smile on his face. “You’re almost as good as me.”

               “Please, maybe you’ll catch up to me one of these days.” You shot back, elbowing your friend in the ribs.

               “Har har.”

               “(Y/N)! Are you coming out for drinks?” A female voice chimed in and you ducked under Thayne’s arm to see Jasmine. The two of you became close almost immediately, being close in age.

               “I dunno Jazzy, I’m pretty beat.” You replied, causing her to groan.

               “Come on!” She whined. “Lin will be there.”

               The suggestive look on her face alone was enough to make you blush.

               “Lin will be where?” Your eyes widened and you could have murdered your dear friend in that moment. It was like speaking his name summoned him.

               “I’m just telling my dear (Y/N) that you were coming out for drinks tonight and that she should too.” Jasmine responded, a satisfied grin on her face. You never should have confided in her about your crush on the man standing in front of you, but you had been more than a little drunk and feeling particularly sappy that night. Ever since it was like the woman made it her life mission to set the two of you up even though your crush was more than ten years older than you.

               You never planned on acting on your crush. Lin was a great friend and you didn’t want to ruin that relationship. There was no way he could possibly like you, he probably just thought of you as a little sister. Much like Angelica, you were okay with just keeping his eyes in your life, no matter how over dramatic that sounded.

               “Yes! You should come out tonight (Y/N)! You did amazing today, celebrate a little!” Lin exclaimed with a bright smile before faltering a bit. “Not to say you don’t do amazing every day, because you do, but, well, you know.”

               “Great job Romeo.” Daveed said, walking up behind the now flustered man and slapping him on the back while Jasmine failed to control her snickering. “Seriously though (Y/N), you never come out with is. Live a little!”

               It’s not that you didn’t like going out with your friends, the bar environment just wasn’t your favorite. Not to say you couldn’t have a good time, but some days, most days, being surrounded by so many people during the performances took too much out of you. Being an introvert, you needed time to yourself, time to recover what you give away during the day.

               “Fine, fine. Y’all win.” You sighed, putting your hands up in a mock surrender. “But you’re both buying me drinks tonight.”

                               By the time you made it to the bar, you knew it wouldn’t be a good night. You didn’t want to be out. You wanted to be at home, in your bed with a book in your hand, but you were never good at telling people no.

               “(Y/N)!” Jasmine sang the minute she spotted you walking towards the group. She was already on the tipsy side and she put a small smile on your face. “You actually came!”

               “I told you I would.”

               “Lin’s been waiting for you; he’s been staring at the entrance since we got here.” She giggled, causing you to blush and hit her arm.

               “Shut up and go drink another margarita.” Your friend perked at the mention of alcohol and danced away to the bar.

               “I believe I owe you a drink.” A familiar voice said from behind you and you whipped around to see Lin standing there, two drinks in his hand and a sheepish smile on his face. You couldn’t be more thankful to the lack of lighting in the bar as a blush spread across your cheeks.

               “I was mostly kidding about that, but thanks.” You replied, taking the drink from his outstretched hand and taking a sip.

               “(Y/N)! Come dance!” Jasmine shouted, wobbling up to you and grabbing your arm. “Oops, I didn’t know you were talking to Linnnn.”

               The way she said his name paired with the way she was waggling her eyebrows made you want to combust.

               “Thanks for the drink again.” You said, not looking the man in the eyes as you downed the rest of the drink in one gulp and dragged your drunk friend onto the dance floor.

               It took a few more alcoholic drinks for you to start to loosen up enough to dance, but after your fifth shot they couldn’t get you off the dance floor. You and Jasmine were having the time of your lives and Lin didn’t cross your mind once.

               “You keep dancing on me like this and Lin might actually set me on fire with his glaring.” Thayne commented, his voice teasing.

               “Just dance with me Jasperson.” He laughed but obliged. You didn’t want to think about Lin, about the way he was the smartest, most genuine, funny, creative, handsome guy you had ever met. You didn’t want to think about the way just the sound of his voice was enough to calm you, the way hearing his laugh could instantly make your day better. You just wanted to get drunk and not think about how there was no way he would ever choose you.

