my first attemps

“You don’t see us, so we are everywhere. 
And we will rise up, red as the dawn
Mobfell/Mafiafell Sans x Frisk

Had anyone looked as attractive to him as she was looking that night? He didn’t remember, and Frisk wasn’t helping it either. It only took two night gigs to get him staring with awe at the woman on the stage, wearing a tight blue, taunting and hauntingly seductive strapless dress, favoring her already fine-looking curves, sinking his thoughts into pleasurable oblivion, never ceasing to stare at the singer.  

Yet, although he rarely found attractiveness in anything that wasn’t superficial, her unintentional seduction and smartness always got him clinging to the thought of having her for himself. If it wasn’t crazy enough being allured to a human, the high class bone man who got everything he ever desired, (having women would’ve never been an issue) and superior to most dangerous gangs, was eager to trail his bony fingers across her beautiful face, always envisioning her in his soft, red satin sheets, ready to devour her.  

It wasn’t only the physical attractiveness though. As much as he admired her curvy and sensual body, her voice was the main mind tricker. She played with words, much like himself, and he found it freshly ravishing. Not only that, but her singing was intoxicating, getting all of his bones numb and his eardrums deliciously filled with the sound of her jazzy melodies.  

He never thought he’d experience emotions so intensely, getting a taste of a whole new interesting feeling in his soul. Sometimes, it got his bones rattling to get other men’s slavering attention at her to stop and take a hint. It didn’t take more than two nights at that bar to get his bones working, he had planned to catch her alone, left only for him to savour. But no, he’d had to be patient, for as long as he knew about her from the small talk with the men usually sitting next to him, it’d take him a lot more effort and planning to get her to belong to him. She wasn’t a woman to kiss up to someone, she had personality, which only made things more interesting. After all, after the great effort comes the great prize, and this one was definitely a keeper.  

And he knew he had her attention too. A monster more intimidating than the usual mobster customers at that bar certainly gave away the spotlight. Despite the heavy stares, the look she had in her gleaming chocolate eyes was more of interest and curiosity than of plain concern. He’d bet his fortunes this human was keen to know how his bones worked, and he was most certainly eager to show her.  

So her name got engraved in his mind- Frisk- or miss sunshine, as he liked to call her, the stage lights not being nearly enough warm and blinding as her beaming looks. Sans was interested in this particular human, and he was making sure to have a great time with her.

here’s my first attemp at writing something for these two. Depending on the feedback it gets, I might continue it or not. 

Let’s turn forever you and me
Windmill, windmill for the land
Is everybody in?                     

Hey so here’s my first attemp at “animation” even though it’s only a 4-frame gif.. I know the animation of the windmill and the sky looks weird and rough but it would take a lot of time to fix because I made everything in Sai (except for the gif) 

It will probably take some time to “load” because I made it too big lol my mistake.. I made a smaller version but the quality is very low

**And sorry if the quality is not very good, it looked good enough in Photoshop


Alright, things looked way better in my head but oh whatever, I’m still pretty proud of this *0*

When I learnt that this bae’s full name was Kim Lê Chiến, I couldn’t resist drawing him, like– I had to y’know 8))) Go Vietnamese bae !!

(please ignore these feet, I have no idea how they work and it’s even harder to understand with this pose and these shoes XD also sorry I forgot to colour the white strings and everything was supposed to be transparent but I forgot to save the file woops ouo””)

“Don’t you dare TOUCH HER!”

For some reason people always picture Lapis as this sensitive little soul, but she’ll kick your butt if you get her pissed

also lapidot is life

Okay, so this was my first attemp at doing fully “painted” picture in Photoshop, rather than colouring lineart. I think it’s decent since this is my first shot at this style.

last bit of art for now g’night

Step by step (2 panels, page 23)

Lately, I have been playing around with this idea of uploading more ‘step by step’ processes of making the comic, since it is the only art I’m producing right now, meh. *very sad meh* So here we have two panels from page 23, as my first attemp to do so. I might do the same with the whole pages in future. 

Funny thing is that although the colouring process may appear rather time consuming, in fact it is the first step, establishing precise sketch base, that is the most difficult for me. It represents around 65% of the time spent on the page. 


Do you guys remember about that idea I said I had a little while ago? The one where I said that, if it worked, I’d show it? Well this is that idea. Guess what I’m selling at Bronycon this year. c:<

Lunchboxes! Custom-made lunchboxes. I actually had to make them myself, and given this is my first attemp this one still has air-bubbles in it. But since it’s the prototype I don’t really mind; so long as the technique used to make it works, then all is well. :3

Given the fact that I haven’t done this before and I don’t know how well they’d do, I’m only making like four or five of them. The characters that will be on a lunchbox will be:

Celestia and Luna
The Mane 6
The CMC if I get or Chrysalis if I get that far.

The Derpy lunchbox is this one but since it’s the prototype I’ll remake it to be higher quality. So I suppose if anyone wants this one, you’re able to buy it online. That’s only if anyone’s interested, of course. o3o

But yeah. Feel free to ask questions, and I hope you guys like the idea! :3

(I really hope this works, it my first attemp at participating in an ask-blog… The actual content is in the first image. This is just to show how the characters look… I’m currently learning how to color skecthes. Congratulations on the blog. I really like it ^^)

Wow! And this is all the way from ponyville!

((Mod:Thank you! This is so cute ;w; I really need to draw a full response to this sometime, but as for now I don’t have the time because of the story i’m working on!))

((I’m not sure if it’s what you wanted, but I’m not really one for collabs (right now) or adding new characters to the blog and it’s story since i basically have it all planned out, but i’ll draw a response to this when I find the time, and then post it on my modblog and we could make this a one time thing, because this is really sweet! These characters seem great and you should totally make a blog for them! :D ))