my first autumn

DETAILS *in your face*

Funny story: I thought of painting some DaiSuga but more complicated than the gifs

me: Yeah, I feel like making some DaiSuga. With cute lightning.

my brain: Totally! But don’t forget to use some neat colour palette, add lots of details, use light+shadow+anatomy properly and make all of those in a wicked perspective. MUAHAHAHA!! (。・`ω´・。)

Enjoy my first autumn-ish DaiSuga


Autumn angels ✨ (because I refuse to believe that those two are supposed to be monsters)

And thank you so so much for over 500 followers, I love you all, you guys are the best!

@1000liveslived  ✠ Starter Call

Don’t mind me asking, but have you ever seen a person die before your eyes?” The glass nearly toppled over as Razensky leaned over to the woman, his curiosity spilling from his eyes and crawling down to a smile and spread across his lips. 

“You must consider it as a merciless thing to happen for your brain to register, hmm?” 

  • New Tumblr User: 🍂🍁 Happy autumn everyone I'm so happy that it's getting chilly out-
  • Tumblr: *Muffled rumbling in the distance*
  • New Tumblr User: What's that?
  • Tumblr: 🍂Sp👻OOK☠y SC☠aRY SKE L etOns⚰ 🍁ThIS ☠IS 👻⚰HÅŁŁØWËĒN 🍂WhO yA GOnNa☠ CA L l !!!!???👻⚰

Hinata and tiny Kagehina baby Miya :3 

It’s my first time experiencing Autumn and I’ve been having such happy days~ All I want is to draw kagehina aged up with babies >.< So here is the first of probably many <3 It would mean the world if you guys could shoot me a message and let me know what you think of this little boop <3


Tobio can’t deal. 


okey dokey, picked some chestnuts yesterday!!!! They are the edible ones and they’re so delicious🙊 I’m going to roast them in the oven. I collected the ones that were on the ground. unlike horsechestnuts these have a very prickly (or thorny?? what’s the right word?) casings. so it’s very difficult to take out the chestnut if you don’t have gloves, and I didn’t have any gloves!! saved four of them in the refrigerator to plant later, I’m gonna eat the rest🙈👏🏼 if any of you have tips/recommendations about growing chestnuts let me know^_^ I read that you should plant at least two of them so that they can cross-pollinate. I know I don’t have a garden rn but I can grow them until they’re okay to plant outdoors. then I’ll find someone with whom or some place where they’ll be happy. good plan huh? 😝