               By the end of the night you were regretting the heals you decided to wear because you doubted you could walk even if you wearing flats.

               “I need to go home.” You groaned, the copious amount of alcohol you drank finally starting to catch up with you.

               “You’re in no condition to get yourself home, wait outside and I’ll find someone to help you home.” Thayne said and you were too drunk to notice the mischievousness in his voice.

               The cool New York air felt good against you hot skin and you leaned against the brick outside of the club, trying to get the world to stop spinning.

               “(Y/N)?” The last person you wanted to see questioned and it took all you had not to audibly groan.

               “Hey Lin.” You said, a giant smile on your face as you lifted your whole arm in a drunken wave.

               “I called an Uber, it’ll be here in a minute.”


               The air was awkward as the two of you stood there. A cold breeze made the hair on your arms to stand up and you shivered. Before you could protest Lin was pulling his grey sweater over his head and holding it out to you, giving you a look that told you not to argue. You muttered a ‘thanks’ and you pulled the sweater over your head and tried not to be too obvious as you took in your crush’s scent.

               He held the car door open for you when the Uber arrived and you were quiet the whole ride to your apartment. It wasn’t until you reached your door that you finally looked the man in his eyes. Those dark brown eyes that you were in love with.

               “Thanks, for helping me home, and for the sweater. I’ll wash it and return it to you tomorrow.” You said and he nodded curtly. Something was wrong, Lin was never ‘curt’ with you.

               He turned to leave and you don’t know what possessed you to do it, maybe the mix of fatigue and alcohol made you crazy, but you reached out and grabbed his arm. When he turned around in confusion you pressed your lips to his. It was everything you dreamed it would be, perhaps a bit sloppier due to your drunken rush, but still amazing.

               And he wasn’t pulling away.


               He was kissing you back.

               His arms wrapped around your waist and you threw yours around his neck. When you two finally disentangled yourself, you had the biggest grin on your face, but Lin had the opposite.

               “That was a mistake, I’m sorry.” He said and was gone before you could stop him a second time. You felt numb. It was your worst fear come to light. You had ruined everything.

               You went to work in a haze the next day. Everyone could tell something was wrong but no one wanted to ask. You didn’t so much as look in Lin’s direction. The atmosphere was tense the whole morning. You put it aside for the show of course, you danced and smiled and went through the motions.

               “What’s wrong?” Thayne finally asked as you sat in the dressing room you shared with the other ensemble members. Most of them were gone by this point, but you needed to sit and think.

               “Why do you ask?” You replied, pulling on your hoodie and slipping on a pair of sneakers.

               “Because I asked Lin to help you home last night and you won’t so much as look at him and he can’t stop staring at you.”

               “I don’t want to talk about it Thayne.” You said, looking at the grey sweater in front of you. You needed to give it back to him, but didn’t know how to approach him. The thought of having someone else give it to him crossed your mind but you didn’t want people to be suspicious.

               “(Y/N), I’m your best friend. Talk to me, something is obviously wrong.” The tears came before you could stop them and your friend engulfed you into a hug.

               “I kissed him and he said it was a mistake.” You cried, the emotions you had been holding in since last night finally surfacing.

               “Oh no, sweetheart.” Thayne whispered, holding you close and petting your hair comfortingly. “I’m sure there’s been some sort of misunderstanding.”

               “The word ‘mistake’ made things loud and clear for me Thayne, god I’m so stupid.”

               “Do you need me to beat him up? Because I’ll do it.” This caused you to laugh and you reined in your emotions. “Now that’s better. You’re an ugly crier you know.”

              “You’re the worst!” You said with a laugh. “You know I love you, right?”

               “Who doesn’t?”

               A knock caused you to jump back from your friend and whip your head around. The last person you wanted to see was standing there, his face blank.

               “Can I talk to you (Y/N)?” Lin asked and your heart dropped to your stomach. You saw Thayne’s body tense and you placed a hand on his bicep, letting him know it was okay, not noticing the way Lin’s eyes flashed at the contact.

