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do you also give people "personal" information to make them trust you, but it's actually things you don't really consider worth hiding? like for example one of my go to's is to tell people i've been suicidal in the past to make them think i'm confiding in them and we're now friends so they will share something very personal about themselves in return, but the thing is i don't actually care if ppl know that i've attempted suicide, i just tell them to make them think we're close

Yes, I’ve done stuff like that before. I mainly do that with people I’m meeting for the first time or am just getting to know in order to obtain their trust and admiration. I’ll sometimes share a more personal experience as a way to fake empathy and mirror the person better. It’s almost automatic that I do this type of thing.

So, what started out as the idea for one drawing to get myself to work in my sketchbook and stay positive over the summer turned into a series of four Sanders Sides themed motivational posters because that’s who I am as a person…

Motivational Roman, India ink and colored pencil.

Drawing includes the phrase “You Will make your Dreams a Reality” in cursive lettering framed by a satin ribbon reminiscent of Roman’s princely sash. He’s a dreamer, but he’s also a go-getter so he seemed like the appropriate choice to start off the series.

Motivational Logan, Micron pen and colored pencil.

Drawing includes the phrase “EVEN A SMALL IMPROVEMENT IS STILL PROGRESS” in a no-nonsense, architectural drafting style font framed by a silky blue tie. Logan is the man with a plan and would understand that every little step toward a goal should be recognized.

Motivational Patton, Micron pen and colored pencil.

Drawing includes the phrase “dO whAt mAkEs yOUr InnEr chIld HaPPy” in a simple font that bounces between upper and lowercase letters (this is how I wrote as a kid) framed by Patton’s gray cardigan like a warm hug. He’s a lovable, wrinkly sorta guy who just wants what’s best for you.

Motivational Virgil, Micron pen and colored pencil.

Drawing includes the phrase “You have Fought your DEMONS, you can handle ANYTHING” in a wispy, sharp, Gothic style font (that was probably the most fun to make out of them all) framed by Virgil’s hoodie. He’s a bit of a self-deprecating edge-lord, so I don’t doubt that he’d say something like this in an attempt to be motivational, however, this is more based on how I personally view my anxiety.

I had a lot of fun with this, I hope you all enjoy and are motivated as well! Thanks to @thatsthat24​ for being my muse and @welcome-to-the-joangle​ for helping to create such wonderful characters!

Soft Incantations ☄

A list of single-word incantations, spells that can be cast merely by saying/thinking them with intent, or over a white candle. 

☄ Cuisolas 
From irish, Cuisle and Solas, pulse and light
For a source of light give you strength

☄ Astripta 
From latin, Astra and Scripta, star-written
Written in the stars, to tie something to fate.

☄ Solicolmére 
From latin, salis, salt, and french, mer et colére, sea and anger
From salt to sea salt, anger disapates like sea foam

☄ Sucétoiles 
From french, Sucre et étoiles, sugar and stars
To enchant light with the power to soften  sweeten.

☄ Rosetaltion
From english, rose, nostalgia and elation, feelings for the past and happiness.
To give memories rose colored glasses.

The Most Abusive Relationship in TLJ

Spoiler: it’s Kylo Ren’s relationship with Everyone

Luke.  Tried to kill him.  Han and Leia.  Sent him to live with his uncle at a very young age in a weird, cultish, very isolating environment.  Then his uncle tried to kill him. 

Snoke.  Please, do I even have to?  Tosses him around like a rag doll, has thrown things at him before, shocks him with Force lightning, constant mental and emotional battering ram.  Hux.  Manipulated by Snoke just as much as Ren is, made to hate him as an extension of Snoke’s obsessive control over them both.

We got attempted murder, abandonment, betrayal, torture, beatings, electrocution, manipulation, threats, relational aggression, conditioning, physical, mental, emotional, yOU NAME IT.

Symptoms of an abuse survivor include, but are not limited to: anger or aggressive behavior, disassociation, irritability or outbursts of anger, self-harm (hitting his own wound in TFA), running away, difficulty sleeping (have we ever seen Ren sleep? have we ever seen any indication that he even does?), seeking out high-risk/dangerous pursuits, intolerance of or constant search for intimacy (everyone but Rey, Rey), low self-worth, difficulty assigning trust, I COULD DO THIS ALL DAY.

Every single time I see something about abuse in TLJ it’s Ren as the abuser.  Every.  Single.  Time.  So here’s something slightly different, my very small attempt to weight the other side of the scales a little and even things out.

Mercury Placements

Mercury in Aries

Mercury in Taurus

Mercury in Gemini

Mercury in Cancer

Mercury in Leo

Mercury in Virgo

Mercury in Libra

Mercury in Scorpio

Mercury in Sagittarius

Mercury in Capricorn

Mercury in Aquarius

Mercury in Pisces

(Side note: First time doing something like this. Did I do okay?)

So I tried painting this using my finger and phone. Needless to say it took forever especially as a first attempt at doing something like this. In the end, I needed to just walk away from it. How do you guys digital art??? I have no clue. An attempt was made at least. Hopefully doing this helps if I do any future digital art. Anyway, this is the final product!! Be kind to yourselves!!! I’ll tag @thatsthat24 because the time spent on this made me really want to give you a blanket and say go to bed. I’ll also tag @pansexualroman @pattonpending @prinanalogicality @vortexart and @darkness-anon because they’re awesome!!

