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first post!! starting off with my most favourite boy in the entire world 💛

  • you’ve just moved house and your parents are all like “hey!! go introduce yourself to your neighbours” so u knock on the door of the house on the right with like a bag of cookies 
  • and the door opens to a beautiful radiant boy with a slightly confused look on his face
  • and i mean you’re shook bc um how often do u see boys who radiate positivity and happiness so ur kind of silent until he opens his mouth to be like “can i help u??” 
  • so u kinda stutter and say “i’m your new neighbour!! uhh these are from my family we live next door gTG bye!!!!!!” and u kind of just like shove the bag into his arms then run away lmao 
  • but then both of your parents decide to have dinner and get close so things happen and turns out renjun’s school and your school are super close to each other!! which means now he walks u to school :)) 
  • and u become really close to renjun and you’re like best friends ok
  • one morning you ended up meeting your friends while you were walking to school with renjun which ended up with your friends being all like hey y/n whos this :))) and ur abt to be like “oh this is renjun he’s my nei-” and u look to the side but he’s gone?? he ran away????
  • so u text him and he’s all like “i got kind of shy sorry!! i ran off like that djfksja” but ur all like no it’s ok!! bc like lbr ur friends were probably thinking he was ur bf and analysing his entire being.. but renjun still feels bad nd keep apologising
  • u promise him it’s all fine tho but now ur friends think ur dating renjun (which isn’t a bad thing heyy foreshadowing) and wont leave u alone omg
  • speaking of friends,,, after school on some days when both of u are free u walk home together too and one day renjun’s friends aka the rest of the nct dream members are with him and u were like running up to renjun bc u wanted to give him a moomin figure u made in art with clay ok
  • anyway renjun introduces u to all of them and they’re all like grinning but stay silent and just say hi to u but after a bit ur all having a fun conversation
  • at some point chenle leans over to u and in a not-so-quiet voice is all like ‘u kno renjun talks abt u all the tiME!! i think he really likes u hahah’ and renjun like actulally almost dies on the spot but on the outside he just gets all blushy and now you’re all blushy and it’s just everyone giggling at u two 
  • renjun and u like don’t talk that much for the rest of the time once u get to renjun’s house to hang out bc u kno there were liek 6 other ppl but after they leave ur abt to leave with them when u remember u didn’t give him the moomin figure u made him!! 
  • so ur like “wait renjun!! i have something for u” and u put it in his hand
  • and he like looks at the figure then u with these really adoring eyes and is like “hey,,,, u know that thing chenle said before,,,, about me,,, liking,,, u,, it’s tru,,” and hE’S BLUSHIGN AGIAN
  • and he’s like looking away thinking u dont reciprocate his feelings but then u like “um renjun. i have liked u since like the first time we met” and hes like wait wHAt and suddenly this really happy wide smile is on his face and u can see the little snaggletooth and it’s CUTE 
  • u smile back and he’s like “so i’m,,, ur boyfriend now,,, right??” and ur like “yes!!” and from then on ur that cute blushy couple who love each other v much and are always smiling it’s wonderful
  • extra: donghyuck probably told chenle to pull the whole ‘renjun really likes u’ thing on the bus and he probably made a bet with mark that u nd renjun woudl get together by the end of the day. $4.50 for lee donghyuck

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Top ten drarry fics ? 💕

I’M GLAD YOU ASKED i actually have an entire fic rec list now, which is located here! it’s still sort of under construction though (that’s why i never mentioned it), but feel free to click around. and to answer your question: first ten in that list are my most favourite so far!


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Wait you wrote Focus?! agsjdhahdj that was one of my first and most favourite Ignis/Reader/Prompto fics its so goooood

ohmygosh thank you! And yes, that was my first really really NSFW writing. I mean Regalia Joyride was dirty but not that dirty on the spectrum if you know what I’m saying. And it’s all I can think about now. I started another threesome fic this morning…send help

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Somehow SHH!L in my imagination is first!L...Such a brilliant gentleman :) He is actually my most favourite L in any Lawlight fanfics I've read :) I love him :)

To be honest, SHH!L is also first!L to me too! Lol He doesn’t need the same persona he wore in the DN canon, so I had a bit more freedom in his characterization. I do think L has some core traits of intelligence, moodiness, and curiosity, though (among others) I’m glad you’re enjoying him!

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193, 145, 37 and 2🌸

Thank you, lovely! :D

193: My height is: there goes my secret, 1.55m :D

145: Night or Day: Night all the way <3

37: Candy: oh my goodness me, I like a variety. First, my most favourite cream bars that my country’s factory produces. I just adore those bars. Then, Rafaello (coconut spheres with cream and a nut, for those who doesn’t know). I also adore any type of peanut sweets. Aaaah!

2: Dog breed: I’m not a dog person, hehe. But… The only dogs I really like are pugs, they are cute. So sad they are a breed that has such terrible health issues :(

Send me an ask out of 200 questions :D

Just a very typical Jaspar conversation

Caspar: Best YouTube video?

Joe: Best YouTube video ever?

Caspar: Yeah, your favourite.

Joe: Ummm… your… one of your first videos.

Caspar: *unbelieving* No!

Joe: *nods* Your original videos are hilarious.

Caspar: Are you serious?

Joe: Yeah, i love them.

Caspar: Aww, buddy!

♡ from this interview ♡

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Can you recommend me your favorite whouffaldi AU fics?

Are you ready, nonny? AUs are my most favourite thing in the entire world!

First, any fic that is tagged fic rec, go and read!