               “I’ll talk to you later.” You said to your friend and he nodded, glaring at Lin as he walked out. “Here’s your sweater, thanks again.”

               You awkwardly grabbed the sweater and held it out. Lin took a deep breath before walking into the room, closing the door.

               “We need to talk about last night.” You felt sick, but nonetheless nodded your head and took a seat.

               “Im sorry.” You both looked up in shock as you spoke at the same time.

               “No I’m sorry, I was drunk and completely out of line.”

               “No no no, I took advantage of you. I knew you were drunk but it didn’t stop me.”

               “Lin I kissed you first.”

               “Yes but I reciprocated.”

               “So you’re apologizing for kissing me back when I clearly wanted to kiss you?”

               “Yes- wait. What?” Lin’s face was twisted in confusion and you sighed. Might as well lay all the cards on the table.

               “I like you Lin, a lot. More than I probably should, and I was drunk and tired and I had wanted to kiss you for so long that it just happened.” You were staring at the ground so hard you were surprised there wasn’t a hole burnt in it.

               “Wait. You wanted to kiss me?” The blush on your face could probably have started a fire at this point.


               “But I thought you were with Thayne?” It was your turn to be confused and you looked up at the man.

               “What? No, Thayne’s like my annoying older brother.”

               “But the two of you are always hanging off each other.”

               “We’re both very touchy, feely people.” You could see the wheels turning in the man’s head as he processed the new information.    

               “So. You’re not with Thayne.” He said slowly and you shook you head. “And you like me.”

               You didn’t say anything, opting to turn your eyes to the ground once again.

               “I’m ten years older than you.”

               “I know.”            

               “I overthink everything.”

               “So do I.”

               “I’m a workaholic.”

               “Everyone knows that.”

               “I’m weird, I wrote a musical hip-hop musical about Alexander Hamilton.”

               “A musical I love.”

               “I like you too.”

               “I-what?” Your head shot up in shock, your eyes meeting Lin’s.

               “I have for a while know, I just thought you were with Thayne and I would never interfere in a relationship. It’s why I freaked out last night when you kissed me.”

               You were speechless. Lin stood up and walked towards you, a slight blush lining his cheeks.

               “So I know this coffee shop that has amazing sandwiches.” He said, fidgeting the tiniest bit.

               “It’s a date.” You responded, a full-blown grin on your face as you stood and joined hands. You could already see Jasmine’s smug smile when you tell her the news.

This is really long but I love Lin so there was no stopping me, anyways I love feedback!


but you get it deep down, don’t you? you punks lost to this guy. 


Ahh yes, remember my first ever contribution to this fandom? Well, I finally managed to get the speedpaint up! Here ya go :D

A Way To Make You Smile

This is my first contribution to the Check, Please! fandom so please be gentle with me.


Mostly fluff, bad poetry, and a little bit of smut at the end. Enjoy!

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oops almost forgot to post the final preview of my pieces for the @miracuclasszine 

Thank you so much again for letting me be part of this zine project :D I didnt know about zine until i was in this  fandom so this have been my very first contribution in a zine ever! Even thought this piece fought me tooth and nail the whole time I had lots of fun drawing it :D Sorry again for submitting so late life just love getting in the way. I had wanted to do a more render style but unfortunately time wasnt on my side. ): Anyway please do go support the zine over at miracuclasszine​! There is some amazing artist that contribute! You would be able to get it digital on Oct. 29 and all proceeds will go to a charity in support of education :D

Here is a little bonus part that got just a little cut off in the final pieces :P

Some ideas that got cut out from the final piece was:

  • Roger acting as school security and scolding Alix and Kim in the hallway
  • Théo as some kind of student intern/student teacher
  • Anansi acting as a PE teacher of some sort 
  • ect ect :P

Hi guys! So this is my first shot ever at writing fanfiction. I’ve been reading a ton of ML fanfics (just finished reading rainy days by TheLastPilot) And I just had to contribute! This one is really vague and short, so I hope it’s not terrible. If you guys like it I might write another someday for fun ^_^ 

Update: my latest attempt at a reveal fic here


Marinette didn’t plan for it to happen this way. As she stood untransformed opposite an equally shocked Chat, her mind raced to catch up to her mouth to say something— an excuse, an explanation, anything to wipe off that smug grin spreading across his perfect face.