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Good golly I have got to get back into drawing so I’m gonna attempt that thing where you draw all of the 151 OP pokémon. (I’m not gonna have a single theme or a consistent style, and may not even finish, I just wanna make myself draw lots)

Anyway! The first three pals! I’ve never been happy with how I draw the bulba line, but I really want to nail a kind of Permian mammal-like reptile kind of dealie so here is an at temPt 

First meeting meme

Send 😀 for your muse to admit they’re my muse’s biggest fan
Send 😅 for your muse to bump into mine
Send 😉 for your muse to attempt flirting with mine
Send 😎 for your muse to show off how cool they are
Send 😘 for your muse to make that face towards mine across a bar
Send 😍 for your muse to fall in love with mine at first sight
Send 🤠 for your muse to act like a cowboy
Send 🤡 for your muse to break some awkward silence with a joke
Send 🤓 for your muse to teach mine a scientific lesson
Send 😐 for your muse to silently judge mine
Send 😶 for your muse to have a secret crush on mine and attempt interacting with them
Send 😪 for your muse to fall asleep on mine
Send 👹 for my muse to scare yours
Send 😱 for your muse expressing how offended they are about something my muse said
Send 👻 for your muse to appear in front of mine as a ghost
Send 👉 for your muse to gunfinger towards mine
Send 😈 for your muse to bully mine
Send 👋 for your muse to wave at mine, thinking they’re someone else
Send 👊 for your muse to punch mine out of nowhere
Send 🐶 for your muse to randomly give mine a puppy and run away
Send 🐱 for your muse to randomly give mine a kitten and run away
Send 🐓 for your muse to give mine an angry chicken and run for their lives
Send 🍺 for your muse to sleep in my muse’s apartment after getting completely drunk
Send 🔪 for your muse to try to kill mine
Send 🏏 for your muse to accidentally smash my muse’s window with a baseball
Send 📞 for your muse to accidentally call mine
Send 🌳 for your muse to sit next to mine at a park and start up a conversation

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“Your ass looks great.” “Will you fuck off for a second?”

“You’ve really fucked me over this time.”

“Please let me in.”

genre: fuckboi!jungkook, roommate!jungkook, possibly smut in the future? angstish for now tbh

How you ended up with the world’s biggest fuckboy as your roommate, you don’t know; actually you did but still why you stayed you don’t know. This was seriously one of the world’s wonders; there were no common interests or reasons we had to get along but somehow we both ended up in this place together. You had been placed in the same apartment thanks to your friend Jimin who was moving to his own place and he said he’d look for a roommate for you, you didn’t expect that guy to move the worst person he could possibly choose into your home.

“I’m sorry, okay? He needed a place to stay after getting kicked out of Youngjae’s place.”, Jimin sympathetically told you whilst you tried to enjoy a meal. “If they kicked out, what makes you think I want him?” “Come on, he’s like a younger brother to me, he’s your age. Give him a chance?” “He’s literally the worst, since the day I met him I’ve wanted to murder him.” “Jeez, you need to stop hanging out with Yoongi.” “Besides the point, Jimin.” “I’m sorry, just give him a chance, if you can’t stand him, just leave, come to me, I don’t care, but give it a go. I kinda do wanna live on my own now?” “Am I the problem?”, you asked unamused by his hectic argument. “No, no, it’s not you, it’s just easier to get to work and school from my new place. You’re always welcome over if you need to stay or something, don’t worry.” “Fine, this is all for you Park Jimin.”

The things you do for this guy; you had a soft spot for Jimin, he was like an older brother to you. The one you never had, he really needed a roommate and soon you became friends, that was after realising you guys had mutual friends. Well, now you were living with Jungkook for Jimin’s sake.

It wasn’t too bad at first, neither of you spoke to each other and when he did attempt to make conversation you would simply tell him: “Did we agree on talking at this time or am i hearing things?”, causing him to sigh and give up on trying to gain your friendship. Other times you were forced to speak to him, like when he was in front of the fridge, the stove, the microwave or the door. “Move out the way dickead.”, you told him after he was blocking the entrance to the bathroom. “That’s not how you pronounce Jungkook!”, he pouted as he dried his hair with a towel. “Was I trying to pronounce your name? I don’t think so and you’re still in the way!” “My apologies, my lady.” He would always attempt to joke around with you and be friendly, but you assumed he was doing so to be civil not to be friends with you after he dropped you and Isla back in high school, even if you weren’t friends with Isla anymore, it still sucked.

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“aw, darlin’, i guess you’re gettin’ pretty attached to me! …..your cat is too.” (wink wink nudge nudge obvious flirt)

“….shut up. you probably….bathed in cat nip or something. morpheus usually has better taste than this.”
(first attempt at dr. dalias and akmazian from the eos_10 podcast - my personal HCs for them. akmazian either has a partly cybernetic arm or that’s just like…armor idk I LIKE ROBOT ARMS OK)

(also, listen to eos_10, it’s a DELIGHT. it’s been on hiatus for a long time, but the first two seasons are just really wonderful ok and i love it)