my first century


Aien and Miko Lavellan, dedicated students of archeology
Professor Solas somehow always knows the best places to dig - he says he’s just lucky
Dorian Pavus, anthropology specialist - give him a tooth and he will tell you how many times did that person take a shit in their life. Black sheep of a political family (who cares if he has ten PhDs and biggest book collection in Thedas)
SPOILER ALERT: they become best friends and do pokemon sleepovers


Rumbelle Hugs 1/??

You’re not who I thought you were. And I’m glad.

I’m leaving to do my first ever imperial century tomorrow. It’s a bit silly I have never done one before now as I’ve done lots of 70 mile~ rides when loaded and am feeling in good form just now.

My route (128 miles~) is to take a familiar one from my home in Crieff, through Sma’ Glen, Glen Quaich, Tummel Bridge and onto the A9 (Cycle Route 1) as far as Carrbridge then onto the Lochindorb road (B9007, one of my favourite ever.) and into Findhorn. 

I’m going relatively light, bivvying in the dunes behind Findhorn for that night before heading to Inverness for a train back home the following day. 

Expect lots of beautiful landscapes, a gear breakdown and a write up when I get back!

Have a great weekend all.

They were marks that ruined the beautiful piece of art that was Michael James Way himself.

((Trigger warning))

“Mikey?” you called out as you closed the front door of you and your fiancé’s newly bought home. It was beautiful to say in the least.You kicked off your black converse and shrugged off your leather jacket. After receiving no answer, you furrowed your eyebrows in genuine confusion.

“Where is he…?” you mumbled to yourself as you began to search your house. “Baby?” you called out again, adding worry to your voice; hoping he would notice it and come to you instead.

With yet again no answer and no Mikey in any room downstairs, you began to head upstairs. You entered your shared bedroom and sat down on your bed, glancing at the laptop on it. It had an article open when you wiggled your finger over the mouse. ‘Famous Mikey Way Of My Chemical Romance Back On Drugs? Or Just Anorexic? Read Bel-’. Closing the laptop in pure fury, you headed to your bathroom to remove the make up you had done that morning.

To your surprise, when you opened the door, there Mikey lay, on his knees in front of the mirror, shirtless and staring solomnly at the mirror in front of him. “Baby are you okay?" you whispered, slowly advancing towards him. You caught sight of the fresh cuts that littered the tops of his thighs, laying atop of his old ones and tears filled your eyes. They were marks that ruined the beautiful piece of art that was Michael James Way himself. They were marks that represented tiger stripes - that he was a fighter and he could make it. Mikey was strong, Gerard knew it, you knew it, everyone knew it, although he did not.

"I don’t understand. I’m not anorexic. I’m not on drugs. I’m just a skinny ass fuck up. I fucking hate being thin! Look at me! I’m disgusting…” he yelled, seemingly to himself but you knew it was to you. Mikey got up from his knees and shoved you out of the way, your arm slightly colliding with the hard frame of the door but that didn’t seem to bother you at the minute. What bothered you was how your Mikey fell onto your bed in a heap of tears and loud sobs. It honestly broke your heart.

You hesitated but thought 'fuck it’ and scurried over the heap of quilt at the end of your bed, trying to avoid kneeling the expensive laptop somewhere in the middle of them. Trying to comfort Mikey whilst simultaneously trying not to bug him was quite the task. Although it was a task you were willing to complete. You kneeled next to his shaking figure and  ran your fingers through his dirty blond hair, over and over again: just the way he liked it any other time. His sobs calmed down to hiccups but you could clearly tell just how upset he still was.

“Baby… Baby can you look at me?” you whispered, unsure and wary of what his reaction would be. He isn’t always the usual sweet motherfucker Mikey Way when he was upset. To your surprise, after a few tense seconds, he began to sit up, legs crossed and turned towards you. His red, blotchy face made your breathing hitch; his nose was running slightly, and his eyes were raw with tears. His eyebrows sticking up every angle.

“What?” he spat, “Are you going to question me about how much I eat and where I actually go when I say I’m going to the studio? What drugs I’m taking and their effect on me? Huh? Are you going to react just like my own mother and brother? Go on! I honestly couldn’t care less right now. Don’t sugarcoat while you’re at it either.”

You were at a loss of words, “M-Mikey? I wouldn-I couldn’t do that to you, no matter how hard I would try. I love you and you know that - or at least I hope.” you say glancing up to look into his hazel eyes. “Baby, I don’t want you feeling this way, I know these articles are straight up bullshit and you do too.” You carry on, throwing your arms into the air in disbelief. “The writers only want their company to earn money for themselves. They’re heartless people. I’m hurt you would think of me that way.” you finish and lower your eyes, suddenly finding the plain white sheets interesting. You felt knuckles brushing your knee
but ignored them, knowing it was just Mikes. You were being selfish and you knew it.

After no reply, you stood up off the bed, “Fuck it, I’m sorry I shouldn’t have disrupted you,” you say to him. I’ll be downststairs if you need me. You need your time alone, and again, I’m sorry for interrupting it, I-“

"Stop apologising, please [Y/N]. Come here,” he says, arms opening to give you a hug - if you were willing to accept it that was. After thinking for a split second, you gave in and walked a few steps towards him, falling into his arms, and smiling into his chest as he gave you a feeble kiss to the top of your head. “I love you and I’m sorry for thinking you'd react that way. You’re better than that I know it” he explained.

You pressed a kiss to his lips then looked down his still shirtless torso to the cuts scattered across his thighs. “That’s something you need to learn yourself, Michael.”


This was the original costume I wore my first year working at Mary Washington House in Fredericksburg. The outfit consisted of handmaid items:

  • A blue and white striped short gown
  • A green side tie petticoat
  • A white kerchief 
  • A white mop cap
  • A white tie apron

The materials used for the main components of the outfit are made from linen, while the mop cap and kerchief are made from cotton. The clothing items were handmaid by one of the tour guides who still works at the House. She followed original patterns that can be found simply online.

I paired this outfit with my own jewelry, a monocle in the first picture, a compass necklace to add a modern yet old twist in the second, and drop handmaid earrings that were the same blue as the short gown stripes. Since this was my very first 18th century reenactment outfit I did not have any of the basic 18th century undergarments yet. Underneath the whole outfit I wore shorts and t-shirt or a sun dress because it was the summer and Virginia gets humid and hot. My shoes were also plain black flats from Payless and my stocking consisted of long white socks that reached to my knee cap I had since I was little. 

During the first year I kept my makeup basic and used modern day products like concealer, powder, mascara, etc.. My hairstyle was a simple bun that pulled my hair back and away from my face.

Overall this costume was and actually is still my favorite at the House. I still borrow parts of the outfit I do not have personally such as the short gown and kerchief for when I work during the summers. Since learning more about the 18th century and the clothes worn during that time, my “reenactment” outfit is much more accurate now.

This is my first review on this blog! Also I guess this could considered part 1 for my costume because it has changed so much, but that’s another post for another time :)