“I- I- Chat, you— you can’t see me like this!”

“It was you, all along!”

The smile had spread into his whole body now, a look of joy radiating from every bit of his person.

“I can’t believe it! This is amazing!”

“Uh— “

Without any warning, Chat swooped in and hugged her, lingering only for a moment before pulling back to look at her bewildered face, placing his hands hands reassuringly on her shoulders.

“Chat, this wasn’t— you can’t—I—“

“Well, My Lady, I suppose it’s my turn.”

“N-no— Chat you can’t!”

“Why not? It’s not fair to you, I have to.”


“Plagg, detransform!”

Marinette squeezed her eyes shut as a flash of green engulfed her partner, afraid to open them again when it subsided.


Marinette slowly opened one eye, and not believing what it took in, opened the other to make sure she wasn’t hallucinating.

“Adrien?!?” she said, her voice betraying her disbelief. He laughed softly at her bewildered expression, wondering if his face was as red as hers.

“E-ever at your service, My Lady.” he said, his voice suddenly shy with the absence of the mask.

“you— you—“ she stammered, still trying to take it in, her mind racing to make sense of a million conflicting emotions welling up inside her.

“Weren’t expecting me?” he laughed, his tone revealing a little too easily how unsure he felt.

“What?! No—I-NO!I-I just— I can’t believe it’s you, I— I never thought it could be you“ she said, the words coming out faster than she had meant them to, “I— I wanted it to be you.” she said, her voice suddenly soft. She stared at him for a moment dazed before realizing what she had said. “I- I mean I— you’re—“  Before she could stutter out another embarrassing sentence, Adrien was close again, hugging her with a warmth that eased her nervousness and filled her with calm.

“I’m so glad it’s you, Marinette.” he said softly, burying his face in her hair.

“I’m glad it’s you, too, Adrien.” she said as she returned the embrace, listening to the soft beat of his heart, finding solace in the rhythm. They stood there letting their minds race, content to just be close, soaking in the warmth of each other’s presence for what seemed like ages.  

“I love you.”

The words came spilling out of her mouth before she could stop to think. Marinette froze when she realized that she had said them out loud. The silence that followed shot a jolt of fear through her, realizing that Adrien might not feel the same way towards Marinette as he did towards Ladybug. what have I done? what if he doesn’t like me like that after all?  Before she could tear down what was left of her confidence, Adrien’s hand moved to her cheek as he pulled back to meet her gaze. Were those tears?  His face was so full of emotion she could barely handle it. what did I do?

“Adrien?” she asked, concern spreading across her face as her doubts threatened to crush her.

“I—“ his voice cracked softly as he struggled to get out the words he had wanted to say to her since the moment he set eyes on her.

“I love you too, Marinette.” he said, tears threatening to spill onto his smiling face. “I love you so much.”

The sequel that no one asked for:

All of a sudden, the lump in Marinette’s throat dissolved into a laugh as relief flooded through her body, washing away the doubts that had almost destroyed her. This time, she pulled him close, burying her face in his chest, staining his shirt with the happy tears that had begun to fall from her eyes. Adrien curled in to her embrace, holding her tight to his chest as their nervousness dissipated in waves of soft giggles. Adrien’s hand moved again to her cheek, bringing her lips up meet his to kiss away whatever doubts she had left in her mind. They held each other, pouring into each kiss all of the passion and love they had stored up for so long in their hearts for the other. Little by little, they eventually untangled themselves, smiles immovably upon their lips as Adrien rested his forehead on hers, appreciating the deep blush blooming on the cheeks of his Lady and losing himself in the sea of the eyes of his Princess. 