Twelve Nights Series  by @necromantick  *University Professor AU

Mondays Past Five Series and Doctors and Teachers Series by @limitsmustbetested  *A man with a past and the woman who loves him  **forever love this series and what it says on the tin

Amentia Ambitiosa and Nothing’s Fair in Love and War by @limitsmustbetested *Hogwarts and University AU **both not complete, will prolly not be completed fyi

Promises, Promises (Explosions, Explosions) by RandomBattleCry *Clara as the Doctor AU **This author has a tumblr but I am sorry, I don’t know the name

we’ll marry our fortunes together by @longjackets *Diner/Busker AU

Who’s in Baseball Series and The March of Kasterborous and Gallifrey Series by @nehswritesstuffs *Baseball and Medevial Times AUs

Turning Pages by @twelveisagoodone *Neighbors AU

Summer of ‘69 by claraoswelve *Diner AU

The Wall by @antennapedia *This is more a Peter/Jenna AU but way more whouffaldi than RPF

And I wrote one a little while ago, Over The Hedge which is a neighbors AU.

I am missing so many, everyone add your favourite Whouffaldi AUs for the nonny here!

The Fight

Sarada: Mama! Why would you marry someone like papa? He’s hardly around.

Sakura: Huh? You fought with him again didn’t you?

Sarada: Not like it’s something new! He just stood there looking at me when I was yelling at him. He never yells back! It’s like he can’t feel the emotions hanging around him! Ugh! He infuriates me! *storms in to her room, but stays next to the door as she hears her father’s footsteps and keenly listens to the conversation between her mama and papa*

Sasuke: Sakura… Did Sarada reach home?

Sakura: Yes Sasuke-kun. I hear she’s been fighting with you again?

Sasuke: *looks at the ground and smiles a fake smile* I’m such a bad father.

Sakura: Sasuke-kun… *touches his cheek* You were the perfect child and friend. Now, you are the perfect husband and father.

Sasuke: *pulls away Sakura’s arm from his cheek* Why do you tell me such sweet things and lie to me when you know that it’s obvious I was, am and will never be a perfect anything?! My sins are embedded too deep into me!

Sakura: Sasuke-ku-

Sasuke: No Sakura. No more. Do you know why Sarada fought with me today? She told me that she had seen you weep alone multiple times because I wasn’t around!

Sakura: *gasps* No Sasu-

Sasuke: *a tear rolls down his cheek* I love you Sakura! But I’m so bad at showing you this! Please don’t hate me! Sarada and you are the only people I have now in my life that matter the most. You’re my weakness and I despise it. Sarada already hates me! Please don-

Sakura: *hugs him tightly* Sasuke-kun! I will tell you this and will repeat it all night long if you want me to. I have always loved you and will continue to do so. You were the only person that mattered to me and now I have Sarada too. Sarada can never hate-

Sarada: *who’d been listening to the whole conversation enters the room her parents are in and stands agape* Papa… I love you. I’m sorry.

Sasuke: *opens his arms for Sarada to hug him and Sarada runs into his arms* I love you too Sarada…

Sakura: *smiles at the scene in front of her and hugs her husband and daughter* Sarada… I wanted to tell you… All those times you found me weeping, it wasn’t because I felt upset about Sasuke-kun not being here.

Sarada: B-But I always heard you say I wish you were here Sasuke-kun! While you weep.

Sakura: *giggles softly* That was when I lost a patient during surgery or therapy or something. Isn’t it always better to have someone who can lend you their shoulder for you to weep on? Besides, I’m the strongest kunoichi in Konoha. *winks at Sarada* Why would I cry over the absence of my second most favorite person on earth when my first most favourite person, you are right here with me?!

Sasuke: I’m still here you know…

Sarada: *giggles* It’s alright mama… Papa will never understand girl power! And I can always lend you my shoulders to cry on!

Sasuke: *hugs them both tightly and they snuggle into his arms* I love my ladies.


A/N: And we love Papasuke :3 And they all lived happily ever aft- Oh wait… Boruto’s coming. I guess the ‘happily ever after’ can wait.

Rock Sound MCR Cover Descriptions (so you don't have to listen to them)
  • The End.: Country meets messing up lyrics?
  • Dead!: the weakest YEAAAHAHH I've ever heard. Also the lyrics are very slow? Makes me sleepy.
  • This is how I disappear: definite hodown at the beginning. What's hitting notes and who actually does that??
  • The sharpest lives: whiny puppers influenced the singing style. The moan was very weak 2/10
  • Welcome to the black parade: piano needs to be sharper so I can feel that g note stab me right in my emo heart. Not absolute horrible. III DOONT CAAAAAREEE.
  • I don't love you: hitting the notes isn't just a recommendation when singing, it's kind of mandatory.
  • House of wolves: AGGRESSIVE S-I-N
  • Cancer: I get it. You won't kiss me. And also this will never not sound like an extremely shitty remix of the original. Did you know that the clique thinks this is a TØP original? :))had the best potential in this whole thing. Ruined it. RUINED IT.
  • Mama: bring out the meat cleavers because they butchered this. (who even asked the to do this??)
  • Sleep: okay real talk but it's weird how she recreated Gerard's memos in the beginning considering they were his actual terrifying dreams while in the mansion.
  • Teenagers: this isn't for a high school musical sound track. Really.
  • Disenchanted: country,,, again,,, we're not emo farmers. (I promise)
  • Famous last words: honestly really boring. Very flat.
  • Blood: why wasn't this piece included. First you take away the theatrics of the album, then blood. SHAME.

Okay, not that any of you really care but it’s my girlfriend’s 17th birthday (20th July) and I thought I’d try and do a cute thing for once in my life so here are 4 of my favourite photos of us (the first being the most recent and the bottom being a photo taken exactly a year ago today) so HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY, I love you so much, hope you have the best birthday! ✌️🎉🎊🎈
not-invincible- go wish her a happy birthday!!