my first attempt at picspam

book 4 | outpost | the enderrian chronicles
do you know what it’s like only being able to trust the guy who tried to kill you?

kid, you can trust me.

no. no i can’t. 

(my attempt to make an aesthetic board for one of my original novels, Outpost - I want to try and do more if I can!)


Remember when I said I hit the Lost Boys motherland on eBay?  Here it is.  When all was said and done I ended up with 47 different press photos and a total of 831 copies of the images.  Of the 47 I was able to add 38 of them to my collection (this is including images I may already have but in different variations).

The lot is in fantastic condition, the images are great quality (for the time) and all of the copies are studio originals (meaning all 831 prints are studio-issued copies from 1986/1987 for original distribution to media outlets, not reprints from a home printer or something printed at a drug store).  Because me and my money are tight, before I even started negotiating on this set I did the math.  The individual images in my collection now average around $13 to $15 each that I acquired over time.  Apply even the low amount to the 38 I didn’t have and watch your eyes big out.  I paid half of that for this entire lot.  No way I could pass it up.

And remember how I said it was something I was going to share?  Well, with 831 copies they have to go somewhere!  I do plan on selling some on eBay but I would like to give some away here too.  I just need to work out the logistics of that before I move forward.

This was my first attempt at picspam so it’s not the greatest but it was the easiest way to get all of the photos into one post.  I had to crop them down a little to fit but I’ll get the full scans up on Hotel Twilight soon enough.  The scans themselves are a little lighter than the images but I chalk that up to me having set the scan at 200 dpi.  It’s time for me to take a break from eBay after this.  Buying, at least.

Wendy’s first trip in Neverland

Look at you, look at me, in this wild place, in this wild place, all that we have ever seen is this wild place. So don’t go looking for the days you’ve lost, cause you’ve got so much more to give before you now, my love. [x]

ALL THE FAB LADIES  Leslie Knope (Parks and Recreation)

The idea behind this campaign was a simple one. That, with hard work and positivity, a group of people can make a difference. During my term as your City Councilor I want to focus on your hopes, and not your fears. I want to solve problems instead of creating friction. And I will work hard, every hour of every day, to make Pawnee a better place to live. Because I love this city. And I know, firsthand, how very special the people of this city are. I owe this victory, all of it, to my friends and my supporters. No one achieves anything alone. So let’s embark on a new journey together. Let’s break out a map. Not the old, out-of-date one that shows where we’ve been, but a crisp new one that shows where we might go. Let’s embark on a new journey together. And see where it takes us.