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A Taste of Betrayal

This is the first in a series of Hannigram first sexual encounters. Each chapter is an unrelated one-shot fic that explores different aspects of their relationship and how it might develop into a sexual one. Some will be angsty and rough, some will be tender and fluffy, some will be during show canon, some will be season 4 timeframe, etc.

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Will handed Hannibal a glass of whiskey. “Here, from the bottle you got me. I had been saving it, but this seems like as good a time as any.”

Hannibal sniffed it. “I generally prefer wine, but I’m happy to share this with you, Will.”

The night sky outside Will’s house was dark. The moon and stars hidden behind storm clouds.

Hannibal looked contemplative and rubbed his thin lips together. “I have not been back here since you’ve been released from prison. The air smells different than before. The house has been changed, just as you have.”

Will sized Hannibal up, moving to sit down, his fingers tapping against the glass he held. “Betrayal will change a person. The vibrations between us our different now.”

Hannibal leaned forward in his chair, unbuttoning the front of his suit jacket in one smooth motion.

“We can rebuild something better now, Will. We can become our true selves now, together, and lay bare who we really are in front of one another.”

The words sent a strange tingle up Will’s spine, one of trepidation and also of desire. He was aware of these feelings he sometimes had for Hannibal, more aware of them now after the betrayal and also more bothered by them. They made reaching his end goal more tricky, muddled how he really felt, and made where Hannibal’s feelings began and his own ended more and more hazy.

Hannibal always talked in these euphemisms. They never outright expressed their desires, but their eyes spoke volumes. They knew what the other meant.

“I regret the disruption in our development, Will, but I believe we can evolve beyond this into something more natural and advantageous to us both.”

Maybe it was the whiskey getting to his brain, but Will was tiring of these wordplays. The slithering way Hannibal refused to take responsibility for framing Will, for the pain he had caused.

“I said before that I had to deal with my feelings for you, Hannibal. But do not mistake that to mean that those feelings will end up on a positive note, that they will bring you what you want.”

“What is it you think I want, Will?”

“I think you want many things all at once. You want me. To mold me into a creature of your own design. Partially out of curiosity, partially out of a desire for companionship, partially to see what i will do. How you can change me, bend me to your will.”

Hannibal smirked. Taking another sip of his drink, their eyes locked together.

“I would like to bend your will to mine this time …”

Will’s eyes darkened, hatred and desire mixing together into a poisonous, unstoppable force in his mind. He wanted the man in front of him to become undone at his hand.

Hannibal’s smile widened. “And what would you like to see me become at your hand, Will?”

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I know that like, technically they’re fighting in this scene… but look how patiently he’s listening to her in that first gif and how he makes her smile in the last one. and like, look at how they’re sitting. LOOK. SHE IS PRACTICALLY SITTING ON HIS LAP IF NOT ACTUALLY ON HIS LAP. WHAT IS GOING ON.

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Any advice for giving my first bj? I get the gist of the whole process (I put a penis in my mouth) but I'm really nervous and anything will help

Well… The art of fellatio is an ancient form. One many have mastered and one many have failed. Below, I’ve compiled a list of techniques that will aid in your ability to achieve your greatest climax potential…well, his. 

1. Don’t just wolf it down. If you’re in a rush, then by all means, but then it wouldn’t matter how sloppy it is. You have time. Pinch and/or bite his nips on your way down to weenie town. Enjoy the scenery. Admire the landscape. He can wait. You’re doing the work, right? Right. Next.

2. You’ve found the penis. Assuming he’s hard by now cause you’ve been slaying the bedroom up to this point, grab the base of that shit like you’re about to belt the bridge of Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On.” Like, he’s finna cum nearrr, farrrr, wherevvver your mouth is, ya feel? Get a nice grip near the base. Sometimes, you gotta just use a pointer finger and thumb cause some guys don’t have as much cylindrical real estate but that’s okay. Your throat will be thankful. 

3. Now from here, you can go ahead and just slob on his knob like corn on the cob but I mean, that’s no fun. Assuming you’re between his legs cause this is your first time and that’s the “social norm” for your first beegee concert (I need to stop), with your tongue, bring it to the top like you’re never gonna stop. Like, your popsicle is melting but you worked hard for that $2.25 and you don’t wanna waste it. Look him in the eye if you’s a freak. Get up to the tippy top, THEN let him enter you. It’s almost like you’re meeting someone new and this is your first impression. Eye contact. Other hand sliding down his chest and stomach. Etc. They go a long way. 

