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Hi! Just making a post to say that updates - of a polished nature - may be a bit sparse over the next few months as I’m working on my comic, Pelican Post! I’m planning to have the first book printed by mid-2017. Until then, I’ll be posting related concept stuff like this every now and then on twitter/tumblr :)

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moments when i should have realized i was ace; when i discovered that people become attracted to someone when they take clothing off and show bare skin. meanwhile, im like ?????

That reminds me of when I read the comic book, ‘American Born Chinese’ in my first year of high school. The artist narrates himself developing a crush on a girl because he saw her take off her jacket, and reveal her bare shoulders.

And I remember thinking, “…. ?? That’s not how a crush works!” and even to this day, I cannot for the life of me empathize with what’s happening here.

- Fae

The FIRST ISSUE of my new comic book: ‘THE 3 O’CLOCK CLUB!’ comes out April 12th! From LionForge Comics, it was released last year but it is now being RE-RELEASED with extra bonus stuff and is called the ‘Honor Roll’ edition! It’s about a group of kids who have to face down weird occurrences that occur at their school every day at 3 O’Clock! It’s a 5 issue series and watch out for each new issue in the coming months! Thanks so much to my co-creator Jordan B. Gorfinkel and amazing art by Erez Zadok! 

The Twelfth Doctor, #011. 

So guess who gave Charlotte Brontë the inspiration to create Jane and Mr. Rochester.

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That Corwin stuff reminds me of the old Eternal Champion books. The First Comics Elric adaptions are my favorite sword and sorcery stuff ever.

I really, really hope that Roger Zelazny gets a Cordwainer Bird style reappraisal and rediscovery. Lord of Light is maybe my favorite science fiction novel of all time, but it seems to be one of the less read of the Hugo winners for Best Novel (most of them are exactly the books you expect: Starship Troopers, Ringworld, Dune, etc.)

You can definitely draw a connection between Roger Zelazny’s Corwin of Amber and guys like Elric, in that Corwin was an ethically gray, charismatic antihero who crossed the line into outright black. There was a great quote Corwin made in his second Amber book where he said “when the day of final judgment came and all evil things were removed from the world, there was no doubt in Corwin’s mind he would be among them.” I think it had something to do with the fact that the sixties were a time that kids (and the audience for Sword and Sorcery stuff is usually teens) started to identify more with the rebel than the goody-goody. The pendulum has swung back on that, somewhat. 

I’m really excited to announce some big news — My husband(Matthew Erman) and I had our first comic book, Long Lost, picked up by indie publisher Scout Comics.

It’s going to be a monthly horror comic series that’ll debut sometime in fall of 2017 about two estranged sisters, Piper and Frances, who reunite and return to their Appalachian hometown after their mother goes missing.

It’s taking what Matt and I love about horror and we’re boiling it all into one big, terrifying soup. I really think it’s going to be an awesome comic and can’t wait for you to read it.

Soon, I’ll be sharing more with you about Piper and Frances: character sketches, music that inspires me, and shots of the comic in progress whenever I can. So if you love horror, stay tuned! Can’t wait to show you all!


9/16/2016 (New York)—Pantheon (Knopf/Penguin Random House) announces plans to publish the English edition of internationally acclaimed gay erotica artist and icon Gengoroh Tagame’s first general audience comic book series, My Brother’s Husband, in a two-volume omnibus edition.

 My Brother’s Husband is the hit Japanese manga series, awarded by the country’s own Media Arts Council for Excellence in Manga, celebrating an unapologetic approach to queer social themes and issues. In a heteronormative mainstream comics culture that has never seen an explicitly gay main character in a popular series, My Brother’s Husband has been a watershed publishing event: not only is this the first openly out gay artist to be commended by a government council, Tagame’s bestselling work has now been featured on the front cover of the popular young adult magazine in which it serializes…twice.
The series “My Brother’s Husband” debuted in Gekkan Action Zasshi (Monthly Action Magazine) in November of 2014 in Japan to monumental critical acclaim and commercial success. Currently approaching its 16th installment, the monthly series has been one of publisher Futabasha’s bestselling series. The first collected book of the series (Chapters 1-7) is in at least its fifth printing and has since launch, been translated into Korean and French. Unlike the original or current foreign editions, the English edition will be formatted as a two volume omnibus.
My Brother’s Husband is a family drama that begins with the auspicious arrival of Mike, a Canadian who has come to pay respects to the family of his recently deceased Japanese husband Ryoji, whose only remaining immediate family member is Yaichi—an identical twin brother. As Mike gets accustomed to Japanese morays and the surprising idiosyncrasies of living with Yaichi and his daughter Kana, the sleepy Japanese suburb also learns the true meaning of family.
“I think ‘My Brother’s Husband’ will be one of the most important works of manga to be published in the last ten years—it opens the door on what it means to be LGBT in Japan today, the considerable challenges that community still faces, and how it relates to the strides of acceptance that have been made in the West.  Gengoroh Tagame has achieved something extraordinary here, in his beautifully-drawn story of not only a very modern family, but an international one too.” —Designer/Editor Chip Kidd

Gengoroh TAGAME
Born in 1964. Upon graduating Tama Art University, he took jobs as an Art Director, debuting as a gay erotic artist in 1986 with manga, illustratraions and prose fiction for a variety of magazines. He has been a full-time gay erotic artist since 1994. As a gay mangaka he has published over a dozen graphic novels and been translated into French, Spanish, German, Italian, and finally in English, with the 2013 publication of The Passion of Gengoroh Tagame, edited by Anne Ishii, Graham Kolbeins and Chip Kidd. His artwork has been exhibited in solo exhibitions around the world, including Paris, Berlin, Los Angeles and New York. Tagame’s work can be found in comic bookstores and online at where he is also represented by Anne Ishii.
MASSIVE GOODS designs, produces and curates queer and feminist comics and art created by artists in Japan.
My Brother’s Husband: Volume 1 (of 2) will be released Summer 2017, produced in conjunction with MASSIVE GOODS.
Translator: Anne Ishii
Designer: Chip Kidd
Production: John Kuramoto
Originally published in Japanese by: Futabasha, 2014-2015