Marinette’s heart pounded in her chest, fast and light as those summery eyes left her breathless in the best way possible. 

“So… I guess this means we’re together now, huh?” Adrien laughed softly, running his thumb across her cheek as he gently kissed her forehead.

“Until the end, mon Chaton.”


Thanks so much for reading! 

There’s Enough Room for the Both of Us

Here it is! My first Klance fanfic and contribution to the Voltron fandom! This turned out a little bit darker and longer than I meant it to, but it still has a happy ending! Hope you enjoy!

Keith was used to the nightmares. The screams that continually echoed in his mind. The phantom pains flicking over his skin like fire that seemed so real he was sure he would burn. The pounding of his heart as he woke up in a cold sweat.

He was used to it.

He’d been having those reoccurring nightmares ever since his parents died, and no matter what he did, they always came back to haunt him in his sleep.

Tonight was no different. He heard the screams of his mother and cries of his father as they died running through his mind as if on a loop. Fire flickered across his vision as the ceiling above his head collapsed. He could feel the arms of the unnamed fireman pulling him out of the way just in time. The image of his mother’s hand sticking out from beneath the rubble that had long ago burned it’s way into Keith’s memory.

He bolted upright in his bed, momentarily forgetting where he was. The ship, he remembered, The castle.

Keith swiped his hand across his face in an attempt to wipe away the thin layer of sweat that covered his body. He took a deep breath and his heartbeat began to slow down. He had become a master at regaining most of his composure after a nightmare, but the sounds still rang in his ears.

He got out of bed, not bothering to put anything else on other than a shirt over his sweatpants. He must’ve had a nasty case of bedhead, but he didn’t really care. Who was going to see him? It was only 2 in the morning.

He walked out of his room and towards the kitchen. He fumbled with the lightswitch and the lights flickered on. Keith rubbed his eyes and yawned, not noticing the fact that he had company.

Eyes still half-closed, he stumbled over to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water. After taking a long gulp, he fully opened up his eyes and jumped at the sight before him.

It was Lance.

Without a shirt on.

Keith gulped. He was definitely not mentally prepared for this kind of situation. He was never mentally prepared for a situation with Lance in it.

“Hey, Keith,” he said from his spot on the counter, “Why’re you up so early?” His voice was deep and gravelly from having just woken up. Okay, that just wasn’t fair.

He cleared his throat as he pushed down a blush that fought to stain his cheeks a rosy pink. “I could ask you the same.” He said after regaining the ability to speak.

“Oh, you know…” Lance trailed off, “I was thirsty.” He held up a glass of water.

“Same.” Keith nodded.

A few moments passed where neither boy said anything. But then Lance cleared his throat.

“Well, uh- I should probably-”

“Yeah, uh- me too-”

“Um, see you later.”

“Yeah, see ya.”

And they both went back to their rooms.


Lance shut his door and let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding in. His latest encounter with Keith had been more awkward than he had wanted it to be. When Keith had asked him what he was doing up, his mind had scrambled to find an answer that would be convincing enough not to raise any questions. It wasn’t like he was going to spill all about how he’s been having nightmares ever since they had first formed Voltron to Keith.

He set his water down on the bedside table and sat down on the mattress. He couldn’t get the image of Keith out of his head. Lance was shocked beyond belief when his fellow teammate had walked into the kitchen wearing white.

He had never seen Keith wear white before.

Keith had always been a red leather jacket, black skinny jeans kind of guy. And that worked for him.

But white worked for him even better.

Lance thought he looked like an angel. A grumpy, sarcastic, mullet-headed angel.

Absolutely beautiful.

While these thoughts were running through his mind, he had walked over to a mirror on his wall. He shook his head in an attempt to clear his thoughts and looked incredulously at his reflection.

What the hell, Lance? He thought at himself.

He could’ve imagined it, but he swore he saw his reflection smirk knowingly at him. He spun around and launched himself back into his bed. Ignoring the possibility of more nightmares, Lance fell asleep with the image of Keith with a halo above his head swirling around in his mind.