4. From here, it’s really a matter of what gets him going. Pay attention to his moans and groans. Feel around, go up the sides with your mouth, suck on a nut or two. Sometimes guys balls are sensitive so they’ll squirm around when you lick them, but if they don’t like it, they’ll tell you. And speaking of balls, pro-tip: Beneath his juevos, there’s a muscular bit which is essentially the part of the D that runs down to your gooch. You have one too, so you can print these notes out and feel around for it while you study. Whilst going down on this gent, squish on that with your thumb. Like, go up and down it. It almost feels like your booty’s getting played with but like, not at all. Nike. Just Do It. 

5. As far as handwork for the shaft. Once you’ve buttered his baguette, be it with spit or lube (water-based or silicon will work - you can swallow it), essentially choke his chicken while you suck on the top. That almost always makes guys cum. Even when they say, “You can try but no one ever gets me off with head alone.” You know what you say to them? “Challenge Accepted.” Then you rock their world. 

6. Now, depending on how big your dude is and how non-existent your gag reflex is, you can try to deepthroat it. A lot of this has to do with the shape of his willis more than anything. If it curves to the right, you need to position yourself comin’ in hot from the right. If it does like a rainbow, you know what I mean, from the base to his belly, you might have to 69 the dude to get that sucker down. Which I mean, would be fun for all involved, I think. Just watch your teeth and don’t be a hero. Your throat WILL be sore from all the blunt trauma. Moving on.

I think that’s good enough for your first go. If you want him to sin in you, by all means. Word to the wise, though. If cum freaks you out, you don’t have to take that shit. He’ll groan and squirm before he goes, so you can just stop with your mouth and continue with your hand. If you want it in your mouth, but don’t wanna swallow, just let it drizzle down the sides like frosting those mirror-glazed cakes. All feels the time. Just don’t get that shit in your eye. It will feel like someone punched you and will look like it, too. That shit does not wash out easily. 

Lastly, in all seriousness. I feel like I have impressionable teen followers which bestows some level of moral responsibility on me. STD’s are fucking real. The “correct” and safe way to give a blowie to anyone you don’t know hasn’t been checked for everything over a 3 month period, is to have him wear a condom. They have those flavored ones which help make that more enjoyable for you but realistically, if you’re not gonna want to use one, at LEAST have a good feeling about the guy and how much you trust him and who he may or may not have been with. Also, you’d be going into that knowing good and well that you could still get something. Nothing is 100%. Play safe. Be smart. Don’t trust anyone saying they’re “clean” or “ddf” cause they honestly might not even know. Unfortunately, that’s the reality of being an adult and having sex. For further questions on STD’s, hit my DMs up. I’ll gladly educate. Otherwise, Happy Blowing! Hope this helped!



Yuuri had thought when they returned to Hasetsu that the wandering would stop. He couldn’t explain why he thought that- and it felt silly now that Viktor had been out for several hours to get ramen. Not that he hadn’t invited Yuuri- he’d begged his fiance to join him but Yuuri was dedicated to a night inside involving his mothers cooking and Ghibli movies on his laptop. 

Competitions took a lot out of him regardless, and with the most recent GPF he was even more exhausted than usual, needing at least a week vegging out outside of practice to recover. Viktor’s tendencies were pretty endearing too- most of the town was aware of his feelings for Yuuri considerably before he was. The credits were just starting to roll on Totoro and Yuuri was rummaging around for Howl’s Moving Castle when his phone rang- a local number. 


"Yuuuuuuri! Oh thank goodness. That boyfriend of yours-" 


"That fiance of yours was piss drunk so we told him to go home to you- he liked that a lot-" 

"Get to the point.” Yuuri’s face was already in his hands. 

 "Well we didn’t know it was raining…“ 

"You know he gets lost easily." 

"Well, we didn’t really think about it… but you might need to go find him." 

"Okay… thanks for telling me. Bye." 

"We loved watching you in that compe-” Yuuri hung up the phone without hesitation, groaning as he shut his laptop. He loved Viktor, he really did, but leaving the house wasn’t really on his agenda. Letting his parents know he’d be back in a bit, Yuuri grabbed an umbrella and set out to track down his fiance.

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bitchhh have u really flashed billy joel asdf i need the how where and when for my own personal reference

I screamed to him and lifted my shirt in Colorado, my first BJ concert. Then I did it again as he was leaving the stage. I said alot of things.

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i failed my first blowjob. couldnt make him cum. so embarrassing. i wanna cry.

i choked and gaged while giving my first bj i think i nearly cried also dont worry