my first comic sans


Birthday part 3 (CollegePapyrus)

It’s Sans’ b-day and it seems things are looking as gloomy as always…

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a Fatal_Error has Occurred: Chapter One - Part 5

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This update makes me happy :)

Aftertale, Errortale, GenoSans, and ErrorSans belongs to @loverofpiggies!

Outertale belongs to @outertale!

We start the weekly update! Toby is a hero :O

Poor Papyrus, for one puzzle that should work, and the dog has been biting the switch device. Now it’s broken :P

I know some people expected the trap to work… sorry? xD

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i’ve been on a gaster kick lately, so i sorta went with it??? what can i say, i just really love this sad, void man lmao. (btw some of the images have caption!)

also included some pre-core gaster! i’ve decided that i like the idea of my gaster being sans’ and papyrus’ father. for the longest time it was a toss up between him being their older brother, or being their dad, but the latter won me over in the end haha. 


Jimin, you could read rice-making instructions to me all day and I still wouldn’t be bored


you’re breaking my heart T^T

Artist:  じょる
Translation: by me
Characters: Kageyama & Kindaichi

Permission granted by the artist, do not repost or remove source. 

Full size part 1 / part 2 / part 3.

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Frisk starts worrying about the puzzle. Since it’s electric and stuff… and they might die and stuff…. I can’t say I don’t understand their feelings :P

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There is only ONE correct answer  



Sans voiced by @kyzer-aqueron

Toriel voiced by Me

Comic by @royalbluetale


Ah… Hello

This is my first comic in my life..

i know it’s still not good , but i tried my best!

this shot i got from one beautiful undertale fanfiction.

^ this  Through Hollow Eyes by [so glad that i found her blog here!]

Story : Tsuki the wolf

Comic : draw by me : ]

i really love the story, and wish to draw them a lot

i adore this moment so much [sorry to cut this into short one…]

anyway hope you enjoy! ; ]

PS. don’t repost it without my permission 

PSS.eventhough i know that nobody gonna do that LOL

PSSS.Just to be safe : ]