my first coloring upload!


Do you have to be special? Do people have to recognize you, no matter what? I don’t think so. At the very least, not when it comes to this child…


Lovesick the Series
phunnoh: favorite scenes [1/?]

“But anyway, does this young master Phun actually know how to do this stuff?”
“Wanna try, young master Noh?”


Who could this mysterious dancer be?

The progression of Rhys


Starting a new challenge called “Smash Color Palette Challenge!” I’m using the palette here:

Every week, I’ll be doing a color palette challenge for a Smash character! I haven’t decided if I’ll be including those outside of Smash 4, but I’ll consider it since there are many colors! Just for this time, I’ll be uploading my first pic on Tuesday, but on the next week and every other week after, it’ll be up on Wednesday.  I’m really looking forward to doing this color challenge!

First off, Kirby!