Lance’s hopes of a nightmare-free sleep fell flat when his dream of a field full of flowers was replaced with hard packed dirt and dead plants. Lance stood on top of a cliff, looking out over a valley full of chaos. The four lions the rest of his friends were piloting were all scattered in different areas, holding out against individual onslaughts from Galra ships.

He looked to his left and saw the Green Lion weaving through the air, under heavy fire and trying to avoid being hit. Pidge seemed to be succeeding in maneuvering around the enemy ammunition until a well placed shot sent the pilot and lion spiraling towards the ground. When dust cleared, the mechanical cat lay unmoving.

A cry tore from his lips, but he could not move his legs forward to go help. His head swiveled to his right and he spotted Hunk outside his lion, firing shots from his bayard at Galra soldiers who were slowly closing in on him. Get in your lion! Lance wanted to scream. But Hunk stood his ground, taking down one enemy soldier after another, but the supply of Galra robots seemed never ending. Lance spotted the soldier too late behind Hunk too late. He had already aimed and fired, and Hunk fell to the ground next to his lion.

Lance screamed and struggled against the invisible force that kept him tethered to that one cursed spot. A shadow passed over his head, and he turned to see the Galra mothership hovering above the Castle of Lions. Allura, Coran, and Shiro were all in front of it. Shiro was running towards his lion. Allura and Coran were desperately trying to open the castle doors. But Shiro was too slow, and Allura and Coran’s attempts were futile. The Galra ship fired the ion cannon, and the Castle of Lions went up in flames, taking Allura, Coran, and Shiro with it.

Lance couldn’t breath, his eyes stung with tears, he could hardly compose a thought.

“Lance!” A voice shouted to his right.


The red paladin was running towards Lance, and stopped in front of him to catch his breath.

“Lance, thank god you’re alright. Everyone else. They’re… they’re-” He choked on his words. Lance nodded solemnly, still unable to speak. He attempt to reach out and touch Keith, but the other boy suddenly straightened, with a pained look in his eyes.

“Lance…” Keith whispered, then fell to the ground before Lance’s feet, there was a smoking hole in his armor. Tears spilled from Lance’s eyes as he looked up from his friends’ body to where the shot came from.

Zarkon was standing a few feet away from him, holding up a gun with a triumphant grin on his face. Then he fired a second shot.

Straight at Lance.

Lance bolted up in his bed. His heart was pounding, sweat covered his body, his mouth was dry, and when he touched his face it seemed like he had been crying. When he looked around the room he was reminded that everything he had just experienced had just been a dream. The castle still existed, he could move, his friends were still alive.

Everything’s okay. Just breathe.

He took a swig of his water and collected himself. He looked at the digital clock on his bedside table. Great, he had slept through breakfast.

As he went about his day, remnants of his nightmare still stuck with him. But when he saw his friends for the first time that morning, his heart fluttered with relief. The regular routine of training distracted him from his thoughts and kept him from thinking about how he was going to go to sleep with nightmares like the previous night’s hiding behind every corner of his subconscious.

Dinner came and ended too fast for Lance’s liking and eventually the paladins were told to go to sleep and rest up. Most of the team was quick to go to their rooms to crash, but Lance decided to go the training deck to avoid the nightmares that waited for him in his sleep.

Needless to say, Lance wasn’t surprised when he saw Keith on the training deck. They guy practically lived there. He jumped in and challenged Keith to some sparring for practice (Keith knocked Lance into the ground) and numerous other activities that Keith came out victorious on. Both boys were glad for the distraction of competition, since the rivals-turned-friends had one major thing in common: They were both delaying the time when they would have to go to sleep.


After hours of training with Lance, Keith just couldn’t delay the inevitable anymore. He was falling asleep where he stood, so he said goodnight to Lance and went to his room. He got dressed into his pajamas and crashed on the bed, pulling the blankets over himself as he ignored the incoming torrent of screams, he just wanted to sleep.

