my first attempt at editing a sprite


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Occasionally I have seen people think about aus in which Lisa survived. I love the idea! And for it, I have experimented with sprites.

In this AU, rather than hang herself, Lisa, as a child, somehow murdered her father and brother. She ran away rather than face criminal prosecution, and lived a life away from society, one where she barely managed to get by every day. But despite the bleak outlook for her future, the murder she committed, the thrill of it, the power in it, never faded from her mind.

Years later, the Flash occurs.

Somehow, Lisa finds herself in a miserable world where everyone is drenched in the mires of overwhelming violence and despair.

And she couldn’t be happier.


The adult Lisa sprites are my first attempt at making a sprite from scratch! I added the red lining for style, all-white seemed empty. It could be better but for a first try, I’m proud of it ^^ I’ve always loved the idea of a wicked adult Lisa. I edited sprites together to make what could be in the main menu.


I was bored so I made some Izuru sprites lolol. I couldn’t decide on the color combinations and whether that strand of hair should go in the front or back so I made a few versions. This is my first attempt at an edit, so if there are any stray pixels that keep it from being transparent or if there are any rough lines, feel free to fix them! When I next have some free time, I might try to make some more as he’s one of my favorite characters ( ^.^) Please credit me if you use them thanx : D

I attempted my first ever palette swap by giving Sonia Kyoko’s colour scheme. I don’t think it came out too badly, although there’s definitely parts I could improve for next time. I’d also love to take suggestions, so feel free to message me with other ideas.

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