Just as he was drifting off, Keith heard a knock at his door. He groaned and threw his blankets of him and reluctantly stumbled to the door. He was surprised to find Lance holding a pillow on the other side of it. Keith immediately knew what the point of his surprise visitor was.

“There was a-, um-” Lance fumbled over the words, trying to find a good reason to be there other than the truth.

Keith shrugged, “Whatever,” and left the door open for Lance to come in as he adjusted his pillow to one side of the bed. He caught a look at Lance’s shocked face, “What? You want to sleep on the floor?” Lance shook his head and the two boys collapsed on the bed next to each other.

“Goodnight, Keith.”

“Goodnight, Lance.”

Keith turned toward with his back to Lance. He was trying calm his mind down from its reaction to the fact that he was sleeping in the same bed as Lance. Breath, Keith, breathe. In, and out. In, and out.

Keith had begun to drift off when he felt a pair of arms curl around him. He looked behind him at Lance’s sleeping face, but he made no effort to remove himself from the other boy’s grip. Keith settled back into Lance’s arms and fell asleep with Lance’s even breathing puffing against his neck.

And that night, wrapped in the warmth of one another, neither boy had any nightmares.

Better Than A Hurricane

John Laurens, Alexander Hamilton

Summary: It’s dark and rainy and John is feeling a bit low. When Alexander appears and says he’s exhausted John makes it his mission to get his friend to rest. It certainly brightens up his night.

A/N: My first attempt at writing a Hamilton fic. This blog has been crowded with Hamilton submissions, so I decided that I wanted to contribute to it myself. Not sure if I will be writing regularly for this fandom, but I hope you like it nevertheless!

Words: 1 652

John honestly couldn’t remember ever experiencing this much rain. It was positively pouring outside; creating ocean-like puddles on the uneven ground, so much unlike the dusty streets he was used to. The breeze was like a constant slap to the face; the wind moaning so loudly that you could almost get deaf. The windows could probably crack by a simple tap on the glass, since the storm outside was pounding against them ruthlessly. It was safe to say that John was glad to be inside right now.

To be fair he’d rather be drinking himself to sleep at the bar, but he valued his life a bit too much to risk going out there. Wars and revolutions were nothing but trifles. But a storm like this? Let’s just say that John knew when to pick his battles.

“Dreaming of a better tomorrow, Laurens?”

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OKAY, so circling around is a cover of Drop Pop Candy by Luxiay Kuragon where they used Sans and Papyrus’ beeps and I was inspired to make lyrics for them specifically!

Check it out here:

SO YEAH, originally I just made lyrics that corresponded to the beeps but then I really wanted to sing it myself so here it is! 

This is legit, like, the first thing I have ever contributed to any fandom ever.

Art is by @kyleehenke GO CHECK HER OUT 

also, i cannot voice act very well, so yeah, i’m singing in my regular voice although if any voice actors out there would like to cover it…. *wink wink*

Lyrics under the cut

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Smol chibi floating Natemare. c:

Woo~ my first pixel art gif I’ve ever made~! I’m really happy with how he turned out. I was going to wait until I’d done Phone Guy!MatPat pixel chibi to post but I really wanted to share this now.

Please do not repost or remove caption.

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“You really thought I wanted to date you?”
The laugh that follows those words hits harder than a punch in the stomach, and she doesn’t know how to reply.
“It’s just because I’ve lost a bet. I couldn’t really like someone like you. And i bet you no one else will.”
She bites her lower lip and forces hersefl to not cry.
Touko promises to herself that she will never trust anybody again.

A little fanart i did for my first english fanfiction, Stinkbug (a translated version of one of my own stories). It’s all about Touko because i love her so much and she deserve more love.
Many thanks to my flying dutchgirl @dancewithnaru and @shsl-shipper-gamer-fangirl that helped me with the proofreading! <3
If someone will ever read this story, i hope you will enjoy it!

(I may use fanart from now on to spam my own stories here… after all it’s always a contribution to the fandom :v)
(I may also looking for a beta for future stories - maybe on other fandom too, but it’s just for the english grammar - i swear i’m so slow i will not bug you so often)